2021 OHL Draft Preview: 60 Top Prospects

With the 2021 OHL Draft on the horizon, we’ve listed and profiled 60 of the top 2005-born prospects eligible for selection.

The 2021 OHL Draft is scheduled for April of 2021, and at first glance it is apparent that this year’s class will be not only strong but incredibly deep.

Depth will be the name of the game come next year’s Priority Selection, as OHL franchises will have a bounty of high-level prospects to choose from as they are placed on the clock. In fact, not only are there a number of highly skilled forwards available but there will be a plethora of quality young defencemen and goaltenders eligible to boot. One area of particular interest will be on the blue line, as there could be — by our count — close to 20 defenders chosen within the opening three rounds of the draft, many of which boasting the skill-sets necessary to flourish at the OHL-level.

Francesco Pinelli of the Kitchener Rangers. (Photo Credit: Terry Wilson / OHL Images)
Francesco Pinelli is a star forward for the Kitchener Rangers — will his brother Luca Pinelli follow in his foot-steps and be chosen in the first round of the 2021 OHL Draft? (Photo Credit: Terry Wilson)

With this being said, let’s take a look at 60 of the top prospects eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft. As far as the list below goes, all players are listed in alphabetical order — we have also included a brief scouting report for each as well as their positions so that you can begin to gain a grasp on next year’s class. Lastly, the players listed below compete specifically for Canadian teams — we’ll be posting a list of the top USA-based players later this offseason.

60 Top Prospects to Watch

Beau Akey – D

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

The 2019-20 season was a strong one for defenceman Beau Akey of the Waterloo Wolves, as the youngster’s stellar two-play play allowed him to stabilize his team’s play while also playing a significant role offensively. As the captain of the Wolves, Akey regularly led his team by example and was consistently one of his squad’s most energetic and decisive players.

Cameron Allan – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Young Nationals (GTHL)

Although Cameron Allan isn’t a dynamic offensive blue-liner per se, he stands as a stable defensive force capable of providing his team with poise and confidence. A strong skater who thinks the game at a high-pace, Allan makes calculated and precise decisions with the puck and isn’t prone to committing turnovers. If he can grow he offensive game in 2020-21, he will surely garner the attention of numerous scouts and rise ahead of the 2021 OHL Draft in a rapid fashion.

Matthew Andonovski – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Young Nationals (GTHL)

Confident two-way defenceman are a hot commodity in today’s game, and Matthew Andonovski is the perfect example of which. With solid size and as a natural skater, Andonovski can influence the outcome of any given game at both ends of the ice. Defensively he has the ability to smother and dispossess attacking forwards, while the youngster’s willingness to join the rush and contribute offensively continues to grow.

Taeo Artichuk – F

2019-20 Team: Markham Majors (GTHL)

Although he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Taeo Artichuk is regularly one of its most skilled. With electrifying and smooth hands, Artichuk can craft deadly scoring chances in addition to whipping the puck on net in the blink of an eye. Further, with tremendous on-ice vision, Artichuk improves the play of his fellow teammates with ease while approaching each passing game with an aggressive offensive mentality.

Christopher Barlas – F

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Jr. 67s (OEBHL)

Skating as a member of the Ottawa Jr. 67’s this past season, Christopher Barlas was one of the top offensive players in the OEBHL. In his 29 regular season contests, Barlas netted an impressive 25 goals and totalled 51 points — a mark which stood as the fourth-best in his league. As an agile skater and creative young player, Barlas boasts the ability to score goals at will and makes his teammates better in the process. After appearing in a few games at the Midget level this past season, Barlas will take to the ice with the Navan Grads of the HEO this coming campaign.

Colby Barlow – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Colby Barlow has come to be referred to as one of the top prospects eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft, and for good reason. With size, speed, strength and natural goal-scoring ability, Barlow is a complete package on the ice who can change the course of any game at will. During the Chicago CCM Challenge in the 2018-19 campaign, Barlow took home tournament MVP honours owing to a — wait for it — a 22-goal performance across his seven games played.

