2019 OHL Cup: The Top-20 Performers

The 2019 OHL Cup has come to a close, and what a tournament it proved to be! Re-live all of the action by meeting the top-20 performers from the tournament, here.

The Don Mills Flyers are your 2019 OHL Cup champions.

However, claiming the trophy proved to be anything but a walk in the park for the Flyers, who were strongly tested in virtually each and every game they played throughout the tournament. Yet, come overtime of the Championship Game, the Flyers once again found a way to get the job done — overcoming a 4-1 deficit to defeat the Toronto Red Wings by final score of 6-5.

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And, while the usual suspects rowed the boat for the Flyers, a number of wrongly overlooked prospects seized the opportunity to impress on the big stage — scoring timely goals or producing offence at a remarkably consistent pace. Once of which for Don Mills was Edward Moskowitz — a hard-working and tireless skater who put his scoring abilities and playmaking touch on full display throughout the tournament.

In fact, there were a whack of incredibly impressive performances pieced together by a number of highly touted prospects throughout the 2019 OHL Cup. And, despite a number of which being eliminated relatively early on in the tournament, each and every prospect who impressed deserves to be recognized on a more substantial level.

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With this being said, we’ve take a moment to list our top-20 performers from the 2019 OHL Cup. While many names will sound familiar to most, a number of other prospects assessed below are relative newcomers to the hockey prospect world yet are deserving of their distinction nonetheless.

The Top-20 Performers

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are our top-20 performers from the 2019 OHL Cup. Although these 20 players vary in position, team, and nationality, all of which deserve substantial recognition given their efforts throughout this year’s tournament.

Zak Brice (G) – Detroit Little Caesars

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4-2-0, 2.34 GAA, .893 SV%

Zak Brice didn’t receive the same recognition as some of his teammates, but he was just as important with his consistent and timely goaltending. Sporting a 4-1-0 record with a 1.41 GAA and .934 SV% before heading into the Semi-Final matchup against Don Mills, Brice’s numbers were significantly skewed from that 7-1 loss.

Another goalie of somewhat smaller stature, Brice showed off excellent rebound control and a never give up attitude in the crease, making several spectacular saves across the course of the tournament. Playing every minute of his team’s six contests, it’s hard to imagine Little Caesars cracking the Semi-Finals without him on their side.

Paul Christopoulos (D) – Don Mills Flyers

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 2 A, 6 PTS

A reliable defender with tremendous gap control and very intriguing offensive upside, Paul Christpoulos has fallen into the shadows of fellow Don Mills’ defencemen, Brandt Clarke and Roman Schmidt, at times this season. However, he utilized the OHL Cup to solidify his potential as a smooth skating, two-way defenceman at the OHL level.

Protecting the blue line with authority, Christopoulos matches his opponents speed on the rush and is assertive in pressuring them to the outside. With an active stick, he is effective at disrupting teams on the cycle. Further, Christopoulos has consistently showcased an elite transition game, in which he is confident to join the rush himself when available.

Brandt Clarke (D) – Don Mills Flyers

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 2 G, 8 A, 10 PTS

The consensus top defenceman available for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, Brandt Clarke only solidified his status for the upcoming OHL Draft this week. While his offensive upside is what sticks out to most, and for good reason, it’s his defensive abilities that really put himself into an elite category of minor midget defencemen over the past decade.

Clarke’s agility and elusiveness are second to none, as he is calm under pressure and can create time and space for himself with the puck like it’s nothing. That agility, combined with the most effective stick in recent memory, makes him virtually impossible to get by on the rush. Clarke boasts a complete game with exceptional talent at both ends of the ice.

Luca Del Bel Belluz (LW) – Toronto Red Wings

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 6 G, 2 A, 8 PTS

Often flying under the radar of his teammates, Francesco Pinelli and Adam Fantilli, Luca Del Bel Belluz displayed some elite puck skills throughout the course of the OHL Cup. He has contributed some highlight reel goals on occasion this season, but has struggled to put together a consistent, all-around game.

However, Del Bel Belluz managed to put together a string of impressive performances at the tournament, tallying six goals in six games and providing some serious skill on the wing of the Red Wings’ second line. Although he will need to refine his skating and strength for the OHL, Del Bel Belluz displayed oodles of natural talent this past week, catching the eyes of everyone in the building.

Maxwell Donohoe (RW) – Mississauga Rebels

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 6 A, 10 PTS

Although somewhat inconsistent in his offensive production throughout the 2018-19 GTHL regular season, Maxwell Donohoe pieced together a tremendous showing at the 2019 OHL Cup. Using his size and speed to his advantage, Donohoe regularly attacked his opposition with a purpose and was able to generate a great deal of scoring chances as a result.

In fact, Donohoe was able to produce when needed the most, as the youngster recorded multiple points against all of the Whitby Wildcats, Team NOHA, and the Toronto Marlboros — the Rebels’ three most critical games of the OHL Cup. Sure, losing in the semi-finals was not the result which the Rebels wanted, however, both Donohoe and the Rebels turned heads with their impressive play throughout the tournament.

Benjamin Gaudreau (G) – Team NOHA

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 1-2-0, 2.03 GAA, .936 SV%

The renowned North Bay Trappers and Team Ontario goaltender put on yet another display of elite play at the OHL Cup. Going up against three high-end offensive forces in his games, Benjamin Gaudreau held Team NOHA in their games and was the back bone for a team which had higher hopes for their result.

Showcasing excellent size, positioning, lateral movements, and ability to track the puck through traffic, Gaudreau was cool under pressure and clocked in some impressive numbers despite being very busy in the crease. Unfortunately, being placed in the tournament’s toughest division proved to be too much for the North, but Gaudreau was able to pad his OHL Draft stock in the meantime with some incredible performances.

Luke Hughes (D) – Detroit Little Caesars

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 3 G, 1 A, 4 PTS

The Detroit Little Caesars were a dominant force throughout the 2019 OHL Cup before ultimately falling to the Don Mills Flyers. Offence proved to be the name of the game for Little Caesars, who out-scored their opposition by a wide-margin prior to their 7-1 defeat at the hands of the Flyers. One player who played a significant role in his team’s offensive outburst was defender Luke Hughes — a stellar puck-moving defenceman who can think the game at an electrifying-level.

Come to the end of the 2019 OHL Cup, Hughes had blasted home three goals and added one assist for the Little Caesars — providing a much-needed punch from the blue line while taking pressure off of his consistently productive forwards. Decisive and purposeful in his skating and not afraid to take risks owing to his intelligence, Hughes’s play helped solidify him as a top prospect eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft — although he may not choose the major-junior route owing to his University of Michigan commitment.

Ryan Humphrey (C) – Total Package Hockey

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 3 A, 7 PTS

Despite being eliminated by the Don Mills Flyers in their quarter-final clash, TPH Hockey and Ryan Humphrey enjoyed an impressive showing at the 2019 OHL Cup. Playing to a 3-1 record in round robin competition, TPH Hockey proved to be a formidable foe throughout the entirety of the tournament. One force behind TPH’s persistent play was the presence of Ryan Humphrey — a hard-working centre who can be utilized in a variety of situations.

In the OHL Cup in particular, Humphrey was a notable threat on his team’s power play. A creative playmaker who can shoot the puck as well, Humphrey tallied three power play goals for his club and kept his opponents on their heels owing to his shifty and decisive play while in possession of the puck.

Wyatt Johnston (C) – Toronto Marlboros

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 5 G, 8 A, 13 PTS

Wyatt Johnston concluded the 2019 OHL Cup as one of the tournament’s top scorers — a reality which should come as little surprise to those who have tracked his progression throughout the 2018-19 campaign. A shifty and nimble skater, Johnston can navigate the offensive zone with ease and relies upon his intelligence and awareness to create lethal scoring opportunities for his team.

In his five games played during the OHL Cup, Johnston displayed elite-level analytical skills which could make him a first-round selection come the 2019 OHL Draft. Always aware of the location of his teammates but not afraid to drive the puck to the net himself, Johnston routinely displayed his smarts and was able to lead his team’s attacking game as a direct result.

Griffen Jurecki (C) – Detroit Little Caesars

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 6 A, 10 PTS

Although of a slightly smaller stature, Griffin Jurecki played a substantial role in his team’s charge to the semi-final round. A threat in all three zones of the ice who proved himself capable of being utilized in a variety of situations, Jurecki paced his team offensively and was incredibly consistent in his ability to do so.

As a player who can both pass and shoot the puck, Jurecki stood as an unpredictable threat for Detroit Little Caesars capable of capitalizing on each and every mistake committed by his opponents. An incredibly hard-working player who strives to possess the puck each and every shift, Jurecki’s energy and persistence served as motivation for he and his teammates as they pushed deep into the elimination rounds.

