OHL Prospect Profile: Jack Budd

Jack Budd of the Mississauga Reps is a sound, two-way defender well-known for his booming slapshot. Boasting a strong defensive game, Budd is an intriguing prospect eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

– Jack Budd –

Mississauga Reps (GTHL) | Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Toronto, Ontario | 6-foot, 161-pounds | 2003-Born

Although the Mississauga Reps aren’t the strongest team competing within the GTHL this season, they are fortunate to be led by a number of promising young players.

Backstopped by goaltender Robert Andreakos, the Reps boast a number of impressive forwards and defenders capable of impacting their team’s games on a nightly basis. Of the lot, defenceman Jack Budd has come to stand above the crowd owing to his sound two-way play on the blue line.

Capable of shutting down opposing forwards in his own zone before transitioning the puck up ice, Budd uses his size to his advantage and boasts an emerging offensive game. Well-known for his booming shot and playmaking abilities, Budd could very well develop into a valuable OHL defender if able to fine tune particular aspects of his growing game.


  • Defensive Play
  • Skating
  • Shot Power

For Budd, his game begins in his own zone.

As a strong defensive player who utilizes a quick and active stick, Budd regularly disrupts plays devised by his opposition and is remarkably consistent in doing so. What’s more is that Budd uses his size well where his stick fails, smothering attacking players before jostling the puck loose.

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Once in possession, Budd is capable of making crisp and accurate breakout passes to his teammates. However, if no option exists, Budd is more than capable of skating the puck out of his own zone and initiating the rush himself. Boasting improving speed and a sturdy stride, Budd can drive the puck up ice with confidence while assessing his options en route to the opposing zone.

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Once established in the attacking zone, Budd stands as a mobile threat on the blue line. Capable of running his team’s power play, Budd moves the puck with ease and features a booming slap shot — one which he can push through traffic and generate rebounds for his teammates.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Foot Speed
  • Shot Accuracy
  • Predicability

While Budd is certainly a strong skater, the youngster would do well to improve his foot speed and lateral mobility. Although he features a confident stride, Budd could become a much more lethal offensive force if able to improve his acceleration as well as top end speed — doing so would afford Budd with even greater time and space on the rush as well as in the offensive zone.

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Further to Budd’s skating is his powerful shot — arguably the defining feature of his game. While his shot is strong and heavy, Budd would do well to focus on improving its accuracy. Often missing the net wide from the point, Budd would generate greater offence for his team if able to pound the puck on goal with greater consistency.

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Lastly, there is Budd’s on-ice vision. Now, while he is able to see the ice extremely well, Budd’s ability to predict the plays devised by his opposition before they are executed would serve him extremely well on the defensive side of the puck. Once able to predict and shutdown his attackers — a trait which will come with greater experience — Budd could become one of the most underrated defenders available in the 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

Future Potential:

Although somewhat overlooked given the status of the Reps this season, Budd is unquestionably a highly promising defender eligible for the coming 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

Sure, there is room for improvement within Budd’s game like all players of his age, yet this should not detract from the youngster’s clear potential and high-level of on-ice ability. Come the 2019 OHL Priority Selection in April of 2019, expect Budd to be made a mid-round draft choice by an eager OHL franchise.

With a great deal of room for improvement present within his game, Budd could very well develop into a minute-munching defender at the OHL-level in the coming years.


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