Tristan Bertucci – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

A teammate of Colby Barlow, Tristan Bertucci is one of the top defenders eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft. Although he is slightly under-sized at the moment, Bertucci processes the game at a much higher rate than others and has the on-ice vision necessary to fuel his team’s game at both ends of the ice. One he adds greater strength to his frame, Bertucci will stand as a truly dynamic two-way defenceman.

Mitchell Brooks – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a natural goal-scorer, look no further than Mitchell Brooks. Skating for the Toronto Titans this past season, Brooks displayed the skill-set which has long made him a top OHL prospect. While his size continues to improve, Brooks has long been a lethal offensive threat — he is creative, deceptive, and boasts a knack for putting the puck into the back of the net. Owing to his strong and accurate shot, Brooks can beat opposing goaltenders cleanly on an alarming basis.

Christopher Brydges – D

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The Quinte Red Devils appear as though they’ll be a powerhouse once again, this time during the 2020-21 season. Leading the charge for the Red Devils in addition to Jack Dever will undoubtedly be Christopher Brydges — a dynamic young defenceman whose offensive game is equally as strong as his efforts in the defensive zone. In addition to his ability to process the game, Brydges is a standout skater whose strength and on-ice vision combine to make him a game-changing defender.

Stephen Campbell – F

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

The Mississauga Reps were a strong team in 2019-20, as the club finished fifth in the GTHL owing to a strong 21-9-3 record. One player who helped to lead the way for the Reps this past campaign was Stephen Campbell — a strong two-way player who continues to prove himself as a capable skater at both ends of the ice. An explosive skater, Campbell can breeze past opposing players and create offensive opportunities at will.

Anthony Ciaramitaro – D

2019-20 Team: Windsor Jr. Spitfires (Alliance)

Anthony Ciaramitaro is a defenceman who can do it all. As a member of the Windsor Jr. Spitfires this past campaign, Ciaramitaro helped lead his team to an Alliance Championship owing to his abilities at both ends of the ice. Defensively, Ciaramitaro plays an aggressive game and can dis-possess opposing attackers with poise and confidence. Once in possession, Ciaramitaro can fire crisp breakout passes to his teammates and join the rush as well — a reason why he appeared in four games at the Minor Midget level last season.

Noah Cochrane – D

2019-20 Team: Barrie Jr. Colts (ETA)

One of the most dynamic players eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft, Noah Cochrane is a modern day defender who can make immense contributions offensively. Playing up a year with the Barrie Jr. Colts minor midget squad in 2019-20, Cochrane was consistently one of their top defencemen at both ends of the ice. While his offensive prowess is considered his greatest asset, through excellent skating, puck management, and vision, Cochrane was also able to quiet the doubters regarding his lack of size and strength in the defensive zone while playing with the 2004-born age group last season.

Owen Davy – G

2019-20 Team: Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

The Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs skated to the third-best record in Alliance Hockey this past season, an accomplishment which was achieved in part as a result of the play of goaltender Owen Davy. An athletic young goaltender, Davy has the ability to move throughout his crease with power and control, and boasts the quick reflexes necessary to make highlight-reel saves with startling regularity.

Brayden Degelas – F

2019-20 Team: Chatham-Kent Cyclones (Alliance)

There’s nothing quite like an offensive threat who can shoot the puck as well as distribute it, but that is exactly what you get in Brayden Degelas. In his Bantam season spent skating with the Chatham-Kent Cyclones of Alliance Hockey, Degelas led the league in assists while totalling a whopping 53 points in his 32 games played. Owing to his terrific vision, Degelas sees the ice well and can anticipate the play as it develops — a reality which allows him to generate time and space will maximizing the skills of his fellow teammates.

Jack Dever – F

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The captain of the Quinte Red Devils, Jack Dever led his team to an ETA-best 31-2-3 record in 2019-20. A natural goal-scorer with a nose for the net, Dever has a slick release with great accuracy along with tremendous sense of the ice as he is able to slip behind defenders into prime shooting areas. His outstanding play was rewarded with a call-up to Quinte’s minor midget squad, where Dever registered a goal and two assists over a two-game stint.

