2020 OHL Draft Profile: Kocha Delic

Kocha Delic is the unanimous leader of the GTHL’s Toronto Titans, and is an elite skater with outstanding intelligence. He is considered as one of the top prospect’s eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Kocha Delic –

Toronto Titans (GTHL) | Center | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Mississauga, Ontario | 5’9”, 175-pounds | 2004-born

Kocha Delic is the unanimous leader of the 2019 OHF Bantam Champion, Toronto Titans. An elite two-way center with high-end offensive upside, Delic led the Titans to their first ever provincial championship in team history. A tremendous skater with outstanding intelligence, Delic portrays the Titans’ overall style of play through his non-stop effort level and dedication to both ends of the ice.

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A pass-first center, Delic is a dynamic playmaker who regularly sets up teammates for tap in goals. He’s a highly agile skater and can be very elusive with the puck at top speed, weaving in and out of traffic and buying himself time to either drive the net or to find an open passing lane. Delic has proven to be incredibly valuable in all situations, quarterbacking his team’s powerplay as well as not only killing off penalties, but creating shorthanded scoring chances too.


  • Acceleration and Agility
  • Vision/Playmaking
  • Two-Way Intelligence
  • Nose for the Net

Delic’s greatest attribute is undoubtedly his skating abilities. He can reach impressive top speeds within his first three steps, and can handle the puck with confidence and creativity while he’s flying up ice. He effectively utilizes his edges to be a very elusive skater, going end-to-end or circling the offensive zone with ease.

With possession of the puck, Delic tends to have the mindset of a playmaker first and shooter second. He excels at positioning himself in order to create passing lanes for his teammates, and can thread the needle as well as anyone in the 2020 OHL Draft class. By always keeping his feet moving, Delic is able to keep his options fluid and is constantly opening up new options.

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With that said, Delic is also able to find the back of the net with regularity himself. Using his vision of the ice, he can find the quiet space behind defenders to become available for one-timers, or drive the net and use a quick dangle or snapshot to beat opposing goaltenders. Further, Delic is as responsible a center as they come, consistently taking care of his defensive responsibilities before heading up ice to create offence.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Puck Protection
  • Physicality

Although Delic is already considered as an elite offensive presence and a versatile center, there are a few aspects to his game that could take him to the next level if improved. Both traits tie back to his strength, which could put his puck protection skills over the top and add the option of a physical presence as well.

While Delic is already able to handle the puck on a string and out-skate his opponents, the extra lower-body strength will do wonders at the OHL level for his possession potential, where time and space will be extremely limited. Further, the added physicality would only make Delic a more dominant two-way force, namely in the defensive and neutral zone to force turnovers.

Future Projection:

As a whole, Kocha Delic is one of the premier offensive talents available for the 2020 OHL Draft. What makes him such a promising prospect is the fact that his greatest strengths – skating and intelligence – will transition smoothly into the OHL level.

Playing the game at a high pace with tons of skill and creativity, Delic is sure to catch your eye on a nightly basis. A major reason why the Toronto Titans are considered amongst the favourites for the 2020 OHL Cup, Delic appears to be a lock for the first round of the 2020 OHL Draft.


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