OHL Prospect Profile: Bryce McConnell-Barker

Bryce McConnell-Barker of Alliance Hockey’s London Jr. Knights is a deadly offensive player who uses his size and speed to score goals with authority. All in all, he’s one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft for a reason.

– Bryce McConnell-Barker –

London Jr. Knights (Alliance) | Centre | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

London, Ontario | 6’1″, 161-pounds | June 4th, 2004

Although the London Jr. Knights haven’t been the most lethal team in Alliance Hockey this season, star forward Bryce McConnell-Barker has been nothing short of devastating — leading his team’s offence on a nightly basis while affording his club with a chance to win each and every time they take to the ice. The name of the game for McConnell-Barker is goal scoring, as the youngster loves to bulge the twine and has done so a multitude of times thus far this season. As a tremendous skater of impressive size, McConnell-Barker is next to impossible to stop once he gains momentum — a reason why he’s widely considered as a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.


  • Skating Strength and Speed
  • Shot Release, Velocity and Accuracy
  • Playmaking Abilities
  • On-Ice Instincts and Vision
  • Work Ethic

There are no true holes present within McConnell-Barker’s game, as the youngster is an incredibly well-rounded player who brings his best to the ice with each passing shift. As an incredibly hard worker defined by his relentless engine, McConnell-Barker tracks and pursues the puck incredibly well and often forces his opponents into turnovers as a direct result. Once in possession, McConnell-Barker protects the puck extremely well owing to his raw speed, agility and strength on his skates. Capable of protecting the puck extremely well, McConnell-Barker can navigate through traffic and blast his shot on goal in the blink of an eye — one which is consistently accurate and deceptive owing to his quick release.

While McConnell-Barker is a natural goal scorer, he is far more than a one trick pony. Since opposing defenders are forced to respect his shot as he flies into the attacking zone, McConnell-Barker is often afforded with ample time and space from which to distribute the puck to his teammates. Having blown past his opponents, McConnell-Barker can draw goaltenders towards him with remarkable consistency before passing the to puck to a nearby teammate in a high-percentage scoring situation. This ability has moulded McConnell-Barker into a versatile offensive player who can generate scoring opportunities owing to his innate on-ice instincts and impressive vision while in possession of the puck.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Skating Stability
  • Positional Awareness

Despite standing as one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, McConnell-Barker isn’t without room for improvement. However, when it comes to a player of McConnell-Barker’s age and skill-set, we’ll have to nitpick. So, if there were two areas of McConnell-Barker’s game which he would do well to improve, it would be his skating stability and positional awareness.

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While he is a terrific skater, adding greater strength to his lower body would fuel McConnell-Barker’s ability to protect the puck to a greater degree than he already does — a skill which would serve him well as he translates to the next level. Secondly, there is McConnell-Barker’s positional awareness on the ice. At times — owing to his aggressive nature and oodles of talent — McConnell-Barker can take himself out of position in order to seize an offensive opportunity. Reading the play as it develops and picking the times in which he rushes opposing defenders will benefit his team’s play at both ends of the ice.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, there is no question that McConnell-Barker stands as a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. As an excellent skater who possesses a deadly shot and innate playmaking abilities, McConnell-Barker is a deadly offensive player who can raise his game to the next level when his team needs him the most. Further, gifted with impressive size and innate on-ice vision, McConnell-Barker has the ability to be a game-breaking player, and can do so on a shockingly consistent basis. All in all, McConnell-Barker has the skill-set necessary to be drafted in the first or second round of the upcoming Priority Selection — he is simply that good.


OHL Prospect Profile: Marko Sikic

Marko Sikic of Alliance’s Kitchener Jr. Rangers is one of the top centres eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft. Of stellar size, soft hands, and natural playmaking abilities, Sikic’s two-way game makes him one of the most well-rounded prospects eligible for the Priority Selection.

– Marko Sikic –

Kitchener Jr. Rangers (Alliance) | Centre | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ontario, Canada | 6-foot-2, 175-pounds | 2003-born

The Kitchener Jr. Rangers were a dominant and persistent force in Alliance Hockey during the 2018-19 campaign, skating to 45 points on the season — a total which tied the club for second best in the league.

