OHL Prospect Profile: Pano Fimis

Pano Fimis of the GTHL’s Toronto Jr. Canadiens is a dynamic offensive force — he can bulge the twine, set up a teammate, or set the tone through his physical play. In short, it comes as no surprise that he’s a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Pano Fimis –

Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL) | Centre | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Richmond Hill, Ontario | 5’9″, 157-pounds | June 17th, 2004

Although he is of a shorter stature than the average player eligible for the 2020 OHL Priority Selection, Pano Fimis is persistently productive and endlessly dangerous in all three zones of the ice. As an extremely hard-working player who strives to ensure success for his team, Fimis has the ability to single-handedly drive his team’s offensive game with startling consistency. Moreover, Fimis’ all-around game continues to grow — the youngster is steadily developing into a 200-foot centre who can be utilized and relied upon regardless of the situation on the ice.

Ahead of the 2020 OHL Draft, Fimis is skating for the Toronto Jr. Canadiens of the GTHL. Following the departure of Adam Fantilli — a youngster widely regarded as the top prospect available — Fimis has taken on the role of team captain as well as stepped up his offensive game. As a natural leader on the ice, Fimis pushes his team forward by example and rarely falls into scoring slumps. With this being said, let’s take a closer look at Fimis’ strengths before assessing his areas in which to improve.


  • Skating Speed and Acceleration
  • Shot Release and Velocity
  • Innate Offensive Instincts and Playmaking
  • Work Ethic and Competitiveness

Standing as the foundation of Fimis’ game are his strong skating abilities and relentless work ethic. Each and every time Fimis takes to the ice he is a force, as the youngster boasts a seemingly tireless engine and routinely out-skates his opponents. Not only does Fimis feature impressive conditioning, but his ability to reach top speed in a short number of strides provides him with a distinct advantage over his opponents. Whether he be rushing the puck up ice, working wide around a defender or simply driving to the net, Fimis is a tough player to stop once his feet and hands start moving.

It is Fimis’ stellar skating abilities which fuel one of his most dangerous tools — his shot. Capable of firing the puck on goal from a standstill or while in the middle of his stride, Fimis consistently powders the puck on goal with a devastating degree of velocity. Hard and accurate, Fimis can catch the puck and release it on goal in the blink of an eye — an ability which doesn’t bode well for opposing netminders who often fumble the puck or produce rebounds if able to stop it at all. When you take into account the lethality of Fimis’ shot, his hard-working nature, and his well-rounded abilities on the ice in all three zones, it is abundantly clear as to why Fimis is regarded as one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Skating Stability
  • 200-foot Play

When it comes to the areas of Fimis’ game which stand in need of improvement, there isn’t a great deal of information to note. However, if one was to nitpick, Fimis’ skating stability would do well to improve in the coming years. Despite standing as an excellent skater who can move throughout the ice with ease, Fimis can — at times — be knocked off of the puck easily, and especially so by his larger opponents. Yet, as he ages and becomes stronger, this facet of Fimis’ game will surely become a strength. The ability to fend off his opponents will, in turn, feed Fimis’ play in all three zones of the ice. Once stronger and more stable on his skates, Fimis will be able to play a stronger and more consistent role in his defensive end as well as the neutral zone.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, Fimis boasts the skill-set and abilities necessary to flourish into a consistent offensive force at the OHL-level. Owing to his hard-nosed and competitive style of play, Fimis should face little issue transitioning to the major-junior ranks, where his strong skating and decisive puck-handling abilities will allow him to contribute offensively in his inaugural campaign. Once larger and more mature physically, Fimis will undoubtedly come to dominate his opponents at the OHL-level and beyond.


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