OHL Prospect Profile: Matthew Poitras

Matthew Poitras of the Whitby Wildcats is a tireless skater and lethal offensive player. Defined as nothing other than a workhorse, Poitras has the skill-set necessary to be chosen in the first-round of the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Matthew Poitras –

Whitby Wildcats (ETA) | Centre | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Ontario, Canada | 5’10”, 165-pounds | March 9th, 2004

It was yet another successful season for the Whitby Wildcats in the ETA, as the squad skated to the second-best record in their league while establishing themselves as a threat for the 2020 OHL Cup in the process. Defined by their potent offensive attack and diligent defending, the Wildcats stand as an incredibly deep team and one which should not be taken for granted each time they take to the ice. Re-enforcing this mindset all season long was Matthew Poitras, a stellar young player whose tremendous work ethic and tireless internal engine set the pace for Whitby throughout each game they competed within. Further, as one of the ETA’s top-scoring players this past season, it is incredibly easy to understand why Poitras is regarded as a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.


  • Work Ethic and Determination
  • Skating Speed and Strength
  • Playmaking Abilities
  • Shot Power and Release
  • On-Ice Intelligence and Vision

Poitras is regularly one of the hardest working players on the ice, of this there is not doubt. Regardless of the situation or the score, Poitras approaches each and every one of his shifts with the same mentality — out-work your opponents. And outworking opponents is exactly what Poitras has done in order to stand as one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, as the youngster is endlessly determined each and every time he takes to the ice. This drive — alongside ample skating speed and strength — allows Poitras to terrorize his opponents, as he is nothing other than a puck-hound who will work incredibly hard in order to sustain his team’s puck possession game.

Once in control of the puck, however, is when Poitras is the most dangerous. Owing to his impressive vision, Poitras can devise and implement plays in the attacking zone in the blink of an eye as well as fire the puck on goal when opposing defenders afford him with far too much time and space. Although a pass-first player, Poitras’ shot continues to improve and he loves to lean into his shots and fire accurate attempts on-goal. This combined ability to create plays and score goals allows Poitras to stand as an unpredictable yet deadly force on the ice, as his versatility alongside his work ethic makes him a complete package downright impossible to stop on a nightly basis.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Shot Accuracy
  • Physicality

As mentioned above, Poitras’ shot continues to improve — and one particular aspect which Poitras would do well to refine is his accuracy. If able to pick and choose his spots with greater consistency, Poitras will be able to bulge the twine far more often while also creating rebounds for his fellow teammates in the chance that his attempt is turned aside. Further, owing to his solid frame, we’d like to see Poitras maximize his physical play — doing so will allow Poitras to knock opposing players off the the puck, shield possession with greater ease, and stand as an overwhelming force on the fore-check.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, Poitras boasts the skill set of a game-breaking player at the OHL-level. As one of the hardest working players on the ice on a nightly basis, Poitras’ raw determination to ensure success for his team will carry significant weight come the 2020 OHL Draft. Once he boasts a refined skill set and experience in the major-junior ranks, expect the Wildcats’ captain to become a premier offensive player for whichever OHL franchise is fortunate enough to land the promising youngster.


OHL Prospect Profile: Donovan McCoy

The Quinte Red Devils are a powerhouse in the ETA this season, and stand as dominantly as they do owing to the presence of Donovan McCoy — an energetic and poised two-way defenceman eligible for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft.

– Donovan McCoy –

Quinte Red Devils (ETA) | Defence | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Belleville, Ontario | 6’0″, 175-pounds | 2004-born

The Quinte Red Devils not only stood as the top team in the ETA during the 2019-20 season, but as one of the most dominant clubs in all of Minor Midget hockey as well. Paced by a dynamic offensive attack, the Red Devils routinely outscored their opposition while putting forth stable and consistent defensive play within their own zone to boot — a reality which allowed Quinte to dismantle their opponents with relative ease on a nightly basis. And, although Dalyn Wakely received a great deal of attention throughout the Red Devils’ regular season campaign — and deservedly so — the play of Donovan McCoy on Quinte’s blue line was equally impactful.

In fact, McCoy’s efforts were so consistent and effective that he now stands as one of the top defence prospects eligible for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft.


  • Skating Strength and Mobility
  • Composure, Vision, and Breakout Abilities
  • Innate Two-Way Ability
  • Shot Strength and Penetration
  • On-Ice Versatility

The foundation of McCoy’s game is his ability to skate with strength, purpose, and mobility. Within his own zone, McCoy boasts the speed necessary to claim loose pucks from his opponents and regularly wins puck and board battles owing to his impressive lower body strength and raw determination. Once in possession of the puck, McCoy is as calm and composed as any defenceman eligible of the 2020 OHL Draft — he uses his vision to assess the position of players in his field of view before unleashing a crisp breakout pass or leading a rush up the ice owing to his ample acceleration and confidence on the ice.

