OHL Prospect Profile: Lane Hutson

Lane Hutson of the AYHL’s North Jersey Avalanche is one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. With blistering speed, natural instincts, and a nose for the net, Hutson is one of the top 2004-born players in North America.

– Lane Hutson –

North Jersey Avalanche (AYHL) | Defence | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Chicago, Illinois | 5-foot-10, 175-pounds | February 14th, 2004

There’s a reason why Lane Hutson of the North Jersey Avalanche committed to Boston University at such a young age. A fast and fluid skater who can generate offence with ease regardless of the strength of his competition, Hutson is one of the very best defenceman born in the year 2004 — he also happens to be eligible of the 2020 OHL Priority Selection.

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Yet, as previously mentioned, Hutson is currently committed to an NCAA program — a reality which could very well mean that Hutson will never don a major-junior uniform. And, given his breath-taking skill-set, Hutson has done nothing other than earn the right to decide where he will play in the years ahead. Whether he opt to develop in the NCAA or OHL, the fact remains that Hutson is a stellar young prospect with a bright future ahead of himself.

With this being said, let’s dive deeper into Hutson’s game.


  • Skating Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
  • Puck Poise and Vision
  • On-Ice Intelligence
  • Playmaking Abilities
  • Transition Game and Offensive Instincts

Standing as the foundation of Hutson’s game are his elite skating abilities, as the young defender boasts the ability to surge past opposing players at will. Further, he can hit top speed in a few short strides and features the edge-work and agility necessary to play an explosive offensive game while maintaining his responsibilities defensively to boot. Combined with Hutson’s skating abilities are his stellar on-ice vision and poise while in possession of the puck. Even while operating at top speed Hutson remains calm and calculated, and can devise game-changing opportunities without breaking a sweat.

This impressive on-ice intelligence — in addition to his natural talents — makes Hutson a truly lethal two-way defender. Owing to his on-ice vision, Hutson is a dynamic playmaker who can fuel his team’s offensive attack. When within his own zone, Hutson will flash electrifying passes to his teammates to kick-start quick and efficient breakouts. Further, having joined the rush at top speed, Hutson can devise high-quality scoring chances with ease and often pounds the puck into the goal himself.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Personal Strength
  • Physical Play

As mentioned above, Hutson is one of the top defenders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Yet with this being said, Hutson — like all players his age — isn’t without areas in need of improvement.

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Essentially, if Hutson wishes to become a stable two-way defender capable of securing his own zone with consistency while fuelling offence at the next level, he’ll need to add greater size to his frame. Now, it goes without saying that most players of Hutson’s age face the same dilemma, but if Hutson hopes to continue climbing the ranks as quickly as he has in the past he’ll need to add greater all around strength as soon as possible. Having done so, Hutson will be able to engage opposing players within his own zone physically on a more consistent basis and with a great level of effectiveness.

Future Projection:

In short, Hutson is a truly dynamic two-way defenceman and one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Although he will likely opt for the NCAA route, Hutson must continue to be regarded as one of the top young talents competing within North America and a youngster whose future in the game is blindingly bright. Once stronger, Hutson should be able to ascend to the USHL or NTDP in the coming years with relative ease.


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