OHL Prospect Profile: Jeremy Wilmer

Jeremy Wilmer of the North Jersey Avalanche is one of the best T1EHL players eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft. Although is playing future is unclear, Wilmer’s similarities to Johnny Gaudreau are unquestionable.

– Jeremy Wilmer –

North Jersey Avalanche U16 | Forward | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Rockville Center, NY | 5-foot-7, 150-pounds | August 16th, 2003

Jeremy Wilmer could become one of the Ontario Hockey League’s most tantalizing players in the coming years — if he choses to make the jump to the major-junior circuit and forgo his NCAA commitment, that is.

Skating for the North Jersey Avalanche U16 Team within the T1EHL in 2018-19, Wilmer will undoubtedly have a handful of options to choose from with regards to the future of his hockey career. Committed to Boston University, Wilmer could opt to play in the USHL next season or skate for the U.S. NTDP — he is simply that good.

However, for hockey fans throughout Canada and the province of Ontario, the hope is that Wilmer will bring his electrifying skill set north of the border for the foreseeable future. Eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, one OHL franchise could be in for a pleasant surprise of they choose to select Wilmer within the draft.


  • Speed and Agility
  • Offensive Creativity
  • Playmaking Prowess
  • Confidence and Composure

When it comes to Wilmer, envision Johnny Gaudreau of the Calgary Flames.

Incredibly shifty and seemingly possible to contain, Wilmer is a crafty yet decisive skater who uses his edges and creativity to his advantage with each passing shift. A threat in the offensive zone owing to his stellar skating, Wilmer can keep his defenders on their toes given his unpredictability and will make his opposition pay dearly if afforded too much time and space to operate.

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Gelling nicely with Wilmer’s skating abilities is the youngster’s raw creativity when in possession of the puck. Capable of navigating to dangerous areas of the ice in an efficient manner, Wilmer can devise and implement high-percentage scoring plays rarely seen throughout the course of an average game. Fuelling this creativity is Wilmer’s playmaking prowess, as the youngster can distribute the puck with a purpose while rarely turning committing giveaways.

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The glue which holds Wilmer’s overall game together is the native of Rockville Center, New York’s unparalleled confidence and composure with the puck. As mentioned above, Wilmer rarely turns the puck over and is resilient in his ability to generate offensive opportunities in one way or another. With maturity beyond his years, it should come as no surprise to learn that Wilmer committed to Boston University at the age of 14-years.

Areas Of Improvement:

  • Personal Strength
  • Defensive Ability

In terms of the areas in which Wilmer can improve, there aren’t many.

In fact, given the strength and consistency of Wilmer’s overall game, we’ll have to nitpick a little in order to provide constructive criticism.

First and foremost there is Wilmer’s physical stature, although this reality is something which Wilmer himself does not have the power to alter. Standing a mere 5-foot-7 tall, Wilmer is regularly one of the smallest players on the ice — however, this perceived deficiency has not held in back to date. Until he grows in height, Wilmer can work to improve his personal strength and in particular his lower-body.

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Once stronger, Wilmer will stand as a far more stable player and one capable of playing a greater role defensively. At the moment, Wilmer can struggle to pin and smother attacking forwards within his own zone — a reality which can lead to prolonged zone time for his opposition. Once physically mature, Wilmer should be able to play an influential role in all three zones of the ice.

Future Potential:

At the end of the day, Wilmer possesses the skill-set necessary to become an incredibly potent player at the next-level.

Although his stature will inhibit him to some extent, Wilmer’s personal abilities are simply too strong to be contained. As an incredibly creative player and a consistent one at that, Wilmer’s ability to troubleshoot his opposition and adapt to their defensive tactics should allow for his prolonged production against stern competition as he ages.

In short, should Wilmer make it clear that he intends to play at the OHL-level next season, expect the American to be chosen inside of the first round of the event. However, if his intentions remain unclear, look for an OHL franchise to nab Wilmer with a mid-round pick with the hopes that he jumps north.

In particular, American-based OHL teams such as the Erie Otters and Flint Firebirds could hold a distinct advantage.


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