Stefan Forgione – F

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

A leader on and off the ice for the Vaughan Kings is dynamic forward, Stefan Forgione. The Kings had a successful 2019-20 season in the GTHL, finishing fourth in the league standings, and Forgione was consistently one of its offensive leaders. With speed and skill to burn, Forgione can make defenders look silly in one-on-one situations and has the strength necessary to drive to the dirty areas, as well as a strong shot that can beat goaltenders on clean looks.

Cooper Foster – F

2019-20 Team: Soo Greyhounds (NOHL)

The second-best scorer in the NOHL in 2019-20 was Cooper Foster of the Soo Greyhounds, who accumulated an impressive 20 goals and 34 points in just 24 games. Foster is a well-rounded prospect who excels in every aspect of the game, from separation speed, to a wicked release, to top-notch intelligence on the ice. He is also a leader by example, playing a responsible 200-foot game and disrupting the opponent’s offence.

Christopher Grisolia – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Not only did Christopher Grisolia play a leadership role for the Toronto Marlboros this past season, but he also proved to be a lethal offensive force on a nightly basis. Boasting great size, strength and speed, Grisolia has the tool-kit necessary to overwhelm opposing defenders each time the puck is on his stick. In addition to blowing past opposing players, Grisolia can also drop his shoulder and use his size and strength to drive the puck hard to the net. In short, Grisolia is a steady offensive force who will play a key role for his team throughout the 2020-21 campaign.

Connor Haynes – F

2019-20 Team: Markham Majors (GTHL)

The Markham Majors could very well be a team to be reckoned with in the GTHL this coming season, as Connor Haynes — amongst others — will look to lead the team to significant success. As team captain of the Majors’ Bantam team during the 2019-20 season, Haynes let his play do the talking — regularly devising deadly offensive opportunities owing to his raw creativity and confidence with the puck. Defined by his impressive on-ice vision and calculative style of play, Haynes is a must-watch prospect eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft.

Bradley Horner – D

2019-20 Team: Eastern Ontario Wild (OEBHL)

There are numerous reasons as to why Bradley Horner was selected fourth-overall in the CCHL Draft by the Hawkesbury Hawks in 2020 — to start, the young defender is as smooth and confident as they come on the blue line. Calm and composed, Horner can sling the puck around the ice to his fellow teammates without hesitation and loves to contribute offensively. In fact, across his 30 OEBHL contests this past season, Horner posted five goals and 22 assists — an output which speaks to his offensive prowess and resulted in his appearance in three games at the Midget-level.

Daniel Johnson – D

2019-20 Team: CIHA Voyageurs (OEBHL)

There’s a reason why Daniel Johnson appeared in 17 games at the HEO-level this past season as a Bantam player — the youngster packs a punch at both ends of the ice. In addition to excellent skating abilities, Johnson boasts a unique combination of skill and grit. Capable of flying the length of the ice in order to create an offensive opportunity, Johnson makes his teammates better while his willingness to play a physical role allows Johnson to set the tone for his team. While he may take more penalty minutes than he should, the fact remains that Johnson is an explosive player and one worth watching ahead of the 2021 OHL Draft.

Fionn Keon – F

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

Don’t be surprised if the York Simcoe Express are a powerhouse within the ETA once again come the 2020-21 campaign, as the squad will be led by a standout forward by the name of Fionn Keon. A natural goal-scorer, Keon features a crisp and accurate shot defined by a quick yet deceptive release. However, Keon is far more than simply a sharp-shooter, as the youngster’s creativity if the offensive zone shines on a regular basis — his ability to deceive opposing defenders while surveying the ice allows him to fuel his team’s offensive attack. Moreover, owing to his solid size, Keon is far more than a one-tool player.