This innate two-way ability allows McCoy to dismantle plays devised by his opposition before embarking upon lethal counter-attacks. Having distributed the puck to a teammate or carried it up the ice himself, McCoy doesn’t hesitate to play a significant role in the attacking zone. Although not afraid to drive the puck hard to the net when the situation allows, McCoy routinely stands as a dynamic threat on the opposing blue line. Owing to mobility, McCoy can walk the blue line with absolute ease and is never pressured into making mistakes. From his perch, McCoy can distribute the puck to a nearby teammate or shift his position in order to find an open shooting lane.

In short, McCoy stands as one of the top defencemen eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft as a result of his dynamic two-way play. Not only can he maintain excellent gap control and force turnovers in his own zone, but the youngster can fuel his team’s lethal offensive attack in the process.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Defensive Zone Physicality

As mentioned above, McCoy stands as one of the very best defenceman eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft — a reality which means that his game contains more room to grow than it does to improve. However, if we were to nitpick, we’d say that McCoy would do well to assert himself and his impressive physicality on a more frequent basis in his defensive zone. Boasting great size, McCoy features the ability to knock opposing forwards off of the puck and would stand as an even more intimidating presence if he elected to do so on a more frequent basis.

Future Potential:

At the end of the day, McCoy features the skill set necessary to develop into a top-pairing defenceman at the OHL-level and beyond. As a terrific skater and intelligent young player who processes the game at an elite-level, McCoy’s ability to fuel his team’s play at both ends of the ice should result in his selection in the first round of the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft. While McCoy still features room to improve — like all players of his age — the native of Belleville, Ontario stands as a polished prospect who should have little issue adjusting the to major-junior level next season should he choose to do so.

OHL Prospect Profile: Carson Christy

Carson Christy of the ETA’s Oshawa Generals is one of the top goal-scorers eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Learn more about the young sniper by reading his full prospect profile now!

– Carson Christy –

Oshawa Generals (ETA) | Centre | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Oshawa, Ontario | 5’11”, 155-pounds | October 15th, 2004

The Oshawa Generals stand as one of the top teams in the ETA this season, and for good reason. Not only do they feature consistent goaltending and a crew of capable defenders, but the Generals are paced offensively by a trio of dynamic offensive players. In addition to the exploits of Nathan Poole and Luke Torrance, the Generals feature the high-flying Carson Christy — a dynamic forward who is quickly developing into one of the most lethal goal-scorers eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Having led the ETA in goal-scoring by a wide margin for the majority of the 2019-20 season, Christy has and continues to establish himself as a top prospect poised for selection in the upcoming OHL Draft.

With this being said, let’s dive deeper into Christy’s game.


  • On-Ice Intelligence and Instincts
  • Puck Handling Abilities
  • Innate Playmaking Ability
  • Shot Release and Accuracy
  • Skating Speed and Agility
  • Work Ethic

When it comes to Christy’s strengths, there are many. First and foremost, there are Christy’s intelligence on the ice and his natural offensive instincts. Unlike many players, Christy knows where to be on the ice and when, and regularly positions himself in locations from which he can do significant damage in a quiet and deceptive manner. Once the puck finds Christy, he truly is a shifty force who is incredibly difficult to predict and defend. Owing to his lightning-quick and decisive hands with the puck on his stick, Christy can keep opposing defenders off balance given the fact that he is a threat to pass the puck as well as shoot it. Moreover, as an agile and purposeful skater, Christy can use his feet in combination with his hands to weave through opposing defenders before firing an accurate shot on net or dishing the puck off to one of his fellow teammates.

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More often than not, however, Christy will elect to whip the puck on goal, and for good reason — at the time of publication, Christy led the ETA in goal-scoring with 39 tallies in 34 games played. What makes Christy such a threat to score is not simply his shot alone, but also is overwhelming work ethic. Sure, Christy features an accurate shot defined by its quick and accurate release, but the youngster can bulge the twine in more ways than one. Despite possessing the ability to beat goaltenders cleanly, Christy is not afraid to drive hard to the net in search of rebounds of loose pucks and will willingly go to the more difficult areas of the ice in order to claim the puck and generate offence for his team.

Areas for Improvement:

  • First Step Acceleration
  • Puck Protection

Although he stands as a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, Christy isn’t without room for improvement within in his game. Despite standing as a wildly talented young player, Christy would do well to improve his first step acceleration — doing so will allow him to reach top speed in the blink of an eye while also creating greater separation between himself and his opponents. Secondly, there is Christy’s ability to protect the puck — as he grows older and stronger, his balance on his skates and ability to fend off opponents will undoubtedly improve. Once he further develops these two abilities Christy will stand as a well-rounded offensive player, and one who will command success at the next-level.

Future Potential:

At the end of the day, Christy stands as a premier goal-scoring prospect eligible for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft. Owing to his ability to bulge the twine and generate offence on a consistent basis, Christy should and could be chosen anywhere from the late first round to the second round of the Priority Selection. Does he have room to improve before ascending to the OHL-level? Absolutely, but so do all players of his age. In short, we could be talking about a future 40-goal scorer at the Major Junior level — Christy’s work ethic and productivity are simply that potent.

