2020 OHL Cup: 25 Players to Watch

Although the 2020 OHL Cup was cancelled, be sure to meet 25 top prospects who would have competed in the prestigious annual event.

The 2020 OHL Cup promised to be nothing other than a spectacle of high-end skill and ability, all of which put forth by a number of the best 2004-born hockey prospects in the world. Unfortunately, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, these players had the opportunity to play in the biggest tournament of their young careers dashed when the OHL and GTHL announced their decision to cancel this year’s OHL Cup on March 12th, 2020.

The decision to do so, which was ultimately made to protect the well-being of players, their families and their team’s fans, was the right one despite the weight and disappointment associated with it. Yet, with this being said, there’s no reason why we can’t highlight a number of the top prospects who would have competed within the 2020 OHL Cup — all of which stand as elite young players eligible for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft.

So, without further ado and in the midst of this odd situation, let’s take a moment to highlight 25 excellent young prospects who would have competed in the 2020 OHL Cup. Since all 20 of the teams who would have competed within the tournament had not been officially named at the time of cancelation, this list will focus on players whose teams had clinched official berths in the OHL Cup as of March 12th, 2020. As a result, players from GTHL, ETA, SCTA, and Alliance teams only are included below.

25 Top Prospects to Watch

Sam Alfano

2019-20 Team: Souther Tier Admirals (SCTA)

Big-bodied power-forwards are always highly valued, and such is exactly the case when it comes to Sam Alfano of the Southern Tier Admirals. Regarded as one of the Admirals’ best players all season long, Alfano features terrific size and the ability to skate exceptionally well to boot. Mix in a soft pair of hands and a tireless work ethic and it becomes rather easy to understand how Alfano was able to pot 36 goals in his 32 regular season SCTA games played with Southern Tier.

Carson Christy

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Generals (ETA)

One of the top goal-scorers eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, Carson Christy features a booming shot and an electrifying release. Capable of wiring the puck on goal with velocity and accuracy, Christy loves to pick apart opposing goaltenders and can do so with ease. However, Christy is far more than a goal-scorer, as his impressive skating abilities and elite on-ice vision allow him to devise high-percentage scoring opportunities which his teammates regularly capitalize upon.

Brice Cooke

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

Skating for one of the top teams in Minor Midget hockey in the Toronto Jr. Canadiens, Brice Cooke has proven time and time again to be far more than simply a complimentary player. A strong skater who boasts the ability to maintain his speed as he changes direction, Cooke is a capable playmaker who loves to score goals too. He owns a deceptive shot and the innate instincts necessary to drive his team’s offensive game.

Justin Dezoete

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (SCTA)

Alongside Patrick Thomas, Justin Dezoete plays a crucial role within the Hamilton Huskies’ offensive attack. As a sturdy skater of growing strength, Dezoete is an incredibly capable and consistent goal-scorer. Moreover, Dozoete features the on-ice instincts and intelligence necessary to create and implement scoring chances for his fellow teammates. In addition to his impressive work-ethic, Dezoete plays a responsible game on the ice — rarely taking penalties despite his intense demeanour.

Domenic DiVincentiis

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

The Vaughan Kings refused to back down during their regular season or in the 2020 GTHL Playoffs, and would not have reached the championship round without the play of goaltender Domenic DiVincentiis. Alongside Mikael Kingo, DiVincentiis helped propel the Kings forward owing to his tremendously consistent and athletic style of play. Calm within his crease and able to maintain his view of the puck through traffic, DiVincentiis stands as a stabilizing presence in goal for Vaughan who brings his best to the ice on a nightly basis.

Kyle Downey

2019-20 Team: Toronto Nationals (GTHL)

Widely regarded as one of the top goaltending prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, Kyle Downey is an intimidating sight in goal who affords opposing shooters with little opportunity to bulge the twine. Laser-quick in his lateral movements and square in his positioning, Downey tracks the puck with ease owing to his height and is endlessly competitive when he takes to the crease. In short, the Nationals would not have been the second-best team in the GTHL this season without the play of Downey in their crease.

Nolan Dunn

2019-20 Team: Whitby Wildcats (ETA)

Yet another terrific goaltender eligible for selection in the 2020 OHL Draft, Nolan Dunn was a stalwart for the Whitby Wildcats in goal throughout their 2019-20 campaign. Consistent in his approach and his results, Dunn is incredibly focused when in goal and follows the puck incredibly well. His reflexes are quick and precise and his rebound-control is calm and composed — Dunn rarely affords his opposition with second-chance opportunities.

