2020 OHL Draft Profile: Sam Alfano

Sam Alfano of the SCTA’s Southern Tier Admirals is considered to be a top prospect for the 2020 OHL Draft. A big, strong center, Alfano has all the skill to light up the scoreboard.

– Sam Alfano –

Southern Tier Admirals (SCTA) | Right Wing | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Cayuga, Ontario | 6-foot-3, 181lbs | Jan. 18th, 2004

The SCTA’s unanimous top contender for the OHL Cup this year will be the Southern Tier Admirals, who are coming off of a Silver Medal performance at last year’s OMHA Bantam Championships. Leading the way for the Admirals, on and off the ice, is Sam Alfano, a highly-skilled point-producing forward.

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With substantial size, listed at 6’3” and 181 pounds, Alfano has already developed intimidating speed and strength for opponents at this level to handle. He’s a dual-threat with the puck as well, as he’s proven to be a sharpshooter as well as a slick playmaker. Alfano is equally tough to cover, thanks in part to his elusiveness with the puck, changing speeds and directions in a flash.


  • Sense and Intelligence
  • Agility and Elusiveness
  • Two-Way Awareness

Alfano is a visibly intelligent player on the ice, playing the game one step ahead of his competition. He understands the dynamics of a developing play and can make smart decisions based on what he sees. This innate sense of the game makes Alfano a very dangerous player with the puck, as he can understand the benefits between a shooting or a passing play. Further, he’s a very elusive skater who can change up his speed and direction on a dime, making him extremely tough to defend. Alfano’s agility with the puck makes him equally lethal on the rush and on the cycle. On the power play, Alfano effectively moves the puck to keep opposing defenders out of position and is wise in his shot selections.

Meanwhile, Alfano boasts an intriguing shot as well. With a deceptive release and impressive accuracy, he can be a scoring threat from sharp angles or beat goaltenders on clean looks. However, there’s much more to Alfano’s game than his offensive potential. As a responsible two-way center, Alfano is regularly relied upon in key defensive situations. He remains strong on the puck with an active stick, eliminating passing lanes and deflecting shot attempts away from the net. Alfano is also a key cog to Southern Tier’s transition game, with breakouts repeatedly starting on his stick.

Area of Improvement:

  • Shot Power

In hopes of becoming one of the elite goal-scorers in this year’s OHL Draft class, Alfano could become a legitimate candidate by adding some velocity to his shot. He’s already got the size and the strength to do so, so it may just be a matter of leaning on his stick a bit more.

Alfano’s shot is deadly accurate, and so the addition of some extra power could lead to more goals on clean shots, as he would eliminate some possible reaction time from opposing goaltenders. As he continues to grow and strengthen, this is an attribute that may come naturally to Alfano, the thought of which should strike fear into future competition.

Future Potential:

Overall, Sam Alfano has demonstrated all of the attributes needed to become a devastating offensive producer at the OHL level. He’s got the size and strength to adapt to the next level seamlessly, and his smarts will carry over without flaw. Watch out for Alfano and his Southern Tier Admirals as they prepare for a run at the OMHA Championships and the 2020 OHL Cup, while Alfano will try to push for a first-round selection at the 2020 OHL Draft.


OHL Prospect Profile: Ethan Burroughs

The top goal scorer in the SCTA, Ethan Burroughs should be one of the first players selected from his league at the 2019 OHL Draft. A lethal offensive machine, Burroughs can turn a dull play into a legitimate scoring chance within seconds. He has showcases impressive agility and explosiveness over the course of the season and is a wizard with the puck.

– Ethan Burroughs –

Halton Hurricanes (SCTA) | Right Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Georgetown, Ontario | 5-foot-10, 161-pounds | June 17th, 2003

Ethan Burroughs is arguably the most pure and natural goal scorer in the SCTA this year. As a member of the first seed Halton Hurricanes, Burroughs has consistently been the team’s offensive catalyst, providing scoring opportunities in more ways than one. His Minor Midget success has earned him invaluable experience in both Midget and Jr. A over the course of the 2018-19 season.

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Burroughs displays impressive high-end speed with solid agility as well. He is able to control the puck with ease at top speeds on the rush and can often make defenders look silly with inside-out moves. However, it’s his shot and knack for the net which will make one lucky OHL team thankful for years to come.