Logan Mailloux (D) – Toronto Marlboros

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 1 G, 8 A, 9 PTS

Logan Mailloux has developed rapidly over the course of the 2018-19 season, and was quick to put his incredibly mature skill-set on display throughout the 2019 OHL Cup. A tower of power on the Marlboros’ blue line owing to his 6-foot-3, 215-pound frame, Mailloux can dominate and dis-possess attackers in his own zone with ease before transitioning the puck up ice or joining the rush.

Once in the offensive zone, Mailloux stands as a dynamic presence on the blue line. A tremendous skater considering his impressive size and strength, Mailloux features the proven ability to anchor his team’s blue line in a variety of situations and can create plays or fire the puck on-goal as well as any defender eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft — the reason behind his nine total points in this year’s tournament.

Daniel Michaud (C) – Quinte Red Devils

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 5 G, 2 A, 7 PTS

Daniel Michaud is an intimidating player owing to his 6-foot-2 frame and 180-pound weight. However, in addition to his size, Michaud has proven time and time again to be a lethal offensive force capable of leading his team’s attack on a nightly basis. And, in the 2019 OHL Cup, such was once exactly the case — Michaud paced his team offensively while standing as a responsible presence at both ends of the ice.

This highly skilled and aware two-way game led to a great amount of success for Michaud in this year’s tournament despite his team’s early exit, as the youngster blasted home five goals and seven points in his five games played.

Jack O’Brien (LW) – Detroit Little Caesars

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 2 G, 6 A, 8 PTS

As a player of impeccable on-ice vision and creativity, it should come as no surprise to learn that Jack O’Brien led his team in assists in the 2019 OHL Cup. A natural playmaker with the uncanny ability to hit his teammates with crisp and creative cross-ice passes, O’Brien continued to prove himself as a shifty skater who can keep opposing defenders guessing owing to his slick puck-handling skills.

While his goal-scoring abilities are undoubtedly improving, O’Brien will stand as a far more lethal offensive player once he can bulge the twine in addition to create and implement high-percentage scoring plays as a result of his vision. Ultimately, the 2019 OHL Cup was a tremendous showing for O’Brien, who proved himself capable of competing and succeeding against incredibly stern competition

Brennan Othmann (LW) – Don Mills Flyers

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 8 G, 6 A, 14 PTS

Brennan Othmann continues to electrify scouts and fans alike, as the youngster boasts a devastating shot and the consistency necessary to become an elite-player at the OHL-level. And, all throughout the 2019 OHL Cup, Othmann’s play was no different — the dynamic winger continued to blast the puck into the back of the net with authority and was a driving force behind his team’s success at both ends of the ice.

Further, Othmann displayed his unique ability to contribute offensively when needed the most — putting up significant point totals towards the end of the round robin and into his team’s elimination games. Sure, his play away from the puck could use a little work in the years ahead, however, the fact remains that Othmann is a deadly talent and one of the top prospects eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft — don’t be surprised if he is one of the first five players selected on draft day.

Francesco Pinelli (C) – Toronto Red Wings

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 7 G, 7 A, 14 PTS

Francesco Pinelli has pushed the pace for the Toronto Red Wings all season long, and didn’t hesitate to do the same once the OHL Cup rolled around. A tremendous and consistent two-way player for the Red Wings, Pinelli continued to display his strong all-around game throughout the OHL Cup — regularly supporting and defending his own zone before charging up ice and generating offensive opportunities.

Alongside the likes of Adam Fantilli and Nolan Dann, Pinelli helped to push the Red Wings into the OHL Cup final, where his team-oriented play and dedication to success was once again on full display. A potential first-round choice ahead of the 2019 OHL Draft, Pinelli’s commitment to team success and all-around play should make him an overnight fan-favourite when he steps onto OHL ice next season.

Lawson Sherk (C) – Halton Hurricanes

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 4 A, 8 PTS

Although his Halton Hurricanes were bounced from the 2019 OHL Cup by Detroit Little Caesars in the quarter-finals, Lawson Sherk enjoyed a stellar showing — and one which will undoubtedly improve his stock ahead of the 2019 OHL Draft. Of solid size given his 6-foot-1 frame, Sherk stood as an immovable force in his offensive zone and was virtually impossible to knock off of the puck.

Once in possession, Sherk was a lethal and versatile threat considering his proven ability to both shoot and pass the puck with absolute authority. Moreover, when unable to create a devastating offensive play, Sherk displayed the mature ability to shield and protect the puck while his teammates moved into more feasible positions to generate opportunities. In the end, Sherk walked away from the OHL Cup with four goals and four assists in-hand — a total which led his team.

Brenden Sirizzotti (RW) – Whitby Wildcats

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 3 A, 7 PTS

A virtual lock to be selected within the first round of the 2019 OHL Draft, Brenden Sirizzotti continued to display his torrent offensive abilities for the Whitby Wildcats in the OHL Cup. A stellar skater of tremendous speed an agility, Sirizzotti regularly drove his team’s offensive game and kept his opponents on their heels all tournament long owing to his elite-level puck-skills and shooting ability.

A member of one of the most dangerous lines in all of minor midget hockey this past season, Sirizzotti proved himself capable of succeeding on his own throughout the OHL Cup — regularly seeing ice time in a variety of situations and succeeding nonetheless. Sure to enjoy a seamless transition to the OHL-level given his impressive skating abilities and solid size, Sirizzotti’s OHL Cup performance did nothing other than solidify his presence as one of the OHL’s top young prospects.

Shane Wright (C) – Don Mills Flyers

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 8 G, 10 A, 18 PTS

Surprise, surprise — Shane Wright listed as one of the top performers in a tournament.

In fact, Wright’s been doing it all season long, and he certainly wasn’t going to take his foot off of the gas pedal in the OHL Cup. As dynamic and creative as ever, Wright once again played a starring role for his Don Mills Flyers — leading the tournament in scoring owing to his jaw-dropping eight goals and 18 points in a mere seven games played.

Utilized in all situations and a fixture on his team’s penalty-kill, Wright’s superb all-around game was on full display as he consistently displayed the skill-set and maturity which earned him Exceptional Status ahead of the 2019 OHL Draft. Sure to be a star in the OHL next season, Wright not only led his team but stood high above his competition throughout his first and final OHL Cup — a performance which will go down in history as one of the best of all-time.

Justin Wu (G) – Mississauga Rebels

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4-2-0, 1.84 GAA, .925 SV%

A goaltender who makes up for his lack of size with incredible athleticism and compete between the pipes, Justin Wu almost single-handedly carried the Rebels from the Wild Card series into the OHL Cup Semi-Finals. The Rebels were an up and down team all year, and were placed in hands down the strongest division of the tournament.

However, with huge wins against top ranked teams in Whitby and NOHA, the Rebels found themselves in the playoff bracket. Another massive upset against the Marlboros, where Wu stopped 39 of 40 shots, and Mississauga was onto the semis. Wu significantly increased his OHL Draft stock this week, showing off his true potential and composed style of play that made the Rebels the biggest surprise of the tournament.

Pasquale Zito (C) – Mississauga Rebels

  • 2019 OHL Cup: 4 G, 6 A, 10 PTS

Pasquale Zito appears to have saved his best for last, as the smooth-skating power-forward came alive for the Mississauga Rebels in the 2019 OHL Cup. Somewhat inconsistent in his offensive production throughout the 2018-19 GTHL regular season, Zito played a starring role in his Rebels’ charge to the semi-finals.

In fact, across just six tournament games played, Zito was able to fire home four goals and ten points — a total which placed him in a tie with Donohoe for the most on his team. Determined when in possession of the puck and more persistent than ever before, Zito displayed the high-end skill and ability which has long made him a premier prospect eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft.

Five Honourable Mentions

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are five prospects who also enjoyed tremendous showings at the 2019 OHL Cup. Unfortunately, due to the play of those listed above, these five wildly talented players just missed being ranked as one of the tournament’s top-20 players.


Don Mills Flyers Claim Holiday Classic Crown

The Don Mills Flyers are the champions of the 2018 Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic, however, it took a hard-fought 2-1 win in order to knock off the hard-charging Toronto Nationals.

The 2018 Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic is officially in the record books, and this year’s champion is none other than the Don Mills Flyers.

Although it wasn’t easy, the Flyers ultimately secured their third tournament championship of the 2018-19 campaign — bolstering their trophy cabinet alongside victories at both the Toronto Titans Early Bird and Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournaments.

