NHL Prospect Profile: Cam York

Cam York is a reliable, two-way defenceman who can be trusted to play in all situations. As showcased by two strong international performances, York is one of the top defenders for the 2019 NHL Draft.

– Cam York –

USA Hockey’s NTDP | Left Defence | 2019 NHL Draft Eligible

Anaheim Hills, California, USA | January 5, 2001 | 5-foot-11, 165-pounds

Cam York is a mobile, smooth skating defenceman who can make a difference at both ends of the ice. A member of USA Hockey’s NTDP, York added eight goals and 38 points in 59 games in ’17-18, split between the U17 and U18 teams. He also earned considerable international experience at both the IIHF U17 and U18 Championships.

York’s success stems from an impressive mind which can foresee developing situations as they occur on the ice. This ability allows York to remain calm and poised under pressure. He is exemplary in pivoting and skating his way into safe spaces which create time and space for both himself and his teammates. York is committed to Boston College for the 2019-20 season.


  • Hockey Sense
  • Skating
  • Transition Game

York understands how to provide benefits for his team at all areas of the rink. He is a quick thinker and an excellent decision-maker, both away from the puck with his positioning, as well as with the puck. He is a smooth skater who has the confidence to rush the puck when it is safe to do so, or to make a two-line, tape-to-tape pass.

Cam York’s combination of skating and smarts make him a valuable two-way defenceman who can chip in offensively, especially on the power play. Photo Credit – Rena Laverty and USA Hockey’s NTDP.

York’s transition game may indeed be his greatest strength, as he utilizes his decision-making prowess along with his skating ability to make a smart play each time, whether that be a chip out off the glass, or to rush the puck through the neutral zone himself. York has potential offensive upside thanks to his passing capabilities and his capacity to set-up and organize a power play.


  • Size and Strength

York is clearly a relatively small defenceman, but he does have room to fill out his 5-foot-11 frame. At this time, he is sometime unable to engage in the physical side of the game. He may lose a board battle or fail to box out an opposing winger, and will very rarely throw a check that separates player from puck.

While York’s mind can often make up for what he lacks in size, this will remain a topic of concern amongst NHL scouts. Whether or not he is able to line up against bigger and stronger NHL opponents remains to be seen, but for now, York could help himself dramatically by putting a few extra hours in the weight room.

Future Potential:

Cam York currently projects to be a top-four defenceman at the NHL level. He is an all-around, mobile defender who reads the game exceptionally well and can skate his way out of trouble with ease. He also has potential offensive upside, most notably from his ability to quarterback his team’s power play. Heading into the ’18-19 season, York appears to be a potential first round pick for the 2019 NHL Draft, likely in the latter stages of the round.