OHL Prospect Profile: Benjamin Cormier

Benjamin Cormier of the HEO’s Navan Grads U18 is a highly skilled and versatile forward who is downright lethal with the puck on his stick — the reason why he is one of the 2022 OHL Draft’s top prospects.

– Benjamin Cormier –

Orleans, ON | 6′, 180lbs | July 20th, 2006

The Navan Grads are one of the top teams in the HEO U18 this season, and for good reason. In addition to Nathan Villeneuve, the Grads also boast Benjamin Cormier — a lethal and versatile forward whose immense work ethic and raw competitiveness combine to make him one of the top players eligible for the upcoming 2022 OHL Draft.


  • Skating Speed and Strength
  • Acceleration and Edge-Work
  • Shot Release
  • Playmaking and Vision
  • Hockey Sense
  • Two-way Abilities
  • Competitiveness and Work Ethic

The basis of Cormier’s game is his skating, as the native of Orleans, Ontario can traverse the ice with not only high end speed but elite-level agility. This ability allows Cormier to stand as an involved and over-whelming player in all three zones of the ice, as not only can he slide through opposing defenders like a hot knife through butter, but Cormier will regularly catch and strip opponents on the back-check or smother them in his own zone. Boasting a strong first step, great acceleration and refined edge-work, containing Cormier is no simple task.

What’s more is that Cormier can handle the puck and exhibit his high-end skill all while playing the game at a high rate of speed. Firstly, there is Cormier’s shot. He has the ability to release the puck extremely quickly and can place his shot on-goal with remarkable accuracy and consistency. Owing to his high-end shot, Cormier has also developed excellent hockey sense and playmaking abilities — for those occasions when his opponents place too much emphasis on defending his shot. Cormier can move the puck with ease and authority, and has the confidence in his game necessary to execute high-risk, high-reward passes with little hesitation.

Rounding out Cormier’s strengths are his two-way abilities on the ice and his innate, intangible abilities. As mentioned earlier, Cormier is not just and offensive dynamo — he plays a structured and responsible two-way game. He loves to pressure opposing forwards on the back-check and is no stranger to picking his opponent’s pockets when the chance presents itself. Moreover, Cormier is a relentlessly hard-working player who brings his best to the ice on a game-by-game basis. Even when he isn’t able to make his mark on the scoresheet, Cormier is working hard in the other two-zones of the ice to help ensure success for his team.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Personal Strength

When it comes to a player of Cormier’s calibre, there often aren’t many areas in need of drastic improvement. When it comes to Cormier, he — like every other player of his potential — would do well to add additional strength to his frame. Now, this is not to say that Cormier is under-sized in any way, but rather that continuing to add greater strength will assist in his transition to the OHL-level and beyond. And, with greater strength comes additional shot and passing power, as well as improved acceleration and top speed.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, Cormier holds the potential necessary to develop into an elite player at the OHL-level and far beyond. His skating abilities are incredibly advanced for a player of his age, and so too are his abilities when the puck is on his stick at a high rate of speed. And, as a player who is incredibly successful at operating in traffic and who has the confidence necessary to drive the puck to the net, transitioning to the OHL should be a relatively easy task.


OHL Prospect Profile: Nathan Villeneuve

Nathan Villeneuve is one of the top prospects eligible for the 2022 OHL Draft. Learn about the Navan Grads U18 star’s game and why he is so exceptional, here!

– Nathan Villeneuve –

Ottawa, ON | 6′, 180lbs | April 13th, 2006

If you’re searching for a competitive, highly skilled and detail-oriented two-way centre, look no further than Nathan Villeneuve of the Navan Grads U18. As one of the top prospects eligible for the 2022 OHL Draft, Villeneuve has consistently maintained a 2.0+ points per game pace despite playing against opponents as much as two years older than him in the HEO. A lethal force on the rush and in the offensive zone, as well as a centre committed to securing his defensive end in the process, Villeneuve is unquestionably a highly talented OHL prospect of immense potential.


  • Acceleration
  • High-End Speed
  • Puck Protection
  • Shot Release and Accuracy
  • Hockey Sense and Awareness
  • Two-Way Game
  • Physicality

The strengths present within Villeneuve’s game are seemingly endless, as the youngster is capable of flourishing regardless of the situation he finds himself in on the ice.