Come the final game of the Marlboros Holiday Classic, it was the Toronto Nationals who gave the Flyers a significant scare — jumping ahead early in the championship game before giving Don Mills fits owing to their impeccable structure and defensive play. However, the Nationals proved unable to dismantle the Flyers’ persistent attack, as Don Mills’ deep lineup brought forth lethal offensive opportunities from the onset of the game until its conclusion.

The First Period:

Despite each club playing in seven contests over a four day period en route to the championship game, both teams came out flying out of the gate to begin the first period of play.

Early on, it was the Nationals who controlled the pace of play. As a result of their mobile and competent defence-core, the Nationals gained possession and transitioned the puck to their forwards remarkably well and were consistent in doing so. This ability to move the puck was crucial to the Nationals hemming the Flyers in their own zone for long periods of time — often eating up entire shifts.

It was this forceful play which led to the opening goal of the game. With Liam Arnsby in the penalty box mid-way through the stanza, defenceman Deven Nagra floated a puck on-goal from the point — a well-placed shot to the top corner of the net which eluded Flyers netminder Sergei Litvinov and gave the Nationals a 1-0 lead.

Having fallen behind, Don Mills stepped up their game and enjoyed substantial stretches of time in the offensive zone. Owing to two minor penalties taken by the Nationals, the Flyers bombarded goaltender Samuel Moncada with lethal scoring opportunities — however, the diminutive netminder was up to the challenge and made a number of jaw-dropping saves with apparent ease.

The Second Period:

Despite a bevy of chances for both the Flyers and Nationals, the second period was relatively uneventful.

All throughout the frame Don Mills continued to drive offensively, sustaining significant stretches of zone time while moving the puck extremely well. However, the Nationals were up to the challenge, as their defence remained calm and composed in order to shutdown the Flyers’ top players. Moreover, the Nationals defence once again moved the puck to its forwards incredibly well — generating a wealth of scoring chances as a direct result while pinning Don Mills within their defensive zone.

Once again standing on his head for the Nationals was Moncada. Whether it was shots from the point, odd-man rushes, or cross-crease passes, Moncada displayed his lower-body strength and athleticism time and time again in order to keep the Flyers off of the scoreboard.

The Third Period:

The third period of the Marlboros Holiday Classic’s championship game was endlessly exciting.

Although both teams traded chances throughout the frame, Don Mills began to push harder and harder with each passing shift. Inside of the 10:00 mark, seemingly each and every shift by the Flyers produced quality offensive chances while hemming the Nationals in their own zone. As a result, Don Mills smoked a number of posts — bringing their total in the game to an unbelievable sum of six.

Then, with roughly seven minutes remaining in the period, the Flyers broke through. In the midst of yet another strong shift, Ethan Mistry received the puck and stepped in from the blue line before firing a shot which beat Moncada to his blocker side — the first dent in the incredibly talented goaltender’s seemingly impenetrable armour.

Immediately following the Flyers’ goal, Arnsby took a second penalty — this time for slashing — which sent the Nationals to the man-advantage with mere minutes remaining. Despite a number of quality looks and shots on goal, Don Mills managed to weather the storm brought on by the Nationals’ dynamic offence and sent the game to overtime inthe process.


Early into the extra frame of the championship game, controversy struck.

In the midst of a deadly Nationals’ rush, Brandt Clarke sprawled behind his netminder in order to block the goal as the puck lay loose in the crease. However, in the process, it appeared as though Clarke may have knocked the net off of its moorings — an action which typically results in a penalty shot for the opposing team.

However, considering exactly how the net became dislodged was not perfectly clear, the play went uncalled.

Mere moments later, the Flyers were sprung on a two-on-one. With two of their best offensive players leading the odd-man rush, Francesco Arcuri saucered a beautiful pass to Shane Wright who made no mistake in beating Moncada high to the glove side — a dramatic goal which capped off a remarkably entertaining game from both teams involved.

The Final Word

Although the Flyers have claimed their third tournament victory of the season, the championship game of the Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic indicated that the gap between Don Mills and other minor midget teams throughout North America is not as wide as originally thought.

Since falling to Detroit Compuware in the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament, the Flyers have appeared more human than ever before and have failed to play with the same level of dominance which they displayed early on this campaign. What’s more is the fact that other clubs — namely the Nationals, Toronto Marlboros, and Toronto Red Wings — have continued to improve and progress throughout the season and now stand as a legitimate threat to Don Mills on a game-by-game basis.

Case in point? Despite lacking Ryan Del Monte and Zachary Dean — two of their best offensive players — the Nationals narrowly missed handing the Flyers a defeat in the Marlboros Holiday Classic’s championship game.

OHL Prospect Profile: Paul Christopoulos

Paul Christopoulos of the Don Mills Flyers is one of the GTHL’s most underrated defencemen. With great size, a terrific shot, and high-end speed, Christopouos is a well-rounded defender of ample upside.

– Paul Christopoulos –

Don Mills Flyers (GTHL) | Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ontario, Canada | 5-foot-11, 180-pounds

There aren’t many minor midget teams capable of competing alongside the Don Mills Flyers this season, as the club is simply too skilled and too deep to be overcome on a consistent basis.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Flyers’ overall team depth lays on the blue line, as Don Mills boasts a handful of defenders capable of playing a sound two-way game. And, although Brandt Clarke and Roman Schmidt have come to be known as two of the GTHL’s top blueliners, it is Paul Christopoulos whose game has continued to improve and impress throughout the 2018-19 campaign.


  • Skating
  • Consistency
  • Two-Way Play
  • Offensive Instincts

Skating is a crucial skill within today’s game, as the ability to maneuver throughout the ice with ease leads directly to not only sound defensive play but lethal offensive opportunities as well. Fortunately for Christopoulos he is no slouch in the mobility department, as the youngster features not only high-end speed but the acceleration necessary to impact the game at both ends of the ice.

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A direct result of Christopoulos’ impactful skating is his ability to play a reliable and consistent two-way game. In his defensive zone, Christopoulos utilizes his quick-feet to smother, dominate, and pin his attackers to the boards before using his stick to dislodge the puck and attain possession. Once in control of the puck, Christopoulos can lead the charge up ice and stands as a potent threat from the blue line owing to his agility as well as poise with the puck.

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This innate two-way nature has allowed Christopoulos to play a growing role on the Flyers’ blue line. More than capable of stabilizing his own zone during a penalty kill, Christopoulos is also becoming a dynamic power play threat who can pass the puck as well as blast the puck on goal owing to his booming shot. Seemingly more confident with each passing game, Christopoulos’ physical nature and two-way abilities have made him a player of immense intrigue within Don Mills’ loaded lineup.

Area of Improvement:

  • Defensive Responsibility

Due to his naturally offensive nature, Christopoulos loves to carry the puck up ice and join the rush in order to generate lethal scoring opportunities for his team — his desire to do so stands as one of his most admirable qualities. However, his ability to do such this season may have become slightly inflated given his standing within one of — if not the — best minor midget rosters in North America.

With this being said, Christopoulos will need to focus on the importance his defensive play in the coming years — and especially so once he plays for a less dominant team which spends a greater deal of time within its own zone. Now, this is not to say that Christopoulos is a poor defender by any means — as in reality he is quite strong — but rather to state that Christopoulos must continue to refine his defensive game alongside his offensive prowess in order to become a more versatile and well-rounded two-way defender.

Future Potential:

At the end of the day, Christopoulos stands as one of the most dynamic and complete defencemen eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

Sure, he could fall late into the second-round before being selected, however, the fact remains that Christopoulos is an immensely promising prospect. With size, speed, defensive awareness and offensive up-side in-hand, Christopoulos is a full-package prospect who should skate for an OHL franchise in 2018-19. Of growing confidence and creativity, he could be prove to be one of this year’s most underrated prospects.

OHL Prospect Profile: Liam Arnsby

Liam Arnsby is a very strong, hard-working prospect who displays an admirable compete level each shift and loves to engage in the physical game. He displays elite sense and instincts in the offensive zone, and projects as a sure-fire first round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Liam Arnsby –

Don Mills Flyers (GTHL) | Centre/Right Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ajax, Ontario | 5-foot-10, 170-pounds | November 20th, 2003

After dealing with an early-season injury, Liam Arnsby is back and looks to be in top form. The versatile winger often suits up on the Flyers’ second line, with Francesco Arcuri down the middle. Arnsby is a very strong, hard-working prospect who displays an admirable compete level every shift. One of the many leaders for Don Mills, he possesses upper-tier offensive abilities and seems to be improving week-by-week.

