2020 OHL Draft: The Top-20 Goaltenders – Final Edition

With the 2020 OHL Priority Selection scheduled for April 4th, 2020, we’ve released our top-20 goaltenders eligible for selection. Included within this list are goalies from more than five leagues — all of which are top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

Although the 2019-20 hockey season came to an abrupt and unfortunate end, the 2020 OHL Priority Selection is right around the corner — an annual event which allows us to highlight tremendous young talent while ushering in the next stage in the hockey career’s of numerous prospects. And, while this year’s class of forwards and defencemen have received considerable attention — and for good reason — the time has come to recognize the goaltenders!

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In this article, we’ve listed and analyzed the 20 goalies who we feel stand at the top of the 2020 OHL Draft class. Represented in this list are goaltenders from the GTHL, ETA, SCTA, HEO, USA, and Alliance Hockey — a wide variety of leagues which are abundantly familiar with high-end talent. Coming to a consensus on the top-20 goaltenders eligible of the upcoming Priority Selection was an incredibly challenging task, as there were dozens of other netminders whose skill and ability shone brightly in their respective leagues this season. And, with this being said, in no way does exclusions from this list mean that a particular goaltender will not be selected in the 2020 OHL Draft, this is simply a list of which goaltenders we felt were the most consistent and impressive all season long.

The Top-20 Goaltenders Available

Well folks, here they are — the 20 goaltenders who we have come to view as the best netminders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft! As far as the list below goes, the goaltenders are listed in alphabetical order rather than in terms of their perceived value as prospects. In addition, we’ve made sure to provide a brief description of each goaltender — work which we hope will provide to a glimpse into how talented these youngsters truly are!

With that being said, let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at the game of Cambridge Hawks netminder Nolan Chartrand!

Nolan Chartrand

2019-20 Team: Cambridge Hawks (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 2.80 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 2.57 G.A.A.)

The Cambridge Hawks didn’t enjoy a particularly successful campaign in Alliance Hockey this year, playing to a 10-21-2 record. However, despite allowing 3.63 goals against per game, that didn’t stop goaltender Nolan Chartrand from shining on a game-by-game basis. In his 18 regular season games played, Chartrand pieced together an impressive 2.80 G.A.A. despite being shelled by his opponents with high-percentage scoring chances. Of terrific size given his 6-foot-3 frame, Chartrand is a tireless competitor who loves to challenge opposing shooters — one of the main reasons why he stands as one of the 2020 OHL Draft‘s top goaltenders.

Domenic DiVincentiis

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

The Vaughan Kings were a stingy defensive team throughout the 2019-20 GTHL season, playing a tight style of hockey which limited high-percentage scoring opportunities. When dangerous plays were pieced together by their opposition, the Kings’ players were more than confident to have Domenic DiVincentiis between the pipes — a quiet yet direct goaltender who rarely overplays his position and is poised when displaying his abilities. Standing 6-feet tall, DiVincentiis covers the net well and affords opposing shooters with limited opportunities given his precise positioning. Further, with quick reflexes and powerful lateral movements, DiVincentiis was consistently impenetrable for Vaughan en route to their appearance in the GTHL Championship.

Kyle Downey

2019-20 Team: Toronto Nationals (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

Kyle Downey of the Toronto Nationals is the complete package in goal, as the native of Caledon, Ontario is an intimidating presence who towers over his opponents. With great size owing to his 6-foot-1 frame, Downey takes up the majority of the net and moves well in order to cut down any shooting angles which may present themselves. Moreover, Downey controls rebounds particularly well and features impressive puck-handling abilities as well — a reality which allowed him to stand as a staple within the Nationals’ crease this past season.

Brett Fullerton

2019-20 Team: Burlington Eagles (SCTA)

2019-20 Statistics: 15GP: 2.84 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 4GP: 2.47 G.A.A.)

Although the 2019-20 SCTA campaign didn’t end especially well for the Burlington Eagles, goaltender Brett Fullerton had his skill-set on full display regardless. Of great size and well-known for his highly athletic nature, Fullerton is an incredibly competitive netminder whose can be counted on to compete tirelessly on a nightly basis. Whether he be looking through players to track the puck of fighting for a loose rebound, Fullerton works remarkably hard to secure success for his team. One notable aspect of Fullerton’s game is his ability to track the puck and anticipate the play before it develops — this allows the youngster to make spectacular saves with relative ease.

Riley George

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 19GP: 2.03 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 9GP – 3.23 G.A.A.)

The Hamilton Huskies enjoyed a strong Alliance campaign this past season and were stabilized in goal by Riley George — a quiet and composed goaltender who has come to turn away shots with not only confidence but poise. In short, George plays a quiet and consistent game — two incredibly important attributes for any goaltender to possess. Further, with terrific rebound control lightning-quick reflexes, George can take control of a game with relative ease and secure points for his team whether deserved or not.

Dylan Grover

2019-20 Team: Kitchener Jr. Rangers (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 17GP: 3.45 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 7GP: 2.22 G.A.A.)