A high scoring team which received stable defending and quality goaltending throughout the season, the Jr. Rangers brought a consistent effort on a nightly basis and earned a wealth of team success as a direct result. Throughout their 33 regular season games and into the playoffs, one driving force for the Jr. Rangers continued to be centre Marko Sikic — a sizeable pivot who size, skill, and ability to process the game come naturally.

Widely regarded as a top centre eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, Sikic could very well be made an early round selection owing to his strong all-around style of play.


  • Vision and Playmaking
  • Shot Accuracy
  • Two-Way Capabilities
  • Size and Physicality
  • Discipline

Over the course of the 2018-19 Alliance season, Sikic blasted home 19 goals and 30 assists for a total of 49 points — a sum which ranked as the fifth-best offensive mark in the league. Driving Sikic’s offensive productivity for the Jr. Rangers this past campaign was his stellar on-ice vision, hockey sense, and natural playmaking abilities.

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A pass-first player who fuels his team’s offensive game, Sikic can move the puck with absolute authority and is composed and accurate in his ability to do so. Further, since he possesses a hard and accurate shot, Sikic commands greater time and space from his opponents while in possession of the puck owing to his presence as a versatile offensive threat.

What’s more is that in addition to Sikic’s lethal offensive game, the young centre has quickly become a standout player at both ends of the ice. Committed to defending his own zone, Sikic back-checks with a sense of purpose and can dismantle plays devised by his opposition single-handedly owing to his stable skating, active stick and physical approach to defending.

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Rounding out Sikic’s growing game is the youngster’s discipline on the ice. Although he features stellar size and the willingness to use his body in order to disrupt plays and force turnovers, Sikic is incredibly composed and rarely takes penalties in doing so. In fact, Sikic recorded a mere eight minutes in penalties through his 33 regular season games played this season — a total which was one of the lowest in all of the Alliance.

Area of Improvement:

  • First-Step Acceleration
  • Lateral Mobility

Sikic is an incredibly strong two-way centre who can take control of the game at both ends of the ice owing to his size, intelligence, and poise with the puck. However, in order for both Sikic and his particular qualities to excel at the OHL-level, the young pivot must work hard in the off-season to improve his acceleration and lateral mobility.

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Although already a strong and sturdy skater, Sikic would do well to strengthen the explosiveness of his first step — doing so would allow Sikic and his towering 6-foot-2 frame to reach top speed in a shorter amount of strides and time. Standing hand-in-hand with Sikic’s acceleration is his lateral mobility, as the youngster would be well-served to improve his agility in order to make a seamless transition to the OHL-level where speed and dexterity are absolutely crucial.

Future Potential:

Boasting stellar size, soft hands, a stable stride and natural offensive instincts, Sikic has all the makings of a top-six forward at the OHL-level. Although his agility could use strengthening in the months ahead, Sikic’s all-around game and two-way play will be far too valuable to pass up come the 2019 OHL Draft.

As one of the most consistent and lethal offensive players throughout the 2018-19 Alliance campaign, don’t be surprised to see Sikic selected inside of the second round come Apr. 6th, 2019.

OHL Prospect Profile: Camden Daigle

Camden Daigle presents a bevy of admirable assets as a high-octane, skilled winger. With high-end puck skills and an elite-level release, he has all the makings of a future producer at the OHL level. Daigle currently projects as a 2nd round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Camden Daigle –

Huron Perth Lakers (Alliance) | Left Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Stratford, Ontario | 5-foot-8, 152-pounds | January 16th, 2003

Camden Daigle has made tremendous strides towards becoming a top-tier prospect amongst the 2019 OHL Draft class. Despite his smaller stature, Daigle displays high-end instincts and vision of the ice, processing the game at a very high rate and adapting to changing circumstances on the fly. His offensive instincts, along with his release, have made him one of the Alliance’s top scorers.

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Filling the back of the net at the same rate as projected first rounder, Maddox Callens, Daigle has often slipped behind the shadows as a result of playing for a middle-of-the-pack team. However, the Lakers have had noticeable spurts of success this season, most of which were on the back of Daigle’s elite offensive talents.


