2020 NHL Draft: Five Underrated Prospects to Watch

With the 2020 NHL Draft on the horizon, we’ve profiled five of this year’s most underrated prospects eligible for selection.

The class of prospects eligible for the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft is as strong as ever. Whether you look to centre, the wings, the blue line or in between the pipes, there is a high-end prospect waiting eagerly to ascend to the NHL-level in the very near future. The names of most prospects eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft have become commonplace in the world of hockey — Lafreniere, Byfield, Raymond, Stutzle, Drysdale, etc — however, in this article, we are going to focus on a number of wildly skilled prospects whose names and talents have gone unspoken for far too long.

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As we approach the 2020 NHL Draft, let’s take a moment to identify and discuss five prospects who — for a number of apparent reasons — have been under-appreciated to this point in their respective careers. While most, if not all, of the players listed below will be chosen in the 2020 NHL Draft, odds are they will be selected far lower than their respective skill-sets would otherwise dictate. And, in a few years time, it goes without saying that NHL franchises will regret not drafting the following players when they had the chance.

With this being said, let’s dive into the list. We’ve also listed five honourable mentions to conclude this article who could have quite easily been analyzed in greater detail as well.

James Hardie

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Steelheads (OHL)

2019-20 Statistics: 59GP – 34G, 63PTS

  • NHL Central Scouting: 163rd (NA)
  • TSN’s Bob McKenzie: Not Ranked
  • Prospect Pipeline: 62nd

Despite playing for an underwhelming Steelheads team this past season prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, James Hardie did not hesitate in establishing himself as a premier goal-scorer eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft. Across his second regular season campaign in the OHL, Hardie potted an impressive 34 tallies — a mark which stood as the OHL’s sixth-best amongst NHL Draft eligible players. However, despite this lethal output, many organizations failed to rank Hardie or projected him to be selected in the sixth-round or beyond. Boasting offensive totals greater than the likes of Will Cuylle, Jean-Luc Foudy and Ty Tullio — three players projected to be chosen in the second or third rounds of the NHL Draft — Hardie’s lack of praise is rather shocking.

James Hardie of the Mississauga Steelheads (Photo credit: Terry WIlson/OHL Images)
Hardie picked up his pace for the Steelheads this past season, collecting a team-best 34 goals. (Photo credit: Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

What makes Hardie such a valuable and intriguing prospect is his ability to score goals from numerous areas on the ice, as the native of Innisfil, Ontario can bulge the twine in a variety of forms if afforded time and space in the attacking zone. First and foremost there is Hardie’s shot, as the youngster boasts the ability to release the puck on goal in the blink of an eye with not only velocity but accuracy. When given time, Hardie rarely misses his mark. Moreover, Hardie can score goals be deflecting the puck or by cleaning up rebounds in and around the crease — abilities which make him comparable to Joe Pavelski of the Dallas Stars. These traits in turn allow Hardie to stand as a playmaker as well, as opponents who try to limit his shot make themselves susceptible to his growing on-ice vision.

Noel Gunler

2019-20 Team: Lulea HF (SHL)

2019-20 Statistics: 45GP – 4G, 13PTS

  • NHL Central Scouting: 9th (EU)
  • TSN’s Bob McKenzie: 28th
  • Prospect Pipeline: 12th

Noel Gunler is an excellent young player and one who rightfully deserves to be chosen within the first round of the 2020 NHL Draft. After scoring at nearly a goal-per-game pace last season in SuperElit, Gunler made the jump to the SHL this campaign and became a full-time player at the age of just 18-years. Although his ice time was limited given his age and lack of experience, Gunler was still able to record 13 points in his 45 games played — an output which stood as the second-best mark in the SHL amongst players eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft. Yet, despite recording just three fewer points in the SHL than Alexander Holtz this campaign, Gunler finds himself as a prospect projected by many to be selected late in the first round of the upcoming event.

So what traits combine to make Gunler a solid young player and one who should be selected in the 15-20th overall range of the 2020 NHL Draft, you ask? Well, first and foremost, Gunler is a lethal goal-scorer. Whether he is in possession of the puck from a distance or in close to the goal, Gunler boasts the high-end skills necessary to put the puck into the back of the net with authority. His shot is quick and accurate and his release is smooth and direct — an ability which allows Gunler to overpower opposing goaltenders when the puck is on his stick. Moreover, Gunler is a strong skater who can create time and space for himself owing to his agility and willingness to drive the puck towards the goal with confidence. Having already proven his willingness to do so at the SHL-level, Gunler’s abilities should translate well to the NHL-level once he has gained confidence and experience within North America.

Zion Nybeck

2019-20 Team: HV71 J20 (SuperElit)

2019-20 Statistics: 42GP – 27G, 66PTS

  • NHL Central Scouting: 29th (EU)
  • TSN’s Bob McKenzie: 73rd
  • Prospect Pipeline: 16th

Concerns regarding Zion Nybeck’s size have followed him everywhere he has played and have consumed the perceptions of many within the world of hockey. Checking in at 5-foot-8 and 175-pounds, it goes without saying that Zybeck is far from the biggest player on the ice — however, Nybeck’s apparent lack of size has not infringed upon his ability to play a dominant offensive role each and every time he takes to the ice. In fact, Nybeck blasted home 27 goals and 66 points in his 42 games played with HV71 J20 of the SuperElit League this past season. If that level of production comes across as quite significant, well, that’s because it was — Nybeck’s 66 points were the highest total the SuperElit League had seen since the 2010-11 season nearly a decade ago.

So, why is it that some scouting organizations and individuals within the world of hockey view Nybeck as a likely third-to-fourth round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft? Well, that’s a question which we may never know the answer to. Despite his lack of stature, Nybeck has long been spoken of with high regard when it comes to his ability to handle physical play at high levels of competition. Well built and strong on his skates, Nybeck can sustain the pressure forced upon him by his much larger competition and does not shy away from physical play. In fact, on most nights this challenge seems to fuel his fire, as the youngster loves to drive the puck hard to the net as well as push the pace of play. Boasting a strong shot, excellent on-ice instincts and a high level of intelligence, Nybeck regularly controls the play and forces his opponents to respond to his actions. In short, there are many reasons as to why we view Nybeck as a first-round talent — heck, if Nick Robertson can play for the Toronto Maple Leafs standing two inches shorter and twenty pounds lighter, Nybeck will do just fine at the NHL-level.

Jan Mysak

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL)

2019-20 Statistics: 22GP – 15G, 25PTS

  • NHL Central Scouting: 28th (NA)
  • TSN’s Bob McKenzie: 34th
  • Prospect Pipeline: 22nd

It was a tale of two seasons for Jan Mysak during the 2019-20 campaign, as the highly touted 2020 NHL Draft prospect hopped across the pond to play hockey in North America for the first time. Mysak’s most recent campaign began in his native country of the Czech Republic, where he skated at the highest level for HC Litvinov. In his 26 games played with HC Litvinov, Mysak had tallied five goals and nine points before deciding that the time was right to make the transition to the Ontario Hockey League and the Hamilton Bulldogs. Once acclimated, Mysak had an immediate impact with the Bulldogs — blasting home 15 goals and 25 points in a mere 22 games played before COVID-19 forced the season to come to an end.

What makes Mysak such a unique prospect is the fact that he is capable of excelling in all three zones of the ice. Unlike many 2020 NHL Draft prospects, Mysak is a multi-faceted player who can log significant minutes on both the penalty kill and power play in addition to his efforts at even strength. When shorthanded, Mysak loves to pester his attacking opponents and will frequently steal the puck and create offensive chances for his team owing to his work ethic and high rate of speed. Moreover, on the power play, Mysak’s quick release and accurate shot allow him to bulge the twine with an impressive level of consistency. While he may not feature the skill-set to become a first-line player at the NHL-level, Mysak’s wide-ranging set of tools should allow him to develop into a top-nine player at hockey’s highest level with ease.

Carter Savoie

2019-20 Team: Sherwood Park Crusaders (AJHL)

2019-20 Statistics: 54GP – 53G, 99PTS

  • NHL Central Scouting: 50th (NA)
  • TSN’s Bob McKenzie: 84th
  • Prospect Pipeline: 49th

To say that Carter Savoie dismantled his competition in the AJHL this past season would be a significant understatement. In his 54 games played with the Sherwood Park Crusaders, Savoie tallied 53 goals and a jaw-dropping 99 points — the highest total of a U18 player in the league since 2000-01. However, despite this immense offensive output, Savoie still finds himself projected by many to be chosen outside of the second-round of the upcoming 2020 NHL Draft — a reality which unquestionably makes him one of the most underrated prospects available. One interesting cross-comparison which can be made is between Savoie’s game and that of Dylan Holloway’s — Holloway is one of the University of Wisconsin’s best young players and a prospect projected to be chosen in the top-20 of this year’s Draft. Last season, Holloway recorded 88 points in the AJHL, 11 less than Savoie collected this season. So, why is it that Holloway is projected to be drafted roughly two rounds higher than Savoie?

Well, this question is an incredibly difficult one to answer. While Holloway plays a more physical game and is surely perceived to be more NHL-ready than Savoie, Savoie’s game arguably contains far more upside owing to his abilities at both ends of the ice. First and foremost, Savoie is a tremendous skater and features the acceleration and agility necessary to create time and space from his opponents. This speed when paired with his tenacity makes him difficult to handle on the forecheck, as he bears down on opposing defenders and often forces them into turnovers. When the puck is on Savoie’s stick is when he is most dangerous, as the youngster boasts great vision, intelligence and a deceptive shot. As a multi-faceted offensive threat, Savoie can keep his opponents on their heels and control the game at his pace. The older brother of highly touted 2022 NHL Draft prospect Matthew Savoie, Savoie will take his talents to the University of Denver for the 2020-21 campaign, where he will surely force 30 NHL franchises to regret failing to draft him.

Five Honourable Mentions:

  • Michael Benning – D – Sherwood Park Crusaders, AJHL (54GP – 12G, 75PTS)

A good friend of Savoie’s, Benning is an incredibly gifted offensive defenceman who is also set to play for the University of Denver this coming campaign. Boasting incredible hockey IQ and innate instincts with the puck, there is no way Benning should be chosen outside of the third-round like many are predicting.

  • Hayden Fowler – C – Erie Otters, OHL (52GP – 20G, 42PTS)

A late 2001-born centre, Fowler became one of the Erie Otters’ go-to players at both ends of the ice this past season. A natural leader, Fowler features tremendous poise and plays a professional style of game. Set to play for the Oshawa Generals this coming season, expect Fowler to log significant minutes for his new club.

  • Roni Hirvonen – C – Assat, Liiga (52GP – 5G, 16PTS)

Projected by many within the hockey world to be chosen in the late-second to early-third round of the 2020 NHL Draft, Hirvonen played a full season in Liiga this past season despite his young age of 17-years and collected points. While he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Hirovonen is incredibly smart and can create plays as well as any prospect eligible for the Draft.