Yianni Koukouves – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

Yianni Koukouves is the definition of a strong 200-foot player. In the defensive end Koukouves is steady and responsible, striving to shutdown his opposition in order to secure possession for his team. Once working outside of his own zone, Koukouves boasts the speed and strength necessary to make an impact in his attacking zone. Owning great vision, patience with the puck and oodles of creativity, Koukouves can protect the puck with relative ease and will create time and space for himself in order to develop high-percentage scoring chances for his team. In short, Koukouves is a well-rounded player who can be relied upon by his coaching staff to do the little things well with an impressive level of consistency.

Ben Lalkin – F

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

When the 2021 OHL Draft rolls around, Ben Lalkin could very well be one of the top prospects available. Although of average size, Lalkin boasts elite offensive skills and a level of consistency which has come to separate him from his peers on a nightly basis. A tremendous stick-handler, Lalkin features the confidence necessary to attempt high-end offensive plays — often maximizing on the opportunities which he creates as a result of his vision and innate feel for the game. Capable of scoring goals as well as setting them up, Lalkin is a crafty player who can dismantle opposing defences in a surgical fashion of afforded with time and space.

Nick Lardis – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Although he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Nick Lardis is regularly one of the most creative and dangerous. A tactile and calculative player, Lardis has the ability to navigate to quiet areas of the ice from which he can deal a significant amount of damage. With his head on a swivel and the ability to sense the positioning of his teammates, Lardis can execute low-percentage passes with ease and is a threat to shoot the puck to boot. Once he adds greater size and strength to his frame, Lardis will surely stand as a lethal

Nicholas Larkin – D

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Senators (OEBHL)

Another elite young defenceman eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft, Nicholas Larkin has all the makings of an elite two-way player at the next level. In his Bantam campaign spent skating with the OEBHL’s Ottawa Senators, Larkin posted 19 points across his 18 regular season contests in addition to his four points in seven playoff games. Well-known for his innate instincts with the puck, Larkin consistently makes calculated and accurate decisions in order to push the puck up ice. Smart, predictive and a strong skater to boot, Larkin could prove to be the complete package.

Angus MacDonell – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

In addition to his high-end puck skills and natural abilities throughout the ice, Angus MacDonell possesses one of the most valuable traits which a young prospect can boast — work ethic. Equally dangerous on the lacrosse field, MacDonell sets the pace which each passing game and has developed into a natural leader who can motivate his team by example with ease. Capable of playing a sound two-way game, MacDonell can influence the game at both ends of the ice and has the high-end skill necessary to propel his team forwards.

Daniel Markevych – F

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

Much like his teammate Ben Lalkin, Daniel Markevych is incredibly creative and competent when the puck is on his stick. While he may not possess the same level of one-on-one skills which Lalkin boasts, Markevych stands as a devastating offensive player nonetheless, as he is capable of driving his team’s attacking game owing to his powerful skating and fearless approach on the ice. Able to score goals as well as create them, Markevych is a player which opposing defenders must pay attention to on a nightly basis.

Luke McNamara – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

The Toronto Jr. Canadiens are shaping up to be an unstoppable force in the GTHL this coming season, and will surely be led in part by forward Luke McNamara. With solid size, blistering speed and quick hands, McNamara has the high-end skill necessary to fuel his team’s attack with each passing game. Moreover, McNamara’s two-way game continues to improve dramatically — a reality which could push him well into the first round of the 2021 OHL Draft in a year’s time.

Cameron Mercer – F

2019-20 Team: Barrie Jr. Colts (ETA)

Cameron Mercer is a multi-faceted centerman who had a significant impact playing up a year on the Barrie Jr. Colts minor midget squad in 2019-20. A smart player who thinks the game at a high pace, Mercer can burn opponents with his speed as well as a high-end skillset. With quick hands and a creative mind, Mercer is equally effective as a scorer and a playmaker. He showed significant improvement throughout the course of the season, which was highlighted in the playoffs, where Mercer tied for the team-lead in points with 13 in just 11 games.