First and foremost there is Villeneuve’s impressive skating ability — the skill set which serves as the foundation of his game. Capable of accelerating to top speed in a few short and explosive strides, Villeneuve is impossible to catch when his feet are moving. This elite separation speed allows Villeneuve to create time and space for himself in the offensive zone, whether it be on the rush or in the midst of the cycle. Further, Villeneuve combines his exceptional edge-work with his raw strength while in possession of the puck, an ability which allows him to shield and protect possession for his team on a regular basis.

Villeneuve is undoubtedly at his most dangerous when at top speed on the rush. Owing to his short and quick shot release, Villeneuve can easily overpower opposing netminders and has the ability to pick corners with remarkable consistency. And, don’t be surprised to see Villeneuve unleash the occasional slap shot — he owns a heavy one which he enjoys to hammer on goal from distance. Rounding out Villeneuve’s impressive game are his hockey sense, commitment to playing a two-way game, ability to kill penalties and quarter-back the power-play, and his willingness to mix things up physically. A determined back-checker committed to defending his own zone, Villeneuve will regularly strip opposing players of the puck or block shots for his team when needed. And, given his strength, don’t be surprised to see Villeneuve throw a massive hit from time to time.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Strength

When it comes to Villeneuve, there aren’t any major areas of his game which would do well to be improved. As it stands, Villeneuve brings an exceptionally well-rounded game to the ice each and every night — the reason why he could very well be selected first overall in the 2022 OHL Draft. As Villeneuve continues to develop his game, adding additional strength to his frame will only bode well for him in the long-run, and especially so as he transitions to the major-junior level. Although already a strong and solid player, adding greater strength should allow Villeneuve to become an immediate impact player in the OHL in his rookie campaign.

Future Potential:

The sky truly is the limit for Villeneuve, whose game is already incredibly calculated and detail oriented. One current NHL star who comes to mind when watching Villeneuve play is Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche. Like MacKinnon, Villeneuve is an incredibly competitive centre who thrives off of his lower-body strength and excellent skating abilities. And, like MacKinnon, Villeneuve boasts a quick and deadly shot and the innate ability to make his fellow teammates better with each passing shift.

2020 OHL Draft Profile: Jonathan Melee

Jonathan Melee of the HEO’s Rockland Nationals is a premier sniper with above-average size and strength who should push to be a 1st round pick at the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Jonathan Melee –

Rockland Nationals (HEO) | Left Wing | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Fredericton, New Brunswick | 6’1”, 182-pounds | January 15, 2004

Playing his junior hockey in the Ottawa area, Jonathan Melee made the courageous decision to make a move to the Greater Toronto Area in order to compete against the best in the province on a nightly basis. Suiting up for the Toronto Titans, Melee quickly made a name for himself with his strength, creativity, and wicked shot. He quickly found himself on the Titans top line, and was producing at a rate that projected Melee as a first round talent for the 2020 OHL Draft.

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However, unforeseen circumstances meant that Melee would have to move back to the Ottawa area, where the Rockland Nationals of the HEO held his rights, after just one month in Southern Ontario. Playing closer to home again, Melee appears to be more comfortable and much more confident in his ability to dominate his age group. Playing alongside his former teammate and fellow projected first round pick in Cedrick Guindon will certainly help to boost his status as a top OHL Draft prospect.


  • Shot Strength and Accuracy
  • Ability to Find Open Space
  • Skating Strength
  • Puck Protection

Jonathan Melee is an offensive force who possessed multiple tools with which to burn opponents. His greatest strength is undoubtedly his shot, which is powerful and accurate. Melee maintains excellent versatility with the puck, using his size and strength to protect possession, and striking on both the rush or on the cycle.

Perhaps the most impressive trait of Melee’s is his ability to get the puck o and off his stick in an instant. Using his speed and sense of the ice to get open on the rush, Melee is able to easily convert on passes by receiving the puck and releasing it all in one motion. Melee’s skill to pick top corners makes him virtually unstoppable when the goaltender in moving side-to-side.

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Already of solid height and weight, Melee has shown the ability to outmuscle his competition at both ends of the ice as well. He is strong on his stick and showcases very good balance when battling for, or protecting, the puck. He’s also a sneaky smart playmaker, showing the sense to be able to put the puck to where his teammates will be.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Foot Speed and Agility
  • Physicality on Forecheck

While Melee has already demonstrated some impressive qualities that project him to be a future offensive power forward, there are a few aspects of his game that could user minor work. First off would be his foot speed, where he could benefit from some aded agility.  This would help Melee to change directions and switch gears quicker, as well as to pounce on loose pucks and turnovers more aggressively.