  • Yevgeni Oksentyuk – W – Flit Firebirds, OHL (58GP – 33G, 78PTS)

Yevgeni Oksentyuk was a relative unknown in the 2019 NHL Draft, however, odds are he won’t last long come the 2020 NHL Draft. As a 2001-born prospect, Oksentyuk exploded for the Flint Firebirds in his first OHL season in 2019-20 — collecting a team-best 78 points in 58 games played. With tremendous speed and the ability to finish, it will be a massive oversight if Oksentyuk isn”t chosen within the first three rounds of the Draft.

  • Justin Sourdif – C – Vancouver Giants, WHL (57GP – 26G, 54PTS)

Opinions regarding Justin Sourdif’s game waned greatly throughout the 2019-20 WHL season. Initially perceived as a potential first-round talent, many hockey scouting organizations have come to view Sourdif as a late-second or third round talent eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft. While his offensive output didn’t explode this past season, Sourdif does far too many things well to fall in the upcoming Draft — once he gains greater size he could become one of the best 2002-born two-way forwards in the nation.


2021 NHL Draft: Who Is Owen Power?

Although the 2021 NHL Draft remains months away, Chicago Steel defenceman Owen Power has already garnered a great deal of attention. Read why Power will challenge to be selected first overall in the 2021 NHL Draft, here!

Although the 2020 NHL Draft has been pushed back due to the ever-changing circumstances revolving the COVID-19 pandemic, this hasn’t stopped many throughout the world of hockey from discussing one of the top prospects eligible for the 2021 NHL Draft. Sure, the event remains months away from occurring, however this hasn’t had an affect on the chatter revolving Owen Power — a towering young defender widely projected to challenge for the distinction of being chosen first overall in an NHL Draft.

Yet, with this being said, just who is Power and why is receiving such high praise at the tender age of 17-years-old? Well, in order to answer this question, let’s delve into Power’s playing past — doing so will allow us to piece together how he has become the dominant force which he is today.

A History of Dominance

It should come as no surprise to learn that Power has been dominating his peers for quite some time. A product of the GTHL and the Mississauga Reps’ organization, Power skated for the Reps for the majority of his minor hockey career and was quick to set himself apart from his competition. In his season of eligibility for the 2018 Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection, Power captained the Reps to a 22-4-7 regular season record — a mark which stood as the second best in the GTHL. As a result, Power and the Reps were able to embark upon a fairly successful postseason campaign. Although they ultimately fell to the Toronto Marlboros in the final round of the GTHL Playoffs, the Reps moved onto the 2018 OHL Cup and put forth an impressive showing — Power would record a goal and two assists during the event.

As a direct result of his steady play, the Flint Firebirds nabbed Power with the 22nd overall selection in the 2018 Priority Selection — a slot much lower than many had predicted, as there were rumblings Power could opt to follow the USHL and NCAA route. Not surprisingly Power was chosen by the Chicago Steel in the 2018 USHL Futures Draft roughly a month later, a choice which essentially cemented Power’s move to the United States given he was the third player chosen in the event.

So, come the 2019-20 campaign, Power took his talents to the USHL and the Steel. To no one’s surprise Power made an immediate impact, stabilizing the Steel in their defensive end while helping to fuel their offensive attack in turn. By the time COVID-19 reared its ugly head and forced the cancellation of the USHL season, Power had collected 12 goals and 40 points across his 45 regular season games played as a rookie — an output which illustrated Power’s ability to transition to a higher difficulty of play without issue. In the process, Power had put the USHL and the hockey world as a whole on notice. In fact, not only was he named as a First-Team All Star but Power was also chosen as the USHL’s Defenceman of the Year — joining the likes of Neil Pionk, Brandon Montour and John Moore as recent recipient’s of the distinction.

A Powerful Scouting Report

As we’ve seen, Power has a glaring track record of success and has only continued to strengthen his respective game with each passing season. Yet, what does Power bring to the ice which makes him such a dominant force in today’s game, you ask?

Well, for Power, his game revolves largely around his size and physicality. At the age of just 17-years, Power already stands 6-foot-5 and tips the scale at 210-pounds — an impressive frame for a player of his age. This fortunate frame has allowed Power to dominate less physically mature opponents everywhere he has played and has unquestionably allowed him to thrive and develop with a much greater level of consistency than his peers. However, Power is far more than simply a big body, as the native of Mississauga, Ontario has honed his physicality and developed an understanding of how to use it as a part of his much larger skill set on the ice. Rather than attempting to rag-doll his opponents, Power is calculative and precise with his physical exertion — opting to separate attackers from the puck in order to gain possession for his team.

Owen Power of the GTHL's Mississauga Reps. (Photo Credit: Aaron Bell, OHL Images)
Power, competing as a member of the GTHL’s Mississauga Reps. (Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

Moreover, Power is a smooth-skating and fleet-footed defenceman despite his size. Unlike many hulking defenders who sacrifice foot-speed for strength, Power has come to boast the best of both attributes and can take his opposition by surprise as a result. Rarely beaten to pucks within his own zone and no slouch when it comes to joining the rush, Power can accelerate to his top speed relatively quickly and is downright difficult to stop once he builds a significant amount of momentum passing through the neutral zone. Perhaps the area of the ice where Power’s agility is most notable comes below his own goal line — Power can stick with and smother opposing forwards with ease and out-race them to loose pucks as they occur.

Where Power’s game has grown the most in recent years comes in the offensive zone. While he appeared somewhat hesitant to shoot the puck during his U16 season with the Reps, Power has worked on his shot and improved it dramatically — as was abundantly clear during his rookie USHL campaign with the Steel. More confident in his shot and release, Power routinely displayed the ability to put the puck on net from the blue line with poise, velocity and consistency. Capable of creating shooting lanes and finding seams to the net, Power has developed into a versatile threat from the back-end owing to his ability to shoot the puck as well as play-make.

Perhaps the most important facets of Power’s game are his on-ice intelligence and composure with the puck, as these abilities are what truly set Power apart from his competition on a nightly basis. While most players often make accurate decisions with the puck, Power routinely makes calculated and precise decisions on the ice — and with a level of consistency which stands far above his peers. This level of on-ice intelligence allows Power to out-think and out-smart his opponents each time he takes to the ice, as the youngster scarcely makes mistakes and displays the ability to control and distribute the puck with absolute confidence and absolute ease.

What Lays Ahead?

For Power, his future in the game of hockey is exceedingly bright.

Provided the 2020-21 NCAA season will take place despite COVID-19, Power is slated to suit up for the University of Michigan — a school which has had an immense amount of success of late with respect to drawing high-end NHL prospects. Among these notable commitments poised to play alongside Power is Brendan Brisson — a teammate of Power’s with the Steel this past season who is currently projected to be chosen in the second-round of the 2020 NHL Draft. However, when the time comes for Power to walk across the NHL Draft stage, many are predicting that the youngster will be amongst the first few players selected in the 2021 event.

The fact that Power could become one of the NHL’s next top-defenders goes without saying — a sentiment which was echoed by Craig Button of TSN late last year as he forecasted the prospect class eligible for the 2021 NHL Draft. In Button’s early look at the 2021 class, he projected Power to be chosen second overall behind Finish-born sensation Aatu Raty — a reality which would see Power be the first defenceman selected in the Draft. Although Brandt Clarke of the Barrie Colts and future University of Michigan teammate Luke Hughes will certainly challenge Power for the distinction, the youngster’s raw power, intelligence, and ability to thrive at both ends of the ice could prove far too lucrative for NHL organizations to pass upon.

2021 OHL Draft Preview: 20 Top Americans

There’s no time like the present to preview the 2021 OHL Draft — in this edition, we’ve profiled 20 of the top American-born prospects eligible for next season’s Priority Selection.

Although the upcoming 2021 OHL Draft‘s class of American-born prospects doesn’t appear to be as strong as it was a year ago, the fact remains that there is an abundance of highly touted prospects who could bring their skills north of the border come the 2021-22 OHL season. While some of the players listed below will surely opt for the U.S. NTDP route, others could be swayed into pursuing major-junior careers if selected by an attractive franchise.

With this being said, let’s take a look at 20 of the top OHL-eligible American-born prospects set to lace up their skates ahead of the 2020-21 campaign. While drafting and receiving commitments from American players has long proven to be a struggle for OHL teams, the ability to do so has the proven ability to pay significant dividends in the long run.

20 Top Americans

Tanner Adams

2019-20 Team: Long Island Royals Bantam Major (AYBHL)

Although he appeared in ten games for Portledge School, it was with the Long Island Royals where Tanner Adams did the majority of his damage. Across his 18 contests for the team, Adams pounded home 20 goals and 46 points — a level of production which afforded him with a league-best 2.56 PPG. Already committed to Providence College, Adams is a versatile threat who can score goals as well as play-make with ease. If he ever decides to de-commit from the NCAA, Adams would be a steal for whichever OHL team picks him late in the 2021 OHL Draft.

Tyler Borgula

2019-20 Team: Honeybaked Bantam (HPBHL)

Unlike many American prospects of his calibre, Borgula is not committed to an NCAA program. This reality makes Borgula far more intriguing for those based north of the border, as the possibility remains that Borgula could further his playing career at the OHL-level. What makes Borgula a prospect of note is the fact that he does virtually everything well on the ice — not only is he a potent offensive player, but Borgula can be relied upon by his coaching staff to play a responsible game at both ends of the ice.

Juan Copeland

2019-20 Team: Honeybaked Bantam (HPBHL)

Yet another product of the widely-regarded Honeybaked program, Juan Copeland brings pace and confidence to the ice on a nightly basis. Strong on his skates and difficult to knock off of the puck, Copeland is a well-rounded forward who thrives in the attacking zone. Not only is he creative and shifty, but Copeland is sure of his abilities — he doesn’t hesitate to attempt high-risk plays and often completes them with a startling level of regularity.

John-Michael Danks

2019-20 Team: New Jersey Colonials (AYBHL)

Familiarize yourself with John-Michael Danks now, as you’ll surely be hearing his name often in the years ahead. An absolutely lethal defenceman, Danks recorded 39 points in his 25 games played with the New Jersey Colonials this past season — a staggering total which ranked as the third-best output on his team. Whats more is the fact that Danks also registered 50 PIM in the process — a glaring indication of his willingness to play a rugged, team-oriented style of game.

Ian Emery

2019-20 Team: Pittsburgh Penguins Elite

Although he is a goal-scorer first and foremost, Ian Emery’s game continues to diversify. Now, not only is Emery a threat to blast the puck into the back of the net but he also features the creativity necessary to create plays — an ability which allows him to improve the play of those around him. Skating alongside the equally touted Brandon Svoboda, Emery should further develop into a well-rounded two-way player this upcoming season — a reality which will make him highly sought after come the 2021 OHL Draft as he does not currently hold an NCAA comittment.

Ryan Fine

2019-20 Team: Don Bosco Prep (USHS-Prep)

While he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Ryan Fine is regularly one of the most potent and effective. Splitting time between the Mid Fairfield Rangers and Don Bosco Prep this past season, Fine continued to establish himself as a premier talent and high-end offensive prospect. Capable of scoring goals at will, Fine also features the innate creativity and hockey sense necessary to devise lethal scoring opportunities. After all, it’s not a coincidence that he has already committed to Boston University for the 2023-24 campaign.

