2020 OHL Draft Profile: Jonathan Melee

Jonathan Melee of the HEO’s Rockland Nationals is a premier sniper with above-average size and strength who should push to be a 1st round pick at the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Jonathan Melee –

Rockland Nationals (HEO) | Left Wing | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Fredericton, New Brunswick | 6’1”, 182-pounds | January 15, 2004

Playing his junior hockey in the Ottawa area, Jonathan Melee made the courageous decision to make a move to the Greater Toronto Area in order to compete against the best in the province on a nightly basis. Suiting up for the Toronto Titans, Melee quickly made a name for himself with his strength, creativity, and wicked shot. He quickly found himself on the Titans top line, and was producing at a rate that projected Melee as a first round talent for the 2020 OHL Draft.

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However, unforeseen circumstances meant that Melee would have to move back to the Ottawa area, where the Rockland Nationals of the HEO held his rights, after just one month in Southern Ontario. Playing closer to home again, Melee appears to be more comfortable and much more confident in his ability to dominate his age group. Playing alongside his former teammate and fellow projected first round pick in Cedrick Guindon will certainly help to boost his status as a top OHL Draft prospect.


  • Shot Strength and Accuracy
  • Ability to Find Open Space
  • Skating Strength
  • Puck Protection

Jonathan Melee is an offensive force who possessed multiple tools with which to burn opponents. His greatest strength is undoubtedly his shot, which is powerful and accurate. Melee maintains excellent versatility with the puck, using his size and strength to protect possession, and striking on both the rush or on the cycle.

Perhaps the most impressive trait of Melee’s is his ability to get the puck o and off his stick in an instant. Using his speed and sense of the ice to get open on the rush, Melee is able to easily convert on passes by receiving the puck and releasing it all in one motion. Melee’s skill to pick top corners makes him virtually unstoppable when the goaltender in moving side-to-side.

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Already of solid height and weight, Melee has shown the ability to outmuscle his competition at both ends of the ice as well. He is strong on his stick and showcases very good balance when battling for, or protecting, the puck. He’s also a sneaky smart playmaker, showing the sense to be able to put the puck to where his teammates will be.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Foot Speed and Agility
  • Physicality on Forecheck

While Melee has already demonstrated some impressive qualities that project him to be a future offensive power forward, there are a few aspects of his game that could user minor work. First off would be his foot speed, where he could benefit from some aded agility.  This would help Melee to change directions and switch gears quicker, as well as to pounce on loose pucks and turnovers more aggressively.

As well, given the size he already boasts, Melee cold turn a few more heads by being slightly more assertive and aggressive on the forecheck, pressuring defenders by taking away their time and space, and finishing his hits when the opportunity presents itself. Melee consistently shows his strength with the puck, leaving no doubt that he could be an effective physical winger to boot.

Future Projection:

Jonathan Melee was able to show that he can go up against the province’s best in the 2004-born age group during his short time with the Toronto Titans. Now, he returns to the Rockland Nationals, where he should be able to put up substantial offensive numbers while continuing to be an intimidating force against opponents.

If Melee is able to make a smooth transition into the HEO, he should be able to dominate and become one of the league’s top prospects for the 2020 OHL Draft, for which he already projects as a potential first round pick.


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