Liam Eveleigh

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

Liam Eveleigh is a calm and composed defender for the Waterloo Wolves who brings strength and stability to his team’s blue line. Owing to his impressive size, Eveleigh is nearly impossible to knock off of the puck. In turn, Eveleigh uses his size quite well in his defensive zone — regularly knocking opposing players off of the puck before transitioning possession to his teammates as they break out of their zone. Moreover, Eveleigh likes to join the rush and can produce a fair deal of offence from his blue line as well.

Pano Fimis

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

As one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, it should come as no surprise to learn that Pano Fimis is a complete package on the ice. Incredibly competitive as well as consistent, Fimis brings his best to the ice with each passing game and can be counted upon to lead his team at both ends of the ice. Offensively, Fimis is a gifted playmaker who can decipher the play in front of him as it develops as well as score his fair share of goals. Moreover, Fimis is responsible in his own end and strong in the face off circle as well — his willingness to deliver massive body-checks makes him a tough opponent to play against.

Isaiah George

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Although the Toronto Marlboros didn’t pack the most significant punch in the GTHL this season, defenceman Isaiah George stood as a player to watch each time the club took to the ice. A smooth-skating and poised defender, George’s game is defined by his refined skill, as the youngster make complex plays look easy with startling consistency. Solid at both ends of the ice owing to his strength, skating abilities and puck handling skills, George is a competent two-way defender who can dictate the pace of play.

Riley George

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (SCTA)

The Hamilton Huskies were a dominant club at the Bantam-level last season, so their continued dominance within Alliance Hockey in 2019-20 came as no surprise. One player who has come to play a key role for the Huskies is goaltender Riley George — a sizeable yet athletic goaltender who stands as a confident presence within Hamilton’s crease. Known for his explosive movements and quick reflexes, George has the ability to make highlight-reel saves with ease and is as competitive as they come.

Hunter Haight

2019-20 Team: Elgin Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

The Elgin Middlesex Chiefs were the most dominant team in Alliance Hockey this season, and were propelled forward by a dynamic offensive attack. A crucial component of their offence was Hunter Haight — an explosive and creative centre who is incredibly dangerous when the puck is on his stick. Well-known for his blistering shot, Haight can rip the puck on goal or dish possession to a nearby teammate if opposing defenders afford him with too much time and space in the offensive zone. Further, Haight is a tremendous skater who features excellent speed and agility.

Matthew Jovanovic

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

A staple on the Toronto Marlboros’ blue line, Matthew Jovanovic is a smooth-skating and poised defender ready to ascend to the OHL-level. Jovanovic regularly makes excellent decisions with the puck and isn’t prove to turnovers or giveaways — a reality which allows him to fuel his team’s offensive attack. Further, owing to his skating abilities, Jovanovic can walk the opposing blue line with ease and implement high-percentage scoring opportunities in the process. Capable of playing and succeeding in all situations, Jovanovic is a highly versatile defender who can be relied upon to log major minutes.

Mikael Kingo

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

Widely-known for his tireless efforts within his community, goaltender Mikael Kingo of the Vaughan Kings has long been garnering considerable attention on the ice too — and for good reason. An integral cog within the Kings’ run to the GTHL Final, Kingo plays a precise yet calm game within his crease — allowing the puck to travel to him before turning attempts aside with an impressive level of consistency. Boasting refined rebound control and deliberate lateral movements, Kingo has the tools necessary to develop into a reliable goaltender at the OHL-level and beyond.

Evan Klein

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

Size and skill is the name of the game for Evan Klein of the Waterloo Wolves, as the native of Waterloo is a lethal offensive player who can make an impact each time he hops over the boards. Given his size and strength, Klein commands possession of the puck and is extremely difficult to dis-possess — he can protect possession with ease and create scoring opportunities in the process. What’s more is that Klein features a blistering shot — one which he loves to rip on goal whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Zakary Lavoie

2019-20 Team: Toronto Nationals (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a game-breaking player to follow, look no further than Zak Lavoie of the GTHL’s Toronto Nationals. As a terrific skater with explosive acceleration, Lavoie can track down loose pucks or break-away from opposing defenders with absolute ease. Once in possession, Lavoie has the option to shoot or pass the puck, as his soft hands allow him to move the puck with precision while his electric release allows him to blast the puck on goal with power and accuracy. In short, not many players eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft can move as quickly or as purposefully as Lavoie.

Andrew Leblanc

2019-20 Team: Souther Tier Admirals (SCTA)

The Southern Tier Admirals dominated the SCTA in 2019-20 and were led offensively by a trio of dynamic young prospects. Of the lot, none were more impressive than Andrew Leblanc — a crafty and purposeful centre-man who thrives in all three zones of the ice. In addition to playing a responsible defensive game, Leblanc is downright deadly in the attacking zone — he features tremendous vision as well as the confidence and work ethic necessary to fuel his team’s offensive attack. In fact, after averaging more than 2.19 points per game played in the regular season, Leblanc cranked up his production in the postseason — averaging a whopping 2.62 points per game played.