Paul Fischer

2019-20 Team: Chicago Mission (HPBHL)

Defencemen who can flourish at both ends of the ice are an increasingly hot commodity within today’s game, and that is exactly what you get when Paul Fischer takes to the ice. Capable of smothering attackers forwards within his defensive zone, Fischer utilizes an active stick and ample agility to hound and dispossess his opponents. Once in possession, Fischer regularly fires crisp outlet passes to his fellow teammates and will not hesitate to join the rush. Having established his team’s presence in the offensive zone, Fischer assumes his role on the blue line and is confident in his ability to move the puck or blast it on goal.

Drew Fortescue

2019-20 Team: Don Bosco Prep (USHS-Prep)

A teammate of Ryan Fine with Don Bosco Prep this past season, Drew Fortescue illustrated why he will be a highly sought after 2005-born prospect in the years ahead. A smooth-skating and offensively inclined defenceman, Fortescue processes the play in front of him at a high-level and boasts the ability to make calculated and accurate decisions in the blink of an eye. As a terrific passer, Fortescue allows his team to play a remarkably fluid game when he is on the ice — moreover, Fortescue is composed in his defensive zone and doesn’t afford his opposition with room to operate.

Salvatore Guzzo

2019-20 Team: Don Bosco Prep (USHS-Prep)

Rounding out Don Bosco Prep’s trio of tantalizing young prospects is none other than Salvatore Guzzo — a well-rounded offensive player who poses a threat each and every time he hops over the boards. Owing to his size and strength, Guzzo can protect the puck with relative ease and fuel his team’s possession game as a direct result. With the puck on his stick, Guzzo can create time and space for himself and regularly sets up his fellow teammates with precision passing. Moreover, Guzzo features a heavy shot — one which has the ability to overpower opposing goaltenders.

Brandon Hilton

2019-20 Team: Belle Tire (T1EBHL)

At the time of writing this article Brandon Hilton had yet to commit himself to an NCAA program — a reality which will make him a highly sought after prospect eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft should he maintain this status. When it comes to Hilton there is plenty to like, particularly the way in which Hilton competes on a nightly basis. A strong and agile skater, Hilton works hard with each passing shift and has come to play a well-round, 200-foot game defined by a professional approach. And, while his size continues to improve, Hilton already features the high-end skill necessary to generate offence with ease.

Hollis Humphries

2019-20 Team: New Jersey Devils Youth (AYHL 15U)

Hollis Humphries spent the 2019-20 campaign between the New Jersey Devils Youth team competing in the AYHL, and the Morristown Beard School competing in the USHS-NJ. Regardless of where he played Humphries stood as a dynamic threat, blasting home goals while creating plays at the same blistering rate. In his combined 48 games played this past season, Humphries netted 30 goals and 65 points — in the process, he played at a point-per-game rate in the AYHL against older competition. As a smooth-skater with a lethal shot, Humphries will draw considerable attention ahead of the 2021 OHL Draft given he has yet to commit to an NCAA program.

Kai Janviriya

2019-20 Team: Belle Tire (T1EBHL)

There aren’t many defenders as fleet-footed and calculative as Kai Janviriya, as the youngster boasts the wheels and agility necessary to play an influential role at both ends of the ice. Capable of rushing the puck up ice in the blink of an eye, Janviriya features the confidence and vision necessary to orchestrate high-end offensive plays in his attacking zone. The one facet of Janviriya’s game which scouts will surely scrutinize this coming season is the youngster’s size, as he last checked in at 5-foot-3, 110-pounds. If and when Janviriya endures a spurt of growth, he’ll surely stand as a lethal two-way defender capable of succeeding at the next level.

Ryan Leonard

2019-20 Team: Pope Francis Prep (USHS-Prep)

If you’re looking for a lethal goal-scoring machine — and one who also happens to lack a commitment to an NCAA program — look no further than Ryan Leonard of Pope Francis Prep. Named as the 2019-20 MVP of high school hockey in Western Massachusetts, Leonard is a deadly offensive threat who boasts an innate nose for the net alongside a crisp and accurate shot. Capable of blasting the puck on net with impressive velocity, Leonard is also more than willing to skate to the difficult areas of the ice in order to gobble up rebounds or fight for loose pucks for the benefit of his team. With solid size and natural instincts, Leonard is a prospect well-worth watching.

Aram Minnetian

2019-20 Team: Bergen Catholic High (USHS-Prep)

Aram Minnetian is arguably the top 2005-born American prospect eligible for the upcoming 2021 OHL Draft, and for good reason. Not only has he yet to commit himself to an NCAA program, but the youngster is fresh off of an absolutely dominant season with Bergen Catholic High of the USHS-Prep league. Despite playing against a number of players much older than himself, Minnetian shone — blasting home 22 goals and 33 points over the course of his campaign. In doing so, Minnetian led all 2005-born players in scoring and finished second in goal-scoring — trailing only the highly regarded Ryan Leonard of Pope Francis Prep.

Thomas Neu

2019-20 Team: Compuware (HPBHL)

Thomas Neu is the type of player which all hockey teams hope for — a natural leader who can fuel his team’s progress through his play on the ice as well as his actions off of it. As a natural leader, Neu let’s his play on the ice do the talking — not only does he feature impressive size given his young age, but Neu can score goals as well as devise them owing to his on-ice vision and raw creativity. Like a number of other players on this list, Neu has yet to commit to an NCAA program — a reality which will draw the eyes of OHL scouts and management alike this coming season.

Gabriel Perreault

2019-20 Team: Chicago Mission (HPBHL)

If the name Perreault sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because Gabriel is the son of former NHLer Yannick and the brother of Sarnia Sting sniper Jacob. And, much like his family, Gabriel appears destined for a successful career in his own right — the youngster can score goals like his brother and create plays much like his father did. In his 17 contests skating for the Chicago Mission this past season, Perreault collected six goals and 16 points — a mark which was tied for the third-most on his team, while his zero PIM stood as an indication of his composed and mature nature on the ice.

Carter Slaggert

2019-20 Team: Chicago Mission (HPBHL)

A teammate of Gabriel Perrault with the Chicago Mission this past season, Carter Slaggert led his team in both goal and point-scoring — totalling eight goals and 20 points in his 17 contests with the team. Although he isn’t currently committed to an NCAA program, having two family members attending and playing for the University of Notre Dame could prove to be a significant pull factor for Carter to play Division 1 hockey in the future. With size, speed and skill, Slaggert will surely have a number of playing options — the most attractive likely a potential stint with the USNDTP.

Ryan Smith

2019-20 Team: Buffalo Jr. Sabres 14U

Well-rounded forwards who play a complete and composed game don’t come along very often, but that is exactly what Buffalo Jr. Sabres forward Ryan Smith brings to the table. Not only is Smith capable of playing a responsible defensive role, but he can also steady his team’s game in the attacking zone. Moreover, Smith can be utilized on both the power-play and the penalty kill — a reality which allows him to stand as a Swiss Army Knife and one who is thoroughly trusted by his coaching staff and fellow teammates.

William Smith

2019-20 Team: Boston Jr. Eagles 14U

There are a number of reasons as to how William Smith was able to commit to Northeastern University at the age of 14-years. Not only does Smith have solid size, but he also features impressive strength on his feet in addition to an elite skill-set with the puck on his stick. Owing to his strength on his feet, Smith can protect the puck with ease and will use his frame to create time and space for himself in the attacking zone. Once he assesses his options, Smith can whip his crisp shot on goal and features the vision necessary to create plays for his teammates as well.

Brandon Svoboda

2019-20 Team: Pittsburgh Penguins Elite (Bantam)

Prospects with as complete a game as Brandon Svoboda offers at just 15 years old are rare to find. An offensive dynamo who can turn the momentum of the game on a dime, Svoboda is equally lethal as a goal-scorer as he is a playmaker. Showcasing great instincts at both ends of the ice, Svoboda reads the game as well as anyone in his age-group, and with his combination of speed and skill, he can significantly shift the course of a game within seconds. Leading the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite with 26 goals and 34 assists over 56 games this past season, Svoboda remains without an NCAA commitment at this time, making him a key prospect for the 2021 OHL Draft.

Benjamin Yurchuk

2019-20 Team: New Jersey Colonials (AYBHL)

Displaying high-end sense and decision-making, Benjamin Yurchuk is one of the top playmaking Americans in the 2005 age group. Suiting up with the New Jersey Colonials, Yurchuk paced his team’s offence with 16 goals and 33 assists over 25 games, while also adding 15 goals and 27 assists in 28 high school games as a freshman with the Randolph Rams. A smooth skater with excellent edgework and agility, Yurchuk excels as creating time and space for his teammates while in possession of the puck. With that said, he also boasts a quick and accurate snap shot which he can picks corners with.

2021 OHL Draft Preview: 60 Top Prospects

With the 2021 OHL Draft on the horizon, we’ve listed and profiled 60 of the top 2005-born prospects eligible for selection.

The 2021 OHL Draft is scheduled for April of 2021, and at first glance it is apparent that this year’s class will be not only strong but incredibly deep.

Depth will be the name of the game come next year’s Priority Selection, as OHL franchises will have a bounty of high-level prospects to choose from as they are placed on the clock. In fact, not only are there a number of highly skilled forwards available but there will be a plethora of quality young defencemen and goaltenders eligible to boot. One area of particular interest will be on the blue line, as there could be — by our count — close to 20 defenders chosen within the opening three rounds of the draft, many of which boasting the skill-sets necessary to flourish at the OHL-level.

Francesco Pinelli of the Kitchener Rangers. (Photo Credit: Terry Wilson / OHL Images)
Francesco Pinelli is a star forward for the Kitchener Rangers — will his brother Luca Pinelli follow in his foot-steps and be chosen in the first round of the 2021 OHL Draft? (Photo Credit: Terry Wilson)

With this being said, let’s take a look at 60 of the top prospects eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft. As far as the list below goes, all players are listed in alphabetical order — we have also included a brief scouting report for each as well as their positions so that you can begin to gain a grasp on next year’s class. Lastly, the players listed below compete specifically for Canadian teams — we’ll be posting a list of the top USA-based players later this offseason.

60 Top Prospects to Watch

Beau Akey – D

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

The 2019-20 season was a strong one for defenceman Beau Akey of the Waterloo Wolves, as the youngster’s stellar two-play play allowed him to stabilize his team’s play while also playing a significant role offensively. As the captain of the Wolves, Akey regularly led his team by example and was consistently one of his squad’s most energetic and decisive players.

Cameron Allan – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Young Nationals (GTHL)

Although Cameron Allan isn’t a dynamic offensive blue-liner per se, he stands as a stable defensive force capable of providing his team with poise and confidence. A strong skater who thinks the game at a high-pace, Allan makes calculated and precise decisions with the puck and isn’t prone to committing turnovers. If he can grow he offensive game in 2020-21, he will surely garner the attention of numerous scouts and rise ahead of the 2021 OHL Draft in a rapid fashion.