  • Release & Puck Skills
  • Skating
  • Vision & Instincts

Simply put, Camden Daigle is a natural goal scorer. Not only is he able to slip into the soft spots around the net, but he can beat goaltenders with clean snap shots. His release is quick and accurate, and he’s shown the ability to get it off under heavy pressure. Further, Daigle boasts impressive one-on-one puck skills, allowing him to dance past defenders on the rush and leave opposing goaltenders guessing.

A shifty skater, Daigle is able to change gears on the rush and cut in and out of the center lane to keep defenders on their heels. With solid acceleration and top-speed, Daigle displays a multitude of assets with which to create offence. He also sees the ice incredibly well, knowing where available teammates will be and slipping away from defencemen at the side of the net to make himself a dangerous passing option.

Area of Improvement:

  • Strength on Puck

A given with his 5-foot-8 frame, Daigle is sometimes knocked off of the puck by larger and stronger opponents. However, he remains tough to catch when in possession of the puck, utilizing his speed and skill to avoid contact. In any case, his size will always be a talking point heading into the OHL. However, Daigle has dealt with, and thrived, with his size his entire life.

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In fact, it hinders him so little that he was trusted to make his GOJHL debut in December of 2018. There’s still a chance for a growth spurt in Daigle’s future, but if that doesn’t come to fruition, he will need to focus on bulking and adding strength over the offseason in preparation for the riggers of the OHL, as most 15 and 16-year-olds do.

Future Potential:

Camden Daigle presents a bevy of admirable assets as a high-octane, skilled winger. With excellent skating abilities and a tremendous sense of the ice, he is often able to outsmart his opponents. Factor in some high-end puck skills and an elite-level release, and you have all the makings of a future producer at the OHL level, regardless of size.

In all, Daigle has continued to grow and improve over the course of the 2018-19 campaign, ultimately boosting his draft stock significantly. At this time, Daigle projects as a top-40 prospect for the 2019 OHL Draft, with room to rise.

OHL Prospect Profile: Brett Harrison

Brett Harrison is one of the best offensive producers in Alliance this year, showcasing an uncanny ability to lug the puck into danger zones and consistently beat goaltenders with a lethal wrist shot. He projects as a late first or early second round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Brett Harrison –

London Jr. Knights (Alliance) | Center | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

London, Ontario | 6-foot-1, 160-pounds | July 6th, 2003

Brett Harrison is a shifty skater with a good motor and potentially dynamic scoring abilities. Working well off the rush, as well as below the dots on the cycle, he can generate scoring chances through a powerful and quick wrist shot or via a cross-ice pass. Thus far, Harrison has accumulated five goals and 11 points in nine regular season games.

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Harrison is surprisingly strong on his feet and can protect the puck as well as anyone. Whether it’s on the rush or along the wall, Harrison utilizes intelligent stick and feet positioning to fend off opponents with relative ease. In a deep and talented Alliance year, Harrison regularly stands out as one of the best of the class.


  • Shot
  • Puck Skills
  • Lower-Body Strength

With an electric and booming release, Harrison has shown flashes of a capability to become one of the elite shooters in this year’s draft class. His shot is extremely deceptive as he is able to release it in tight quarters and change shooting angles on the fly. Harrison has an innate ability to back defenders off by changing gears with his edges and hands.

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Harrison has creative moves and good agility with the puck, allowing him to navigate trough the middle of the ice comfortably. He’s very strong on his feet, thanks to impressive lower-body strength. Harrison is nearly impossible to knock off of the puck, and uses his body wisely to keep the puck out of his opponent’s reach. In all, Harrison can be relied upon in any offensive situation, as a sniper or a playmaker, thanks to his tremendous talents.

Area of Improvement:

  • Top-End Speed

If there’s one area where Harrison could take his game to the next level, it may be with his top speed. While he skates well enough in all aspects, he isn’t overly threatening with separation speed down the wing. Playing more of a power forward style, Harrison’s game would benefit drastically from adding another tool to his arsenal of offence generating abilities.

With an already strong lower-half, Harrison could be an unstoppable force on the rush with a few more miles per hour behind his stride. Add that capability to an already agile prospect and you could see Harrison playing the dynamic style that this year’s top prospects are able to showcase.