As well, given the size he already boasts, Melee cold turn a few more heads by being slightly more assertive and aggressive on the forecheck, pressuring defenders by taking away their time and space, and finishing his hits when the opportunity presents itself. Melee consistently shows his strength with the puck, leaving no doubt that he could be an effective physical winger to boot.

Future Projection:

Jonathan Melee was able to show that he can go up against the province’s best in the 2004-born age group during his short time with the Toronto Titans. Now, he returns to the Rockland Nationals, where he should be able to put up substantial offensive numbers while continuing to be an intimidating force against opponents.

If Melee is able to make a smooth transition into the HEO, he should be able to dominate and become one of the league’s top prospects for the 2020 OHL Draft, for which he already projects as a potential first round pick.

2020 OHL Draft Profile: Cedrick Guindon

Cedrick Guindon of the HEO’s Rockland Nationals is one of the premier prospects for the 2020 OHL Draft. An intelligent forward with tremendous production, Guindon has all the tools to be a future star in the OHL.

– Cedrick Guindon –

Rockland Nationals (HEO) | Center | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Rockland, Ontario | 5’8”, 141-pounds | April 21, 2004

The HEO’s unanimous top prospect this season is Cedrick Guindon of the Rockland Nationals. A smooth skating and highly intelligent forward, Guindon has taken the league by storm this season, pacing the HEO’s leading scorers. Despite being of smaller stature, he is able to out-think his competition in order to dictate the pace of play. At the bantam level in 2018-19, Guindon’s production rates outdid those of Connor Lockhart and Mason McTavish.

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Guindon is a wizard with the puck and can utilize his skating abilities to make defenders look clueless, with tricky edge work at top speeds. With quick and creative hands, Guindon excels at creating time and space with the puck, but can also drive the net himself. A gifted goal-scorer with a very deceptive wrist shot, Cedrick Guindon is a name you’ll be hearing more and more of as the 2020 OHL Draft approaches.


  • Poise and Creativity
  • Shot Deceptiveness
  • Decision-Making and Sight

One of Guindon’s most impressive attributes is his ability to handle the puck under pressure. He is able to see the open ice away from the immediate platy and utilize that to his advantage, chipping the puck away from danger and using his speed to retrieve it. On the other hand, Guindon has the ability to stickhandle his way through traffic all the while avoiding potential checks.

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As a playmaker, Guindon uses that same vision to slip cross-ice passes under sticks and through feet. He is tremendous at using his puck skills to pull defenders towards him in order to ultimately open up space for his teammates. Guindon is an impressive decision-maker too, both with and without the puck, selecting his opportunities to be passive or aggressive.

Guindon is also a very lethal shooter with a highly deceptive release. He will often use opposing defenders as a screen, shooting through legs or quickly pulling the puck around their feet before ripping a wrist shot past the goaltender. Guindon displays impressive accuracy with his shots too often picking corners and beating goaltenders with clean, open looks. Overall, Guindon is an electric forward with a high-end offensive production ceiling.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Simplicity
  • Lower-Body Strength

The most obvious concern about Guindon’s future is his size and ability to sustain his offence at the major junior level and beyond. Listed at 5’8″ and 141 pounds, Guindon will likely have to add some muscle before becoming an impact player in the OHL. However, that hasn’t held him back yet, and at 15 years of age, he certainly has time to naturally grow.

More so in the scope of his play, Guindon may find the need to simplify his game at times as he progresses through his career. What works for him in the HEO may not go over so smoothly in the OHL, namely his desire to hold onto the puck and to make high-risk, high-reward plays in the offensive zone. It will be very interesting to see how Guindon grows and adapts to playing against faster and stronger opponents in the coming years.

Future Projection:

Guindon is a highly intelligent forward with loads of creativity and confidence with the puck. His ability utilize the play around him to his advantage is second-to-none and he continues to prove that his shot is at an elite level.