Matthew Andonovski – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Young Nationals (GTHL)

Confident two-way defenceman are a hot commodity in today’s game, and Matthew Andonovski is the perfect example of which. With solid size and as a natural skater, Andonovski can influence the outcome of any given game at both ends of the ice. Defensively he has the ability to smother and dispossess attacking forwards, while the youngster’s willingness to join the rush and contribute offensively continues to grow.

Taeo Artichuk – F

2019-20 Team: Markham Majors (GTHL)

Although he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Taeo Artichuk is regularly one of its most skilled. With electrifying and smooth hands, Artichuk can craft deadly scoring chances in addition to whipping the puck on net in the blink of an eye. Further, with tremendous on-ice vision, Artichuk improves the play of his fellow teammates with ease while approaching each passing game with an aggressive offensive mentality.

Christopher Barlas – F

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Jr. 67s (OEBHL)

Skating as a member of the Ottawa Jr. 67’s this past season, Christopher Barlas was one of the top offensive players in the OEBHL. In his 29 regular season contests, Barlas netted an impressive 25 goals and totalled 51 points — a mark which stood as the fourth-best in his league. As an agile skater and creative young player, Barlas boasts the ability to score goals at will and makes his teammates better in the process. After appearing in a few games at the Midget level this past season, Barlas will take to the ice with the Navan Grads of the HEO this coming campaign.

Colby Barlow – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Colby Barlow has come to be referred to as one of the top prospects eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft, and for good reason. With size, speed, strength and natural goal-scoring ability, Barlow is a complete package on the ice who can change the course of any game at will. During the Chicago CCM Challenge in the 2018-19 campaign, Barlow took home tournament MVP honours owing to a — wait for it — a 22-goal performance across his seven games played.

Tristan Bertucci – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

A teammate of Colby Barlow, Tristan Bertucci is one of the top defenders eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft. Although he is slightly under-sized at the moment, Bertucci processes the game at a much higher rate than others and has the on-ice vision necessary to fuel his team’s game at both ends of the ice. One he adds greater strength to his frame, Bertucci will stand as a truly dynamic two-way defenceman.

Mitchell Brooks – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a natural goal-scorer, look no further than Mitchell Brooks. Skating for the Toronto Titans this past season, Brooks displayed the skill-set which has long made him a top OHL prospect. While his size continues to improve, Brooks has long been a lethal offensive threat — he is creative, deceptive, and boasts a knack for putting the puck into the back of the net. Owing to his strong and accurate shot, Brooks can beat opposing goaltenders cleanly on an alarming basis.

Christopher Brydges – D

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The Quinte Red Devils appear as though they’ll be a powerhouse once again, this time during the 2020-21 season. Leading the charge for the Red Devils in addition to Jack Dever will undoubtedly be Christopher Brydges — a dynamic young defenceman whose offensive game is equally as strong as his efforts in the defensive zone. In addition to his ability to process the game, Brydges is a standout skater whose strength and on-ice vision combine to make him a game-changing defender.

Stephen Campbell – F

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

The Mississauga Reps were a strong team in 2019-20, as the club finished fifth in the GTHL owing to a strong 21-9-3 record. One player who helped to lead the way for the Reps this past campaign was Stephen Campbell — a strong two-way player who continues to prove himself as a capable skater at both ends of the ice. An explosive skater, Campbell can breeze past opposing players and create offensive opportunities at will.

Anthony Ciaramitaro – D

2019-20 Team: Windsor Jr. Spitfires (Alliance)

Anthony Ciaramitaro is a defenceman who can do it all. As a member of the Windsor Jr. Spitfires this past campaign, Ciaramitaro helped lead his team to an Alliance Championship owing to his abilities at both ends of the ice. Defensively, Ciaramitaro plays an aggressive game and can dis-possess opposing attackers with poise and confidence. Once in possession, Ciaramitaro can fire crisp breakout passes to his teammates and join the rush as well — a reason why he appeared in four games at the Minor Midget level last season.

Noah Cochrane – D

2019-20 Team: Barrie Jr. Colts (ETA)

One of the most dynamic players eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft, Noah Cochrane is a modern day defender who can make immense contributions offensively. Playing up a year with the Barrie Jr. Colts minor midget squad in 2019-20, Cochrane was consistently one of their top defencemen at both ends of the ice. While his offensive prowess is considered his greatest asset, through excellent skating, puck management, and vision, Cochrane was also able to quiet the doubters regarding his lack of size and strength in the defensive zone while playing with the 2004-born age group last season.

Owen Davy – G

2019-20 Team: Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

The Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs skated to the third-best record in Alliance Hockey this past season, an accomplishment which was achieved in part as a result of the play of goaltender Owen Davy. An athletic young goaltender, Davy has the ability to move throughout his crease with power and control, and boasts the quick reflexes necessary to make highlight-reel saves with startling regularity.

Brayden Degelas – F

2019-20 Team: Chatham-Kent Cyclones (Alliance)

There’s nothing quite like an offensive threat who can shoot the puck as well as distribute it, but that is exactly what you get in Brayden Degelas. In his Bantam season spent skating with the Chatham-Kent Cyclones of Alliance Hockey, Degelas led the league in assists while totalling a whopping 53 points in his 32 games played. Owing to his terrific vision, Degelas sees the ice well and can anticipate the play as it develops — a reality which allows him to generate time and space will maximizing the skills of his fellow teammates.

Jack Dever – F

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The captain of the Quinte Red Devils, Jack Dever led his team to an ETA-best 31-2-3 record in 2019-20. A natural goal-scorer with a nose for the net, Dever has a slick release with great accuracy along with tremendous sense of the ice as he is able to slip behind defenders into prime shooting areas. His outstanding play was rewarded with a call-up to Quinte’s minor midget squad, where Dever registered a goal and two assists over a two-game stint.

Stefan Forgione – F

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

A leader on and off the ice for the Vaughan Kings is dynamic forward, Stefan Forgione. The Kings had a successful 2019-20 season in the GTHL, finishing fourth in the league standings, and Forgione was consistently one of its offensive leaders. With speed and skill to burn, Forgione can make defenders look silly in one-on-one situations and has the strength necessary to drive to the dirty areas, as well as a strong shot that can beat goaltenders on clean looks.

Cooper Foster – F

2019-20 Team: Soo Greyhounds (NOHL)

The second-best scorer in the NOHL in 2019-20 was Cooper Foster of the Soo Greyhounds, who accumulated an impressive 20 goals and 34 points in just 24 games. Foster is a well-rounded prospect who excels in every aspect of the game, from separation speed, to a wicked release, to top-notch intelligence on the ice. He is also a leader by example, playing a responsible 200-foot game and disrupting the opponent’s offence.

Christopher Grisolia – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Not only did Christopher Grisolia play a leadership role for the Toronto Marlboros this past season, but he also proved to be a lethal offensive force on a nightly basis. Boasting great size, strength and speed, Grisolia has the tool-kit necessary to overwhelm opposing defenders each time the puck is on his stick. In addition to blowing past opposing players, Grisolia can also drop his shoulder and use his size and strength to drive the puck hard to the net. In short, Grisolia is a steady offensive force who will play a key role for his team throughout the 2020-21 campaign.

Connor Haynes – F

2019-20 Team: Markham Majors (GTHL)

The Markham Majors could very well be a team to be reckoned with in the GTHL this coming season, as Connor Haynes — amongst others — will look to lead the team to significant success. As team captain of the Majors’ Bantam team during the 2019-20 season, Haynes let his play do the talking — regularly devising deadly offensive opportunities owing to his raw creativity and confidence with the puck. Defined by his impressive on-ice vision and calculative style of play, Haynes is a must-watch prospect eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft.

Bradley Horner – D

2019-20 Team: Eastern Ontario Wild (OEBHL)

There are numerous reasons as to why Bradley Horner was selected fourth-overall in the CCHL Draft by the Hawkesbury Hawks in 2020 — to start, the young defender is as smooth and confident as they come on the blue line. Calm and composed, Horner can sling the puck around the ice to his fellow teammates without hesitation and loves to contribute offensively. In fact, across his 30 OEBHL contests this past season, Horner posted five goals and 22 assists — an output which speaks to his offensive prowess and resulted in his appearance in three games at the Midget-level.

Daniel Johnson – D

2019-20 Team: CIHA Voyageurs (OEBHL)

There’s a reason why Daniel Johnson appeared in 17 games at the HEO-level this past season as a Bantam player — the youngster packs a punch at both ends of the ice. In addition to excellent skating abilities, Johnson boasts a unique combination of skill and grit. Capable of flying the length of the ice in order to create an offensive opportunity, Johnson makes his teammates better while his willingness to play a physical role allows Johnson to set the tone for his team. While he may take more penalty minutes than he should, the fact remains that Johnson is an explosive player and one worth watching ahead of the 2021 OHL Draft.

Fionn Keon – F

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

Don’t be surprised if the York Simcoe Express are a powerhouse within the ETA once again come the 2020-21 campaign, as the squad will be led by a standout forward by the name of Fionn Keon. A natural goal-scorer, Keon features a crisp and accurate shot defined by a quick yet deceptive release. However, Keon is far more than simply a sharp-shooter, as the youngster’s creativity if the offensive zone shines on a regular basis — his ability to deceive opposing defenders while surveying the ice allows him to fuel his team’s offensive attack. Moreover, owing to his solid size, Keon is far more than a one-tool player.

Yianni Koukouves – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

Yianni Koukouves is the definition of a strong 200-foot player. In the defensive end Koukouves is steady and responsible, striving to shutdown his opposition in order to secure possession for his team. Once working outside of his own zone, Koukouves boasts the speed and strength necessary to make an impact in his attacking zone. Owning great vision, patience with the puck and oodles of creativity, Koukouves can protect the puck with relative ease and will create time and space for himself in order to develop high-percentage scoring chances for his team. In short, Koukouves is a well-rounded player who can be relied upon by his coaching staff to do the little things well with an impressive level of consistency.

Ben Lalkin – F

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

When the 2021 OHL Draft rolls around, Ben Lalkin could very well be one of the top prospects available. Although of average size, Lalkin boasts elite offensive skills and a level of consistency which has come to separate him from his peers on a nightly basis. A tremendous stick-handler, Lalkin features the confidence necessary to attempt high-end offensive plays — often maximizing on the opportunities which he creates as a result of his vision and innate feel for the game. Capable of scoring goals as well as setting them up, Lalkin is a crafty player who can dismantle opposing defences in a surgical fashion of afforded with time and space.