2020 OHL Draft: The Top-15 Goalies to Watch

With the 2020 OHL Draft three months away, meet fifteen of the top goaltenders eligible for the annual Priority Selection. Inside you’ll find in-depth profiles on a handful of goaltenders sure to be selected early during the upcoming OHL Draft.

We’ve released our fair share of rankings ahead of the 2020 OHL Draft this season, yet none of which have included goaltenders. This has been done intentionally, as it is quite difficult to compare goaltenders to forwards and defencemen while simultaneously assessing and comparing their respective values. When it comes to elite goaltenders and the annual OHL Draft, they are not only viewed as extremely valuable but incredibly difficult to attain.

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If you stand as a top goaltender — or one of the top-15, perhaps — odds are that your name will be called relatively early in the Priority Selection. And, for the 15 goaltenders which we have highlighted below, such will more than likely be the case. All throughout the 2019-20 season to date, these young netminders have consistently proven themselves to be quality athletes as well as individuals off of the ice — routinely outworking their competition in pursuit of success at the OHL-level and beyond. So, although this article isn’t an official ranking, you’ll meet and learn about 15 of the top goaltenders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft below.

15 Goaltenders to Watch

Alexander Chu

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Rebels (GTHL)

Playing alongside the equally talented Frankie Murphy for the Mississauga Rebels this season, Chu has been a spark-plug for his team when he takes to the goal. Although somewhat undersized, Chu is incredibly energetic and technical — regularly making stellar acrobatic saves with relative ease. While the 2019-20 season hasn’t gone in the direction which they Rebels had initially planned, Chu has been a bright-spot in the crease for Mississauga who comes to the rink each and every night and competes. Simply put.

Dominic DiVincentiis

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

Much like the Mississauga Rebels, the Vaughan Kings also feature a dynamic duo between the pipes. Alongside Mikael Kingo — who you’ll meet in a few moments — DiVincentiis has been rock solid for the Kings thus far this season, utilizing excellent edge-work and sound rebound control in order to stand as a calming presence for the Kings. Although arguably under-sized given his 5-foot-10 frame, DiVincentiis is no worse for wear — he can track the puck incredibly well and can turn aside the most dangerous players the GTHL has to offer given his competitive nature and explosive lateral movements.

Kyle Downey

2019-20 Team: Toronto Nationals (GTHL)

The Toronto Nationals stand as a powerhouse within the GTHL this season — a fact which would not have been made possible without the play of goaltender Kyle Downey. As one of the top netminders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, Downey is never out of a play and, as a result, his team is never fully out of a game. Just when opposing teams think they’ve beaten Downey, he features the innate ability to reach out with his glove or extend a pad to make a highlight-reel save. However, for the most part, Downey is extremely calm and sound in his crease, allowing the puck to travel and hit him rather than over-extending himself to make routine saves.

Brett Fullerton

2019-20 Team: Burlington Eagles (SCTA)

The 2019-20 campaign has been a mediocre one for the Burlington Eagles thus far, but the play of Brett Fullerton in goal has been nothing other than exemplary. Although the play of the Eagles as a whole has been somewhat inconsistent, Fullerton has been up to the task each and every time he’s asked to tend to his team’s crease. Of solid size given his 6-foot-1 frame, Fullerton is an intimidating sight in goal who affords opposing shooters with little opportunity given his sound positioning. What’s more is that Fullerton can find the puck through traffic with ease and features the lightning quick reflexes necessary to make difficult saves look easy.

Riley George

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (Alliance)

The Hamilton Huskies have taken Alliance Hockey and the world of Minor Midget hockey by storm this season, consistently playing inspired hockey which has led to a number of incredible results. Standing as the foundation of the Huskies’ play in 2019-20 has been goaltender Riley George, the team’s definitive starting goaltender whose play has been not only steady but borderline impenetrable. Like all elite goaltenders eligible for this year’s OHL Draft, George affords opposing shooters with virtually no opportunity to bulge the twine, as his explosive lateral movements and reflexes combine to make him a consistent force and one which Hamilton has come to rely upon greatly.

Mikael Kingo

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

Despite being known widely throughout the hockey world for his humanitarian efforts and tireless work with The Angel Project, Mikael Kingo also happens to be one of the top goaltenders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Boasting solid size and an unmatched work-ethic, Kingo has provided the Kings with consistent and productive goaltending each and every time he has been tasked with defending his team’s goal. What’s more is that Kingo has regularly displayed the innate ability to raise his game to the next level when the situation demands — the youngster has enjoyed stellar showings in a number of the 2019-20 season’s most significant Minor Midget tournaments.

Nolan Lalonde

2019-20 Team: Kingston Jr. Gaels (ETA)

The Kingston Jr. Gaels are in the thick of things in the ETA this season, and likely would not be as high in the standings as they currently are without the composed play of Nolan Lalonde in goal. For Lalonde, consistency and composure are key — the young netminder exudes an impressive level of calmness considering his age and has the ability to relax and focus the play of his team in the process. Highly technical, Lalonde can move throughout his crease with absolute ease and always stands in position to make crucial and timely saves. What’s more is that Lalonde can absorb and cast aside shots directed his way with impressive poise, as the youngster rarely hands fruitful rebounds to opposing teams.