Paul Ludwinski

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

If you’re looking to watch a highly skilled workhorse take to the ice, look no further than Paul Ludwinski of the Toronto Marlboros. Defined by his tireless engine and unwavering work-ethic, Ludwinski creates time and space with ease owing to his effort and speed. Once in open ice, Ludwinski stands as a skilled playmaker capable of crafting high-percentage scoring opportunities for his team. Moreover, Ludwinski features a crisp and accurate shot — one which he loves to rip on goal if afforded with too much time and space by his opposition.

Donovan McCoy

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

Donovan McCoy of the Quinte Red Devils is your prototypical new-age defenceman — he is a smooth skater who can retrieve the puck in his own zone with ease and execute crisp breakout passes. All the while, McCoy remains incredibly calm and composed — the native of Belleville, Ontario very rarely makes mistakes and is keen to play an impactful role in al three zones of the ice. In addition to his sound defensive play McCoy is a wizard on his opponent’s blue line, as the youngster can anchor a power play and distribute the puck without issue despite the pressure placed upon him.

Ty Nelson

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

Ty Nelson is one of the top defencemen eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, of this there is no question. The foundation of Nelson’s game is his ability to skate, as the youngster features tremendous speed and agility, and can change directions while maintaining his momentum with little issue. Moreover, Nelson is impactful in all three zones of the ice regardless of the situation — in addition to killing penalties and anchoring his team’s blue line on the power play, Nelson can create offence with his speed, skill and vision.

Matthew Poitras

2019-20 Team: Whitby Wildcats (ETA)

When you lead your team in scoring and place second in the ETA in total points, odds are you are a stellar young prospect. Exactly such is the case for Matthew Poitras of the Whitby Wildcats, as the youngster’s high level of work ethic in combination with his raw skill set makes him one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Across his 36 regular season contests for the Wildcats in 2019-20, Poitras netted a whopping 68 points — an output which reflected his ability to bulge the twine as well as create plays for his team.

Nathan Poole

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Generals (ETA)

A hard and heavy game is what defines the play of Nathan Poole — a standout for the Oshawa Generals of the ETA. Well-known for his tireless work ethic, Poole loves to push the pace of play and forechecks with a passion. No stranger to dishing out devastating body checks, Poole will use his size and strength to create turnovers before devising lethal scoring opportunities for his team. Although a pass-first player, Poole will score his fair share of goals and isn’t afraid to go to the difficult areas of the ice in order to do so.

Brady Stonehouse

2019-20 Team: Elgin Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

The Elgin Middlesex Chiefs are a well-oiled machine, and Brady Stonehouse is yet another integral component. A smooth and powerful skater with great size, Stonehouse is a natural goal-scorer who loves to bulge the twine. The youngster features a crisp and accurate shot and the strength necessary to whip the puck on net in the blink of an eye. In the postseason, Stonehouse potted 15 goals in his 16 games played — a glaring indication of his offensive lethality and raw athleticism.

Owen Van Steensel

2019-20 Team: Elgin Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

Sure to be perceived as undersized in the eyes of many, Owen Van Steensel compensates for this apparent deficiency through hard work and a relentless work ethic. A smooth and purposeful skater, Van Steensel can create offensive opportunities with absolute ease and isn’t afraid to single-handedly drive his team’s attack. Shifty when in possession of the puck and incredibly intelligent, Van Steensel sees the ice remarkably well and loves to execute high-danger passes to his fellow teammates. And, although widely regarded as a pass-first player, Van Steensel boasts a deceptive shot capable of besting opposing goaltenders who see the puck cleanly off of his stick. In short, a dynamite all-around player.

Dalyn Wakely

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The Quinte Red Devils were incredibly dynamic throughout their 2019-20 season, and no one prospect played a more impactful role for the club than Dalyn Wakely. A heavy and rugged player oozing with skill, Wakely has the elite-level of talent necessary to lead his team’s offence — blasting his wicked wrist-shot on goal while standing as a capable playmaker as well. What’s more is that Wakely plays a physical role too, as the youngster loves to throw his weight around and intimidate opposing defenders in the process. With the 2020 OHL Draft looming, Wakely unquestionably stands as one of the event’s top prospects — his all-around game will simply prove too valuable to pass upon.


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  1. Hello Prospects Pipeline I’m just wondering how well you guys do your research on players. there is a kid on your Top 25 list who you have been praising all year but did you know that he is part of a group of kids that have bullied another kid to the point where they have ruined this kid’s life and his hockey. I cannot tell his name right now nor will I but I hope when the story comes out which should be shortly that you do your best to stand up against bullying and take the kid off your list


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