As Cedrick Guindon continues to pick apart the HEO and surpass the production levels that the  likes of Connor Lockhart and Mason McTavish set, it’s clear that he deserves to be considered as a high-end first round pick for the 2020 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Isaac Enright

Isaac Enright has all the makings of an effective defender for the OHL level and beyond. He checks all the boxes in terms of essentials, including impressive sense, intelligence, and decision making, as well as effortless skating and intriguing offensive upside. He has played amongst older competition all year long, providing effective and reliable defending in all situations of the game.

– Isaac Enright –

Pembroke Lumber Kings (HEO) | Right Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Cobden, Ontario | 6-foot, 170-pounds | February 8th, 2003

Isaac Enright has shown consistent improvement throughout the course of the 2018-19 season, finding his groove and playing to his strengths against older competition in the HEO. An intelligent two-way defenceman, Enright ranks second in points amongst 2003-born HEO defencemen and was recognized with an invitation to compete for Team Ontario at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

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Further to the point, Enright was given the opportunity to play in five Jr. A games this year, the maximum number allowed for a U16 player, with the CCHL’s Pembroke Lumber Kings. Enright is a smooth-skating defender who uses his sense and vision of the ice to remain one step ahead of the competition. Displaying solid offensive upside, Enright provides an intriguing profile for an OHL career.


  • Skating
  • Sense & Decision Making
  • Offensive Instincts & Upside

Aside from the offensive numbers that jump off the sheet, Enright has showcased a multitude of traits that forecast very well towards a smooth transition into major junior hockey. His mind is one of his greatest assets, processing plays instantaneously and making wise puck and positional decisions. Enright understands when to join the rush and when to hold his position, and also shows impressive instincts as for when to pinch from the blue line.

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Moreover, his skating ability is off the charts. An effortless skater, Enright can reach top speeds in a matter of a few strides and is able to stop, start, and change directions in a flash. This talent allows him to easily stay with opponents on the rush and effectively eliminate the center lane. On the breakout, Enright can fire effective two-line passes, or rush the puck through all three zones with confidence.

Area of Improvement:

  • Strength & Physicality Below the Dots

If there’s one area within Enright’s nearly complete game which could use some perfecting, it would likely be in his strength and physicality below the dots. As with a number of up-and-coming defencemen in this era of hockey, Enright is exceptionally smart with his body and stick positioning, effectively disrupting passing lanes and eliminating time and space without massive body checks.

With that said, if Enright hopes to continue to be as successful in his OHL career, he would be greatly benefit from some added lower-body strength. This would allow him to stand up better against bigger and stronger opponents, as well as to eliminate players along the boards and behind the net.

Future Potential:

Isaac Enright has all the makings of an effective defender for the OHL level and beyond. He checks all the boxes in terms of essentials, including impressive sense, intelligence, and decision making, as well as effortless skating and intriguing offensive upside. He has played amongst older competition all year long, providing effective and reliable defending in all situations of the game.

In all, Enright projects very favourably to the OHL level. As a mobile, two-way defenceman, Enright has displayed tremendous potential all over the province this year, and shouldn’t last long at the 2019 OHL Draft. He currently projects as a fringe second or early third round pick for the OHL Priority Selection.

OHL Prospect Profile: Ranvir Gill

Ranvir Gill has showcased elite-level talent all year long, especially through his abilities in the defensive zone, where he displays incredible poise with the puck and a knack for transitioning the play up ice. The top defenceman from the HEO, Gill’s combination of skating, intelligence, and offensive potential make him an intriguing prospect for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Ranvir Gill –

Ottawa Jr. Senators (HEO) | Right Defence | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

6-foot-1, 174-pounds | June 17th, 2003

Ranvir Gill is a rangy two-way defenceman with considerable offensive upside and incredible skill in the defensive zone. A smooth snd shifty skater, Gill can skate his way out of trouble and excels at transitioning the play up ice. With incredible vision of the rink, combined with impressive poise with the puck, Gill displays one of the best first passes in this year’s draft class.

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A member of the HEO’s Ottawa Jr. Senators, Gill’s numbers speak for themselves. He leads all OHL Draft eligible defencemen in points by a wide margin and has been logging huge minutes in key situations all years long. Gill further shone at the recent Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic as a member of the Ottawa Ambassadors, proving his ability to thrive amongst top competition.