Nick Lardis – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Although he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Nick Lardis is regularly one of the most creative and dangerous. A tactile and calculative player, Lardis has the ability to navigate to quiet areas of the ice from which he can deal a significant amount of damage. With his head on a swivel and the ability to sense the positioning of his teammates, Lardis can execute low-percentage passes with ease and is a threat to shoot the puck to boot. Once he adds greater size and strength to his frame, Lardis will surely stand as a lethal

Nicholas Larkin – D

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Senators (OEBHL)

Another elite young defenceman eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft, Nicholas Larkin has all the makings of an elite two-way player at the next level. In his Bantam campaign spent skating with the OEBHL’s Ottawa Senators, Larkin posted 19 points across his 18 regular season contests in addition to his four points in seven playoff games. Well-known for his innate instincts with the puck, Larkin consistently makes calculated and accurate decisions in order to push the puck up ice. Smart, predictive and a strong skater to boot, Larkin could prove to be the complete package.

Angus MacDonell – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

In addition to his high-end puck skills and natural abilities throughout the ice, Angus MacDonell possesses one of the most valuable traits which a young prospect can boast — work ethic. Equally dangerous on the lacrosse field, MacDonell sets the pace which each passing game and has developed into a natural leader who can motivate his team by example with ease. Capable of playing a sound two-way game, MacDonell can influence the game at both ends of the ice and has the high-end skill necessary to propel his team forwards.

Daniel Markevych – F

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

Much like his teammate Ben Lalkin, Daniel Markevych is incredibly creative and competent when the puck is on his stick. While he may not possess the same level of one-on-one skills which Lalkin boasts, Markevych stands as a devastating offensive player nonetheless, as he is capable of driving his team’s attacking game owing to his powerful skating and fearless approach on the ice. Able to score goals as well as create them, Markevych is a player which opposing defenders must pay attention to on a nightly basis.

Luke McNamara – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

The Toronto Jr. Canadiens are shaping up to be an unstoppable force in the GTHL this coming season, and will surely be led in part by forward Luke McNamara. With solid size, blistering speed and quick hands, McNamara has the high-end skill necessary to fuel his team’s attack with each passing game. Moreover, McNamara’s two-way game continues to improve dramatically — a reality which could push him well into the first round of the 2021 OHL Draft in a year’s time.

Cameron Mercer – F

2019-20 Team: Barrie Jr. Colts (ETA)

Cameron Mercer is a multi-faceted centerman who had a significant impact playing up a year on the Barrie Jr. Colts minor midget squad in 2019-20. A smart player who thinks the game at a high pace, Mercer can burn opponents with his speed as well as a high-end skillset. With quick hands and a creative mind, Mercer is equally effective as a scorer and a playmaker. He showed significant improvement throughout the course of the season, which was highlighted in the playoffs, where Mercer tied for the team-lead in points with 13 in just 11 games.

Marco Mignosa – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Young Nationals (GTHL)

A truly dynamic forward who plays well ahead of his age, Marco Mignosa will be one of the most productive forwards in the GTHL next season. One of just a handful of 2021 OHL Draft prospects to play minor midget in 2019-20, Mignosa was consistently one of the top forwards on a talented Toronto Nationals team. With great agility and separation speed, Mignosa can burn defenders to the outside or use his quick hands to create highlight reel goals on the regular. Already standing at 6’0″, Mignosa also adds a flare of physicality to his game, consistently finishing checks along the wall.

Luke Misa – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Another top prospect who fits the mould of the modern-day game is Luke Misa, a forward whose game revolves around high-end speed, skill, and smarts. One of the key players for the powerhouse Oakville Rangers squad, Misa’s play earned him a shot with the minor midget team as well, where he added four goals and one assist over five games. Misa is able control the pace of the game and can out-skate his opponents through pure speed or through excellent edgework. A mature 200-foot player, Misa is consistently relied upon in key situations at both ends of the ice.

Ethan Montroy – F

2019-20 Team: Eastern Ontario Wild (OEBHL)

An exciting five-tool prospect, Ethan Montroy captained the powerhouse Eastern Ontario Wild in 2019-20 and is set to suit up for the HEO’s Cornwall Colts in 2020-21. A very complete and mature forward, Montroy can use his quick hands and slick release to pile up goals up front, as well as use his sense and vision of the ice to set up his teammates. He’s equally effective on the powerplay, often organizing his team’s attack from the half wall. As a captain, Montroy has also exhibited an excellent work ethic and a hard backcheck to disrupt the opponents’ offence.

Lucas Moore – D

2019-20 Team: Peterborough Petes (ETA)

Despite a tough season for the Petes, where they finished the regular season 11th in the ETA, there were still some bright spots within the team, one of which being Lucas Moore. A smooth skating two-way defenceman, Moore is reliable in his own end and showcases solid lower-body strength along the wall, as well as a smart stick. Offensively, Moore makes heads up decisions with the puck, both in starting the breakout with tape-to-tape passes, or by walking the blue-line and gets pucks on net through traffic.

Ryan Nichols – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

A slick centerman for the perennially strong Toronto Marlboros, Ryan Nichols stands out for his high-end skill set and pace of play. With excellent agility and impressive edgework, Nichols rarely loses possession of the puck. Reading the play one step ahead of the opposition also allows Nichols to find the soft spots behind defenders and to be in the right place at the right time. His maturity and intelligence warranted a call-up to the minor midget team for the Whitby Silver Stick tournament, where he was able to keep up with the physicality and speed of the 2004 age group.

Jack O’Donnell – F

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

A skilled power-forward for the Waterloo Wolves, Jack O’Donnell combines his size, strength, and speed to be a dominant offensive force. Already standing at 6’2″, O’Donnell is able to out-work and out-muscle his opponents for loose pucks, as well as to use his frame to protect the rock while in his possession. He also displays impressive decision-making, picking his times to be a playmaker or a shooter. O’Donnell was dominant in the Alliance Bantam All-Star Game as well, racking up a goal and two assists while creating scoring chances each time he took the ice.

Owen Outwater – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Owen Outwater will stand as one of the most talented young prospects competing in the SCTA this coming campaign, of this there is no doubt. Set to skate for a high-powered Oakville Rangers squad, Outwater can seemingly do it all when he takes to the ice. In addition to his ability to score goals with startling regularity, Outwater can also create lethal plays with ease and is consistent in his ability to do so — a reality which allows Outwater to improve the play of his fellow teammates.

Mathieu Paris – F

2019-20 Team: Eastern Ontario Wild (OEBHL)

When you lead your league in scoring and collect a mere four PIM in the process, scouts and OHL organizations alike are going to take notice. Fortunately for Mathieu Paris, this is exactly what he accomplished during his 2019-20 campaign with the Eastern Ontario Wild of the OEBHL — blasting home 26 goals and 60 points in his 30 regular season games played. What makes Paris unique is the fact that despite his high-end skill and finishing ability, the youngster is by no means afraid to charge hard to the net in search of scoring opportunities. His fearless nature on the ice makes him a prospect of immense potential.

James Petrovski – D

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a stable young defenceman on the rise, then look no further than James Petrovski. As a member of the GTHL’s Toronto Titans, Petrovski’s game has begun to ascend at a rapid pace. With good size alongside strength and stability on his skates, Petrovski plays an intelligent and calculated game in his defensive zone as well as on the attacking blue line. While his offensive game continues to evolve, Petrovski stands as a competent two-way defender who can be relied upon to log major minutes across a variety of on-ice situations for his team.

Alex Pharand – F

2019-20 Team: Nickel City Sons (NOBHL)

Yet another player to emerge from northern Ontario of late is Alex Pharand — a talented young forward who possesses a scorers touch and an impressive level of consistency within his game. Boasting good size, Pharand has continued to prove himself as a calculated and intelligent young player. Capable of finding open areas of the ice, Pharand can sneak into scoring positions and make his opposition pay dearly if not adequately defended. After recording the second-greatest point total in the NOBHL last season, all eyes will be on Pharand as he transitions to the GNML level.

Luca Pinelli – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

There’s much more to Luca Pinelli than his last name, as the brother of Kitchener Rangers star-forward Francesco packs a significant punch each time he takes to the ice. While some might refer to Pinelli as undersized, the youngster more than compensates for this perceived deficiency through his lethal play in the offensive zone. Boasting oodles of creativity and an innate ability to improve the play of those around him, Pinelli boasts game-breaking puck-skills and the on-ice intelligence necessary to succeed on a nightly basis. Set to skate for a talented Jr. Canadiens team this coming season, Pinelli will undoubtedly play a major role in his team’s efforts at both ends of the ice.

Luke Posthumus – F

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Senators (OEBHL)

Another high-end prospect from the Ottawa region is Luke Posthumus, who led the OEBHL in goals last year with 29 while finishing second in points with 59 in 30 games. Set to suit up for the Smiths Falls Bears in the HEO in 2020-21, Posthumus is an uber talented prospect who thinks and plays the game at a high pace. With speed to burn and an electric release, Posthumus is very difficult to stop once he hits full speed. On the other hand, he also shows the vision and creativity necessary to dish the puck as well.

Jaxon Priddle – F

2019-20 Team: Lambton Jr. Sting (Alliance)

Despite a tough season for the Lambton Jr. Sting, which saw them finish 11th in the regular season, a consistent bright spot on the team was winger Jaxon Priddle. Displaying a non-stop work ethic, Priddle brings his best every shift by being a dog on the puck and forcing turnovers. With possession, Priddle showcases impressive awareness of his surroundings and is able to slip behind defenders to create odd-man rushes. His play did not go unrecognized, as he earned several games with Lambton’s minor midget squad throughout the year.

Anselmo Rego – F

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

If you’re looking for a player who can create jaw-dropping plays on any given night, look no further than Anselmo Rego of the Vaughan Kings. While he won’t overpower his opponents with size or physicality, Rego plays to his strengths of agility, creativity, and intelligence. Although he has a quick and accurate shot, Rego’s best comes as a playmaker, where he is able to create time and space for his teammates by drawing defenders towards him, before slipping slick passes through legs and over sticks.

Carson Rehkopf – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

A strong and dominant forward for the dynamite Toronto Jr. Canadians, Carson Rehkopf will emerge as one of the most skilled and pure goal scorers in the 2021 OHL Draft class. Rehkopf boasts elite puck skills, pulling defenders towards him before slipping the puck through or around them with ease. With good size, he uses his long reach to protect the puck and make quick lateral movements to fool goaltenders on breakaways. Rehkopf also displays an elite wrist shot with excellent accuracy, with which he can beat goaltenders on clean shots. Rehkopf was also awarded with the Alex Pietrangelo Award as Jr. Canadiens Player of the Year.

Bronson Ride – D

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

A strong, intimidating defenceman for the Oakville Rangers, Bronson Ride has tremendous upside as a two-way defender. But, he’s more than just the height that comes within the Ride family, with brother and former Toronto National, Declan, standing at 6’6″ and Bronson not far behind. Of course, with great height comes physical advantage, as Ride consistently uses his reach and his body to easily drive opposing forwards into the corners. As he continues to grow into his frame, Ride’s skating has also been improving with time, while his sense of the game has always been an asset.

