2020 OHL Cup Ranking: October’s Top-10

With the 2019-20 Minor Minor season officially underway, Prospect Pipeline has released its first OHL Cup Ranking. This October ranking highlights the top-ten teams in Minor Midget hockey while discussing top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

The 2019-20 Minor Midget season is officially underway, which means that the time has come to unveil our initial OHL Cup Ranking of the campaign. At first glance, this hockey season will be as exciting and entertaining as all of those that have come before — if not more so. As opposed to previous seasons, there appears to be a great deal of parity present within the world of Minor Midget hockey in 2019-20, as there is no single team that should be favoured to win the majority of tournaments this campaign en route to the OHL Cup.

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However, there are a few teams which stand out when compared to the rest. The Toronto Jr. Canadiens are one of which, as their high-powered offence and deep defence-core should allow them to contend with the toughest of competition. On the heels of the Jr. Canadiens are the likes of the Toronto Nationals, Titans, Marlboros, and Quinte Red Devils — four clubs who boast the team depth necessary to legitimately do battle with and succeed against the Jr. Canadiens. And then there are the dark horse contenders — the Mississauga Reps are one of which, as their team-oriented approach should command a great deal of success this season in the GTHL and beyond.

2020 OHL Cup October Top 10

One reality which must be kept in mind is that we are merely a few seasons into the 2019-20 campaign, meaning that this ranking and the play of each and every Minor Midget team in Ontario is anything but set in stone. In the months ahead, expect this ranking to be altered somewhat dramatically as each and every team attempts to attain stable ground throughout the hockey season. In short, if your favourite team isn’t listed below don’t be alarmed, as plenty of time remains for dozens of clubs to alter their perceptions in the eyes of scouts and management alike.

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With this being said, let’s dive into our first OHL Cup Ranking of the 2019-20 season! In this edition two teams from Alliance, two teams from the ETA, five teams from the GTHL, and one team from the SCTA have cracked the top-ten overall. 

10. Elgin Middlesex ChiefsElgin Middlesex Chiefs logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 10-0-3
  • Tournament Record: 2-2
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: 2-2

The Elgin Middlesex Chiefs exploded out of the gate to begin their 2019-20 Alliance season, skating to a dominant 6-0 record alongside 20 goals for and a mere seven against. The major driving factors behind this significant goal differential to begin their campaign was the Chiefs’ well-rounded attack, depth on the blue line, and consistent efforts in between the pipes. From the get go, each and every player on the team’s roster displayed the ability to influence the outcome of any given game — a reality which will bode well for Elgin Middlesex throughout their 2019-20 season.

Particularly impressive early on has been the play of forwards Hunter Haight, Owen Van Steensel, and Zander Veccia — three forwards who each bring a different yet equally significant set of skills to the rink on a consistent basis. Moreover, there have been the contributions put forth by Cole Jenken and Wyatt Adkins on the Chiefs’ blue line — two defenders who can contribute offensively in addition to their efforts within their own zone. If able to receive consistent contributions from these five players alongside steady goaltending from Owen Willmore and Marcus Vandenberg, the Chiefs could stand as a legitimate force this season.

9. York Simcoe ExpressYork-Simcoe-Express-Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 7-1-2
  • Tournament Record: 3-4-1
  • Toronto Titans Tournament2-2
  • Wendy Dufton Memorial: 1-2-1

After failing to advance past the round robin of the Titans Early Bird Tournament, the York Simcoe Express returned to league action with a chip on their shoulder. Exploding out of the gate to a 6-0-0 record, the Express remain one of the clear top contenders out of the ETA over a quarter of the way through the regular season. York Simcoe boasts a deep and potent offence, with a number of defenders who can chip in as well. Midway through October, the Express are averaging over four goals per game while allowing just over two. Expect York Simcoe to be the greatest challenger to the powerhouse Quinte Red Devils all year long.

Leading the way offensively are the likes of Jack Piper, William Haines, and Harrison Ballard. With eight forwards averaging over 0.6 points-per-game, it’s clear that depth is a great strength of the Express. Along the blue line, Jackson Edward is the name to watch. A tremendous skater with great sense of the ice and a high offensive ceiling, Edward is a top prospect for the 2020 OHL Draft. Don’t sleep on fellow defender, Bensen Moore, as well, as he’s shown flashes of driving the play while also shutting down opponents top lines. York Simcoe’s balanced attack will undoubtedly be the greatest asset all year long, and it gives them a chance to stand up against their best opponents on any night.

8. Waterloo WolvesWaterloo Wolves Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 7-1-1
  • Tournament Record: 6-1-2
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Sweet-16 Finish
  • Wendy Dufton Memorial: Quarter-Finalist

If the 2019-20 Alliance Hockey season boils down to a battle of two teams, don’t be surprised if the Chiefs and the Waterloo Wolves are the final clubs left standing. As we’ve seen, the Chiefs are a legitimate team to be reckoned with — yet so too are the Waterloo Wolves. Fresh off of a sweet-16 finish in the Toronto Titans Tournament, the Wolves — like the Chiefs — also began their 2019-20 campaign with an impressive 6-0 record. In those games played, the Wolves blasted home 28 goals and allowed a mere eight against — a glaring indication of their explosive offensive and sound defensive abilities.

