NHL Prospect Profile: Albin Grewe

The NHL franchise which selects Albin Grewe will have stolen a sensational prospect in the 2019 NHL Draft. Sturdy on his skates and of immense skill, Grewe plays a competitive game and is as dynamic as they come — a reality easily overlooked given his development within Sweden’s SuperElit league.


– Albin Grewe –

Djurgardens IF | Right-Wing | 2019 NHL Draft Eligible

Marsta, Sweden | March 22, 2001 | 6-feet, 190-pounds

The 2019 NHL Draft is flush with highly talented European prospects, and one of the most promising of which is right-winger Albin Grewe. 

Boasting size, skill, and grit, Grewe plays a competitive two-way game and has already skated in Swedish Hockey League games at the age of just 17-years. With a physical edge over the majority of his competition and high-end skill to boot, Grewe is devastating on the power play and can produce relatively consistently at even-strength as well. 

Although projected by many to be made a late first to early second-round choice in the coming NHL Draft, Grewe is a prospect who could very easily rise into the top-31 if able to enjoy a stellar season of play in 2018-19. 


  • Competitiveness 
  • On-Ice Vision
  • Shot Release
  • Creativity

As mentioned above, Grewe is one of the 2019 NHL Draft class’s most competitive players.

Not one to take a shift off and determined in his pursuit of the puck, Grewe is driven to generate offensive opportunities for his team each and every time he takes to the ice. A hard-nosed player below the goal line and not afraid to drive hard to the net, Grewe is willing to tackle the dirty areas of the ice in order to produce and isn’t intimidated by his competition regardless of their physicality or skill. 

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Being founded upon this extremely competitive nature affords Grewe with a great deal of confidence and creativity while in possession of the puck. While he will carry the puck to the net and stands as a versatile and playmaking force, Grewe will also attempt to complete high-risk, high-danger passes to his teammates which often result in excellent chances if not scoring plays. 

Adding to Grewe’s already impressive skill-set is his lethal shot — heavy and accurate, Grewe loves to shoot the puck and can fire it on net in a variety of ways. Whether it be a quick one-timer from the slot or a well-placed wrister from the half-wall, Grewe can pound the puck on goal and features a lightning-quick release which affords opposing goaltenders with little margin for error.

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Absolutely dynamic on the power play and a persistent threat at even-strength, Grewe is a lethal scoring winger who brings a great deal to the table other than his volatility. Although his game could use some polish, Grewe’s skill set as well as his potential as an NHL prospect are undeniable. 

Areas of Improvement:

  • Mobility
  • Puck Control

Despite his impressive and continually improving game, Grewe would do well to improve two particular aspects of his game. 

Firstly, there is Grewe’s mobility. While he is a competent skater, Grewe would prove to be a far more unpredictable player if able to improve his mobility as well as agility on the ice. If able to traverse the ice with greater ease and purpose, Grewe would keep his opponents guessing and his defenders on their heels given his suddenly evasive and shifty nature. Now, this isn’t to say that Grewe is a poor skater by any means, but rather that room for improvement in does exist. 

Secondly, there is Grewe’s puck control — a facet of his game which is strong yet could use additional polish this season. Although an exceptional playmaker and two-way threat, improving his puck control would afford Grewe with even greater poise, confidence, and creativity while in possession of the puck.

Ultimately, Grewe’s game is incredibly strong and sound — there’s a reason why he could be made a first round selection come the 2019 NHL Draft. 

Future Potential:

In the years ahead, expect Grewe to grow and develop into a top-six player at the NHL-level. 

Although he could be chosen much later than anticipated in the 2019 NHL Draft, the franchise which selects Grewe will have secured if not stolen a dynamic offensive player capable of competing with both consistency and determination. Wildly creative and remarkably consistent, Grewe is a solid prospect who has long been overlooked as an NHL prospect — and wrongfully so. 

In short, don’t be surprised if Grewe sky-rockets up the selection board come draft day. 

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