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Despite a modest 5-foot-10 frame, Arnsby plays a very physical game, finishing his checks and often separating opponent from the puck. At the recent International Silver Stick, Arnsby was one of the stars for Don Mills, adding four goals and seven assists to finish fourth in tournament scoring.


  • Strength & Physicality
  • Shot
  • Instincts & Sense

Arnsby is quietly one of the more intelligent prospects in this year’s draft class. He displays excellent instincts in the offensive zone, controlling the puck well along the wall and utilizing his defencemen at the blue line, as well as his centre below the dots. He is able to slip into the soft spots in order to make himself a dangerous passing option. Arnsby also has a heavy wrist shot that can be lethal when accurate.

Away from the puck, Arnsby continues to have a positive impact on the play, as he often lays booming body checks that disrupt the opponents forecheck and create turnovers. He reads developing plays instantaneously which allows him to regularly pick off passes and turn the play up ice. This strength also comes in handy when protecting the puck, as he uses his entire lower-body to fend off defenders.

Area of Improvement:

  • Top-End Speed

Although Arnsby’s skating isn’t a weakness to his game, it remains an area in which he has room to develop into a truly dynamic prospect. Using his lower-body strength, Arnsby’s first three steps are powerful and allow him to be an agile skater. However, he doesn’t showcase separation speed that would allow him to blow by defenders on the outside.

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If Arnsby is able to add an extra gear to his game by the end of the year, he could legitimately challenge for a top-10 spot at the draft. He already possesses the intelligence, strength, and offensive capabilities. Greater top-end speed would instantly make Arnsby an offensive catalyst with a multitude of weapons to create scoring chances for his team.

Future Potential:

With an impressive compete level and surprising strength, Liam Arnsby is a unique prospect with all kinds of upside to offer. A versatile winger, Arnsby displays promising offensive potential, and seems to only be scratching the surface of his ultimate potential.

Heading towards the 2019 OHL Draft, Arnsby currently projects as a first-round pick with the potential to rise up even higher as a result of the number of NCAA committed prospects this year.

Whitby Silver Stick Tournament: 3 Important Impressions

The 2018 Whitby Silver Stick Tournament was a wildly entertaining event, and generated a few crucial talking points worth discussing.

The 2018 Whitby Silver Stick Tournament has come and gone, and what an electrifying four days of hockey it was.

Following hundreds of games and a number of outrageous outcomes, Detroit Compuware claimed the championship through a hard-fought battle against the Don Mills Flyers. In handing the Flyers their first loss of the season, Compuware proved to the hockey world that the Flyers are human and are capable of being overcome through a poised and concerted team effort.

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Although this wildly entertaining game was undoubtedly the highlight of the tournament, a number of other storylines also developed over the weekend in Whitby which are worth discussing in greater detail.

Given the immense amount of success and struggles endured by arguably the 30-best minor midget teams in North America throughout the tournament, here are three specific talking points worth discussing.

1: “The Don Mills Flyers are Human”

Well, it happened.

Despite posting a sparkling perfect record in league and tournament play to begin their 2018-19 campaign, the Don Mills Flyers finally lost a game — and what a game it was. Despite trailing Detroit Compuware late in the final of the Whitby Silver Stick Tournament, the Flyers battled hard to maintain their perfect season — forcing a wildly entertaining overtime period before eventually falling by a score of 5-4.

Now, although Don Mills is no longer perfect, it goes without saying that the Flyers remain as the minor midget team to beat within Ontario this season. Sure, the club has one loss and one tie on their overall record, however, this won’t stop opposing teams from competing at their highest level each and every time a clash with Don Mills surfaces within their schedule.

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Yet, with this being said, Compuware’s destruction of the Flyers’ perfect record could wind up fuelling a much stronger level of play on behalf of Don Mills. No longer playing under the pressure of a perfect season, the Flyers’ sudden humanity should allow the team’s roster to relax and play a stress free game — a reality which could lead to greater confidence and creativity within an already devastating roster.

So, although beatable, the Flyers’ first loss of the season could simply spearhead the beginning of another impressive winning streak.

2: “Despite Struggles, York Simcoe Express Are Legitimate”

Following an explosive start to their 2018-19 ETA campaign, the York Simcoe Express have fallen upon tough times.

In their last 10 games played in all competitions prior to the Whitby Silver Stick Tournament, the Express had battled to a 3-5-2 record. Then, come the tournament itself, York Simcoe tussled to an 0-2-2 record — a level of success which saw the Express fall to last place within their somewhat deep pool.

One particular issue which plagued York Simcoe throughout the Whitby Silver Stick Tournament was the team’s inability to receive consistent scoring from throughout their entire lineup. In fact, of the Express’ eight total goals scored, six of which came from just three players while a whopping eight skaters were held off of the scoresheet entirely in their four games played.

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Now, this is not to say that York Simcoe is a below average team — rather, that the Express must focus upon putting forth a comprehensive team effort with a greater level of consistency in their games ahead. In fact, the Express boast a number of highly promising young prospects, as the likes of Kaleb Nelson, Ryan Cuter, Jordan Fuller, and Thomas Sirman — amongst others — have continued to prove themselves as elite young players this season.

As York Simcoe resumes its 2018-19 ETA season, expect the team’s struggles during the Whitby Silver Stick Tournament to fuel the club’s second-half dominance. Simply too strong and too skilled to under-perform, the Express will undoubtedly embark upon their second-half with the mind-set of re-establishing their standing as a true contender.

3: “Don’t Count out the Mississauga Rebels”

The Mississauga Rebels have struggled of late within the GTHL — the team posted a dismal 4-6 record in their ten contests immediately preceding the Whitby Silver Stick Tournament.

However, despite competing within a strong tournament group, the Rebels came to Whitby and re-established themselves as a premier team within Ontario. In their four round-robin games, the Rebels cruised to an impressive 3-0-1 record while allowing a mere six goals against. Perhaps the most inspiring victory achieved by the Rebels came in a 3-1 victory over Detroit Little Caesars — a team widely expected to do serious damage throughout the tournament.

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Although Mississauga’s strong run came to an end in the round-of-16 against the eventual tournament champions in Detroit Compuware, the Rebels’ stellar play should serve as a significant motivator as the team resumes it’s 2018-19 GTHL campaign. Sure, Mississauga sat in sixth-place in the GTHL at the time of the tournament, however, the Rebels’ recent performances should serve as a serious reminder to their opposition that they must not be taken lightly despite enduring bouts of inconsistency.

2018 Whitby International Silver Stick – Top 20 Performers

The 2018 Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament featured a number of elite 2019 OHL Priority Selection-eligible prospects. Meet the tournament’s top-20 performers, here.

The third major tournament of the 2018-19 hockey season is now complete, and the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament was nothing short of a proving ground for this year’s top minor midget teams.

In all, 30 elite squads competed at the four-day long tournament, which saw a handful of clubs battle in an exhausting seven games from Thursday Nov. 23rd to Sunday, Nov. 26th. By the time the final buzzer had sounded, it was Detroit Compuware who had claimed the championship owing to a hard-fought 5-4 overtime contest against the previously unbeaten Don Mills Flyers.

In this final game — and throughout the entire tournament, in fact — Compuware forward Sasha Pastujov established himself as one of the very best 2003-born prospects competing within North America. Named as tournament MVP, Pastujov’s contributions — alongside those of teammate Dylan Duke — were essential to Compuware’s dominant play and ultimately historic win.

However, a great deal of other young prospects also enjoyed terrific tournament’s in Whitby, and proved to be crucial to the success of their respective teams throughout the event. Although Pastujov’s presence atop this list should come as no surprise, take a moment to learn the names of a whack of other players who were downright unstoppable — and impressive — throughout the event.

The Top-20 Performers

With this being said, here are the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament’s top-20 performers in 2018.

20. Christian Catalano – Mississauga Rebels

Despite struggling within the GTHL ahead of this event, the Mississauga Rebels entered the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament and exited with a wealth of success and confidence. One major driving force behind the Rebels’ startling 3-0-1 record within a challenging pool was Christian Catalano — a smooth skating forward who recorded one goal and six assists across his five games played.

With Mississauga scoring 11 total goals in the tournament, Catalano factored into more than half of his team’s tallies and stood as a persistent presence at both ends of the ice. Purposeful in his skating and in possession of a stellar shot, Catalano’s blasts on-goal produced rebounds for his teammates throughout the tournament, while his commitment to two-way play helped hold the Rebels to a mere six goals against.