Austin McNicholas

2019-20 Team: Buffalo Jr. Sabres

The Buffalo Jr. Sabres have been dominant this season, while their play in a number of this campaign’s significant tournaments has been nothing short of notable as well. Backstopping the Jr. Sabres for the majority of the season thus far has been Austin McNicholas — a netminder who features improving size and the ability to move throughout his crease with power and precision. What’s more is that McNicholas plays his angles incredibly well and doesn’t hesitate to challenge shooters who may happen to have time and space in the offensive zone. In short, McNicholas is a reliable netminder whose game only continues to improve.

Chazz Nixon

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Generals (ETA)

The Oshawa Generals stand as a legitimate contender within the ETA this season, and for good reason. In addition to their impressive offensive abilities, the Generals also feature a steady and composed starting goaltender in Chazz Nixon. Of solid size, Nixon is an excellent competitor who brings his a-game to the rink on a nightly basis. Never out of a play and not one to allow soft goals, Nixon affords his teammates with a sense of confidence when tending the pipes, as his consistency thus far this season alongside his innate abilities has held the Generals in each and every game they’ve played despite the strength of their opponents.

Jackson Parsons

2019-20 Team: Cornwall Colts (HEO)

Although the Cornwall Colts have played to a losing record thus far this season, it hasn’t stopped goaltender Jackson Parsons from routinely displayed his abilities and proving himself as one of the top goaltenders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. While his team had allowed 2.9 goals against per game at the time of publication, Parsons held down a sparkling 2.00 goals against average alongside a jaw-dropping .934% save percentage. One force behind Parsons’ stellar play this season is that fact that the youngster is a natural athlete — standing 6-feet tall and weighing in at 185-pounds, Parsons is an explosive goaltender who can cover his crease with ease and make lightning quick movements from post to post.

Cole Sheffield

2019-20 Team: London Jr. Knights (Alliance)

It’s been an up and down season for the London Jr. Knights in league play this season, but the team has faired well in tournament action. While this success on the big stage certainly comes as the result of dedicated team play, it is hard to ignore the contributions put forth by Cole Sheffield in goal. While some scouts may argue that Sheffield is under-sized, this debatable deficiency hasn’t stopped Sheffield from bringing consistency and flair to the ice with each passing game. In fact, not only does Sheffield feature strong rebound control and poise in his crease, but he also boasts the ability to make game-changing saves owing to his quick reflexes and ability to read the play as it develops.

Richard Szajek

2019-20 Team: Guelph Jr. Gryphons (SCTA)

Richard Szajek is an athletic, hard-working, and incredibly technical goaltender — all reasons why his play for the Guelph Jr. Gryphons of the SCTA has been so dominant this season. Boasting great size, Szajek is an intimidating sight yet one who does not rely solely on his figure in order to make saves. Capable of tracking the puck through traffic with apparent ease, Szajek lets the puck travel to him and will not move himself out of position in order to make an initial save. Further, having made the first save, Szajek regularly directs puck into the corners or is quick to cover the puck — a reality which minimizes scoring opportunities for opposing players.

Liam Sztuska

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

Since being named as the top goaltender in the 2019 OHF Bantam AAA Championship, scouts have been flocking to the rink to catch Liam Sztuska in action. Now a member of the Toronto Titans, Sztuska’s consistent play has helped to propel his new team to a position of prominence within the GTHL standings. Perhaps the most notable facet of Sztuska’s game is his unwavering energy level and competitiveness — the youngster takes to the ice with a purpose and competes game in and game out. Well known for his explosive lateral movements and refined technical abilities, Sztuska boasts the ability to steal wins for his team regardless of their opponent on any given night.

Corbin Votary

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The Quinte Red Devils captured the OMHA Bantam AAA Championship during the 2018-19 season, an outcome which was reflective of the team’s depth and unmatched level of skill. However, the Red Devils certainly wouldn’t have been able to do so — nor enjoy the amount of success which they have this season — without the impressive play of goaltender Corbin Votary. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing in at 180-pounds, Votary is an intimidating sight in-goal who combines his size and fluid movements in order to deny opposing shooters with startling regularity.

Samuel White

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

The York Simcoe Express are a handful in the ETA each and every year, and in 2019-20 the case is no different. Helping to pace the play of the Express this campaign has been goaltender Samuel White — a natural athlete who competes tirelessly and strives to ensure his team collects two points each time he takes to the ice. Standing 5-foot-10 tall and weighing in at 190-pounds, White is an explosive goaltender who boasts quick reflexes and the ability to make highlight-reel saves with ease. Owing to his strong lower-body, White moves throughout his crease with a purpose and can track the puck in his defensive zone without issue. All in all, White is a composed and tactile netminder who affords his opposition with few opportunities to bulge the twine.

The French-Canadian Connection

Although eligible for the QMHL Entry Draft rather than the OHL Priority Selection, one goaltender whose play must be discussed is Charles-Edward Gravel of the GTHL’s Mississauga Senators.