Marco Mignosa – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Young Nationals (GTHL)

A truly dynamic forward who plays well ahead of his age, Marco Mignosa will be one of the most productive forwards in the GTHL next season. One of just a handful of 2021 OHL Draft prospects to play minor midget in 2019-20, Mignosa was consistently one of the top forwards on a talented Toronto Nationals team. With great agility and separation speed, Mignosa can burn defenders to the outside or use his quick hands to create highlight reel goals on the regular. Already standing at 6’0″, Mignosa also adds a flare of physicality to his game, consistently finishing checks along the wall.

Luke Misa – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Another top prospect who fits the mould of the modern-day game is Luke Misa, a forward whose game revolves around high-end speed, skill, and smarts. One of the key players for the powerhouse Oakville Rangers squad, Misa’s play earned him a shot with the minor midget team as well, where he added four goals and one assist over five games. Misa is able control the pace of the game and can out-skate his opponents through pure speed or through excellent edgework. A mature 200-foot player, Misa is consistently relied upon in key situations at both ends of the ice.

Ethan Montroy – F

2019-20 Team: Eastern Ontario Wild (OEBHL)

An exciting five-tool prospect, Ethan Montroy captained the powerhouse Eastern Ontario Wild in 2019-20 and is set to suit up for the HEO’s Cornwall Colts in 2020-21. A very complete and mature forward, Montroy can use his quick hands and slick release to pile up goals up front, as well as use his sense and vision of the ice to set up his teammates. He’s equally effective on the powerplay, often organizing his team’s attack from the half wall. As a captain, Montroy has also exhibited an excellent work ethic and a hard backcheck to disrupt the opponents’ offence.

Lucas Moore – D

2019-20 Team: Peterborough Petes (ETA)

Despite a tough season for the Petes, where they finished the regular season 11th in the ETA, there were still some bright spots within the team, one of which being Lucas Moore. A smooth skating two-way defenceman, Moore is reliable in his own end and showcases solid lower-body strength along the wall, as well as a smart stick. Offensively, Moore makes heads up decisions with the puck, both in starting the breakout with tape-to-tape passes, or by walking the blue-line and gets pucks on net through traffic.

Ryan Nichols – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

A slick centerman for the perennially strong Toronto Marlboros, Ryan Nichols stands out for his high-end skill set and pace of play. With excellent agility and impressive edgework, Nichols rarely loses possession of the puck. Reading the play one step ahead of the opposition also allows Nichols to find the soft spots behind defenders and to be in the right place at the right time. His maturity and intelligence warranted a call-up to the minor midget team for the Whitby Silver Stick tournament, where he was able to keep up with the physicality and speed of the 2004 age group.

Jack O’Donnell – F

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

A skilled power-forward for the Waterloo Wolves, Jack O’Donnell combines his size, strength, and speed to be a dominant offensive force. Already standing at 6’2″, O’Donnell is able to out-work and out-muscle his opponents for loose pucks, as well as to use his frame to protect the rock while in his possession. He also displays impressive decision-making, picking his times to be a playmaker or a shooter. O’Donnell was dominant in the Alliance Bantam All-Star Game as well, racking up a goal and two assists while creating scoring chances each time he took the ice.

Owen Outwater – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Owen Outwater will stand as one of the most talented young prospects competing in the SCTA this coming campaign, of this there is no doubt. Set to skate for a high-powered Oakville Rangers squad, Outwater can seemingly do it all when he takes to the ice. In addition to his ability to score goals with startling regularity, Outwater can also create lethal plays with ease and is consistent in his ability to do so — a reality which allows Outwater to improve the play of his fellow teammates.

Mathieu Paris – F

2019-20 Team: Eastern Ontario Wild (OEBHL)

When you lead your league in scoring and collect a mere four PIM in the process, scouts and OHL organizations alike are going to take notice. Fortunately for Mathieu Paris, this is exactly what he accomplished during his 2019-20 campaign with the Eastern Ontario Wild of the OEBHL — blasting home 26 goals and 60 points in his 30 regular season games played. What makes Paris unique is the fact that despite his high-end skill and finishing ability, the youngster is by no means afraid to charge hard to the net in search of scoring opportunities. His fearless nature on the ice makes him a prospect of immense potential.