Leading the charge offensively this season for Waterloo will likely be Evan Klein and Lucas Carson, although others such as Andy Reist and Cole Pelley will surely play significant roles as well. One major strength which they Wolves boast, however, is incredible potency on their blue line — both Cedricson Okitundu and Ty Higgins are offensive wizards who defend their own zone as well as fuel their team’s offence with relative ease. If the Wolves can receive consistent contributions from their forwards alongside production from their blue line, Waterloo will stand as a multi-faceted team capable of winning games in a variety of fashions.

7. Mississauga Reps


  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 5-2-0
  • Tournament Record: 8-2-1
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Semi-Finalist
  • Wendy Dufton Memorial: Sweet-16 Finish

The Mississauga Reps are a team defined by their depth. In fact, during the Toronto Titans Tournament seven Reps players scored two goals or more through their seven games played — an output which illustrated that virtually any player within their lineup could play a significant role in the team’s success. This team-oriented style of play paid immediate dividends for the Reps as they embarked upon their GTHL regular season campaign, as Mississauga was able to knock off the high-powered Jr. Canadiens in just their third contest of the season.

As mentioned above, the Reps’ success is derived from their impressive team depth — the club boasts upwards of six forwards capable of creating deadly offensive opportunities on a nightly basis. Further, the Reps’ defence is as sound and deep as they come — the likes of Rosario Colosimo, Zach Perruzza, and Alec Leonard will all stand as major pillars on the team’s blue line for the duration of the 2019-20 campaign. And, it wouldn’t be right to overlook the team’s two netminders in Tyler Beazley and Adam Ricci. In Beazley, the Reps feature a highly athletic and technical goaltender, while Ricci is an intimidating sight who provides very little opportunity for opposing shooters to take advantage of.

6. Southern Tier Admirals

Southern Tier Admirals Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 5-0-1
  • Tournament Record: 7-3
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Quarter-Finalist
  • Wendy Dufton Memorial: Quarter-Finalist

The Southern Tier Admirals are off to a hot start to begin their 2019-20 campaign and have shown no signs of slowing down thus far. In both tournament and league play, the Admirals have been dominant and could very well feature one of the most explosive offences in the Minor Midget circuit this season. During the Toronto Titans Tournament, Southern Tier skated to a 4-2 overall record and outscored their opposition 18 goals to 13 en route to a quarter-final berth. And, in the opening two games of their SCTA season, the Admirals picked up two victories on the heels of 15 goals for and just two against.

These explosive offensive outbursts have allowed a number of Southern Tier’s top players to showcase their elite talent levels ahead of the 2020 OHL Draft. Of note to date have been the contributions of forwards Sam Alfano, Andrew Leblanc, and Trent Swick — three players who have fuelled the Admirals’ offence with both poise and consistency. Supplementing Southern Tier’s attack from the blue line is Matthew Donnison, a sure-footed defender who can push the pace of play at both ends of the ice. If the players listed above — in addition to a number who weren’t listed who are equally effective — can bring the same effort level to the ice with each passing game, the Admirals should stand as a force within the SCTA this season.

5. Toronto MarlborosToronto Marlboros Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 5-1-3
  • Tournament Record: 4-2
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Quarter-Finalist

Team depth is the name of the game this season for the Toronto Marlboros, although they do boast plenty of high-end talent eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. As it stands, the Marlboros boast nine — if not more — forwards who can devise and implement high-percentage scoring plays. While most of which won’t garner immense point totals throughout the 2019-20 season, each will play an important role in once again pushing the Marlboros to the top of the GTHL standings and beyond. And, as of late, the Marlboros have continued where the 2003-born team left off last season — clinching an impressive quarter-final berth in the annual Toronto Titans Tournament.

Leading the charge for the Marlboros throughout the tournament and early into the GTHL campaign have been Vincenzo Baiocchi, Lorenzo Bonaiuto, and Kalen Peterson — three forwards who can skate like the wind and operate with the puck at full speed. Bonaiuto, who played in Minor Midget games last season as a Bantam-aged player, has arguably been the most dynamic — his ability to skate with the puck as well as pass and shoot it have made him a truly dynamic offensive threat. Oh, and don’t forget about Isaiah George on the blue line, he’s an intimidating force who can fuel his team’s transition game while contributing offensively as well.

4. Quinte Red DevilsQuinte Red Devils Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 7-0
  • Tournament Record: 4-1
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Sweet-16 Finish

The Quinte Red Devils have cracked the top-five in our OHL Cup Ranking for the month of October owing to their strong showing at the Toronto Titans Tournament, solid play in the ETA, and the impressive depth present throughout their lineup. Despite being eliminated in the round of 16, the Red Devils impressed throughout to Titans Tournament — skating to a 4-0 record in round robin play before falling to the Mississauga Reps by a score of 7-6. Further, since embarking upon their ETA regular season play, the Red Devils have bested two quality opponents in nothing other than decisive fashion.