Although the Kitchener Jr. Rangers struggled through their 2019-20 regular season campaign, Dylan Grover stood tall in the crease. Despite being shelled by his opponents on a nightly basis, Grover consistently put his best efforts forward and shone brightly in the face of his team’s fierce but largely unsuccessful play. With quick, sharp movements and precise reflexes, Grover is the type of goaltender who features the innate ability to keep his team in any game regardless of their opponent. Further, Grover stands a towering 6-foot-3 tall — a reality which allows the young netminder to move throughout his crease with speed and purpose.

Mikael Kingo

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

In addition to being an incredible presence within his local community, Mikael Kingo of the Vaughan Kings also stands as one of the top goaltenders eligible for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft. Protecting the Kings’ pipes alongside DiVincentiis this season, Kingo was a major driving force behind Vaughan’s success in the GTHL playoffs and their run to a berth in the 2020 OHL Cup. Calm and composed in his crease, Kingo combines his size with purposeful movements in order to play a poised and purposeful game. Moreover, Kingo boasts consistent rebound control and improving puck handling abilities — a reality which allows his to stabilize his team.

Gavin Kreutzer

2019-20 Team: Buffalo Regals (SCTA)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 2.33 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 13GP – 2.08 G.A.A.)

Although his developmental path is currently unclear, Kreutzer continues to stand as a top goaltender eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Of solid size standing 6-feet tall, Kreutzer is a naturally athletic netminder who can makes the most challenging attempts appear easy to save owing to his quick reflexes and focused mindset within his crease. Well-known for his precise positioning and on-ice intelligence, Kreutzer cuts down shooting angles incredibly well and doesn’t hesitate to challenge opposing shooters when the situation demands.

Jacob Koutny

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 14GP: 1.71 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 6GP – 1.16 G.A.A.)

Much like the Vaughan Kings, the Hamilton Huskies were backstopped by two strong netminders this past season in George and Jacob Koutny. In Koutny, the Huskies boasted a goaltender of average size who competed tirelessly each and every time he was called upon to tend to the pipes. Athletic, flexible and focused, Koutny regularly made jaw-dropping saves yet was calm and composed when it mattered the most. In short, Koutny is a technically refined goaltender whose explosive lateral movements and vision allowed him to be one of Alliance’s top goaltenders in 2019-20.

Nolan Lalonde

2019-20 Team: Kingston Jr. Gaels (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 2.03 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 5GP – 3.04)

The Kingston Jr. Gaels skated to the seventh-best record in the ETA in 2019-20, but in no way were they faltered by their goaltending. Receiving the majority of the Jr. Gaels’ toughest assignments this past season was Nolan Lalonde — a towering presence in goal who stands as an intimidating sight in the eyes of his opposition. Owing to his size and strong positioning, Lalonde is able to play an incredibly quiet game — allowing pucks to hit him while reacting sharply to those placed with pin-point precision. As a goaltender who moves well for his size, Lalonde is bursting with high-end potential.

Austin McNicholas

2019-20 Team: Buffalo Jr. Sabres

2019-20 Statistics: 29GP: 1.81 G.A.A. – .920% SVP

Austin McNicholas’ game improved dramatically throughout the 2019-20 campaign, as the youngster came to play a quiet yet incredibly effective role for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres. In his 29 regular season contests, McNicholas posted sparkling personal numbers and helped lead his Jr. Sabres to considerable success in tournaments as well — McNicholas’s stellar play pushed the Jr. Sabres to an appearance in the semi-finals of the 2019 Whitby Silver Stick Tournament. Quite athletic and direct to the puck, McNicholas is a natural in the crease who plays the game with flow and feel.

Chazz Nixon

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Minor Generals (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 20 GP: 1.99 G.A.A.

The Oshawa Minor Generals enjoyed a wildly successful season in the ETA in 2019-20, and surely would not have been able to do so without the terrific goaltending they received all campaign long from Chazz Nixon and Carter Bickle. In Nixon, the Generals boasted an energetic and competitive goaltender who comes to the rink each night with one purpose — to secure points for his team. To do so, Nixon displays refined positioning and quick reflexes, while he is able to move laterally quite well in addition to his imposing size. Although a broken foot suffered this season limited Nixon’s playing time, he continues to stand as a top 2004-born goaltending prospect regardless owing to his raw skill and ability.

Jack Parsons

2019-20 Team: Cornwall Colts (HEO)

2019-20 Statistics: 23GP: 2.28 G.A.A. – .929% SVP

While the Cornwall Colts weren’t particularly dominant in the HEO this past season, Jack Parsons certainly was. In his 23 games played for the Colts, Parsons played lights out hockey — consistently frustrating opposing teams owing to his impenetrable nature in the crease. As an incredibly athletic goaltender with great size, Parsons is an imposing presence in goal who affords opposing shooters with very few opportunities to bulge the twine. Moreover, with quick and direct reflexes as well as a powerful lower-body, Parsons can cover his crease with ease and make highlight-reel saves which regularly keep his team in the game.