James Petrovski – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a stable young defenceman on the rise, then look no further than James Petrovski. As a member of the GTHL’s Toronto Titans, Petrovski’s game has begun to ascend at a rapid pace. With good size alongside strength and stability on his skates, Petrovski plays an intelligent and calculated game in his defensive zone as well as on the attacking blue line. While his offensive game continues to evolve, Petrovski stands as a competent two-way defender who can be relied upon to log major minutes across a variety of on-ice situations for his team.

Alex Pharand – F

2019-20 Team: Nickel City Sons (NOBHL)

Yet another player to emerge from northern Ontario of late is Alex Pharand — a talented young forward who possesses a scorers touch and an impressive level of consistency within his game. Boasting good size, Pharand has continued to prove himself as a calculated and intelligent young player. Capable of finding open areas of the ice, Pharand can sneak into scoring positions and make his opposition pay dearly if not adequately defended. After recording the second-greatest point total in the NOBHL last season, all eyes will be on Pharand as he transitions to the GNML level.

Luca Pinelli – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

There’s much more to Luca Pinelli than his last name, as the brother of Kitchener Rangers star-forward Francesco packs a significant punch each time he takes to the ice. While some might refer to Pinelli as undersized, the youngster more than compensates for this perceived deficiency through his lethal play in the offensive zone. Boasting oodles of creativity and an innate ability to improve the play of those around him, Pinelli boasts game-breaking puck-skills and the on-ice intelligence necessary to succeed on a nightly basis. Set to skate for a talented Jr. Canadiens team this coming season, Pinelli will undoubtedly play a major role in his team’s efforts at both ends of the ice.

Luke Posthumus – F

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Senators (OEBHL)

Another high-end prospect from the Ottawa region is Luke Posthumus, who led the OEBHL in goals last year with 29 while finishing second in points with 59 in 30 games. Set to suit up for the Smiths Falls Bears in the HEO in 2020-21, Posthumus is an uber talented prospect who thinks and plays the game at a high pace. With speed to burn and an electric release, Posthumus is very difficult to stop once he hits full speed. On the other hand, he also shows the vision and creativity necessary to dish the puck as well.

Jaxon Priddle – F

2019-20 Team: Lambton Jr. Sting (Alliance)

Despite a tough season for the Lambton Jr. Sting, which saw them finish 11th in the regular season, a consistent bright spot on the team was winger Jaxon Priddle. Displaying a non-stop work ethic, Priddle brings his best every shift by being a dog on the puck and forcing turnovers. With possession, Priddle showcases impressive awareness of his surroundings and is able to slip behind defenders to create odd-man rushes. His play did not go unrecognized, as he earned several games with Lambton’s minor midget squad throughout the year.

Anselmo Rego – F

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a player who can create jaw-dropping plays on any given night, look no further than Anselmo Rego of the Vaughan Kings. While he won’t overpower his opponents with size or physicality, Rego plays to his strengths of agility, creativity, and intelligence. Although he has a quick and accurate shot, Rego’s best comes as a playmaker, where he is able to create time and space for his teammates by drawing defenders towards him, before slipping slick passes through legs and over sticks.

Carson Rehkopf – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

A strong and dominant forward for the dynamite Toronto Jr. Canadians, Carson Rehkopf will emerge as one of the most skilled and pure goal scorers in the 2021 OHL Draft class. Rehkopf boasts elite puck skills, pulling defenders towards him before slipping the puck through or around them with ease. With good size, he uses his long reach to protect the puck and make quick lateral movements to fool goaltenders on breakaways. Rehkopf also displays an elite wrist shot with excellent accuracy, with which he can beat goaltenders on clean shots. Rehkopf was also awarded with the Alex Pietrangelo Award as Jr. Canadiens Player of the Year.