Charles-Edward Gravel

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Senators (GTHL)

A native of Lévis, Quebec, Charles-Edward Gravel is unquestionably one of the top goaltenders competing in Ontario this season. Skating for the red-hot Mississauga Senators, Gravel is a technically refined netminder who can read and anticipate the play exceptionally well as it develops and unfolds in front of him. Incredibly composed and poised in goal, Gravel turns away deadly shots with ease and is always sure to control or direct the rebound away from his opposition. What’s more is that Gravel is a stellar puck-handler, often acting as a third defenceman who can move the puck to his forwards when the situation demands. The cousin of Alexis Gravel — a sixth-round selection of the Chicago Blackhawks in 2018 — Gravel has all the makings of a star goaltender at the next level, so be sure to catch him in action before he suits up in the QMJHL next season.

2020 OHL Draft Profile: Dalyn Wakely

Dalyn Wakely of the ETA’s Quinte Red Devils is a force on the ice thanks to his intimidating physicality along with his high-end scoring abilities.

– Dalyn Wakely –

Quinte Red Devils (ETA) | Center | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

As a member of a perennial powerhouse in the 2004-born circuit, the Quinte Red Devils, Dalyn Wakely has developed into one of the most highly-anticipated prospects available for the 2020 OHL Draft.

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An intimidating force to go up against, Wakely has consistently dominated his competition all over the ice. Showcasing immense strength, he can level opponents with powerful open-ice hits, or effectively separate them from the puck along the wall. With a heavy shot, an electric release, and creative hands, Wakely can light the lamp in a multitude of ways.

Wakely’s impressive attributes were enough to catch the eyes of Jr. A brass, as he made his OJHL debut in September of 2019. With the Red Devils being a heavy favourite in the ETA, Wakely will undoubtedly be a name to watch for heading up to the 2020 OHL Draft and beyond.


  • Shot Power and Release
  • Strength and Physicality
  • On-Ice Awareness

The leader of the reigning OMHA Champion, Quinte Red Devils, Dalyn Wakely is a dynamic forward who can make a significant difference at both ends of the ice. Oozing with skill and strength, he can create problems for his opposition in plenty of ways, whether by enforcing the physical aspect of the game, or by creating dangerous scoring chances. With impressive lower-body strength and a solid center of gravity, Wakely is able to dish out some devastating open-ice hits, making sure that opponents know when he’s on the ice. This also makes him a force along the wall in the offensive zone, as he becomes nearly impossible to bump off of the puck.

That strength further comes in handy when Wakely is snapping shots past goaltenders. He has a quick, yet powerful release, ripping heavy shots off of the rush or while posted up off of the half-wall. With that said, he also displays creative vision of the ice, utilizing his silky hands and sense of developing plays to turn defenders inside-out. Wakely can also be dangerous from a playmaking standpoint, as opponents are forced to respect his shot, he can fake them out before sliding a cross-ice pass to a wide-open teammate. Further, Wakely is very intelligent with his puck movement on the powerplay, and can even direct plays on his own.

Area of Improvement:

  • Straight-Line Speed and Edge Work

In order to become a more dynamic and truly dominant player in all facets of the game, Wakely could stand to work on his edge work and his top speed. While his skating certainly isn’t going to hold him back from having a successful future, it’s simply an area which could be further developed.

Growing his straight-line speed would allow him to separate from defenders a little quicker on the rush and create more odd-man opportunities and breakaways. Further, some slicker edges would make him a much more unpredictable skater, and would force defenders to play on their heels a little bit more.

Future Potential:

With that being said, Dalyn Wakely should, by all means, be considered a first-round prospect for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft. He’s got the size and strength to jump straight into the OHL next year, as well as all the natural talent to become an offensive force at the next level and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled for Wakely and the entire Quinte Red Devils squad during the course of the 2019-20 season.

OHL Prospect Profile: Cole Patey

Cole Patey of the ETA’s North Central Predators is a dynamic offensive force defined by his size and commitment to two-way play. Come the 2019 OHL Draft, Patey should be made a top-60 overall selection in the event.

– Cole Patey –

North Central Predators (ETA) | Left-Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Utterson, Ontario | 6-feet, 185-pounds | Feb. 11th, 2003

The North Central Predators were one of the top teams in the ETA during the 2018-19 campaign, skating to a commanding 21-8-5 record — a mark good for second-best in the league.

And, although the Predators received massive offensive contributions from throughout their deep and highly skilled lineup this season, it was Cole Patey who helped to lead the way for the Predators. In fact, in his 29 regular season contests for North Central this past campaign, Patey tallied 19 goals and 43 points — the second-highest total on the Predators behind only Ethan Larmand’s 51.

A tremendous skater and lethal offensive player, Patey has come to be defined by his unparalleled work-ethic and dedication to his team’s on-ice success. Of solid size and strength given his 6-foot, 185-pound frame, Patey isn’t afraid to deliver bone-rattling body-checks or blocks shots in order to fuel and ensure his team’s success.