Calum Ritchie – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Surprise, surprise. Another dynamic Oakville Ranger who could challenge for a top-five spot in the 2021 OHL Draft is Calum Ritchie, a strong and imposing forward who displays incredible skill each time he takes the ice. With great lower-body strength and a good reach, Ritchie loves to make lateral dangles around defenders or slip the puck between sticks and feet. With a quick and powerful release, Ritchie is a pure goal-scorer who can create highlight-reel plays each time he takes the ice. Away from the puck, Ritchie is just as effective by using his speed to chase down opponents and his strength to force turnovers.

Anthony Romani – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

There aren’t many players eligible for the 2021 OHL Draft as explosive and as potent as Anthony Romani of the GTHL’s Toronto Jr. Canadiens. As a tremendous skater, Romani boasts the ability to blow past opposing defenders and drive the puck hard to the net. Owing to his fearless nature, Romani doesn’t hesitate to go to the dirty areas of the ice in order to score goals and produce offence for his team. When the 2020-21 season comes to a close, expect Romani to be one of the GTHL’s top scorers.

Braxton Ross – F

2019-20 Team: Ottawa Senators (OEBHL)

Although he finished as the seventh-highest scoring player in the OEBHL this past season, Braxton Ross carried a points-per-game rate of 2.19 — the highest mark of any player in the league. In recording 46 points in just 21 games played as a member of the Bantam Ottawa Senators, Ross illustrated why he will be a highly coveted prospect come the 2021 OHL Draft. In addition to natural goal-scoring abilities, Ross happens to be a lethal playmaker who routinely improves the play of those around him. Oh, and he isn’t afraid to mix things up physically, either.

Ben Rossi – G

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs (SCTA)

The 2021 OHL Draft’s goaltending class has yet to truly establish itself, but one young netminder whose game has already stood out above the rest is Ben Rossi of the SCTA’s Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs. Although of average size entering the 2020-21 campaign, Rossi features lightning-quick reflexes and the ability to move throughout his crease with strength and purpose. Further, like most elite goaltenders, Rossi plays a calm and composed game within his crease — allowing the puck to travel and hit him before routinely directing it out of harm’s way.

R.J. Schmidt – D

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

R.J. Schmidt is a tremendously poised and capable young defender set to compete for the York Simcoe Express this coming campaign. Boasting great size, Schmidt can control the pace of play owing to his patience and confidence with the puck. Not pressured into making mistakes, Schmidt regularly makes accurate decisions with the puck and can execute crisp outlet passes to his forwards in order to facilitate breakouts. While his offensive game continues to grow, Schmidt has already proven to boast the makings of a strong two-way defender.

Matthew Soto – F

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Yet another impressive talent set to skate for the Oakville Rangers this upcoming season is Matthew Soto — a talented forward who brings grit and physicality to the ice with each passing shift. Widely-known for his willingness and desire to irritate his opponents, Soto can get underneath the skin of his opponents before adding insult to injury through his tenacious and effective play in the offensive zone. As a highly energetic player, Soto is a noticeable force with each passing shift who forces opposing teams to take notice of his presence.

Carey Terrance – F

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

While Carey Terrance of the GTHL’s Toronto Titans is a well-rounded player, his most notable abilities come in the offensive zone. Above all else there is Terrance’s ability to score goals, as the youngster boasts a deceptive release and is capable of firing the puck on goal with both velocity and accuracy. Moreover, Terrance doesn’t hesitate to go to the more challenging areas of the ice in order to score goals, as he can tip pucks en route to the goal in addition to gobbling up rebounds.

Conor Thacker – D

2019-20 Team: Oakville Rangers (SCTA)

Two-way defenceman are highly valued in today’s game, and that is why Conor Thacker will be highly sought after come the 2021 OHL Draft. In his defensive zone, Thacker plays a visible role — using his stick to dis-possess opposing forwards while also utilizing his frame to play a physical role. Once in possession, Thacker will fire crisp outlet passes to his forwards before joining the rush. Once established in the attacking zone, Thacker moves the puck with a purpose on the blue line and can be relied upon to steady his team’s attacking game.

Grayson Tiller – D

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs (SCTA)

The 2021 OHL Draft will be loaded with high-end defensive prospects, and Grayson Tiller will surely be amongst the most valuable of which. A terrific two-way defender for the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs, Tiller consistently makes an impact for his squad at both ends of the ice. In fact, not only does Tiller play a heavy and physical game, but he can fuel his team’s offensive game in the attacking zone to boot. A pass-first defenceman, Tiller can move the puck with ease and thread high-risk passes to his teammates with shocking regularity.

Chase Thompson – F

2019-20 Team: North Bay Trappers (GNML)

Chase Thompson was one of only three 2005-born players to appear in a significant number of games at the GNML-level this past season — an indication of his skill-set and high-end potential. In his 30 contests played with the North Bay Trappers, Thompson recorded eight goals and 18 points, an output second to only Justin Charette of the Timmins Majors — although Charette appeared in five more games played. In addition to his high-end offensive abilities, Thompson also displayed his willingness to play a physical and gritty style of hockey.

Cal Uens – F

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

Although he isn’t the biggest player on the ice, Cal Uens boasts the innate ability to put the puck into the back of the net with impressive consistency. At the foundation of Uens’ offensive game is his shot, as the youngster can fire the puck on goal in the blink of an eye and features impressive accuracy to boot. However, Uens is far more than a one-dimensional goal-scorer, as the youngster has a nose for the net and isn’t afraid to drive hard to the more difficult areas of the ice in order to capitalize on loose rebounds.

Matthew Verspeeten – F

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Minor Generals (ETA)

Matthew Verspeeten is a calm and calculated player who processes his options on the ice at a rapid pace before deciding how to act. With great height, Verspeeten is an intimidating presence who will use his size to protect the puck and, in turn, drive puck possession for his team. While he will do well to add greater personal strength in the years ahead, Verspeeten already stands as a capable two-way player who can contribute to his team’s success at both ends of the ice. In fact, not only can Verspeeten score goals but he can create them too — an ability which speaks to his versatility on the ice.

Declan Waddick – F

2019-20 Team: Sun County Panthers (Alliance)

The Sun County Panthers will be a team to watch this upcoming season, and Declan Waddick will surely be the star of the show should he return. Well-known for his strong two-way game, Waddick also happens to be a dynamic offensive star who boasts the high-end skill necessary to fuel his team’s offensive attack. In fact, Waddick led Alliance Hockey with 32 goals this past season in a mere 30 games played. In total, he wound up with 56 points — a mark good for third-best in the league and sum reflective of his high ceiling at the next-level.

Matthew Wang – F

2019-20 Team: London Jr. Knights (Alliance)

If you’re looking for a player who plays each passing game with pace and energy, look no further than Matthew Wang of the London Jr. Knights. Owing to his tireless engine, Wang consistently puts pressure on his opposition and is tough to handle on the forecheck owing to his hard-working nature. This endless pursuit of the puck allows Wang to pressure his opponents into mistakes which he is often quick to capitalize upon — Wang can contribute his fair share offensively in addition to being a responsible presence in his defensive end.

2020 OHL Draft Review: 15 Potential Steals

With the 2020 OHL Draft in the books, let’s take a closer look at 15 prospects who could prove to be nothing other than steals for their new OHL clubs considering their respective selections.

With the 2020 OHL Draft officially in the books, the time has now come to look back and reflect upon what proved to be a highly unpredictable Priority Selection. All throughout the event OHL franchises were full of surprises, as they regularly selected prospects projected to be chosen later within the Draft — a reality which also led to a whack of highly talented youngsters being selected far later than they should have.

2020 OHL Draft: Two-Round Mock Draft

Who are these potential steals, you ask? Well, we’ve taken the time to identify 15 OHL prospects who we feel could come to be defined as nothing other than steals owing to their respective selections within the 2020 OHL Draft. In our opinion, we feel as though the fifteen players identified below should have been viewed as far more valuable than they were owing to their elite-level skill sets, and that their resulting selections were not indicative of their ultimate potentials at the OHL-level and beyond.

With this being said, let’s kick off this list. In terms of organization, these prospects are listed in alphabetical order.

Sam Alfano – (RW)

Drafting Team: Peterborough Petes

Selection: Second Round, 23rd Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 11th Overall

Sam Alfano was named as the 2019-20 SCTA Player of the Year, however, his incredible production was surprisingly not enough to warrant a selection in the first round of the 2020 OHL Draft. While Alfano is surely pleased with his selection, it goes without saying that we and many others throughout the scouting world expected Alfano to be chosen within the top-20. Of incredible size and high-end skill, Alfano is a complete package who can dominate and determine the outcome of games as he deems fit.

Aaron Andrade – (RW)

Drafting Team: Guelph Storm

Selection: Round Five, 93rd Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 29th Overall

The Toronto Titans were a strong team in the GTHL during the 2019-20 season and were strengthened by Aaron Andrade — a physical winger utilized his size well in combination with his strength. In the process, Andrade recorded 19 goals and 38 points in his 32 regular season GTHL games played — a point-total which stood as the GTHL’s sixth-highest and greater than other top prospects such as Paul Ludwinski and Brice Cooke. In short, owing to his size and skill, Andrade should be able to step in the Storm’s lineup next season and make an immediate impact once acclimated.

Harrison Ballard – (C)

Drafting Team: Kingston Frontenacs

Selection: Eighth Round, 145th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 71st Overall

As team captain of the ETA’s York Simcoe Express this past season, Harrison Ballard notched 16 goals and 39 points in his 36 regular season contests. Although his personal production may have been slightly lower than many were expecting, Ballard’s commitment to developing his overall game was on full display — the youngster regularly played a complete 200-foot game and came to be depended on regardless of the situation. Even is he doesn’t make the Kingston Frontenacs’s roster to begin the 2020-21 season, expect Ballard to develop into a key piece for the ‘Fronts in the near future.

Aaron Brown – (D)

Drafting Team: Flint Firebirds

Selection: Third Round, 52nd Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 23rd Overall

The Flint Firebirds appear to have stolen a minute-munching defender in the middle of the 2020 OHL Draft‘s third-round. An incredibly responsible two-way defenceman for the Quinte Red Devils all season long, Aaron Brown’s two play play and calm composure was expected to combine to see him drafted in the second round of the Priority Selection. However, the youngster fell into the third-round, where the Firebirds were quick to nab him at 52nd overall. With size, intelligence and a high-compete level, don’t be surprised if Brown cracks the Flint’s roster out of training camp.

Carson Christy – (RW)

Drafting Team: Mississauga Steelheads

Selection: Second Round, 38th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 14th Overall

Given his innate goal-scoring abilities and standing as a late 2004-born prospect, we anticipated Carson Christy to be selected in the opening round of the 2020 OHL Draft. Capable of playing three full OHL seasons before his first gander into the NHL Draft and fresh off of scoring 50 goals in 45 combined games in the ETA this past season, it came as nothing other than a surprise to see Christy fall to the 38th overall. While there may be some concerns regarding his size, the fact remains that Christy is a lethal offensive player who thinks the game far better than most.

