OHL Prospect Profile: Nicholas Moldenhauer

Nicholas Moldenhauer of the GTHL’s Toronto Titans is a well-rounded player who can be counted upon to produce at both ends of the ice. As an incredibly hard-working player, Moldenhauer will be highly sought after as a prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Nicholas Moldenhauer –

Toronto Titans (GTHL) | Right-Wing | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Mississauga, Ontario | 5’10”, 160-pounds | May 25th, 2004

The Toronto Titans were an offensive juggernaut in the GTHL during the 2019-20 season, averaging a whopping 4.12 goals for per game across their 33 regular season contests. One player in particular who helped to drive the Titans’ offensive attack on a nightly basis was Nicholas Moldenhauer — a strong skating right-winger defined by his tireless work ethic and innate instincts on the ice. Alongside a stellar supporting cast, Moldenhauer helped push his team to third-place finish in the GTHL and a berth in the annual OHL Cup.


  • Skating Speed and Acceleration
  • Innate Offensive Instincts
  • Vision and Playmaking Abilities
  • Strong, Deceptive Shot
  • Work Ethic

The foundation of Moldenhauer’s game is, unquestionably, his ability to traverse the ice. Defined by his powerful stride, Moldenhauer can accelerate to top speed in a short few strides and boasts the speed necessary to force opposing defenders onto their heels. What’s more is that Moldenhauer has the speed and stability needed to drive the puck wide and around defenders en route to the net — this bulldog mentality allows Moldenhauer to create a wealth of offence for his squad. Moreover, Moldenhauer is a versatile threat, as he stands capable of firing the puck on goal or devising a high-percentage scoring play when afforded with excessive time and space owing to his vision.

Moldenhauer’s ability to stand as a capable and persistent threat derives from his tireless work ethic on the ice. Whether he finds himself in the midst of a puck battle in the attacking zone or a back-check at the tail-end of his shift, Moldenhauer can find the will necessary to execute plays which benefit his team with a startling level of consistency. A team-first player who doesn’t hesitate to step into shooting lanes to block shots or work tirelessly on the penalty kill, Moldenhauer is a well-rounded player who can be relied upon in numerous situations to secure results which directly benefit his team. In short, Moldenhauer is a strong, well-rounded player who can be counted upon to lead his team regardless of the score or situation.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Skating Stride Efficiency
  • Shot Release Fluidity

Given the well-rounded nature of Moldenhauer’s game, his skill-set isn’t in need of major improvements. If we were to nitpick, however, we’d identify Moldenhauer’s skating stride and shot release as two areas in which he would do well to improve. As mentioned above, Moldenhauer is a strong and speedy skater who can traverse the ice with ease — however, refining the fluidity and efficiency of his stride would allow Moldenhauer to reach top speed at a faster rate while reducing his energy output in the process. Secondly there is the release of Moldenhauer’s shot — although quick and accurate, Moldenhauer would do well to refine his release into one fluid motion.

Future Potential:

At the end of the day, Moldenhauer stands as an excellent young prospect and one who could very well enjoy considerable success at the OHL-level and beyond. As he continues to mature physically, Moldenhauer will become far more difficult to play against owing to his work ethic and innate offensive abilities on the ice. If able to further refine his skating stride alongside the release of his shot, Moldenhauer will quickly develop into a versatile threat at both ends of the ice.


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