2020 OHL Draft Ranking: February’s Top-150

With just two months before the 2020 OHL Draft commences, take a look at the top-150 eligible prospects. The top-end of this year’s ranking continues to be dominated by American-born players.

Just like that, Ontario’s top U16 minor hockey leagues are jumping into playoff action. After 30+ regular season games and numerous contests in tournament action, it’s time for the drive to the 2020 OHL Cup.

Heading into postseason action, it’s the perfect time to shout out this year’s top seed from each league. In the GTHL, the Toronto Jr. Canadiens captured the #1 seed with an impressive 28-3-2 record. In the ETA, it was the Quinte Red Devils who came out on top, riding a 28-5-3 record to the #1 seed. In the SCTA, the Southern Tier Admirals were at the top of the standings from start to finish, ending up with a 24-3-5 record to capture the #1 seed. Finally, the Elgin Middlesex Chiefs made history in the Alliance with an undefeated regular season, going 25-0-8 to grab the #1 seed.

February’s Top-150

With that said, here are the top-150 prospects, along with 10 honourable mentions, eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft as of February. A continuing trend within the 2019-20 U16 season has been the dominance of the American prospects and teams. This is showcased by the fact that 10 of the top-20 prospects are American-born, with a total of 12 of the top-20 playing hockey in the US this year. Due to that fact, this year’s draft day will be as wild and uncertain as ever. As the 2019-20 season progresses, we’ll continue to hyperlink personal player profiles to our monthly rankings, so be sure to follow along as the drive to the 2020 OHL Cup unwinds.

