OHL Prospect Profile: Benjamin Cormier

Benjamin Cormier of the HEO’s Navan Grads U18 is a highly skilled and versatile forward who is downright lethal with the puck on his stick — the reason why he is one of the 2022 OHL Draft’s top prospects.

– Benjamin Cormier –

Orleans, ON | 6′, 180lbs | July 20th, 2006

The Navan Grads are one of the top teams in the HEO U18 this season, and for good reason. In addition to Nathan Villeneuve, the Grads also boast Benjamin Cormier — a lethal and versatile forward whose immense work ethic and raw competitiveness combine to make him one of the top players eligible for the upcoming 2022 OHL Draft.


  • Skating Speed and Strength
  • Acceleration and Edge-Work
  • Shot Release
  • Playmaking and Vision
  • Hockey Sense
  • Two-way Abilities
  • Competitiveness and Work Ethic

The basis of Cormier’s game is his skating, as the native of Orleans, Ontario can traverse the ice with not only high end speed but elite-level agility. This ability allows Cormier to stand as an involved and over-whelming player in all three zones of the ice, as not only can he slide through opposing defenders like a hot knife through butter, but Cormier will regularly catch and strip opponents on the back-check or smother them in his own zone. Boasting a strong first step, great acceleration and refined edge-work, containing Cormier is no simple task.

What’s more is that Cormier can handle the puck and exhibit his high-end skill all while playing the game at a high rate of speed. Firstly, there is Cormier’s shot. He has the ability to release the puck extremely quickly and can place his shot on-goal with remarkable accuracy and consistency. Owing to his high-end shot, Cormier has also developed excellent hockey sense and playmaking abilities — for those occasions when his opponents place too much emphasis on defending his shot. Cormier can move the puck with ease and authority, and has the confidence in his game necessary to execute high-risk, high-reward passes with little hesitation.

Rounding out Cormier’s strengths are his two-way abilities on the ice and his innate, intangible abilities. As mentioned earlier, Cormier is not just and offensive dynamo — he plays a structured and responsible two-way game. He loves to pressure opposing forwards on the back-check and is no stranger to picking his opponent’s pockets when the chance presents itself. Moreover, Cormier is a relentlessly hard-working player who brings his best to the ice on a game-by-game basis. Even when he isn’t able to make his mark on the scoresheet, Cormier is working hard in the other two-zones of the ice to help ensure success for his team.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Personal Strength

When it comes to a player of Cormier’s calibre, there often aren’t many areas in need of drastic improvement. When it comes to Cormier, he — like every other player of his potential — would do well to add additional strength to his frame. Now, this is not to say that Cormier is under-sized in any way, but rather that continuing to add greater strength will assist in his transition to the OHL-level and beyond. And, with greater strength comes additional shot and passing power, as well as improved acceleration and top speed.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, Cormier holds the potential necessary to develop into an elite player at the OHL-level and far beyond. His skating abilities are incredibly advanced for a player of his age, and so too are his abilities when the puck is on his stick at a high rate of speed. And, as a player who is incredibly successful at operating in traffic and who has the confidence necessary to drive the puck to the net, transitioning to the OHL should be a relatively easy task.


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