19. Francesco Pinelli – Toronto Red Wings

Although the Toronto Red Wings did not enjoy a great deal of success throughout the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament given their 1-2-1 record, Francesco Pinelli continued to build his case as one of the 2019 OHL Priority Selection’s most underrated prospects. A driving force behind the Red Wings’ offence, Pinelli plays a professional style of hockey and can be counted upon to lead his team at both ends of the ice.

Across Toronto’s four games played, the team scored six goals. Of these six goals, Pinelli was involved in five, scoring two of which while adding three assists on the others — an indication of his undeniable value to the Red Wings’ on-ice success. A sturdy and strong skater who is a versatile threat on offence, Pinelli is a natural leader whose play has been vastly overlooked to date in the 2018-19 season. In short, expect Pinelli’s performance at this event to fuel his success in the GTHL.

18. Luke Hughes – Detroit Little Caesars

Luke Hughes is as slippery and calculated as they come, thinking through each and every decision he makes on the ice with not only haste but purpose. It is this ability to process the game at a rapid pace which has come to fuel Hughes’ on-ice success, as the undersized defenceman is remarkably lethal and productive from his perch on the blue line.

Throughout the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament, Hughes continued to put his awe-inspiring skill-set on display. In his five games played for Detroit Little Caesars at the event, Hughes recorded two goals and three assists for a total of five points — a total which placed him in a tie for the highest sum on his team. Like his older brother Quinn, Hughes as a smooth-skater who thinks before he acts. Not afraid to takes risks in order to generate offence, Hughes utilizes his creativity well and can act as a rover if not adequately protected.

17. Zachary Dean – Toronto Nationals

Zachary Dean is an electrifying center who can dictate the pace and momentum of the game. With tremendous agility and acceleration, Dean pulls off moves that will make you double-clutch. A QMJHL prospect due to his birthplace, Dean is the heart and soul of the Toronto Nationals, and pushed them as far as he could in the round robin before losing a deciding game to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

However, Dean was utterly dynamic and electrifying in those four games. En route to adding two goals and five points, he was a constant force at both ends of the ice, leading his team at both five-on-five and on the powerplay. Dean is an ultra smooth skater who can make high-end moves at top speed, and should be considered a top-end prospect regardless of his draft eligibility.

16. Cole Hipkin – Brantford 99ers

The Brantford 99ers endured an interesting tournament, to say the least. In their four round-robin games played, the 99ers tied all four contests while scoring 11 goals and allowing 11 against. Of these four ties, one came against the high-powered Don Mills Flyers and served as the Flyers’ first result other than a win all season.

Instrumental to the 99ers’ relative success during the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament was Cole Hipkin, a stellar puck-moving defender who plays the game with remarkable energy as well as poise and composure. In his team’s four games played, Hipkin led the 99ers in scoring with five assists while standing as a competent defenceman within his own zone. Next to Brandt Clarke of Don Mills, argubly no defender eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection boasts greater playmaking and vision than Hipkin.

15. Jack Devine – Chicago Mission

The Chicago Mission enjoyed a promising Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament, rolling to a 3-0-1 record in the round-robin alongside two shutout victories. Crucial to the high-powered offence put forth by the Mission was Jack Devine — a scrappy forward who is as lethal offensively as he is driven to succeed and irritate his opposition. In fact, in addition to scoring two goals and seven points in five games played, Devine added ten penalty minutes to the mix as well.

Ultimately, Chicago fell to Don Mills in the quarter-finals. However, Devine’s performance helped to once again establish the native of Illinois as one of the USA’s top 2003-born prospects. Committed to the University of Denver, Devine will undoubtedly become a tremendous NCAA player owing to his innate offensive abilities as well as willing to mix things up physically, too.

14. Marc Boudreau – Toronto Marlboros

Much like the Toronto Marlboros themselves this season, Marc Boudreau’s game continues to grow and impress. A sizeable and smooth-skating forward who isn’t afraid to play a physical game, Boudreau’s offensive play has grown dramatically this season alongside his responsibilities as a two-way player.

In his six games played at the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament, Boudreau tallied one goal while adding five assists for a total of six points. Although eliminated by Detroit Compuware in the semi-finals, Boudreau’s quick-hands and creativity were on display all tournament long and were critical to the Marlboros’ dynamic offensive game. Boasting size, speed, and a lethal skill-set, Boudreau’s growing game continues to draw a great deal of attention, and deservedly so.

13. Redmond Savage – Detroit Compuware

Playing on Compuware’s dynamic top line, Red Savage has consistently upheld his production to match that of Sasha Pastujov and Dylan Duke. While he wasn’t as much of a game breaking player as the two in this tournament, Savage was still a dominant force who played a huge role in Compuware’s run to the title.

Savage displays a heavy shot and the courage to drive the net to create scoring chances, using a strong lower-half to protect the puck or to battle for position in front of the net. He shows an uncanny ability to follow up on rushes in order to arrive just in time to be able to scoop up loose pucks. Savage wrapped up the tournament with five goals and six points.

12. Ty Voit – Pittsburgh Penguins Elite

One of the more surprising names that was consistently coming up at this year’s tournament was Ty Voit, who enjoyed a breakout of sorts in many eyes. A defensively strong team, the Pittsburgh Penguins were narrowly ousted at the quarterfinals, but may not have been there without the help of Voit, who tallied five goals in five games.

Voit displayed excellent sense of his positioning on the ice, as well as an understanding of developing plays. This ability allowed him to be in the right place at the right time in many occasions, slipping into the play just as the opportunity presented itself. A performance like this is a huge confidence builder for a player still looking to prove himself to the hockey world.

11. Cole Eichler – Don Mills Flyers

Cole Eichler may not be as flashy as some of his teammates, but he is just as consistent with his offensive production. Eichler is a beast in front of the net, whether that be in deflecting pucks, hunting rebounds, or slipping into a soft spot for a cross-crease tap-in. The majority of Eichler’s goals come within five feet of the crease.

Away from the net-front, Eichler is also a very talented playmaker who can dish impressive saucer passes on the tape over long distances. A grinder with excellent vision, Eichler’s hockey sense allows him to thrive on Don Mills’ top line with Shane Wright and Brennan Othmann. Eichler tallied five goals and nine points in the Whitby International Silver Stick Tournament, which was good for seventh-best overall.

10. Justin O’Donnell – Toronto Marlboros

When it counted, O’Donnell brought out his best game. A strong skater with somewhat of a grinder mentality, O’Donnell is tough to defend due to his heavy forecheck and ability to turn defenders inside-out. Of note, O’Donnell added a hat-trick in the quarterfinal, the tying goal and game-winner in overtime, as well as the Marlboros’ lone goal in the semifinal.

O’Donnell plays a style that is very translatable to the OHL level, with the size and strength to overwhelm his opponents as well as a powerful release on his wrist shot. He finished the tournament with five goals and eight points. O’Donnell has continuously improved his skating over the course of the year and is becoming a very intriguing prospect for the 2019 OHL Draft.

9. Liam Arnsby – Don Mills Flyers

Coming back from a recent stint on the injured list, Liam Arnsby is quickly reasserting himself as a top-tier prospect for the 2019 OHL Draft. Generally lining up on the Flyers’ second line, Arnsby plays a skilled yet heavy game. He displays high-end vision of the ice as well as a powerful wrist shot.

Arnsby routinely finishes his checks, often separating opponents from the puck and drawing the ire of the crowd. In the offensive zone, Arnsby isn’t afraid to battle for pucks along the wall, and shows impressive vision with passes through skates and sticks to teammates across the ice. Arnsby totalled four goals and 11 points, which ranked fourth in tournament scoring.

8. Davis Burnside – Chicago Mission

The second of the dynamic duo that the Chicago Mission boast, Burnside continued to showcase his ability to thrive amongst the strongest of competition. An Ohio State commit, Burnside was a constant force at both ends of the ice, hounding the puck, creating turnovers to capitalize on, and distributing the puck to dangerous areas in the offensive zone.

Alongside a strong and accurate shot, Burnside is a smart playmaker too, with the ability to find teammates cross-ice. Strong on his feet, Burnside carries the puck with poise and authority, changing gears and distributing the puck at top speeds. He concluded the tournament with four goals and seven points, finishing top ten in points-per-game.

7. Brennan Othmann – Don Mills Flyers

A prolific sniper for the powerhouse Flyers, Brennan Othmann continued his trend as a natural goal-scorer. With an electric release and pin-point accuracy, Othmann can find the smallest of holes and pick them with ease. He gets the puck on and off his blade in an instant, giving opposing goaltenders no time to transition and adjust their positioning.

