2020 OHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-50 Americans

With the 2020 OHL Draft just one week away, it’s time to look south of the border for our 2020 OHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-50 Americans.

The 2004-born class of American prospects has long been regarded as a top-flight group of players who could potentially challenge the success of the 2001-born class. They put their skill on display all season long during 2019-20, consistently rolling over their Canadian opponents with relative ease.

Detroit Honeybaked led the way in terms of team success, capturing wins at a rate similar to last year’s Don Mills Flyers. With that said, Detroit Compuware, the Oakland Jr. Grizzlies, and South Kent Selects Academy were also dominant in their own rights.

With the uncertainty caused this Spring by the COVID-19 Pandemic, virtually everything has had to be postponed or cancelled, which included the U.S. U17 National Development Evaluation Camp. As such, the NTDP jumped straight ahead and announced their U17 roster for the 2020-21 season.

This is a team laced with talent all throughout the lineup, with some extremely skilled prospects left off the squad. As a result, the picture has become much more clear ahead of the April 4th’s OHL Draft, as we now know which players will suit up for the National Development Team and which ones remain more available to play in the OHL next season.

However, all American-born players eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft will remain in this ranking, as they are still qualified to be selected in the draft.

Final Top-50 Americans

With that said, here are the top-50 American-born prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Overall, this year’s class is loaded with talent and potential from top to bottom. Although many of the players in this ranking have now been named to the U.S. U17 team, several high-end prospects were left off of that roster, leaving plenty of options for OHL teams to make lower-risk, high-reward selections.

Please note: This is an OHL Draft Ranking and is in no way a prediction of when players will be selected. It is not a mock draft.

Rank Player Position Team
1 Rutger McGroarty* C Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
2 Seamus Casey* D Florida Alliance 16U
3 Frank Nazar* C Honeybaked 15U
4 Lane Hutson* D North Jersey Avalanche 16U
5 Hunter Brzustewicz* D Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
6 Tyler Duke* D Compuware 16U
7 Isaac Howard* C Shattuck St. Mary’s 16U
8 Devin Kaplan* C North Jersey Avalanche 16U
9 Cutter Gauthier LW Compuware 16U
10 Logan Cooley* C Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
11 Max Namestnikov* LW Honeybaked 15U
12 Gavin Brindley LW Florida Alliance 16U
13 Zach Filak* C Compuware 16U
14 Gavin Hayes RW Compuware 15U
15 Vinny Borgesi* D South Kent Academy
16 Owen Baker RW Honeybaked 15U
17 Tyler Catalano C St. Louis Blues
18 Justin Varner RW Honeybaked 15U
19 Chase Pietila D Honeybaked 15U
20 Spencer Sova D Honeybaked 15U
21 Dylan Gordon D Honeybaked 15U
22 Ryan Abraham C Compuware 15U
23 Jack Larrigan C Shattuck St. Mary’s U15
24 Tucker Shedd D Compuware 15U
25 Zion Green RW Compuware 15U
26 Matthew DiMarsico LW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
27 Christian Kocsis LW Honeybaked 15U
28 Jake Manfre LW Long Island Gulls 16U
29 Patrick Geary D Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15U
30 Evan Konyen RW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
31 Seamus Powell D Rochester Selects 15U
32 Tommy Budnick D Honeybaked 15U
33 Nathan Lewis RW Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
34 Dominic Elliot D Fox Motors U15
35 Jonah Aegeerter C Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
36 Carson Walters LW Chicago Mission 15U
37 Quinn Finley RW Green Bay Gamblers
38 Nathan McBrayer D Ohio Blue Jackets U15
39 Cole Bianchin LW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
40 Michael Mesic LW Compuware 15U
41 Chris Able D Chicago Mission 15U
42 Colton Mauser D Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
43 Landon Fleming D Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
44 Patrick Czarnecki D Honeybaked 15U
45 Evan Moore C Nashville Jr. Predators U15
46 Cole Knuble RW Fox Motors U15
47 Micah Berger LW Florida Alliance 16U
48 Michael DeAngelo LW Chicago Mission 15U
49 Sammy Kamienski RW Chicago Mission 15U
50 Charlie Masek C Miluakee Jr. Admirals U15

* Denotes player is currently committed to an NCAA program.


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