As far as the Red Devils’ roster itself, team depth at every position on the ice appears to be the trait which will propel Quinte to long-term success over the course of this season. Thus far, the Red Devils’ forward group has displayed a knack for scoring important goals when they matter the most — an ability which will serve Quinte well as they face an increasingly difficult level of competition this season. Moreover, there is the Red Devils’ blue line — a defence-core which features three prospects in Aaron Brown, Parker Stewart, and Donovan Mccoy who can play a sound defensive style in their own end before joining the rush. If the goaltending tandem of Corbin Votary and Andrew Munro can continue to play exceptional hockey, don’t expect the Red Devils to fall out of our top-ten anytime soon.

3. Toronto TitansToronto Titans Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 6-3-1
  • Tournament Record: 6-1
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Semi-Finalist

It is abundantly clear that the GTHL will once again be loaded with a number of elite and highly competitive teams. Fortunately for the Titans they are one of those clubs, as Toronto appears destined for a long and wildly successful season of play throughout the 2019-20 campaign. One major reason behind the Titans’ impending success is the lethality of their forward group, as the team features a number of high-level prospects who will draw considerable attention leading up to the 2020 OHL Draft. These budding stars helped propel the Titans to the semi-final appearance at their annual tournament, although Toronto would eventually fall to the Toronto Jr. Canadiens.

So, who are these elite-level players in the making, you ask? Well, arguably the most prolific of all is Nicholas Moldenhauer, a fleet-footed playmaker who loves to score his fair share of goals as well. Up next is Kocha Delic, a young centre who enjoyed a substantial amount of success in the Titans Tournament who will likely come to be considered as one of the top centres eligible for the upcoming Priority Selection. Following in the footsteps of Moldenhauer and Delic are the likes of Jake Sederoff and Hayden Simpson — two dynamic players in their own right who boast the ability to intimidate and dominate opposing defenders with relative ease. And, in addition to a rock-solid core of defenders, the Titans also feature one of the GTHL’s top goaltenders in Liam Sztuska — a netminder whose innate athletic abilities allow stymie opposing shooters on a nightly basis.

2. Toronto Nationals

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 6-0-2
  • Tournament Record: 10-1-1
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Champion*
  • Wendy Dufton Memorial: Quarter-Finalist

The Toronto Nationals couldn’t have asked for a better start to their 2019-20 campaign, as the team shocked the high-flying and heavily favoured Toronto Jr. Canadiens by a score of 5-2 to claim the Toronto Titans Tournament. This success appears to have fuelled the team to begin their GTHL regular season play, as the Nationals claimed a victory in each of their first four games played while outscoring their opposition by a 13-4 differential. Fortunately for the Nationals, maintaining this pace of play should relatively simple so to speak, as the team features outstanding team depth and as well as a handful of top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

Leading the charge for the Nationals are Zak Lavoie and Max Seguin, two forwards of solid size and strength who have the ability to score goals as well as create them. This versatility — alongside the play of other standout forwards such as Jordan Karafile, Sett Ursomarzo, and Tobias Iantorno — will afford the Nationals with a deep and potent offensive attack capable of dominating the most intimidating of defences with impressive regularity. Moreover, with a slew of talented young defenders in hand as well as two impressive young netminders in between the pipes, the Nationals will surely clash with the Jr. Canadiens atop the GTHL standings all season long.

1. Toronto Jr. CanadiensToronto Jr. Canadiens Logo

  • Months Ranked: 1
  • 2019-20 League Record: 8-1-1
  • Tournament Record: 7-1
  • Toronto Titans Tournament: Finalist

The Toronto Jr. Canadiens began the 2019-20 season as the favourite to not only claim the GTHL championship but to take home the majority of the hardware dished out at high-level tournaments along the way as well. And, while the Jr. Canadiens hold down the top spot within our OHL Cup Ranking for the month of October, their status as the team to beat took two significant hits early in the season which has slightly altered their perception. Firstly, the Jr. Canadiens fell to the Nationals in the championship game of the Toronto Titans Tournament by a score of 5-2. Then, mere days later, the Jr. Canadiens dropped a hard-fought 3-2 decision to the upstart Mississauga Reps — a game which many believed that Toronto should have won.

However, it is extremely important to remember that each hockey season is a long one — ups and downs along the way are incredibly natural and should be expected.

Ultimately, the Jr. Canadiens are still the deadliest team in Ontario’s Minor Midget circuit. For Toronto, it all begins with their offence — the Jr. Canadiens feature a core of forwards with virtually zero weaknesses who can pile on goals with absolute ease. If you aren’t convinced, consider the fact that not one of the Jr. Canadiens’ forwards scored less than two goals during the Titans Tournament, and that six of which scored at a point-per-game pace or greater over their eight contests played. Then, there is Toronto’s defence — an area of the team’s roster which is just as strong as its core of forwards. On the blue line, Ty Nelson and Noah Van Vliet lead the way, while Thomas Sirman and Ethan Best are absolutely stellar young prospects too. So, although they lost a few games to begin their 2019-20 season as well as Adam Fantilli, the Jr. Canadiens are a powerhouse who have yet to be overthrown.

* All team records accurate as of October 16th, 2019 *


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