In short, Patey will be a highly sought after prospect come the 2019 OHL Priority Selection. As a well-rounded and highly competitive youngster of immense potential, it would come as a shock were Patey not selected within the top-60 overall — he is simply that good.

With this being said, let’s take a closer look at some of Patey’s strengths as well as areas in which he would do well to improve stand.


  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Shot Velocity and Release
  • Physicality
  • Work-Ethic and Aggressiveness

Patey’s skating stands as the foundation of his game, as the native of Utterson, Ontario can burn his way up and down the ice with tremendous straight-line speed and has the ability to navigate the offensive zone with agility and purpose. What’s more is that Patey can accelerate to full-speed in a short number of strides — an ability which allows him to create time and space on the rush or while breaking out of his defensive zone.

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Once established in the attacking end, Patey can pick apart opposing defences owing to his creativity, vision, and elite-level shot. Although he stands as a threat to pass the puck as well, Patey is most dangerous when he fires the puck on-goal with both velocity and accuracy. Defined by its lightning-quick release, Patey can fire his shot on-net with authority and can generate a great deal of rebounds if his initial shot fails to bulge the twine — a reality which creates numerous opportunities for his teammates.

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In addition to his natural offensive abilities, Patey also brings a well-rounded style of two-way play to the ice on a game-by-game basis. Always aware of his defensive responsibilities and a pest on the back-check, Patey can strip opponents of the puck owing to his strength or throw a well-timed hit in order to disrupt plays devised by his opposition. A tireless skater who works endlessly to secure the puck and generate offensive chances, Patey is a natural competitor who displays a high-energy level and consistent work-ethic with each passing shift.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Skating Agility
  • Opportunity Recognition and Seizure

Although Patey is unquestionably one of the top prospects eligible for the upcoming 2019 OHL Draft, his game isn’t without room for improvement.

First and foremost, there is Patey’s on-ice agility. While the youngster is an explosive and purposeful skater, he would do well to improve his foot speed and general agility ahead of the 2019-20 campaign. If he wishes to enjoy a successful transition to the OHL-level next season, increasing his agility will provide Patey with greater separation, time, and space from his opponents with which to create deadly offensive opportunities.

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Secondly, there is Patey’s ability to recognize and seize offensive opportunities as they develop within the attacking zone. Now, this is not to say that Patey is poor offensive player by any means, but rather that he would do well to be more confident in his abilities and seize the time and space which his skill set demands from his opponents. If able to become a more direct and purposeful player in the offensive zone, Patey could quite easily develop into a top-tier player at the next-level.

Future Potential:

In short, Patey is one of the top forwards eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection. As a sturdy skater of solid size and offensive ability, Patey should be able to play a role at the OHL-level as soon as next season owing to his strong work-ethic and competitive nature.

Come the OHL Draft itself, expect to hear Patey’s name called within the initial 60 selections. As the seventh-highest scoring player in the ETA this past season and a member of Team Ontario at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, Patey’s offensive flair and consistency won’t go overlooked for long — and deservedly so.

OHL Prospect Profile: Jacob Dupuis

Jacob Dupuis of the ETA’s Clarington Toros is a top prospect eligible for the 2019 OHL Draft. Of great size, strength, and offensive abilities, his name won’t last long come draft day in April.

– Jacob Dupuis –

Clarington Toros (ETA) | RD/RW | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Courtice, Ontario | 6-foot-2, 195-pounds | Aug. 1st, 2003

Although the Clarington Toros did not enjoy the most successful campaign in the ETA this season — skating to a 13-21-2 record — the club featured a number of highly talented prospects eligible for the upcoming 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

Leading the way offensively for the Toros were the likes Lucas Culhane, Nathan Ford, and Jacob Dupuis — although, it is the latter of which whose game could translate best to the OHL-level. Of solid size and strength given his 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame, Dupuis is a sturdy and purposeful skater who plays a decisive role at both ends of the ice.

While his offensive game continues to grow and has only improved of late, Dupuis’ stature and natural abilities will combine to make him a highly sought after prospect come the 2019 OHL Draft.


  • Shot Power
  • Skating Stride and Stability
  • Two-Way Play
  • Physicality
  • Versatility

With the foundation of Dupuis’ game being his strength, it should come as no surprise to learn that the youngster features a crisp shot of ample velocity. What’s more, however, is the fact that Dupuis can release the puck in the blink-of-an-eye — a release which has the ability to handcuff opposing goaltenders while creating rebounds for his teammates.

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Placing Dupuis in a position to fire his heavy shot on goal is the youngster’s ability to traverse the ice with ease. A strong and sturdy skater, Dupuis is seemingly unstoppable once he reaches top speed, and boasts the willingness to combine his size and speed into an overwhelming attack offensively. It is this ability to skate while utilizing his size which amplifies Dupuis’ overall game, as the native of Courtice, Ontario has come to stand as an excellent two-way player capable of dominating his opposition at both ends of the ice. In fact, Dupuis has played both forward and defence throughout the 2018-19 season — a reality which has afforded him a comprehensive perspective of the game at both ends of the ice.