Playing the wing on Don Mills’ top line and first powerplay unit, Othmann displayed impressive puck movement along the wall and behind the net, effectively spreading out the opposition to create time and space for his teammates. Othmann finished the tournament with five goals and 10 points, good for fifth in tournament scoring.

6. Ty Gallagher – Detroit Compuware

A big, two-way defenceman with great strength on his feet, Ty Gallagher proved to be one of the top defencemen in this year’s Silver Stick. Impressive skating abilities accompanied by an excellent understanding of his position make Gallagher a defenceman that can be relied upon under any circumstances. Showing the capability to join and lead the rush, Gallagher exhibits high-end offensive potential.

A Miami University of Ohio commit, Gallagher plays a mature game with good sense of his surroundings. He maintains tight gaps and directs opponents into the corners and away from danger areas. He shows the talent to not only force turnovers, but to take advantage of them by creating offensive opportunities as well.

5. Brenden Sirizzotti – Whitby Wildacts

Brenden Sirizzotti has continued to improve his draft stock over the course of this season. He has put up elite offensive numbers in the ETA through half of the season, playing at nearly a three points per game clip. Sirizzotti was able to further cement his status as a potential first-round pick with a spectacular performance at the Silver Stick which included eight goals — a total which ranked as the second-best in the tournament.

Showcasing dynamic speed and puck skills, he made plenty of defencemen and goaltenders look silly on his way to potting eight goals. Simply put, Sirizzotti is a high-skilled, offensive-minded winger who can put his team on his back. With excellent vision and instincts, he can go coast-to-coast with relative ease.

4. Dylan Duke – Detroit Compuware

On a strong, mature, and hard-working Detroit Compuware squad, Dylan Duke is the leader. As the team’s first line centre, Duke shows off impressive instincts and positioning at both ends of the ice. He is a workhorse, applying an aggressive forecheck to force turnovers and making the players around him better.

Duke displayed a heavy and accurate shot, as well as elite playmaking skills. A testament to his innate sense and vision of the ice, Duke and Sasha Pastujov teamed up to become a dynamic duo, and one which teams including the Don Mills Flyers simply could not contain. Duke rapped up the tournament with six goals and 14 points, good for fourth in goals and second in points.

3. Brandt Clarke – Don Mills Flyers

Brandt Clarke continued to separate himself from the pack of 2019 OHL Draft eligible defencemen. A workhorse on the Don Mills blue line, Clarke is one of the most intelligent defenders we’ve seen in a long time. He plays an incredibly poised game and constantly makes effective plays under immense pressure, very rarely giving away the puck. Quarterbacking the Flyers’ power play, Clarke has very intriguing offensive upside, as shown by his four goals and seven points.

Along with impressive hockey sense, Clarke is as smooth of a skater as they come. He combines a strong lower-body with excellent edge-work to protect with puck with ease, and is able to quickly pick up speed and blow through the neutral zone. A fantastic two-way defender, Clarke remains reliable in his own end by boxing out opponents and forcing turnovers along the wall with impeccable gap control and stick work.

2. Shane Wright – Don Mills Flyers

By now, everyone knows the story behind Shane Wright. An ’04-born center, Wright will likely apply for Exceptional Status in order to join the OHL as a 15-year-old. At this year’s Silver Stick, he continued to solidify his application. After missing game one of the tournament, Wright quickly climbed the leaderboard en route to finishing with seven goals and 12 points. Wright consistently proves to be above the class in nearly every aspect of the game, specifically with his skating, speed, and smarts.

An offensive dynamo, Wright is the catalyst for Don Mills’ offence. He protects the puck as well as anyone and is incredibly strong on his stick. He is tremendous from the half wall, effectively moving the puck north-south and east-west. Combined with great instincts, Wright is an offensive threat each time he takes the ice, and should almost certainly be in the OHL for the 2019-20 season.

1. Sasha Pastujov – Detroit Compuware

Well, the kid is alright. After weeks of speculation as to whether or not Sasha Pastujov and Duke would be included in Detroit Compuware’s roster, the duo came into Whitby and stole the show. Particularly, Pastujov really caught the eyes of everyone in attendance and brought forth a conversation comparing he and Wright for the 1st overall pick at the 2019 OHL Draft.

By tournament’s end, Pastujov had nine goals and 16 points to show for his efforts, good for MVP honours. What sets him apart from the competition is his ability to read the play and make instantaneous decisions with the puck. He displays tremendous vision and has incredible puck skills which churn out highlight reel goals with regularity. Pastujov is committed to the University of Notre Dame, a reality which makes his future in the OHL questionable.

5 Greatest Threats to the Don Mills Flyers’ Perfect Season

The Don Mills are undoubtedly the top team in Ontario’s Minor Midget circuit, sporting a combined 34-0-0 record this year. This begs the question, which team boasts the greatest threat to breaking up the Flyers perfect season? We go through five teams who could surprise everyone and upset Don Mills at some point this season.

Here we are in mid-November, and the GTHL’s Don Mills Flyers are continuing to prove to be a historic team. Indeed, the Flyers 2003-born team has been consistently dominant for the past several years. Combined, they boast three GTHL Regular Season Championships, three GTHL Playoff Championships, and two OHF Provincial Championships over the past three seasons. Not to mention numerous tournament titles in between as well.

Now in the 2018-19 Minor Midget campaign, Don Mills appears set to smash records and leave a lasting impression as one of the greatest teams in Ontario history. Through nearly three months of the season, the Flyers have captured two major tournament titles, the Toronto Titans Early Bird and the Wendy Dufton Memorial, and have cruised to a combined 34-0-0 record. In total, the squad has tallied 217 goals for while allowing just 36 goals against.

These stats beg the question; who stands as the greatest threat to the Don Mills Flyers perfect season?

Chicago Mission

Arguably the top American 15U team in the OHL region this year, the Mission have had impressive showings at two major tournaments thus far, including a Final appearance at the Titans Early Bird, which was wrapped up in a highly competitive 3-0 loss to Don Mills. The squad currently leads the HPHL with a 10-0-0 record.

Chicago’s success stems from a deep offensive core, which packs in three lines which can find the back of the net on any given night. Most notably, Jack Devine, Davis Burnside, Dominick Rivelli, and Jack Silich lead the way in their contributions, and all have verbally committed to NCAA programs, with more sure to come soon.

That trend continues along the blue line, which is extremely mobile and fluid in transition. In fact, four of their six defencemen are contributing 0.7 points per game or better. All put together, the Chicago Mission display tremendous speed and puck movement within all three zones. They play a feisty style and can make any team pay for their mistakes within a few short moments. This style has the potential to challenge Don Mills and push the ability of their goaltending, and could make for a very interesting game if able to limit the Flyers’ top line of Shane Wright, Brennan Othmann, and Cole Eichler.

Toronto Young Nationals

Those two losses during the 2017-18 regular season? They both came against the Toronto Young Nationals. By scores of 3-2 and 6-4, the Nats took the season series with Don Mills by two games to one. Flash forward one year, and the Nats remain the greatest threat to the Flyers within the GTHL. In head-to-head meetings this year, Don Mills is two-for-two, winning by scores of 5-1 and 6-3.

With that said, the Nats boast the next deepest group of forwards in the league. Led by the likes of Zach Dean, Ryan Del Monte, and Josh Bloom, the Nats average nearly 4.5 goals per game. They find plenty of help along their blue line as well, with a strong and smooth skating corps, the Nats’ defencemen are often lugging the puck through the neatral zone and joining the rush to create odd-man rushes. Further, and perhaps most significantly, the Nats have an elite goaltender capable of stealing games in Samuel Moncada.

Putting these aspects together, the Nats truly don’t have a hole in their group. They are strong up and down the lineup at all positions, and have shown in the past that they are capable of not only challenging, but defeating the Flyers. With two more regular season games scheduled between the two teams, plus potential tournament and playoff matchups, the Nats may have a stronger chance than anyone to breakup the Flyers perfect season.

Brantford 99ers

Another high-flying offensive juggernaut, the Brantford 99ers have been getting better and better as the season has worn on. Holding the top position in the Alliance standings with a 13-3-2 record, the 99ers possess a top line that could go toe-to-toe with Don Mills’ top line. Averaging over 4.7 goals per game, Brantford is led offensively by the trio of Maddox Callens, Steven LaForme, and Landon McCallum. Combined, the three have put up 102 points in just 18 games, including 54% of the teams goals.

But the offence doesn’t end there, with a strong, hard-working second line and a top-tier defenceman in Cole Hipkin, who is playing at a point-per-game clip. Champions of the Dale Parker Memorial Tournament, the 99ers also made it to the Quarterfinals at the Wendy Dufton Memorial where they were ousted 1-0 by Little Caesars. They also defeated the ETA-leading Whitby Wildcats 4-2 in Sweet 16 action, a testament to their cross-league abilities.