Future Potential:

Brett Harrison is one of the best offensive producers in Alliance this year, showcasing an uncanny ability to lug the puck into danger zones and consistently beat goaltenders with a lethal wrist shot. Stronger than he appears, Harrison regularly carries the Jr. Knights offence on his back, thanks to elite level instincts and the capability to process the game at high speeds. Harrison projects as a late first or early second round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Cole Hipkin

Cole Hipkin is an impressive defenceman who should be considered amongst the top tier of Ontario’s ’03 blueliners. He is an intelligent and instinctive prospect with intriguing two-way upside. In all, Hipkin projects as a mid to late first round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft, and likely slots into the 3-5 range of available defencemen.

– Cole Hipkin –

Brantford 99ers (Alliance) | Right Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Brantford, Ontario | 5-foot-11, 179-pounds | July 26th, 2003

Cole Hipkin is a dynamic offensive defenceman who plays a sound 200-foot game and can be trusted to play a key role in all situations. A terrific skater with a calm demeanour to his game, Hipkin was able to play up a year in 2017-18 with the 99ers ’02 team, which went on the capture the Alliance Championship.

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While playing with players a year older, Hipkin hardly ever looked out of place and was rarely outmuscled. By the end of the year, he added five goals and 24 points over 31 games, which ranked third among all Alliance defenders. Overall, Hipkin is a sound defenceman who excels at breaking out and transitioning the puck, and showcases some potentially elite offensive upside.


  • Hockey Sense
  • Skating
  • Two-Way Play

Hipkin is an extremely smart prospect who can analyze and adapt to developing plays by the second. He hones impressive instincts at both ends of the ice, especially in calculating a profitable time to join an offensive rush. Hipkin also excels in holding opponents to tight gaps, consistently forcing forwards to the outside and into corners.

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A smooth skater with an efficient stride, Hipkin is agile and strong on his feet. He showcases great lower-body strength as well along the boards and in protecting the puck on a breakout. Perhaps his greatest asset is the ceiling for his two-way play, where he shows intriguing offensive upside through his puck distribution and shot from the point, as well as his tendency to create odd-man rushes by joining the rush.

Area of Improvement:

  • Physicality

Hipkin is not a small defenceman, nor is he a weak player by any means. However, he isn’t the guy to go out of his way to engage in the physical aspect of the game, utilizing his smarts and skating instead. This shouldn’t be considered a negative to his game, but rather an area where he could potentially have a greater impact.

Able to take a check and rub an opponent out along the wall, Hipkin does possess some physicality in him, but would be able to add another tool to his repertoire as a defenceman if he were able to throw more booming hits to separate his opponents from the puck. With that said, Hipkin checks all of the boxes as a modern-era defenceman, with tremendous skating ability and two-way upside that is backed by his hockey sense.

Future Potential:

Cole Hipkin is a very impressive defenceman who should be considered amongst the top tier of Ontario’s ’03 blueliners. He has proven offensive upside and shows tremendous instincts in all three zones. A smooth skater, Hipkin shows virtually no holes to his game and has a ceiling that should excite OHL scouts.

In all, Hipkin projects as a mid to late first round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft, and likely slots into the 3-5 range of available defencemen.

OHL Prospect Profile: Deni Goure

Deni Goure is an elite shooter available for the 2019 OHL Draft, combining excellent speed and agility with a pro-level shot and an electric release. The unheralded leader of the Chatham-Kent Cyclones, Goure is projected to be a mid to late first round pick.

– Deni Goure –

Chatham-Kent Cyclones (Alliance) | Center | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Grande Pointe, Ontario | 5-foot-10, 157-pounds | July 15th, 2003

Deni Goure is a natural goal scorer with a shot that many are already labelling as pro-level. Projected as one of the Alliance’s top prospects entering the ’17-18 season, Goure has put up 5 goals and 12 points in eight games to start the regular season, as well as 5 goals and 11 points in eight tournament games.

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Backed by an electric release, Goure is lethal on the rush, where he utilizes his high-end speeds and tremendous edgework to become a threat each time he collects the puck. He’s also a leader by example, showcasing a strong compete level at both ends of the ice regardless of the score.