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However, the most distinctive feature of Dupuis’ game is undoubtedly his physicality. Of greater size and strength than the majority of his opposition, Dupuis is a dominant force in all three zones of the ice and drives possession for his team resulting from his ability to protect the puck and shrug off opposing defenders. In the case that he or his team does not retain puck possession, Dupuis will use his size or, alternatively, his active stick in order to dislodge the puck and lead the charge up ice.

Areas of Improvement:

  • First-Step Acceleration
  • Offensive Simplicity

While he is an above-average skater of ample speed, agility, and balance, Dupuis would do well to improve his first-step acceleration in the years ahead. Although already a seemingly unstoppable force once at full speed, Dupuis would create far more time and space for himself offensively if able to separate himself from his competition in a more efficient manner — a reality which would surely inflate his point totals.

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In addition to Dupuis’ acceleration, there is the youngster’s offensive game. As one of the most lethal players on the ice on a nightly basis, Dupuis attacks with power and creativity, and isn’t afraid to distribute the puck to his teammates. However, at times, Dupuis can overthink developing opportunities rather than maintaining a simple yet effective approach in the attacking zone. If able to become a consistently productive player founded upon simple yet tactile offensive traits, Dupuis could evolve into a stellar power-forward at the next-level.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, there is a great deal to like with respect to Dupuis’ game. With size, speed, and innate offensive abilities, Dupuis boasts all the traits of an OHL-level player and is defined by his commitment to versatility and two-way play.

Come the 2019 OHL Priority Selection, Dupuis will surely be selected in the middle rounds of the event. However, don’t be surprised if Dupuis is selected much higher — he and his game feature a great deal of potential as well as room for growth in the years ahead.

OHL Prospect Profile: Jacob Holmes

Jacob Holmes has displayed a very mature and strong all-around game. He is as solid as they come defensively, with great gap control and awareness. He has continued to improve his offensive upside throughout the course of the season as well, boasting a very strong point shot and promising puck movement.

– Jacob Holmes –

York Simcoe Express (ETA) | Left Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Alliston, Ontario | 6-foot-1, 176-pounds | July 4th, 2003

Jacob Holmes is an intelligent, mobile defencemen who has somewhat flown under the radar for parts of the 2018-19 season. The captain of the York Simcoe Express, Holmes is beginning to earn the recognition he deserves and rise up the OHL Draft rankings. Playing an effective two-way game, he is often relied upon in all situations and has proven his ability to thrive under a heavy workload.

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Holmes earned an invaluable opportunity on the national stage in February, where he represented Team Ontario at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. He flew with the chance, quickly becoming one of the team’s most relied upon and high-scoring defencemen. Holmes displays all of the integral traits to find success at the OHL level, and then some.


  • Positioning & Decision Making
  • Skating
  • Point Shot

Holmes is a defender that can give his team a better chance to win in any situation and at either end of the ice. He has consistently demonstrated tremendous instincts on the ice with both his positioning and decision making, both with and without the puck. Holmes rarely makes a mistake and recognizes when to take the safe play, as well as when it is appropriate to take a chance.

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A strong and smooth skater, Holmes is very difficult to knock of off the puck, but is even more intimidating to go up against as an opposing forward. He is very agile on his feet and can change directions instantaneously without sacrificing any speed. Offensively, he has a very heavy shot from the point and can also distribute the puck well at both ends of the ice.

Area of Improvement:

  • Speed and Puck Skills

Holmes has displayed some very intriguing offensive potential, as both a playmaker from the back end and a shooter from the point. In fact, he has the potential to become a very potent two-way defenceman if he can improve upon his speed and puck skills. Having honed the defensive aspects of his game, Holmes could easily become one of the top defencemen from this year’s OHL Draft with some added offensive flare.

With already excellent skating abilities, Holmes could be a very dangerous option on the rush with some increased speed, allowing him to create odd-man rushes or rush the puck though the neutral zone himself. As well, some slick puck skills at the point would allow him to walk the line with more confidence and open up passing and shooting lanes to take advantage of.

Future Potential:

In all, Jacob Holmes has displayed a very mature and strong all-around game. He is as solid as they come defensively, with great gap control and awareness. He has continued to improve his offensive upside throughout the course of the season as well, boasting a very strong point shot and promising puck movement.

Heading towards the 2019 OHL Draft, Holmes is certainly trending in the right direction. He is beginning to receive his due recognition and just seems to be scratching the surface of his potential. He could very well challenge as a second round pick, if not, a very valuable third rounder.

OHL Prospect Profile: Connor Punnett

Connor Punnett has the ability to be a game changer at both ends of the ice. With intriguing offensive upside, he has displayed the potential to be an elite puck-moving defenceman. Projecting to the OHL level, Punnett has showcased all of the necessary abilities to adapt and thrive at the major junior level.