As a total package, the 99ers would likely be outmatched against the Don Mills Flyers. With that said, they remain one of the very few teams whose offence could compete with that of the Flyers. If Brantford were able to match up efficiently, their top line may offer just enough to push a high-scoring wing out against Ontario’s top team.

Toronto Red Wings

The Toronto Red Wings have flown under the radar for much of the 2018-19 season, but are beginning to make waves across the province. Despite a worrisome 0-3-3 start, the Red Wings have rallied with a 9-2-0 record over their past 11 games, including a huge win over the powerful Toronto Nationals. In the midst of that run came an appearance in the Sweet 16 at the Wendy Dufton Memorial, where the squad rolled to a 4-0-0 round robin record before being ousted by the very strong Sudbury Wolves.

The team’s success has come largely from a deep and potent offence. Led by a couple dynamic forwards in Francesco Pinelli and 2004-born Adam Fantilli, the Red Wings have been averaging 4.27 goals per game during their current 11-game stretch. However, their depth was also accredited by the GTHL, as the team’s top two lines were all selected to play in the 10th Annual GTHL Top Prospects Game. Further, the Red Wings boast solid goaltending from the up-and-coming Josh Rosenzweig, who has been consistently improving his game this year.

While the Red Wings are continuing to find their stride, they have proven their ability to battle with, and beat, the top teams in the GTHL. As their blue line continues to solidify and their goaltending becomes a valuable asset, this team is becoming a true threat to the GTHL’s ‘Big Three’. When they’re at their best, the Red Wings offence has the dynamics and electricity to go up against that of Don Mills. This matchup would make for quite a memorable playoff series, fingers crossed.

Detroit Compuware

This is a bit of a curious and conditional case, because Compuware has iced an extremely young roster for their 16U team, comprised of almost all 2003-born players. As such, they would be able to call upon these prospects to join forces with their current 15U team to compose a powerhouse squad. Word was circulating at the OHL/HPHL Battle of the Border that Compuware would indeed do this for the International Silver Stick Tournament, but it remains to be seen for sure.

If they indeed decide to bring their ’03s from the 16U team to play for the 15U team for the weekend, then Detroit Compuware would very likely be the stiffest test that Don Mills will face all year. Up front, Compuware boasts three superstar forwards in Dylan Duke, Sasha Pastujov, and Red Savage. All three prospects are currently committed to an NCAA program, but would be considered amongst the top tier of prospects for the 2019 OHL Draft. Add in stud defenceman, Ty Gallagher, to that list and you have an exemplary core.

Be aware, if Compuware decides to truly send their best roster of ’03s to the Silver Stick, it would set up the potential for the most hyped game of the ’18-19 Minor Midget season in what would arguably feature the greatest possible composition of top prospects between the two sides. That is, if we are lucky enough for this matchup to come to fruition.

2019 OHL Draft Ranking: November’s Top-60

Two months through the 2018-19 campaign, we are beginning to get an early sense as to who belongs in which tiers for the 2019 OHL Draft. In this month’s ranking, we include a Top-60 as well as 10 honourable mentions. Further, read up on 3 prospects on the rise after a spectacular month of October.

Quickly, we find ourselves nearly a third of the way through the Minor Midget regular season. Over this past month, we’ve gained an invaluable look into the top teams across the province, specifically those who have been able to play at a consistently high level and separate themselves amongst this year’s group of true contenders.

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As well, another major tournament has been checked off the list; the 2018 Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament, hosted by the London Jr. Knights. It was a familiar result, with the Don Mills Flyers rolling their way to another tournament championship, this time on a combined 8-0-0 record, with a remarkable 51 goals for and just 4 goals against.

The Flyers continue to dominate the GTHL as well, boasting a perfect 13-0-0 record, with only the Toronto Young Nationals on their tails, with an 12-1-0 record. The Alliance has been much more competitive at the top of the standings, with the Brantford 99ers and Windsor Jr. Spitfires leading in terms of points percentage at the time of writing. However, there are seven teams within six points of the league lead.

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In the ETA, the Whitby Wildcats have established themselves as a true force to be reckoned with, boasting a league-best 11-1-3 record. On their tails remain the York Simcoe Express and North Central Predators, who should both be considered threats for the OHL Cup. In the SCTA, the Niagara North Stars are earning some separation, but the Halton Hurricanes, Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs, Guelph Jr. Gryphons, and Burlington Eagles remain in a tight battle for the second seed.

3 Prospects on the Rise

Over the past month, a few prospects have been able to overcome sluggish starts and begin to show their true colours amongst this year’s crop of top prospects. Three players in specific have utilized a massive month of October to soar up the ranking.

Brennan Othmann:

While Othmann was already a highly touted prospect for the 2019 OHL Draft, October may have been enough to lock him down as a first rounder. At the Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament, Othmann was unstoppable, piling up a ridiculous 16 goals and 25 points over just eight games.

One of the premier snipers in this year’s draft class, he boasts a pro-level release and precision accuracy. Othmann can get his shot off in tight spaces and changes up shooting angles with effectiveness. His recent play has been impressive enough to push him into consideration as a top-10 pick.

Kaleb Lawrence:

Lawrence has fallen into the shadows of the likes of Mason McTavish and Connor Lockhart for much of his minor hockey career. However, a blazing start to the 2018-19 campaign has brought his name forth in plenty of discussions. His 12 goals and 21 points in 14 games of HEO Midget action place him first among 2019 OHL Draft eligibles in points-per-game, with 1.50.

Further, his goals-per-game rate also places him second amongst the same group. Lawrence is an intelligent forward who processes the game at impressive rates. He can truly be a game-changer, and could push for the first round by year’s end.

Jesse Fishman:

When Pasquale Zito went down with an upper-body injury for parts of October, Fishman stepped up in a big way for the Rebels. Taking over the first line centre role, Fishman became an offensive catalyst for his team, proving that he has what it takes to be a leader of a top-tier squad.

A slick skater with impressive top speed, Fishman handles the puck with ease on the rush and is an intelligent playmaker with excellent vision, frequently dishing cross-crease passes. He has honed his shot as well, an accurate snap shot with a quick release, Fishman has been consistently improving his draft stock since game one.

November’s Top-60

Now five months away from the 2019 OHL Draft, we are beginning to get a feel for a consensus top-tier of prospects. Consistency is starting to show through for the best of players, who showcase an impressive compete level night in, night out. With that said, there’s still plenty of time for movement amongst the draft rankings as the 2003-born draft class continues to grow, mature, and develop.

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A large theme in this year’s OHL Draft appears to be NCAA commitments. Among the top-20 prospects, six are currently committed to an NCAA program, with another four in the remainder of the list. Of course, these verbal commitments have a significant impact on the outcome of the draft. See Antonio Stranges, Owen Power, Stephen Halliday, and many more from the 2018 OHL Draft. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues throughout the year, or if some of those committed prospects end up in the OHL after all.

Note: This list compiles the Top-60 skaters available for the 2019 OHL Draft, as well as 10 honourable mentions (HM). The list does not include goaltenders, and is not a mock draft.