  • Speed & Agility
  • Puck Handling
  • Poise & Sense

An elite puck handler, Gill can move the play up ice as well as anyone, utilizing a reliable and effective first pass that is always hard and on the tape. Once Gill gains possession of the puck, it’s extremely tough for opponents to get it back. He exhibits excellent poise and agility in order to fend off opposing forwards and skate away pressure.

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Quick and agile on his feet, Gill reads developing plays exceptionally well and has the confidence to join the rush when it’s beneficial to do so. Showcasing high-end offensive potential, Gill further shows off his poise along the attacking blue line, walking the line to create lanes and making wise decisions as to whether to pass the puck or fire it on net to create scoring opportunities.

Area of Improvement:

  • Physicality & Aggressiveness

With a large frame and considerable strength, Gill has the potential the join the physical side of the game more often than he chooses to. He displays the ability to box out opponents and knock players off of the puck, but doesn’t necessarily go out of his way to deliver a booming body check if there is an opportunity to use his stick instead.

On the same side of the game, Gill may have more to gain by playing a more aggressive style, attacking opponents on the rush with authority and uses his long reach to disrupt passing lanes. Given his tremendous poise with the puck, aggressiveness may never be the route that Gill opts to take, and given his exceptional talent level, that could be just fine.

Future Potential:

Ranvir Gill has showcased elite-level talent all year long, especially through his abilities in the defensive zone, where he displays incredible poise with the puck and a knack for transitioning the play up ice. He isn’t afraid to join the rush to create odd-man opportunities, and is an intelligent decision-maker from the offensive blue line.

The top defenceman from the HEO, Gill’s combination of skating, intelligence, and offensive potential make him an intriguing prospect to consider. Expect Gill’s name to be called sometime early in the second round at the 2019 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Stuart Rolofs

Stuart Rolofs of the HEO’s Kanata Lasers is a lethal sniper who boasts not only dynamic offensive abilities but consistency as well. In short, he’s one of the top snipers eligible for the 2019 OHL Priority Selection.

– Stuart Rolofs –

Kanata Lasers (HEO) | Left-Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ottawa, Ontario | 6-foot-2, 185-pounds | March 28th, 2003

Stuart Rolofs is a highly-skilled sniper who has consistently been close to a goal-per-game player in the Ottawa area. A teammate of the highly-touted Connor Lockhart, Rolofs is a big, strong winger who dictates the pace of the game with an elite combination of skating and puck skills. Further, Rolofs displays several gears of speed which he uses to keep defenders on their heels.

A reliable sniper, Rolofs tallied 59 goals in 67 games played in the two seasons preceding his OHL Draft year, and is once again on fire for the Kanata Lasers within the HEO in 2018-19. If able to develop a stronger playmaking game, it is safe to say that Rolofs could prove to be one of the steals of the 2019 OHL Priority Selection.


  • Shot
  • Skating
  • Offensive Instincts

The greatest asset of Rolofs’ game is undoubtedly his wicked shot. With an electric release and an ability to switch up shooting angles on the fly, he consistently keeps goaltenders moving and guessing. Strong on his feet, Rolofs utilizes a wide stride and long reach to protect the puck and drives the net with remarkable success. To boot, he displays good speed on the fly and can make jaw-dropping moves at top speed.

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In the offensive zone, Rolofs shows great instincts below the dots, with intelligent positioning and shots through screens as he curls off of the half wall. He often forces turnovers and uses his vision to pick off passes regularly. Further, he has tremendous net-front talent, deflecting pucks and finding rebounds with apparent ease.

Area of Improvement:

  • Playmaking

Stuart Rolofs is an offensive-minded player who can change the momentum of a game in an instant. He’s always looking for a way to put the puck in the net, however, he could become a more dangerous winger by improving the dynamic element of playmaking. A likely result of his natural goal-scoring talent, he sometimes misses out on excellent passing opportunities.

Yet, with this being said, by no means is Rolofs a selfish player — he simply knows his best asset and looks to use it whenever possible. Over time and as he ascends to higher levels of competition, Rolofs’ playmaking tendencies will surely grow as defenders focus on negating his lethal shot and its ability to cause significant damage. Once this occurs, Rolofs will become a more dynamic and versatile offensive threat.

Future Potential:

Given his stellar size and electrifying shot, it goes without saying that Rolofs will be made a late first to mid-second round selection in the 2019 OHL Priority Selection — if not higher.