Bronson Ride – D

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

A strong, intimidating defenceman for the Oakville Rangers, Bronson Ride has tremendous upside as a two-way defender. But, he’s more than just the height that comes within the Ride family, with brother and former Toronto National, Declan, standing at 6’6″ and Bronson not far behind. Of course, with great height comes physical advantage, as Ride consistently uses his reach and his body to easily drive opposing forwards into the corners. As he continues to grow into his frame, Ride’s skating has also been improving with time, while his sense of the game has always been an asset.

Calum Ritchie – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Surprise, surprise. Another dynamic Oakville Ranger who could challenge for a top-five spot in the 2021 OHL Draft is Calum Ritchie, a strong and imposing forward who displays incredible skill each time he takes the ice. With great lower-body strength and a good reach, Ritchie loves to make lateral dangles around defenders or slip the puck between sticks and feet. With a quick and powerful release, Ritchie is a pure goal-scorer who can create highlight-reel plays each time he takes the ice. Away from the puck, Ritchie is just as effective by using his speed to chase down opponents and his strength to force turnovers.

Anthony Romani – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

There aren’t many players eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft as explosive and as potent as Anthony Romani of the GTHL’s Toronto Jr. Canadiens. As a tremendous skater, Romani boasts the ability to blow past opposing defenders and drive the puck hard to the net. Owing to his fearless nature, Romani doesn’t hesitate to go to the dirty areas of the ice in order to score goals and produce offence for his team. When the 2020-21 season comes to a close, expect Romani to be one of the GTHL’s top scorers.

Braxton Ross – F

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Senators (OEBHL)

Although he finished as the seventh-highest scoring player in the OEBHL this past season, Braxton Ross carried a points-per-game rate of 2.19 — the highest mark of any player in the league. In recording 46 points in just 21 games played as a member of the Bantam Ottawa Senators, Ross illustrated why he will be a highly coveted prospect come the 2021 OHL Draft. In addition to natural goal-scoring abilities, Ross happens to be a lethal playmaker who routinely improves the play of those around him. Oh, and he isn’t afraid to mix things up physically, either.

Ben Rossi – G

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs (SCTA)

The 2021 OHL Draft’s goaltending class has yet to truly establish itself, but one young netminder whose game has already stood out above the rest is Ben Rossi of the SCTA’s Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs. Although of average size entering the 2020-21 campaign, Rossi features lightning-quick reflexes and the ability to move throughout his crease with strength and purpose. Further, like most elite goaltenders, Rossi plays a calm and composed game within his crease — allowing the puck to travel and hit him before routinely directing it out of harm’s way.

R.J. Schmidt – D

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

R.J. Schmidt is a tremendously poised and capable young defender set to compete for the York Simcoe Express this coming campaign. Boasting great size, Schmidt can control the pace of play owing to his patience and confidence with the puck. Not pressured into making mistakes, Schmidt regularly makes accurate decisions with the puck and can execute crisp outlet passes to his forwards in order to facilitate breakouts. While his offensive game continues to grow, Schmidt has already proven to boast the makings of a strong two-way defender.

Matthew Soto – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Yet another impressive talent set to skate for the Oakville Rangers this upcoming season is Matthew Soto — a talented forward who brings grit and physicality to the ice with each passing shift. Widely-known for his willingness and desire to irritate his opponents, Soto can get underneath the skin of his opponents before adding insult to injury through his tenacious and effective play in the offensive zone. As a highly energetic player, Soto is a noticeable force with each passing shift who forces opposing teams to take notice of his presence.

Carey Terrance – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

While Carey Terrance of the GTHL’s Toronto Titans is a well-rounded player, his most notable abilities come in the offensive zone. Above all else there is Terrance’s ability to score goals, as the youngster boasts a deceptive release and is capable of firing the puck on goal with both velocity and accuracy. Moreover, Terrance doesn’t hesitate to go to the more challenging areas of the ice in order to score goals, as he can tip pucks en route to the goal in addition to gobbling up rebounds.