Rank Player Team Position
1 Shane Wright Don Mills Flyers Centre
2 Brandt Clarke Don Mills Flyers Right Defence
3 Mason McTavish Pembroke Lumber Kings Centre
4 Roman Schmidt* Don Mills Flyers Right Defence
5 Maddox Callens Brantford 99ers Centre
6 Dylan Duke* Compuware Centre
7 Francesco Arcuri Don Mills Flyers Centre
8 Connor Lockhart Kanata Lasers Centre
9 Danil Zhilkin* Toronto Marlboros Left Wing/Centre
10 Francesco Pinelli Toronto Red Wings Centre
11 Luke Hughes* Little Caesars Left Defence
12 Brennan Othmann Don Mills Flyers Left Wing
13 Cole Hipkin Brantford 99ers Right Defence
14 Sasha Pastujov* Compuware Right Wing
15 Braeden Kressler Mississauga Senators Right Wing/Centre
16 Ryan Winterton Whitby Wildcats Centre
17 Pasquale Zito  Mississauga Rebels Centre
18 Dylan Gratton* North Jersey Avalanche Left Defence
19 Daniel Michaud Quinte Red Devils Centre
20 Deni Goure Chatham-Kent Cyclones Centre
21 Artem Guryev Toronto Marlboros  Left Defence
22 Colby Saganiuk Pittsburgh Penguins Elite Centre
23 Wyatt Johnston Toronto Marlboros Centre
24 Owen Watson Smiths Falls Bears Left Wing
25 Brett Harrison London Jr. Knights Centre
26 Ryan Del Monte* Toronto Young Nationals Centre
27 Cole Eichler Don Mills Flyers Centre
28 Kaleb Lawrence OHA Maroon Centre
29 Ethan Del Mastro Toronto Marlboros Left Defence
30 Cooper Way Waterloo Wolves Centre/Left Wing
31 Jeremy Wilmer* North Jersey Avalanche Centre
32 Jack Devine* Chicago Mission Centre
33 Marc Boudreau Toronto Marlboros Left Wing
34 Jesse Fishman Mississauga Rebels Centre/Right Wing
35 Liam Arnsby Don Mills Flyers Centre
36 Ranvir Gill Ottawa Jr. Senators Right Defence
37 Stuart Rolofs Kanata Lasers Left Wing
38 Davis Burnside* Chicago Mission Left Wing
39 Paul Christopoulos Don Mills Flyers Right Defence
40 Zacharie Giroux Sudbury Wolves Right Wing
41 Brenden Sirizzotti Whitby Wildcats Right Wing
42 Alex Christopoulos Don Mills Flyers Right Wing
43 Jordan Adams Halton Hurricanes Left Wing/Centre
44 Josh Bloom Toronto Young Nationals Left Wing
45 Vitaly Levyy Long Island Gulls Right Wing
46 Ryan Burke Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Centre
47 Wil Murphy Kingston Jr. Frontenacs Left Defence
48 Nathan Zadorozny Niagara North Stars Left Wing/Centre
49 Deven Nagra Toronto Young Nationals Left Defence
50 Jack Beck Toronto Marlboros Left Wing
51 William Gourgouvelis Whitby Wildcats Left Defence
52 Steven Laforme Brantford 99ers Right Wing
53 Camden Daigle Huron Perth Lakers Left Wing
54 Tucker Robertson Toronto Marlboros Left Wing
55 Braden Hache York-Simcoe Express Left Defence
56 Jack Matier Soo Thunderbirds Right Defence
57 Christian Catalano Mississauga Rebels Left Wing
58 Ethan Larmand North Central Predators Right Wing
59 Jake Coleman Pembroke Lumber Kings Left Wing
60 Chase Stillman* Sudbury Wolves Centre
HM Ryan Gillespie Toronto Red Wings Centre
HM Christian Campanelli North York Rangers Centre
HM Kyle Maloney Waterloo Wolves Centre
HM Justin O’Donnell Toronto Marlboros Centre/Right Wing
HM Ethan Gore Guelph Jr. Gryphons Centre
HM Ethan MacKinnon Elgin Middlesex Chiefs Left Defence
HM Logan Mailloux Toronto Marlboros Left Defence
HM Therien Thiesing Chicago Mission Left Defence
HM Sam Sedley Huron Perth Lakers Right Defence
HM Josh Kavanagh Sudbury Wolves Right Defence

* – Indicates the prospect is currently committed to an NCAA program.

OHL Prospect Profile: Cole Eichler

Cole Eichler is a strong, grinding forward who is willing to do the hard work in order to generate scoring chances. He is an intelligent playmaker with intriguing upside, as well as impressive vision and net-front skills. Eichler projects to be a top-30 pick at the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Cole Eichler –

Don Mills Flyers (GTHL) | Right Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Toronto, Ontario | 6-foot, 190-pounds | March 28th, 2003

Cole Eichler is another of many highly talented Don Mills forwards this year. Often playing the wing on a line with Shane Wright and Brennan Othmann, Eichler has a keen sense of the ice and an innate ability to position himself in the right place at the right time. Not the most fluid skater in the league, Eichler still has the speed and know-with-all to play an effective role on the Flyers’ first line and top powerplay unit.

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Eichler has demonstrated the skill to compete and thrive against even the strongest of competition, totalling eight goals and 15 assists for 23 points in 16 games of tournament action this year. Eichler consistently displays an impressive compete level, especially below the dots in the offensive zone, where he battles hard for puck possession and isn’t afraid to drive the dirty areas.


  • Net-Front Skill
  • Cycle Game
  • Vision

Perhaps the best way to sum up Eichler’s game is as a skilled grinder with offensive upside. He has all the essential traits that make him a valuable winger who is willing to go hard into the corners and battle along the wall for loose pucks or to force turnovers. Eichler is excellent below the dots, using his lower-body strength to protect the puck and feed his linemates.

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A beast in front of the net, Eichler can deflect pucks or hunt down rebounds, and can regularly be found doing this on the man advantage. He is an underrated playmaker as well, as he frequently displays tremendous vision and sense of the ice by finding passing lanes through traffic and by skating to a zone which offers him multiple options to distribute the rock.

Area of Improvement:

  • Wrist Shot Release

Cole Eichler demonstrates all the traits of an effective power forward, but would be able to add the description of “dynamic” if he were able to improve the release of his shot. As is, Eichler shows above-average strength to his wrist shot, but more typically will score the dirty goals instead of highlight-reel worthy ones.

If Eichler were able to improve upon the release of his shot, including it’s quickness and deceptiveness, he could potentially develop into a quiet sniper. He has the strength and power to beat goaltenders, but needs to get his shot off before they have time to get square to his shooting angle. This slight adjustment would make Eichler all the more dangerous in the offensive zone, while adding another tool to his offence-generating arsenal.

Future Potential:

In short, Eichler is a strong, grinding forward who is willing to do the hard work in order to generate scoring chances for his team. He battles hard along the boards in order to turn pucks over and retain possessions in the offensive zone. Eichler is an intelligent playmaker with intriguing upside, as well as impressive vision and net-front skills.

Playing on what is arguably the top line in Ontario, Eichler consistently generates offence and plays a reliable, 200-foot game with solid speed and physicality. He projects to be a top-30 overall pick at the 2019 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Brennan Othmann

Brennan Othmann is one of this year’s premier goal scorers. He showcases an electric and powerful shot that can beat goaltenders clean, as well as an underrated sense of vision of the ice. He projects as a mid-to-late first round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Brennan Othmann –

Don Mills Flyers (GTHL) | Left Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Scarborough, Ontario | January 5th, 2003

Brennan Othmann is undeniably mentioned among the top crop of snipers for the 2019 OHL Draft, and for good reason. At the recent Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament, Othmann piled up an unbelievable 16 goals and 25 points over just eight games, as the Don Mills Flyers cruised to a tournament championship.

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It is on the back of a powerful, electric release that Othmann is able to find the back of the net so frequently. While playing the wing on Shane Wright‘s line certainly has its benefits, don’t consider Othmann to just be a complimentary player. He consistently generates offence through a lethal combination of vision, puck skills, and that eye-catching release of his snap shot.


  • Shot
  • Puck Skills
  • Vision

Othmann’s top asset is undoubtedly his shot. It’s quick, powerful, and deceptive. He shows unique talent in his pass receptions, taking passes in tight and in his feet with precision to maintain puck possession. Perhaps what makes Othmann so dangerous is his ability to receive a pass and instantly fire a shot on net in the same motion. By doing so, he doesn’t allow goaltenders to get set for his shot, and the accuracy and strength is simply too much to stop.

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He shows strengths in other departments as well, including a pair of quick and creative hands, as well as excellent vision of the ice. Othmann will take the option that presents itself, whether that be a simple chip and chase, or slipping the puck through the opposing defender’s feet. Othmann is slick and shifty with the puck, and always seems to know where his linemates are positioned. This skill allows him to dish precise passes that others may not even recognize to be available.

Area of Improvement:

  • Acceleration

While Othmann displays terrific positioning and ability to set up a cycle down low, he lacks any sort of separation speed on the rush. Othmann displays average top speeds, and can beat defenders wide at times, but it is not considered to be an area of strength for the dynamic sniper.

While he often displays agility and elusiveness, Othmann’s overall game would benefit tremendously from more power behind his first three steps. The extra sense of acceleration and ability to break free would open up even more opportunities for the already lethal winger. While this shouldn’t be an aspect that will hold him back at the OHL level, it remains an area that could use slight adjustments.

Future Potential:

Overall, Othmann is a player to watch each time he takes the ice. He is dangerous is multiple ways, whether that be via a slick saucer pass across the width of the ice, or a classic snipe off of the half wall, Othmann presents consistent scoring chances shift in, shift out.

An intelligent prospect, Othmann’s ability to read and react to developing plays instantaneously may be overlooked at times, but make no mistake, he can burn his opponents with an array of abilities. Othmann currently projects to be a mid-to-late first round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft, and one of it’s premier goal scorers.