2020 OHL Draft Profile: Sam Alfano

Sam Alfano of the SCTA’s Southern Tier Admirals is considered to be a top prospect for the 2020 OHL Draft. A big, strong center, Alfano has all the skill to light up the scoreboard.

– Sam Alfano –

Southern Tier Admirals (SCTA) | Right Wing | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Cayuga, Ontario | 6-foot-3, 181lbs | Jan. 18th, 2004

The SCTA’s unanimous top contender for the OHL Cup this year will be the Southern Tier Admirals, who are coming off of a Silver Medal performance at last year’s OMHA Bantam Championships. Leading the way for the Admirals, on and off the ice, is Sam Alfano, a highly-skilled point-producing forward.

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With substantial size, listed at 6’3” and 181 pounds, Alfano has already developed intimidating speed and strength for opponents at this level to handle. He’s a dual-threat with the puck as well, as he’s proven to be a sharpshooter as well as a slick playmaker. Alfano is equally tough to cover, thanks in part to his elusiveness with the puck, changing speeds and directions in a flash.


  • Sense and Intelligence
  • Agility and Elusiveness
  • Two-Way Awareness

Alfano is a visibly intelligent player on the ice, playing the game one step ahead of his competition. He understands the dynamics of a developing play and can make smart decisions based on what he sees. This innate sense of the game makes Alfano a very dangerous player with the puck, as he can understand the benefits between a shooting or a passing play. Further, he’s a very elusive skater who can change up his speed and direction on a dime, making him extremely tough to defend. Alfano’s agility with the puck makes him equally lethal on the rush and on the cycle. On the power play, Alfano effectively moves the puck to keep opposing defenders out of position and is wise in his shot selections.

Meanwhile, Alfano boasts an intriguing shot as well. With a deceptive release and impressive accuracy, he can be a scoring threat from sharp angles or beat goaltenders on clean looks. However, there’s much more to Alfano’s game than his offensive potential. As a responsible two-way center, Alfano is regularly relied upon in key defensive situations. He remains strong on the puck with an active stick, eliminating passing lanes and deflecting shot attempts away from the net. Alfano is also a key cog to Southern Tier’s transition game, with breakouts repeatedly starting on his stick.

Area of Improvement:

  • Shot Power

In hopes of becoming one of the elite goal-scorers in this year’s OHL Draft class, Alfano could become a legitimate candidate by adding some velocity to his shot. He’s already got the size and the strength to do so, so it may just be a matter of leaning on his stick a bit more.

Alfano’s shot is deadly accurate, and so the addition of some extra power could lead to more goals on clean shots, as he would eliminate some possible reaction time from opposing goaltenders. As he continues to grow and strengthen, this is an attribute that may come naturally to Alfano, the thought of which should strike fear into future competition.

Future Potential:

Overall, Sam Alfano has demonstrated all of the attributes needed to become a devastating offensive producer at the OHL level. He’s got the size and strength to adapt to the next level seamlessly, and his smarts will carry over without flaw. Watch out for Alfano and his Southern Tier Admirals as they prepare for a run at the OMHA Championships and the 2020 OHL Cup, while Alfano will try to push for a first-round selection at the 2020 OHL Draft.


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