– Connor Punnett –

North Central Predators (ETA) | Left Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Powassan, Ontario | 6-foot-1, 174-pounds | June 16th, 2003

Connor Punnett has quietly put his name on the map as one of the top puck-moving defencemen available for this year’s OHL Draft. His skills at both ends of the ice, as well as upper-level strength and physicality, were two leading reasons for his inclusion on Team Ontario’s roster for the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

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A large part of Punnett’s upside comes from his offensive potential. He ranked second among all ETA defencemen in points per game this year, totalling six goals and 26 points over 30 games of action. His play was further rewarded by call-ups to play with the Powassan VooDoos of the NOJHL, where he was able to display his ability to go up against older and stronger opponents.


  • Transition Skills
  • Gap Control
  • Sense & Instincts

Punnett is a defenceman who thrives on the transition game, plain and simple. He is tremendously reliable in his own end, controlling gaps with authority and combining smart body and stick positioning to be an intimidating player to face on the rush. With good size, he isn’t afraid to force opponents into the wall and is very effective below the dots.

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With that said, Punnett is excellent at retrieving the puck and moving it up ice in an instant, with slick tape-to-tape breakout passes, effective chips off the wall, and eye-catching breakaway dishes. From the offensive blue line, Punnett excels at getting shots through traffic to produce scoring chances. Further, his sense and ability to read the game is off the charts, playing a game mature beyond his years.

Area of Improvement:

  • Shot Power

In order to be a truly elite offensive defender at the next level, Punnett will need to ads some extra gas to his shot from the point. He’s displayed an ability to sift through traffic and score on the rush, but being able to score from the point at the next level will be crucial in reaching his ceiling of potential.

Especially on the man advantage, Punnett would greatly increase his draft stock with some extra muscle in his slap shot. Although he possesses a smart wrister from the point with which he can get past screens, adding an extra element to his talents from the line would make himself much more potent as a two-way defenceman.

Future Potential:

Overall, Connor Punnett has the ability to be a game changer at both ends of the ice. With intriguing offensive upside, he has displayed the potential to be an elite puck-moving defenceman who can join the rush or skate the puck through the neutral zone himself. He has continued to grow in his defensive reliability as well, playing an intelligent and physical game in his own zone.

Projecting to the OHL level, Punnett has showcased all of the necessary abilities to adapt and thrive at the major junior level. As he continues to grow and strengthen, he will only become a more intimidating defender to face at either end of the ice. In all, Punnett projects as a potential second round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Jon-Randall Avon

Jon-Randall Avon is an elite centre with high-end goal scoring potential. A leader by example, Avon has shown the ability to carry his team on his back against some of Ontario’s toughest competition. With consistent production and separation speed, Avon is one of the most potent prospects available for the 2019 NHL Draft.

– Jon-Randall Avon –

Peterborough Petes (ETA) | Centre | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Jon-Randall Avon utilized a slew of consistency throughout the 2018-19 season to slowly, but surely, climb the rankings for the 2019 OHL Draft. One of the ETA’s top scorers, finishing fifth in goals with 24 and sixth in points with 49, Avon was the Petes’ leader all year long, pushing the team to the third seed in the East Division.

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In fact, Avon established an eye-catching 23 point lead over the next highest scorer on the Petes. Avon’s strengths are backed by an elite skating ability and an energy level that is second-to-none. One of the fastest prospects in the draft, he can blow by opponents and has a natural nose for the net, along with high-end puck skills and strong hockey sense.


  • Speed & Agility
  • Compete Level
  • Sense & Puck Skills

Avon’s strengths start with his skating. A mobile centreman with blazing speed, Avon can reach top speeds in a matter of steps and can separate from opponents on the rush. With excellent agility, he move laterally with precision and keeps defenders on their toes as a result. Away from the puck, Avon displays an admirable compete level, backchecking deep into the defensive zone to support his teammates.

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Avon also goes hard into battles along the boards for loose pucks, and usually comes away with possession. Perhaps the most promising aspect of Avon’s game is his ability to handle the puck with skill in tight traffic. He shows off creative hands and confidence around the net. Avon also has a lethal shot, with a lightning-quick release and precision accuracy, he is a safe bet to find the back of the net on any given night.

Area of Improvement:

  • Defensive Awareness

If there’s any area of Avon’s game that could use some touching up, it would likely be with his awareness in the defensive zone. While he is responsible in his positioning and consistently backchecks deep in his own zone to force turnovers, Avon can sometimes be caught looking to turn the play up ice before a safe opportunity to do so presents itself.

As a result of these offensive instincts, Avon can sometimes take himself out of position for brief moments. In order to cut down on these minor mistakes, Avon will need to slightly improve his awareness and ability to read a developing play in the defensive zone so as to not miss an assignment at the OHL level. WIth that said, he remains a reliable two-way centre who puts in his full effort in his own zone.

Future Potential:

Jon-Randall Avon is an elite centre with high-end goal scoring potential. A leader by example, Avon has shown the ability to carry his team on his back against some of Ontario’s toughest competition. With consistent production and separation speed, Avon is one of the most potent prospects available for the 2019 NHL Draft.

As one of the top scorer’s in the ETA, Avon’s stock has been consistently rising since the beginning of the year. A complete prospect who checks off all the boxes, Avon will certainly earn his coach’s rust quickly wherever he gets drafted. In all, Avon projects as a mid-second round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.