Conor Thacker – D

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Two-way defenceman are highly valued in today’s game, and that is why Conor Thacker will be highly sought after come the 2021 OHL Draft. In his defensive zone, Thacker plays a visible role — using his stick to dis-possess opposing forwards while also utilizing his frame to play a physical role. Once in possession, Thacker will fire crisp outlet passes to his forwards before joining the rush. Once established in the attacking zone, Thacker moves the puck with a purpose on the blue line and can be relied upon to steady his team’s attacking game.

Grayson Tiller – D

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs (SCTA)

The 2021 OHL Draft will be loaded with high-end defensive prospects, and Grayson Tiller will surely be amongst the most valuable of which. A terrific two-way defender for the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs, Tiller consistently makes an impact for his squad at both ends of the ice. In fact, not only does Tiller play a heavy and physical game, but he can fuel his team’s offensive game in the attacking zone to boot. A pass-first defenceman, Tiller can move the puck with ease and thread high-risk passes to his teammates with shocking regularity.

Chase Thompson – F

2019-20 Team: North Bay Trappers (GNML)

Chase Thompson was one of only three 2005-born players to appear in a significant number of games at the GNML-level this past season — an indication of his skill-set and high-end potential. In his 30 contests played with the North Bay Trappers, Thompson recorded eight goals and 18 points, an output second to only Justin Charette of the Timmins Majors — although Charette appeared in five more games played. In addition to his high-end offensive abilities, Thompson also displayed his willingness to play a physical and gritty style of hockey.

Cal Uens – F

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

Although he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Cal Uens boasts the innate ability to put the puck into the back of the net with impressive consistency. At the foundation of Uens’ offensive game is his shot, as the youngster can fire the puck on goal in the blink of an eye and features impressive accuracy to boot. However, Uens is far more than a one-dimensional goal-scorer, as the youngster has a nose for the net and isn’t afraid to drive hard to the more difficult areas of the ice in order to capitalize on loose rebounds.

Matthew Verspeeten – F

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Minor Generals (ETA)

Matthew Verspeeten is a calm and calculated player who processes his options on the ice at a rapid pace before deciding how to act. With great height, Verspeeten is an intimidating presence who will use his size to protect the puck and, in turn, drive puck possession for his team. While he will do well to add greater personal strength in the years ahead, Verspeeten already stands as a capable two-way player who can contribute to his team’s success at both ends of the ice. In fact, not only can Verspeeten score goals but he can create them too — an ability which speaks to his versatility on the ice.

Declan Waddick – F

2019-20 Team: Sun County Panthers (Alliance)

The Sun County Panthers will be a team to watch this upcoming season, and Declan Waddick will surely be the star of the show should he return. Well-known for his strong two-way game, Waddick also happens to be a dynamic offensive star who boasts the high-end skill necessary to fuel his team’s offensive attack. In fact, Waddick led Alliance Hockey with 32 goals this past season in a mere 30 games played. In total, he wound up with 56 points — a mark good for third-best in the league and sum reflective of his high ceiling at the next-level.

Matthew Wang – F

2019-20 Team: London Jr. Knights (Alliance)

If you’re looking for a player who plays each passing game with pace and energy, look no further than Matthew Wang of the London Jr. Knights. Owing to his tireless engine, Wang consistently puts pressure on his opposition and is tough to handle on the forecheck owing to his hard-working nature. This endless pursuit of the puck allows Wang to pressure his opponents into mistakes which he is often quick to capitalize upon — Wang can contribute his fair share offensively in addition to being a responsible presence in his defensive end.


2 thoughts on “2021 OHL Draft Preview: 60 Top Prospects”

  1. Interesting, but I know you guys tend to overstate a lot of players skills and abilities. Better to be positive, as you are, though. Goalscoring is one thing I always enjoy in a player, someone who can score and isn’t afraid to.


  2. Hello..You have some some good picks on your list. I have followed Cameron Allen and the Nats for a couple of years! They will compete this year. One player that has been added to the team this year is Ruben Van Berkel from Barrie. He has great speed and hard shot. He is extremely well built, and and moves the puck well. Plays with grit and should be a top pick this year!


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