Adam Ricci

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

Adam Ricci has come to be regarded as one of the top goaltenders in the GTHL this season, and for good reason. Owing to his size, Ricci can peer above net-front traffic and maintain his view of the puck through the thickest of traffic. This ability allows Ricci to think the game step-by-step alongside his opponents, a reality which allows him to predict the play and react as it develops. When the puck does reach Ricci, the youngster can control his rebounds quite well and direct them away from dangerous areas. Further, Ricci is a strong goaltender who can move well laterally when in his butterfly — a facet of his game which allows him to erase second-chance opportunities when available.

Scott Rodrigue

2019-20 Team: Central Ontario Wolves (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 3.63 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 2.00 G.A.A.)

The best goaltenders don’t always play on the best teams — Scott Rodrigue is the perfect example of this fact. Despite playing for a Central Ontario Wolves team which averaged 4.02 goals against per game this season, Rodrigue allowed a mere 3.63 against during the regular season and just 2.00 goals against per game in the postseason. Boasting impressive size, Rodrigue is a natural competitor who refuses to allow his play to waver despite the score on any given night. Capable of playing his angles well, Rodrigue utilizes quick reflexes and solid lateral movement in order to frustrate his opponents on a game-by-game basis.

Cole Sheffield

2019-20 Team: London Jr. Knights (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 27GP: 1.96 G.A.A. – .929% SVP (Playoffs: 6GP – 2.50 G.A.A.)

While many in the world of hockey will focus on Cole Sheffield’s size in the crease, the youngster’s perceived lack of stature has had little impact on his ability to stop the puck to date. Competing for a stingy London Jr. Knights team in Alliance this past campaign, Sheffield was as reliable as they come — consistently putting forth tremendous efforts for his club between the pipes. So much so, in fact, that Sheffield was able to record tremendous personal numbers — his .929% SVP and 1.96 G.A.A. were amongst his league’s best. A tremendous athlete, Sheffield’s precise vision and staunch reflexes combine to make him one of the 2020 OHL Draft‘s top goaltending prospects.

Richard Szajek

2019-20 Team: Guelph Gryphons (SCTA)

2019-20 Statistics: 16GP: 2.12 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 2.22 G.A.A.)

Richard Szajek was a major driving force behind the Guelph Gryphons’ success throughout the 2019-20 SCTA season, as the youngster utilized his terrific size and athleticism to shut down opposing teams each and every time he took to the ice. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing in at 190-pounds, Szajek is an intimidating presence between the pipes who uses his strength to his advantage. Capable of moving laterally within his crease with ease and able to utilize his explosive reflexes when necessary, Szajek is a well-rounded netminder who features virtually no holes in his game. Moreover, Szajek is a tremendous competitor and notoriously hard-worker who never takes a game or a shift off.

Liam Sztuska

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

After taking home Top Goaltender honours at the 2019 Bantam AAA OHF Championship as a member of the Toronto Marlboros, Liam Sztuska shifted his focus to the highly touted Toronto Titans and did not look back. With the Titans in 2019-20, Sztuska displayed the raw skill and ability which has long made him a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Quiet and efficient in his crease, Sztuska features terrific poise and focus — abilities which allow him to keep his team calm when they find themselves on the defensive side of the puck. When shots do make their way to Sztuska, he regularly displays precise reflexes and ample rebound control. And, in addition to his ability to play the puck remarkably well, Sztuska boasts a quick glove hand which can pull the puck out of the air in the blink of an eye.

Corbin Votary

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 1.28 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 6GP – 2.83 G.A.A.)

Size and positional play are the names of the game for Corbin Votary of the Quinte Red Devils — a 6-foot-3 goaltender who oozes poise and ability. Owing to his massive frame, Votary consumes a great deal of the net and affords opposing shooters with limited opportunities once he has solidified his positioning. Moreover, when in his butterfly, Votary features the strength and power necessary to traverse his crease with ease — a capability which allows Votary to secure the bottom half of the net without issue while controlling or limiting his rebounds to boot. In short, Votary is a natural athlete who can be counted on to anchor his team’s defensive play.

Samuel White

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 24 GP: 2.22 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 8GP – 2.52 G.A.A.)

It was yet another successful SCTA campaign for the York Simcoe Express in 2019-20, as the team relied upon a potent offence in combination with staunch defensive play in order to stand as one of the top Minor Midget teams in Ontario. Contributing significantly to the Express’ success this past campaign was goaltender Samuel White — an explosive goaltender whose innate athleticism led his team to victory on countless occasions. White was able to find success owing to his ability to move laterally, his lightning-quick reflexes, a fast glove hand and the focus necessary to achieve success at the AAA-level. When the 2020 OHL Draft rolls around expect to hear White’s name called with authority, as the youngster will undoubtedly be highly coveted by numerous OHL organizations.




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