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As a natural goal-scorer who features a wicked shot, Rolofs boasts all of the tools necessary to enjoy a long and productive career at the OHL-level. What’s more is that given his size and skating abilities, Rolofs could transition to the major-junior level in a seamless fashion. At the end of the day, not may prospects break into the OHL with the size, release, and determination which Rolofs displays on a nightly basis.

OHL Prospect Profile: Kaleb Lawrence

Kaleb Lawrence is a dynamic centre who can take over games and dictate the pace of play. He is a talented sniper who processes the game at a high rate. Lawrence projects as a 2nd round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Kaleb Lawrence –

OHA Maroon (HEO) | Centre | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Ottawa, Ontario | 6-foot-5, 202-pounds | January 10th, 2003

Kaleb Lawrence is a dynamic centre with tremendous size. He consistently displays high-end puck skills and an electric shot with pinpoint accuracy. An offensive catalyst for OHA Maroon, Lawrence’s 12 goals and 23 points through his opening 16 HEO Midget games this season ranked him second amongst 2019 OHL Draft eligibles in points-per-game, behind over Connor Lockhart.

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Lawrence is an offensive-minded wizard with the puck, but remains responsible as a two-way centre as well. He utilizes his long stride to backcheck deep into the d-zone and uses his superior physicality to support his defencemen in retrieving pucks. Lawrence naturally displays overwhelming strength both in pursuit and protection of the puck, and can lay punishing open-ice checks with regularity.


  • Shot
  • Puck Skills
  • Power & Strength

Simply put, Kaleb Lawrence is a beast with the puck and is virtually unstoppable once he picks up some speed. Showcasing incredible skills with the puck, Lawrence makes opposing defenders look silly with creative and effective moves. Once in a position to shoot, Lawrence has already determined where potential holes in the goaltenders are, and uses an incredibly accurate snap shot to cash in.

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He often uses his long reach and quick hands to switch up shooting angles and create opportunities for himself. Lawrence’s release is electric and powerful, making him an elite-level scorer. A man amongst boys, even in HEO Midget, Lawrence utilizes his 6-foot-5, 202-pound frame to protect the puck as well as anyone, or to deliver booming body checks to effectively separate opponents from the puck.

Area of Improvement:

  • Foot Speed & Agility

As a projectable power forward, Lawrence already shows the imperative traits to be a successful star at the next level. With that said, if there’s one area to focus on improving, it would likely be his skating. While he certainly moves up the ice very well for a player of his size, especially one who is still growing into his frame, Lawrence could potentially add some foot speed and top-end speed.

While Lawrence is able to build speed as he lugs up the ice and easily hold off opponents as he drives the net, some extra foot speed and agility would only make him that much more creative and dangerous. As he continues to develop and mature within his frame, he should naturally improve in these areas, making his OHL future extremely intriguing.

Future Potential:

Kaleb Lawrence is a dynamic centre who can take over games and dictate the pace of play. Displaying tremendous puck skills along with physical dominance, there’s not much stopping Lawrence once he reaches top speeds. His offensive production rivals, and even surpasses, the likes of Mason McTavish and Connor Lockhart in HEO Midget.

Forecasting Lawrence’s major junior potential, he projects as an early-to-mid second round pick for the 2019 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Owen Watson

Owen Watson is an incredibly impressive prospect who can clearly produce at the same rate as the top prospects of the 2003 age group. He is a lethal goal scorer with a shot that will translate well at the OHL level, and projects as a second round talent for the 2019 OHL Draft.

– Owen Watson –

Smiths Falls Bears (HEO) | Left Wing | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Smiths Falls, Ontario | July 26th, 2003

Owen Watson is a premier goal-scorer from the HEO who has fallen into the shadows of the league’s top prospects, Mason McTavish and Connor Lockhart. However, Watson has been consistently performing at rates equal to the two aforementioned players in the 2018-19 campaign, without earning the recognition he deserves. Well, that likely won’t last too much longer.

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Watson currently has the second most points, 26, among 2019 OHL Draft eligible prospects in HEO and is tied for first in goals among the same cohort, with 15. Watson plays an extremely intelligent style, utilizing his vision and sense of the ice to outsmart opponents on a regular basis. Most notably, his slick release and smooth hands create boatloads of offensive opportunities for the young phenom.