Rank Player Position Team
1 Adam Fantilli C Kimball Union Academy
2 Rutger McGroarty* C Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
3 Ty Nelson D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
4 Seamus Casey* D Florida Alliance 16U
5 Lane Hutson* D North Jersey Avalanche 16U
6 Pano Fimis C Toronto Jr. Canadiens
7 Dalyn Wakely C Quinte Red Devils
8 David Goyette C South Kent Academy
9 Paul Ludwinski C Toronto Marlboros
10 Tyler Duke* D Compuware 16U
11 Kocha Delic C Toronto Titans
12 Frank Nazar* C Honeybaked 15U
13 Cutter Gauthier C Compuware 16U
14 Isaac Howard* C Shattuck St. Mary’s 16U
15 Hunter Brzustewicz* D Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
16 Cedrick Guindon C Rockland Nationals
17 Donovan McCoy D Quinte Red Devils
18 Devin Kaplan* C North Jersey Avalanche 16U
19 Bryce McConnell-Barker C London Jr. Knights
20 Gavin Brindley LW Florida Alliance 16U
21 Zak Lavoie C Toronto Nationals
22 Isaiah George D Toronto Marlboros
23 Sam Alfano RW Southern Tier Admirals
24 Zach Filak* C Compuware 16U
25 Carson Christy C Oshawa Jr. Generals
26 Max Namestnikov* LW Honeybaked 15U
27 Hunter Haight C Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
28 Alec Leonard D Mississauga Reps
29 Nicholas Moldenhauer RW Toronto Titans
30 Devin Mauro C Soo Greyhounds
31 Brody Crane* C Buffalo Jr. Sabres 16U
32 Aidan Castle RW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
33 Ryan McGuire LW Burlington Eagles
34 Jonathan Melee LW Rockland Nationals
35 Matthew DiMarsico RW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
36 Matthew Poitras LW Whitby Wildcats
37 Matthew Jovanovic D Toronto Marlboros
38 Vinny Borgesi* D South Kent Academy
39 Thomas Sirman D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
40 Andrew LeBlanc C Southern Tier Admirals
41 Spencer Sova D Honeybaked 15U
42 Aaron Andrade RW Toronto Titans
43 Gavin Hayes RW Compuware 15U
44 George Fegaras D Richmond Hill Coyotes
45 Ben Bujold C Kanata Lasers
46 Logan Cooley* C Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
47 Shawn Ramsay D Toronto Nationals
48 Zion Green LW Compuware 15U
49 Jack Piper RW York Simcoe Express
50 Noah Van Vliet D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
51 Evan Konyen C Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
52 Cooper Matthews LW Quinte Red Devils
53 Hayden Simpson C Toronto Titans
54 Owen Van Steensel LW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
55 Michael Buchinger D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
56 Jackson Edward D York Simcoe Express
57 Dylan Gordon D Honeybaked 15U
58 Connor Toms D Soo Greyhounds
59 Justin DeZoete C Hamilton Huskies
60 Lorenzo Bonaiuto LW Toronto Marlboros
61 Ryan Abraham C Compuware 15U
62 Nolan Collins D Whitby Wildcats
63 Kyan Haldenby LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
64 Wilson Farrow D Toronto Nationals
65 Tucker Shedd D Compuware 15U
66 Rodion Tatarenko C Toronto Red Wings
67 Joshua Hoover D Lambton Jr. Sting
68 Owen Mehlenbacher C Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15U
69 Sett Ursomarzo RW Toronto Nationals
70 Nicholas De Angelis D Mississauga Sens
71 Mick Thompson C North Jersey Avalanche 16U
72 Aaron Brown D Quinte Red Devils
73 Patrick Thomas LW Hamilton Huskies
74 Jake Manfre C Long Island Gulls 16U
75 Liam Eveleigh D Waterloo Wolves
76 Justin Varner RW Honeybaked 15U
77 Madden Steen D Guelph Gryphons
78 Brice Cooke RW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
79 Owen Baker RW Honeybaked 15U
80 Jake Sederoff LW Toronto Titans
81 Jake Karabela C Guelph Gryphons
82 Trent Swick RW Southern Tier Admirals
83 Matthew Mayich D Hamilton Huskies
84 Cole Spicer* LW Honeybaked 15U
85 Julian Facchinelli C Markham Majors
86 Nathan Poole C Oshawa Jr. Generals
87 Aidan Puley LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
88 Patrick Geary D Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15U
89 Tommy Budnick D Honeybaked 15U
90 Julian Fantino RW Richmond Hill Coyotes
91 Jacob LeBlanc D Southern Tier Admirals
92 Will Gerrior LW Ottawa Jr. Senators
93 Ethan Best D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
94 Matthew Morden D Toronto Titans
95 Nathan Lewis RW Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
96 Carson Walters LW Chicago Mission 15U
97 Chase Pietila D Honeybaked 15U
98 Brady Stonehouse LW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
99 Owen Beck RW Quinte Red Devils
100 Harrison Ballard C York Simcoe Express
101 Christian Kocsis LW Honeybaked 15U
102 Max Seguin LW Toronto Nationals
103 Wyatt Adkins D Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
104 Luca D’Amato D Vaughan Kings
105 Cole Bianchin LW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
106 Jordan Karafile C Toronto Nationals
107 Joshua Vogelsburg LW Mississauga Reps
108 Koen Taves D Sun County Panthers
109 Brock Jones C Buffalo Regals
110 Michael Mesic LW Compuware 15U
111 Luke Gualtieri D Southern Tier Admirals
112 Dylan Roobroeck C London Jr. Knights
113 Jorian Donovan D Kanata Lasers
114 Kalen Peterson C Toronto Marlboros
115 Michael Podolioukh LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
116 Steve Leskovar D Cambridge Hawks
117 Cédricson Okitundu D Waterloo Wolves
118 Anthony Piccininno C Toronto Titans
119 Colton Smith RW Kanata Lasers
120 Jonah Aegeerter RW Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
121 Chris Able D Chicago Mission 15U
122 Evan Klein C Waterloo Wolves
123 Noah Richard LW Quinte Red Devils
124 Kai Dunits C Kemptville 73’s
125 Tai York C Niagara North Stars
126 Zennon Edwards RW Whitby Wildcats
127 Emerson Miller D Toronto Titans
128 Landon Fleming D Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
129 Micah Berger LW Florida Alliance 16U
130 Dawson Hettiarachchi C Whitby Wildcats
131 Zander Veccia RW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
132 Nicola LaForge C North Bay Trappers
133 Jacob Lesser C Smiths Falls Bears
134 Nicholas Messina C Vaughan Kings
135 Gavin Bryant LW Brantford 99ers
136 Caeden Carlisle D Mississauga Sens
137 Joseph Muldowney C Buffalo Regals
138 Carter Coombs C Huron Perth Lakers
139 Jackson Ebbott C Don Mills Flyers
140 Joshua Beiles LW Mississauga Reps
141 Andrew Chang LW Mississauga Sens
142 Brandon Balazs RW Brantford 99ers
143 Ryder McIntyre C Ajax Pickering Raiders
144 Brayden Bowen C Cornwall Colts
145 Ryan Cartwright D Toronto Nationals
146 Andy Reist C Waterloo Wolves
147 Jackson Stewart LW Quinte Red Devils
148 Austin Harper C Lambton Jr. Sting
149 Cory Jewitt LW Huron Perth Lakers
150 Nicholas Colangelo C Ajax Pickering Raiders
HM Jax Bellwood LW Barrie Jr. Colts
HM Alex Campbell RW Mississauga Rebels
HM Mitchell Davies LW Clarington Toros
HM Luke Devlin LW Toronto Marlboros
HM Alexander Dubajic RW Toronto Titans
HM Tobias Iantorno LW Toronto Nationals
HM Beau Jelsma C Brantford 99ers
HM Lleyton McLean LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
HM Ryan Struthers C Oakville Rangers
HM Ethan Whitcomb RW Niagara North Stars

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