OHL Prospect Profile: Jack Beck

Jack Beck of the GTHL’s Toronto Marlboros is a shifty playmaker who generates offence with relative ease. Once stronger, Beck’s two-way game could be of immense value at the OHL-level.

– Jack Beck –

Toronto Marlboros (GTHL) | Right-Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Richmond Hill, Ontario | 6-feet, 155-pounds

The Toronto Marlboros are a perennial powerhouse in the GTHL, and such is once again the case this campaign.

Boasting a whack of depth at forward, a number of sizeable and equally competent defenders on their blue line, as well as a duo of wildly underrated goaltenders, the Marlboros stand as a team destined for substantial success throughout the 2018-19 season. And, although the likes of Danil Zhilkin and Wyatt Johnston are two of the team’s better known forwards, it is Jack Beck who has continued to generate a name for himself — as well as value ahead of the OHL Draft — as the year has progressed.

Of solid size as well as a natural offensive player, Beck’s versatility and growing two-way play have added yet another level of depth to an already impressive Marlboros attack.


  • Skating Speed
  • Agility
  • Playmaking Ability
  • Two-Way Game

One of the most crucial qualities necessary for achieving a seamless transition to the OHL-level is speed and overall skating ability. Without the capability to traverse the ice with relative ease, the pace of the major junior game can be overwhelming to say the least, and especially so over the course of a full 68-game season.

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Fortunately for Beck, by no means is he lacking in the skating department — the youngster boasts quick-feet and the strength and acceleration necessary to reach his top speed in a few quick strides. Once at top speed, Beck remains fluid and agile on his skates, allowing him to change direction as needed while avoiding his opposition while in control of the puck.

Adding to Beck’s growing game are his innate playmaking abilities. Having created both time and space for himself owing to his skating ability, Beck can dish the puck to his teammates extremely well and is confident in doing so. Often playing alongside the sharp-shooting Zhilkin, Beck can devise and implement creative plays which reward his teammates if they prove able to seize open areas of the attacking zone.

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Rounding out Beck’s overall game is his strong two-way play. Sure, he stands as a legitimate threat in the offensive zone, however, Beck will also often use his speed to back-check his opponents if the play heads in the other direction — utilizing his agility and determination to foil attempts devised by his opposition where possible.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Physicality
  • Shot Strength

Like most players of his age, Beck will need to work hard in the gym in the months ahead to add greater strength to his frame. Already standing 6-feet tall, Beck should be able to add substantial strength ahead of the coming 2019 OHL Priority Selection — strength which will allow him to push for a role at the OHL-level next season with a greater sense of confidence.

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Now, this is not to say that Beck is currently lacking in this area by any means, as he is rarely knocked off of the puck and can shield possession well. Rather, it is to say that Beck has the potential to become an even more intimidating presence given his skill-set outlined above.

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Finally, there is the strength of Beck’s shot. At the moment, Beck boasts a solid shot of relatively consistent accuracy, yet it lacks the velocity necessary to beat opposing netminders clean. Once stronger, Beck’s shot should be able to handcuff or simply blow past goaltenders regardless of their positioning.

Future Potential:

Come the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, expect Jack Beck to be chosen within the first three rounds of the event.

As a tremendous playmaker of ample size and blazing speed, Beck’s style of play should translate well to the OHL-level, and rather quickly to boot. Given his seemingly tireless work ethic and determination to produce offence for his team, Beck could prove to be somewhat of a steal if chosen outside of the top-60 overall.

In short, there’s a great deal to like with respect to Beck’s game, and an impressive amount of potential too.


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