  • Shot
  • Puck Skills
  • Hockey Sense

Watson is a constant offensive catalyst for the Smiths Falls Bears, a team closer to the bottom of the standings than the top. He boasts a dynamic snap shot with an electric release that is close to pro-level. Watson uses his ability to change up shooting lanes and shoot through screens to catch goaltenders off-guard.

A gifted offensive producer, Watson showcases impressive puck skills when skating at top speeds, handling the puck with confidence. He can stickhandle in a phone booth and shifts gears to keep defenders on their toes. Further, Watson displays high-end hockey sense through his ability to read, process, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Area of Improvement:

  • Skating

One slight area of improvement for Watson would be in his skating ability. A prospect with above-average top speeds, he could use work on his East-West effectiveness. As a winger, this will have less of an impact than it would on a centre, but it remains a small area to work on.

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As well, he may be able to better utilize his edge work in order to become a more elusive skater. Watson remains relatively strong on his feet and can protect the puck well, but would again gain an invaluable boost by using smart edgework to become even tougher to knock off the puck.

Future Potential:

In all, Owen Watson is an incredibly intriguing prospect who can clearly produce at the same rate as the top prospects of the 2003 age group. He is a lethal goal scorer with a shot that will translate well at the OHL level, and shows innate on-ice smarts that should lead him to a productive career at the next level.

Consistency will be key for Watson and his ability to improve his draft stock. For now, he projects as a second round talent for the 2019 OHL Draft.

OHL Prospect Profile: Connor Lockhart

Connor Lockhart should be considered one of the premier goal-scorers in the 2019 OHL Draft class. With an electric release and separation speed, Lockhart is the total package, and is projected as a top-10 pick.

– Connor Lockhart –

Kanata Lasers (HEO) | Center | 2019 OHL Draft Eligible

Kanata, Ontario | January 21st, 2003 | 5-foot-9, 165 pounds

Connor Lockhart is an immensely talented offensive center who can dictate the pace of play and turn the game on its head with a flash of speed and skill. During his Bantam season with the Ottawa Jr. Senators, Lockhart put up a ridiculous 50 goals and 76 points over 30 games. He has led his league in goals over both of the past two seasons.

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Now in his OHL Draft eligible year, Lockhart is suiting up for the Kanata Lasers in the HEO Midget league, comprised of ’02 and ’03 born players. Through 12 games, he is just starting to find his stride and has added seven goals and 15 points along the way. Overall, Lockhart is a complete offensive package, with unparalleled scoring abilities, tremendous puck skills, and separation speed to boot.


  • Shot
  • Puck Skills
  • Skating

Connor Lockhart is a natural goal scorer, through and through. He has an elite release that generates power behind his shot and can be unleashed in tight, through traffic, and in any position. Lockhart is able to change shooting angles and quickly fire an accurate shot on net that catches goaltenders in transition. He also has outstanding puck skills, with the ability to make defenders look silly on a regular basis.

Lockhart often looks like he has the puck on a string, and can dangle his way out of trouble and through opponents with ease. Further, his skating level is off the charts, with impressive top speeds and excellent agility. Lockhart utilizes his edges to keep defenders on their toes and can cut in and out of the slot with the blink of an eye. Up front, Lockhart has all the imperative tools to find success at the junior and professional levels.

Area of Improvement:

  • Physicality and Strength

As a modestly sized center, Lockhart will need to add some serious muscle in order to compete and thrive against bigger and stronger opponents in the OHL. Thus far in the HEO, he has been able to let his offensive instincts take over against opponents that are a year older, but he is sometimes knocked off of the puck or out-battled along the wall for a loose puck.

While his strengths will always make him a dangerous offensive force, Lockhart would take another step and become exponentially more dynamic by adding some muscle for the next level, or else he may have to project as a future winger as a result. For the time being, this area isn’t going to hinder his success, but it’s a thought for the future.

Future Potential:

All in all, Connor Lockhart is an electric player with game-breaking skills. He checks off all the boxes as far as his offensive game is concerned, and will continue to battle with Mason McTavish for the right to be the HEO’s top 2019 OHL Draft prospect. Lockhart also possesses underrated playmaking skills, and combines a tremendous and efficient stride with a profound pair of hands to be an offensive threat each and every shift.

Regarded as one of the most potent goal scorers available in this year’s draft class, Lockhart currently projects as a top-10 pick for the 2019 OHL Draft, with room to improve as he adapts to the Midget level throughout the season.