  • Speed & Agility
  • Shot
  • Puck Skills

Burroughs is as consistent a goal-scorer as they come. They may not always be highlight-reel goals, but he always finds a way to get the job done. Burroughs led the SCTA in goal scoring during the regular season, scoring 30 goals in 31 games. His shot is incredibly accurate, picking corners and holes with ease, while his release, quick and powerful, is equally impressive.

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Burroughs is also a speedy prospect, with impressive lateral agility, he is able to keep defenders on their heels and beat them while flat-footed. An efficient stride combined with quick and creative hands, Burroughs is able to beat opponents one-on-one, or slip through traffic like a hot knife through butter. He is also very effective on breakaways, utilizing either his lethal snap shot or his eye-catching hands to beat goaltenders.

Area of Improvement:

  • Aggression & Physicality

Burroughs is a relatively average-sized forward, but he seems to avoid the physical aspects of the game at times. With good lower-body strength, Burroughs would be able to hold his own in board battles for the puck, but often looks to dig the puck free instead of using his frame and strength to gain body position on his opponent.

A pure goal-scorer, Burroughs is definitely thinking about other aspects of the game over when to throw a check, but he would do well to be a little more aggressive on loose pucks in order to force more turnovers and maintain possession of the puck. This is just a small area of Burroughs’ game, and certainly not the most important one, but remains an aspect to think about for the future.

Future Potential:

A lethal offensive machine, Burroughs can turn a dull play into a legitimate scoring chance within seconds. He has showcases impressive agility and explosiveness over the course of the season and is a wizard with the puck. He can use his hands and creativity to make defenders look silly, and use his accurate shot to find the back of the net with ease.

The top goal scorer in the SCTA, Burroughs should be one of the first players selected from his league at the 2019 OHL Draft. A rare breed who consistently impacts the game in positive ways, Burroughs will get some serious consideration in the second round of the Priority Selection.

OHL Prospect Profile: Ethan Gore

Ethan Gore is one of the top prospects to represent the SCTA this year, with great instincts at both ends of the ice and an arsenal of options to generate offence, he projects to be a top-60 pick.

– Ethan Gore –

Guelph Jr. Gryphons (SCTA) | Center | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ontario | June, 2, 2003 | 6-foot, 160-pounds

Ethan Gore is an uber-talented forward who thinks the game really well. On a strong Guelph team that is expected to be a leader in the SCTA in 2018-19, Gore leads the team’s offence on a regular basis. At the 2018 Toronto Titans Early Bird Tournament, Gore led the charge with four goals and six points as the Gryphons were ousted in the Sweet 16.

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Gore possesses natural instincts that allow him to show up in the right place at the right time. A tenacious player on the puck, he shows a high compete level at both ends of the ice and showcases high-end puck skills in tight spaces and under pressure.


  • Instincts
  • Puck Skills
  • Shot

Ethan Gore’s top asset is his ability to read a developing play and situate himself in a position to make a difference. He has excellent net-front abilities and can deflect pucks or hunt for rebounds in the danger areas. Building on that talent, Gore has impressive puck skills and can maneuver through traffic with poise and composure.

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He also possesses a strong snap shot with a quick release. Gore has proven his ability to get shots off in tight spaces under pressure with strength, and forecasts as more of a shooter than a playmaker. A leader on and off the ice, Gore leads by example by competing hard in all three zones, whether by skating or engaging in the physical element of the game.

Area of Improvement:

  • Skating

Not necessarily a weakness as much as it is an area for potential improvement, Gore’s potential could receive a boost from greater skating abilities. With a good, long stride, Gore can certainly keep up with the pace of the play and even blow by defenders at times, but his top-end speed is not yet at a game-breaking level.

Further, Gore could utilize his edgework more often in order to improve his agility and shiftiness with the puck. He shows flashes of excellence in this aspect, but again, could become a more dynamic player by applying this skills more frequently. Overall, Gore is a good, promising skater but, we see further potential that hasn’t yet been realized.

Future Potential:

Ethan Gore is a top-end forward prospect for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, and potentially one of the top draft picks out of the SCTA. A highly skilled center, Gore can score in a multitude of ways, including deflections, net-front scrums, or with a wrist shot on the rush. With good instincts and responsible two-way play, Gore projects to be a potential top-60 pick at the 2019 OHL Draft.