OHL Draft Profile: Joshua Rosenzweig

Joshua Rosenzweig of the GTHL’s Toronto Red Wings is an athletic and competitive goaltender who is amongst the 2019 OHL Priority Selection class’ best.

– Joshua Rosenzweig –

Toronto Red Wings (GTHL) | Goaltender | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

5-foot-11, 155-pounds | February 27th, 2003

The Toronto Red Wings have proven to be a destructive force within the GTHL this season, squashing their slow start through poised and sound team play.

And, while the likes of Francesco Pinelli and Adam Fantilli have led the team’s offensive charge, it is goaltender Joshua Rosenzweig who has become the backbone of the Red Wings’ defence.

Remarkably consistent in his abilities and as competitive as they come, Rosenzweig’s play is quickly establishing him as one of the top goaltenders available for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection. Although areas for improvement do exist within his game, Rosenzweig’s abilities in-goal are simply outstanding and are worthy of greater, in-depth discussion.


  • Positioning
  • Reflexes
  • Puck-Handling
  • Competitiveness

When it comes to the strengths present within Rosenzweig’s game, there are many.

First and foremost, there is Rosenzweig’s stellar positioning.

Standing as the foundation of his game, Rosenzweig’s positioning combined with his growing size affords opposing shooters with little opportunity to bulge the twine. Sure to maximize his size and unafraid of challenging his attackers, Rosenzweig posts himself at the top of his crease and quickly reduces shooting angles as his opposition draws near.

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Amplifying Rosenzweig’s impeccable positioning are his lightning-quick reflexes.

Although he dominates the goal and offers little opportunity for opposing shooters, Rosenzweig can react incredibly quickly to well-placed shots and is consistent in his ability to do so. Likely confusing his attackers owing to his right-handed glove, Rosenzweig can snatch pucks labelled for the top-shelf or kick-out shots placed low and towards his posts.

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Perhaps the one facet of Rosenzweig’s game which stands out most in comparison to his peers is the youngster’s ability to play the puck. Unlike many goaltenders, Rosenzweig is a confident puck-handler who won’t hesitate to move the puck to his teammates or clear the zone if the situation demands. Acting as somewhat of an extra defenceman at times, Rosenzweig’s ability to control the puck further fuels the Red Wings’ devastating attack.

Area of Improvement:

  • Rebound Control

Because Rosenzweig’s game is so strong, we’ll have to nitpick when it comes to identifying areas in need of significant improvement within his game.

Although it is not lacking by any means, Rosenzweig would do well to improve his rebound control while tending his crease. While he can direct pucks into the corners well and gobble up loose rebounds in front of him, Rosenzweig can pop saved shots into the slot or into the feet of those in front of him.

Although these pucks don’t often wind up in his net, they afford Rosenzweig’s opponents with additional opportunities to gain an advantage on the scoreboard.

Future Potential:

Given his impressive skill set and track record of success to date, Rosenzweig could very well be amongst the first goaltenders selected come the 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

While a solid class of prospective goaltenders does exist, Rosenzweig is clearly a step above most. As one of this year’s most competitive goaltenders, Rosenzweig exhibits a clear determination to succeed on a nightly basis and is frustrated by his setbacks — however, he choses to learn from his mistakes rather than be disappointed by them.

Of solid size, athleticism and drive, Rosenzweig won’t last long once the quickly approaching Priority Selection gets underway.