Nolan Collins – (D)

Drafting Team: Sudbury Wolves

Selection: Fifth Round, 88th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 31st Overall

As a natural leader an fiery competitor who will do whatever it takes to ensure success for his team, it goes without saying that we expected Nolan Collins to be drafted much higher than 88th overall in the 2020 OHL Draft. A staunch two-way defender, Collins stands as a capable threat at both ends of the ice. In the defensive zone, Collins maintains excellent gap control and does not hesitate to smother his opposition when the opportunity presents itself. Moreover, Collins has become a potent force in the attacking zone — he features a strong shot from the blue line and the vision necessary to move the puck to his teammates with poise — a reason why he recorded 35 points in 29 regular season ETA contests this past season.

Isaiah George – (D)

Drafting Team: London Knights

Selection: Fourth Round, 68th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 10th Overall

Whether or not Isaiah George has indicated interest in opting for the NCAA route to OHL organizations remains unclear, however, the fact remains that if he does report to the London Knights they will have stolen an excellent young prospect in the fourth-round of the 2020 OHL Draft. As they Priority Selection approached, George remained ranked as the third-best defenceman available in our opinion — however, come the 68th choice, he became the 21st defender selected in the Draft. As a smooth skating blue liner oozing with poise and two-way ability, George will have no issue acclimating to the OHL-level. The main question surrounding George now is where he will take to the ice for the 2020-21 season.

Will Gerrior – (LW)

Drafting Team: Ottawa 67’s

Selection: Ninth Round, 180th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 56th Overall

Will Gerrior scored more goals in the HEO this past season than the likes of Cedric Guindon, Colton Smith, Ben Bujold and Jonathan Melee — however, come Draft day, Gerrior found himself selected 180th overall in the ninth-round. While being drafted by his hometown team in the Ottawa 67’s was surely nothing other than a dream come true, it goes without saying that the 67’s stole an elite offensive player. Concerns surrounding his size (5-foot-7, 130-pounds) may have forced other OHL organizations to think twice about Gerrior, however, Ottawa made an excellent decision in adding Gerrior to their pipeline.

Mikael Kingo – (G)

Drafting Team: Peterborough Petes

Selection: Tenth Round, 195th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: Top-20 Goaltender

Alongside teammate Dominic DiVincentiis, Mikael Kingo helped propel the Vaughan Kings into the Finals of the GTHL Playoffs. Combined, the two proved to be virtually impenetrable in between the pipes, limiting their opposition to low-percentage scoring chances while playing incredibly consistent hockey in the process. In Kingo, the Petes nabbed a dedicated young goaltender whose skills on the ice are only preceded by his efforts off of it. If an OHL franchise approached the 2020 OHL Draft in search of a grounded and well-rounded prospect, Kingo was their man — fortunately for Peterborough, they were able to nab the youngster with the 195th overall selection.

Devin Mauro – (LW)

Drafting Team: Sudbury Wolves

Selection: Eleventh Round, 211th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 40th Overall

A lack of stature undoubtedly led to the Sudbury Wolves’ selection of Devin Mauro with the 211th overall choice in the 2020 OHL Draft, as the native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario boasts the skill set commensurate of a top-50 talent. Although listed as 5-foot-5 and 140-pounds, Mauro pounded home 30 goals and 62 points in his 39 GNML contests this past season — a total which stood as the second-highest in the league, and 27 greater than the next 2004-born player. Once he adds greater size and strength to his frame, Mauro could come to be regarded as a high-end talent in the OHL for years to come.

Ryan McGuire – (C)

Drafting Team: Guelph Storm

Selection: Third Round, 56th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 20th Overall

Ryan McGuire outscored his closest Burlington Eagles teammate by 24 points in regular season SCTA play — a reality formulated as a result of McGuire’s high-end speed and ability to consistently produce high-percentage scoring opportunities. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that we viewed McGuire as a potential first-round talent with the 2020 OHL Draft looming. However, come Draft day, the youngster fell — so-to-speak — to the Guelph Storm who held the 56th overall selection, a choice which will surely pay immense dividends for the perennial contender in the years to come.

Adam Ricci – (G)

Drafting Team: Oshawa Generals

Selection: Fourteenth Round, 273rd Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: Top-20 Goaltender

Well-rounded goaltenders don’t come around very often — a belief which led us to believe that Adam Ricci of the Mississauga Reps would be one of the first 20 goaltenders chosen in the 2020 OHL Draft, if not within the top-10. However, as the Priority Selection continued to unravel, OHL organizations decided to pass on Ricci — until the Oshawa Generals nabbed him with the 273rd overall choice in the event. In the end, Ricci was the 25th goaltender chosen in the Draft — a reality which, although fortunate, will surely fuel him in years for years to come.

Max Seguin – (LW)

Drafting Team: North Bay Battalion

Selection: Eleventh Round, 201st Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 78th Overall

A teammate of Zakary Lavoie with the GTHL’s Toronto Nationals, Max Seguin is a smooth-skating forward who plays the game with pace and a purpose. His shot continues to evolve while his playmaking and commitment to playing a 200-foot game remain paramount. Although his offensive totals didn’t jump off the sheet this past season — 12 goals and 25 points in his 32 regular season GTHL games — it goes without saying that we expected Seguin to be chosen within the top-100 owing to his well-rounded game. However, Seguin’s name wasn’t called until the eleventh round of the 2020 OHL Draft — an opportunity which the North Bay Battalion willingly took advantage of with the 201st overall selection.

Dalyn Wakely – (C)

Drafting Team: North Bay Battalion

Selection: Second Round, 30th Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 6th Overall

It’s not very often that a player widely perceived to be a top-10 prospect falls outside of the first round of the 2020 OHL Draft, however, such was exactly the case with Dalyn Wakely. After lightning up the ETA all season long as team captain of the Quinte Red Devils, Wakely entered the Priority Selection as one of our top-10 players available owing to his torrent offensive production — an ETA leading 72 points in just 36 games played. Yet, as the Draft continued to unravel, Wakely dropped further and further before being chosen by the Battalion with the 30th overall selection — a selection which will surely pay immediate dividends for North Bay, as Wakely will take to the ice with plenty to prove this coming season.

Zaccharya Wisdom – (RW)

Drafting Team: Niagara IceDogs

Selection: Sixth Round, 102nd Overall

Prospect Pipeline Ranking: 103rd Overall

In hindsight, our final ranking for Zach Wisdom and where he was eventually selected by the Niagara IceDogs were virtually identical. However, despite Wisdom being chosen where projected, we still feel as though the choice of Wisdom by the IceDogs will prove to be nothing other than a steal in the coming years. Much like his older brother Zayde of the Kingston Frontenacs, Wisdom is an incredibly hard-working forward who boasts incredible on-ice intelligence and the ability to process the game at a high-level. This quick-thinking allows Wisdom to position himself purposefully and compliment his teammates — realities which should allow him and his fellow IceDogs to flourish in the coming years.


2020 OHL Priority Selection: Mock Draft

Ahead of the 2020 OHL Draft, we’ve put together our very own two-round Mock Draft. See who we believe will be drafted by which OHL franchise and why, on Draft day, here!

With the 2020 OHL Draft set to begin at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, April 4th, we’ve put together a Mock Draft to get your blood flowing! Below, we’ve projected which prospects will be drafted by which OHL franchises across the opening two rounds of the event. In addition, we’ve included in-depth profiles of all 40 players we anticipate to be selected — an approach which we hope will allow you to learn a great deal about these talented young prospects while justifying our selections in the process!

In short, assembling this Mock Draft was an incredibly difficult task, as we took team needs and prospect playing style into consideration when making our 40 selections — amongst other factors. With this being said, some selections will surprise you while others could very well be bang on — in any case, dive into our Mock Draft below and be sure to share your thoughts on social media!

Also, be sure to check out our final rankings of the 2019-20 season!

With all things considered, the 2020 OHL Draft could prove to be an incredibly unpredictable one!

The First Round


1st Overall: North Bay Battalion

Selection: Ty Nelson (D)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

With Adam Fantilli’s future in the OHL anything but certain, the North Bay Battalion take the next best player available — and an elite defenceman — in Ty Nelson of the GTHL’s Toronto Jr. Canadiens. Boasting solid size and tremendous skating abilities, Nelson plays an electrifying two-game and can be counted upon to play a lethal three-zone game regardless of the score or on-ice circumstance. After nabbing three high-end forwards in the 2019 OHL Draft, the selection of Nelson is a terrific one which will stabilize North Bay’s blue line for years to come.

Niagara IceDogs logo2nd Overall: Niagara IceDogs

Selection: Pano Fimis (C)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

After landing two minute-munching defencemen of the future in the 2019 OHL Draft in Isaac Enright and Landon Cato, the Niagara IceDogs address their need for an elite offensive centre-man by nabbing Pano Fimis of the GTHL’s Toronto Jr. Canadiens. A tough and rugged player who refuses to take a shift off, Fimis is a handful for opposing defenders to contend with who scores and creates plays at an alarming rate. In short, Niagara picks up a first line centre and, potentially, a future team captain.


3rd Overall: Sarnia Sting

Selection: Paul Ludwinski (C)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Paul Ludwinski of the GTHL’s Toronto Marlboros does everything well — the reason why the Sarnia Sting jump at the opportunity to draft the youngster with the third-overall pick in the 2020 OHL Draft. Well-known for his terrific work-ethic, Ludwinski is a sensational blend of speed, skill, and on-ice intelligence. Whether he find himself on the penalty kill or powerplay, Ludwinski is a remarkably effective player who consistently ensures positive results for his team. With no holes in his game, Ludwinski has all the makings of an elite player at the OHL-level and beyond.


4th Overall: Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds

Selection: David Goyette (C)

2019-20 Team: South Kent Selects Hockey Academy

Flying under the radar for the South Kent Selects this season, David Goyette totalled 153 points in his 63 games played — for those of you keeping track at home, that was only six points less than Rutger McGroarty recorded in 2019-20. In addition to being one of the smoothest skating players eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, Goyette is a versatile offensive player who features the ability to bulge the twine as well as create deadly offensive plays.

9891_kingston_frontenacs-jersey-20175th Overall: Kingston Frontenacs

Selection: Donovan McCoy (D)

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

With a slew of highly touted forwards in tow, the Kingston Frontenacs seize the need to add a dynamic, two-way defender to the fold. Without hesitation they nab Donovan McCoy of the Quinte Red Devils — arguably the second-best defenceman eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft who oozes poise and confidence. A stable and purposeful skater, McCoy can walk his opposing team’s blue line with ease and run a powerplay without issue. Moreover, he’s poised within his own zone and isn’t pressured into committing errors or turnovers — in all, an incredibly well-rounded blue-liner ready for the OHL-level.


6th Overall: Hamilton Bulldogs

Selection: Isaiah George (D)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Although Isaiah George is similar to McCoy in some ways, he is also different — the common denominator being that both boast the potential to become top-pairing defenders at the OHL-level and beyond. In selecting George, the Bulldogs nab a smooth-skating defender who is calm and capable in all three zones. Capable of killing penalties, fuelling his team’s transition game and quarter-backing a powerplay, George has the skill set necessary for a defender to enjoy a smooth transition to the major-junior level.