  • Shot
  • Skating
  • Compete Level

Flashing a dynamic snap shot, Goure has placed himself in the top tier of snipers among the ’03-born draft class. With an exceptional ability to corral the puck on the rush and unleash a powerful shot, Goure also boasts impressive skating talent. He loves to wind up speed in the defensive zone before flying up the ice around defenders with relative ease.

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Goure also exhibits slick edgework and impressive agility on the fly, able to make adjustments and maneuver through traffic at top speeds. Further, Goure has a tireless engine, fighting for the puck just as hard in the defensive zone as in the offensive zone. He shows smart awareness all over the ice as well and is particularly reliable in his own end, eliminating passing options and working to turn the puck over.

Area of Improvement:

  • Strength & Physicality

Deni Goure shows off very strong lower-body strength when protecting the puck from opponents, but sometimes loses that instinct when engaging in board battles. Despite being a relatively average-sized skater, Goure tends to shy away from the physical aspects of the game unless absolutely necessary.

Strong on his feet, Goure shows flashes of good strength, but perhaps needs to apply this asset away from the puck as well. In any case, he plays a very impressive all-around game with tremendous offensive instincts. There should be no doubt that Goure’s game with translate well into the OHL level.

Future Potential:

Deni Goure is an elite shooter available for the 2019 OHL Draft, combining excellent speed and agility with a pro-level shot and an electric release. Goure is especially dangerous on the rush, where he is able to utilize all of his best assets at once to become a true force with the puck.

The unheralded leader of the Chatham-Kent Cyclones, Goure won’t go unnoticed at this year’s OHL Draft, where he is projected to be a sure-fire mid to late first round pick.

OHL Prospect Profile: Maddox Callens

Maddox Callens is one of the top 2003-born prospects playing in Alliance this year. After a successful year playing with the ’02 age group, Callens projects to be a top-10 pick at the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Maddox Callens –

Brantford 99ers (Alliance) | Center

Langton, ON | 2003 | 5-foot-11, 168-pounds

A highly-skilled and dynamic forward, Maddox Callens possesses all the tools to become one of the top players out of Alliance this year. Callens played up a year in 2017-18, playing a vital role in the 99ers Minor Midget season. Despite being a year younger than the competition, Callens thrived in the league, adding 15 goals and 33 points over 33 games, ranking second in both categories among his teammates.

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Callens is an offensive dynamo, generating offence each time he takes the ice. He is a multi-threat player who can burn opponents with his shot, or dish a saucer pass onto the tape. A strong skater Callens top-end speed will only continue to improve as he grows and matures.


  • Hockey Sense
  • Skating
  • Shot

Maddox’s game begins with a high level of hockey sense. He understands the game well and thrives on reading the game as it’s developing. His all-around vision of the ice allows him to get an advantageous first step. Callens is a terrific skater with a quick first three steps and a shiftiness that allows him to weave through traffic unfazed.

He boasts a strong wrist shot with excellent accuracy that can pick corners which don’t seem to be open. Further, Callens is a smart playmaker as well, utilizing his sense and vision to find open teammates with slick passes through skates and sticks, or passing to an open area of the ice just in time for his teammates arrival. All in all, Callens is a tremendous offensive force that should definitely be in the running for top scorer in Alliance this year on a strong Brantford squad.

Area of Improvement:

  • Discipline

If there’s a potential area of improvement within Callens’ complete game, it may be his discipline away from the puck. During the ’17-18 season, he often took unnecessary penalties in pursuit of the puck or a big hit. In all, Callens racked up 54 penalty minutes during his 33 games, which ranked second on the team and 13th in the league.

Many of those penalties come from a habit that can be easily adjusted with good coaching. Callens simply need to keep his feet moving and improve his stick positioning when he’s defending and pursuing the puck. It’s an underrates asset, but smart stick positioning can often be the first step to becoming a reliable defender.

Future Potential:

Heading into the 2018-19 campaign, Maddox Callens currently projects to be a top-10 pick at the 2019 OHL Priority Selection. Leading a Brantford 99ers team that looks poised to have a strong season as one of Alliance’s top teams, Callens should see plenty of ice time in all situations, and appears to be a front-runner for the scoring race in Alliance.

Looking ahead to the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, Callens is heading into the ’18-19 season projecting to be a top-10 pick, with great potential to move up into the top-5.