OHL Prospect Profile: Jon-Randall Avon

Jon-Randall Avon is an elite centre with high-end goal scoring potential. A leader by example, Avon has shown the ability to carry his team on his back against some of Ontario’s toughest competition. With consistent production and separation speed, Avon is one of the most potent prospects available for the 2019 NHL Draft.

– Jon-Randall Avon –

Peterborough Petes (ETA) | Centre | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Jon-Randall Avon utilized a slew of consistency throughout the 2018-19 season to slowly, but surely, climb the rankings for the 2019 OHL Draft. One of the ETA’s top scorers, finishing fifth in goals with 24 and sixth in points with 49, Avon was the Petes’ leader all year long, pushing the team to the third seed in the East Division.

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In fact, Avon established an eye-catching 23 point lead over the next highest scorer on the Petes. Avon’s strengths are backed by an elite skating ability and an energy level that is second-to-none. One of the fastest prospects in the draft, he can blow by opponents and has a natural nose for the net, along with high-end puck skills and strong hockey sense.


  • Speed & Agility
  • Compete Level
  • Sense & Puck Skills

Avon’s strengths start with his skating. A mobile centreman with blazing speed, Avon can reach top speeds in a matter of steps and can separate from opponents on the rush. With excellent agility, he move laterally with precision and keeps defenders on their toes as a result. Away from the puck, Avon displays an admirable compete level, backchecking deep into the defensive zone to support his teammates.

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Avon also goes hard into battles along the boards for loose pucks, and usually comes away with possession. Perhaps the most promising aspect of Avon’s game is his ability to handle the puck with skill in tight traffic. He shows off creative hands and confidence around the net. Avon also has a lethal shot, with a lightning-quick release and precision accuracy, he is a safe bet to find the back of the net on any given night.

Area of Improvement:

  • Defensive Awareness

If there’s any area of Avon’s game that could use some touching up, it would likely be with his awareness in the defensive zone. While he is responsible in his positioning and consistently backchecks deep in his own zone to force turnovers, Avon can sometimes be caught looking to turn the play up ice before a safe opportunity to do so presents itself.

As a result of these offensive instincts, Avon can sometimes take himself out of position for brief moments. In order to cut down on these minor mistakes, Avon will need to slightly improve his awareness and ability to read a developing play in the defensive zone so as to not miss an assignment at the OHL level. WIth that said, he remains a reliable two-way centre who puts in his full effort in his own zone.

Future Potential:

Jon-Randall Avon is an elite centre with high-end goal scoring potential. A leader by example, Avon has shown the ability to carry his team on his back against some of Ontario’s toughest competition. With consistent production and separation speed, Avon is one of the most potent prospects available for the 2019 NHL Draft.

As one of the top scorer’s in the ETA, Avon’s stock has been consistently rising since the beginning of the year. A complete prospect who checks off all the boxes, Avon will certainly earn his coach’s rust quickly wherever he gets drafted. In all, Avon projects as a mid-second round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.


OHL Prospect Profile: Mason McTavish

Mason McTavish is an elite offensive talent with some of the greatest upside available amongst all ’03-born prospects. With a pro-level release and exemplary accuracy, McTavish should be considered as a potential top-5 pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Mason McTavish –

Pembroke Lumber Kings (HEO) | Center | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Carp, Ontario | January 30th, 2003 | 5-foot-11, 191-pounds

Mason McTavish is an elite center with game-defining talent. He can do virtually anything asked of him, but dominates with his ability to generate offence, largely backed by a pro-level shot. McTavish tore up his Bantam year, collecting an otherworldly 49 goals and 83 points in just 30 games, en route to leading the Ottawa Valley Titans to the 2018 All-Ontario Hockey Championship Tournament.

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McTavish, now a member of the HEO’s Pembroke Lumber Kings, has carried that momentum into the ’18-19 season, currently leading the league with six goals and 16 points in 10 games, as of Sept. 25th. Remember that the league is Midget level, comprised of both ’02 and ’03 players. McTavish should be considered to be one of the greatest offensive talents available at the 2019 OHL Draft.


  • Shot
  • Physicality
  • Hockey Sense

Mason McTavish’s game is led by an exceptional shot combined with tremendous strength. Despite standing at a modest 5-foot-9, McTavish is often the strongest player on the ice and is virtually impossible to knock off the puck. He showcases excellent lower-body strength through a fluid stride with a low center of gravity, along with strong edgework that allows him to maneuver around or through his opponents.

It’s McTavish’s offensive instincts that will make him such a hot commodity at the 2019 OHL Draft, with a wide range of options for generating goals. He possesses high-end hockey sense which allows him to read the soft spots on the ice and manipulate them. Coaches and scouts argue that his shot is already pro-level, with pin-point accuracy and a deceptive release.

Area of Improvement:

  • Defensive Awareness

One area in which McTavish could benefit from slight improvements would come in his defensive responsibility. Hardly a liability, McTavish plays his position responsibly, but can visibly be caught thinking about turning the puck up ice before a safe opportunity has presented itself.

A center who backchecks deep into his zone to support his defencemen, McTavish perhaps just needs to further commit to holding down the fort before he starts on the breakout. For a player of his caliber, his coaches can hardly blame him for prematurely flying the zone, but this will certainly be an aspect that needs to be cleaned up for McTavish to become a legitimate center at the OHL level.

Future Potential:

All in all, Mason McTavish is an elite offensive center who can be trusted to play in all situations with success. Most notably, he can generate goals as well as anyone in the 2003-born OHL Draft class, with an exceptional shot and tremendous playmaking skills to boot.

Heading into the 2019 OHL Draft, McTavish appears to be the top prospect coming out of the Ottawa region, and should challenge for a potential top-5 selection.