7th Overall: Mississauga Steelheads

Selection: Zakary Lavoie (C)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Nationals (GTHL)

After selecting a potential shutdown defender in Ethan Del Mastro in the 2019 OHL Draft, the Steelheads come to the table looking for speed and skill — getting their man in Zakary Lavoie of the GTHL’s Toronto Nationals. In need of an elite scoring threat, the Steelheads’ addition of Lavoie adds immediate skill and explosiveness to a roster which has, at times, struggled to bulge the twine. Although somewhat undersized, Lavoie’s lower body strength and powerful stride will allow him to find instant success in the OHL.

6162_erie_otters-alternate-20208th Overall: Erie Otters

Selection: Dalyn Wakely(C)

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

With no glaring needs within their roster, the Erie Otters step up and take the next best player available — Quinte Red Devils star forward Dalyn Wakely. In Wakely, the Otters add a prospect who is a complete package — uncontainable speed, skill, size. In his 36 regular season contests for the Red Devils this past season, Wakely wired home 30 goals and 72 points, a total which led the ETA and solidified Wakely’s status as a can’t miss offensive player. Moreover, Wakely regularly put his unwavering work ethic on display — consistently out-working opposing players for loose pucks while recording 62 penalty minutes in the process owing to his feisty nature.

Barrie Colts Logo9th Overall: Barrie Colts

Selection: Kocha Delic (C)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

Having nabbed Brandt Clarke in the 2019 OHL Draft, the Barrie Colts shift their focus to their forward group. With Kocha Delic still available, they refuse to pass up on an elite offensive talent — and one who also happens to be one of the hardest-working players eligible for selection. Well-known for his speed and innate offensive abilities, the addition of Delic gives the Colts an extra punch up front and helps to supplement Barrie’s impending loss of Aidan Brown and Josh Nelson — two of the team’s more potent offensive players.

Owen Sound Attack Logo

10th Overall: Owen Sound Attack

Selection: Bryce McConnell-Barker (C)

2019-20 Team: London Jr. Knights (Alliance)

If the Owen Sound Attack hope to continue their impressive playoff streak, they’ll need to add skill and compete whenever and wherever they can. Fortunately for the Attack, the reigning Alliance Player of the Year remains un-drafted as they’re put onto the clock, making the team’s first round draft choice a simple decision to make. With solid size and terrific natural instincts, McConnell-Barker’s tireless work ethic and unwavering level of compete combine to make him a coaches dream. Moreover, he’ll compliment the Attack’s existing young core of forwards extremely well.

Sudbury_Wolves_logo.svg11th Overall: Sudbury Wolves

Selection: Sam Alfano (RW)

2019-20 Team: Southern Tier Admirals (SCTA)

The Sudbury Wolves could see their entire blue line return for the 2020-21 season – a luxury which allows the squad to nab Sam Alfano with their first round pick. Recently named as the SCTA’s player of the Year, Alfano boasts great size and strength. However, unlike many power forwards, Alfano matches his size with terrific speed and skating abilities – a unique combination which allows him to score and produce offence in bunches. Downright unstoppable once he gets moving, Alfano is a prospect who will be able to jump into the OHL next season without issue.


12th Overall: Guelph Storm

Selection: Hunter Haight (C)

2019-20 Team: Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

The Guelph Storm aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, as the perennial powerhouse appears destined for yet another deep postseason run in the very near future. Boasting a young yet experienced blue line, the Storm’s depth on the back-end allows them to add a bright young piece to their offensive attack in the form of Hunter Haight. A lightning-quick and explosive skater, Haight is a raw offensive machine who can score goals with ease as well as set them up. A tireless worker to boot, Haight features the high-end skill necessary to develop into an elite player at the OHL-level.

Oshawa Generals Logo13th Overall: Oshawa Generals

Selection: Carson Christy (C)

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Minor Generals (ETA)

When the time comes for the Oshawa Generals to announce their first-round selection in the 2020 OHL Draft, they opt for home-grown talent. Carson Christy, a long-time star for the Oshawa Minor Generals, is available, and is quickly nabbed by the historic major-junior franchise. In Christy, the Generals add one of the Draft’s top goal-scorers – the youngster bulged the twine a whopping 50 times in his 45 combined games played in the ETA this past season. And, although well-known for his strong and deceptive shot, Christy also happens to be a terrific playmaker whose compete level and on-ice intelligence are second to none.

Windsor Spitfires Logo14th Overall: Windsor Spitfires

Selection: Spencer Sova (D)

2019-20 Team: Honeybaked U15 (HPHL)

Spencer Sova was one of the top defencemen on an excellent Honeybaked U15 team this past season and, following a recent move north of the border, it appears as though the youngster is likely to skate in the OHL this coming season. Coincidentally a native of Windsor, the Spitfires are quick to scoop up this homegrown talent who oozes offensive ability and defensive responsibility. Boasting a powerful shot and innate instincts, Sova is a complete package who should round into a superb OHL defender – something the Spitfires will soon need given their aging blue line.


15th Overall: Peterborough Petes

Selection: Matthew Jovanovic (D)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Marlboros (GTHL)

Given Peterborough’s wealth of 2000-born players – and their ability to ice a mere three this coming season — the Petes jump at the opportunity to select Matthew Jovanovic in the 2020 OHL Draft, a young defender who processes the game at an elite-level. Moreover, Jovanovic is a tremendous skater who isn’t forced into turnovers when pressure is applied – an intangible quality which allows him to stand as a stabilizing presence on both the power play and penalty kill. In short, a highly intelligent player ready for the major-junior level who should enjoy a relatively seamless transition.


16th Overall: Flint Firebirds

Selection: Cedric Guindon (C)

2019-20 Team: Rockland Nationals (HEO)

The ability to play for his hometown team isn’t in the cards for Cedric Guindon, as the native of Rockland, Ontario, proves to be simply too stellar to pass up for the surging Flint Firebirds. After a tumultuous entry into the OHL, the Firebirds are a team on the rise and – despite their impending departures – will once again stand as a top team in the league in 2020-21. Adding Guindon to their roster will prove to be an excellent decision for Flint, as his blazing speed and creativity will pair well with the team’s top 2003-born players in Brennan Othmann and Braeden Kressler.

Kitchener Rangers Logo17th Overall: Kitchener Rangers

Selection: Matthew Poitras (C)

2019-20 Team: Whitby Wildcats (ETA)

The Kitchener Rangers landed a stud in the first round of the 2019 OHL Draft, selecting workhorse Francesco Pinelli from the GTHL’s Toronto Red Wings. In keeping with this mindset, the Rangers pluck from the ETA in 2020 – drafting Matthew Poitras with their opening selection. Much like Pinelli, Poitras is a tireless skater and worker who will battle endless for pucks and win the majority of said battles in the process. As an excellent playmaker and intelligent youngster, Poitras should prove to be a perfect fit within an already versatile Rangers lineup.

Saginaw Spirit Logo18th Overall: Saginaw Spirit

Selection: Chase Pietila (D)

2019-20 Team: Honeybaked U15 (HPHL)

The Saginaw Spirit certainly have an edge when it comes to US-eligible prospects, and they take advantage of that with their first round pick, nabbing Chase Pietila from Detroit Honeybaked. What many thought was a snub from the US NTDP’s U17 team, Pietila is a high-end, physical defender with a substantial offensive ceiling as well. With a strong frame, Pietila is able to easily knock opponents off the puck or disrupt their cycle with a strong rub out. On the other side of the puck, he has a fluid stride and a powerful point-shot, making himself a hot commodity on the powerplay.

London Knights Logo

19th Overall: London Knights

Selection: Andrew LeBlanc (C)

2019-20 Team: Southern Tier Admirals (SCTA)

The Knights have found success drafting the SCTA’s leading scorer before, with Luke Evangelista, and go down the same route here with Andrew LeBlanc. Although slightly undersized for a centre, LeBlanc makes up for it with superb speed and skill, reading the ice one step ahead of his opponents and being able to draw defenders’ attention before dishing off to a teammate. With excellent vision and creativity, LeBlanc is a natural playmaker, but can definitely light the lamp himself too.


20th Overall: Ottawa 67’s

Selection: Nicholas Moldenhauer (RW)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

The Ottawa 67’s have drafted extremely well despite also being one of the OHL’s premier teams over recent years, leaving them without any large holes in their prospect pool. As such, they opt for a pure goal-scorer in Nicolas Moldenhauer, a winger who sees the ice very well and always finds himself in the right place at the right time. With quick and creative hands, Moldenhauer frequently draws in defenders and opens up space for teammates. He isn’t shy to chip in as a playmaker with solid vision as well.

The Second Round


Hamilton Bulldogs Logo21st Overall: Hamilton Bulldogs

Selection: Gavin Hayes (RW)

2019-20 Team: Compuware U15 (HPHL)

A match made in heaven, the Bulldogs jump at the opportunity to pair up Avery Hayes with his highly touted brother, Gavin. Suiting up for Compuware this year, Gavin was consistently one of the greatest offensive threats in the HPHL, with a rare blend of speed, skill, and size. At 6’1″, 161-pounds, Hayes is an OHL-ready option for the Bulldogs who was arguably a snub from the US NTDP U17 team.

London Knights Logo22nd Overall: London Knights

Selection: Adam Fantilli (C)

2019-20 Team: Kimball Union Academy

The largest question mark within this year’s draft is where the #1 ranked prospect, Adam Fantilli, will fall. After leaving the Toronto Jr. Canadiens after just three GTHL games, Fantilli reunited with his brother, Luca, at Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire. After months of speculation, both Adam and Luca recently announced their commitments to the USHL’s Chicago Steel for the 2020-21 season. Which leads the question; Who will take the chance of Fantilli joining their club for the 2021-22 season? The Knights have a history of prying top talent away from other teams, and with two 2nd-round picks in the draft, they have the assets to take a leap of faith.

peterborough_petes_logo.svg23rd Overall: Peterborough Petes

Selection: Alec Leonard (D)

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

After loading up on high-end forwards in the 2019 OHL Draft, the Petes opt to go with another defenceman who can dictate the game at both ends of the ice in Alec Leonard. Leonard is an old-fashioned defender who isn’t afraid to lay booming checks along the wall or to jump up in the rush as a puck carrier or a fourth forward. The Petes only have one defenceman returning from their 2019-20 season who was born in 2001 or later, and Leonard will fill a massive hole on their back-end.


24th Overall: Guelph Storm

Selection: Jackson Edward (D)

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

After selecting a forward in each of the first three rounds in the 2019 OHL Draft, and again with Hunter Haight this year, the Storm opt to take a defenceman with big-time upside in Jackson Edward. Standing at 6’2″, 194-pounds, Edward will jump straight into the OHL and be able to hold his own in the defensive zone. However, he also shows tremendous offensive promise as well, displaying excellent mobility and decision-making with the puck, as well as a strong point shot.

London Knights Logo25th Overall: London Knights

Selection: Max Namestnikov (LW)

2019-20 Team: Honeybaked U15 (HPHL)

With three picks in the top-25, the Knights have the luxury of making high-risk high-reward picks. After taking a flyer on Adam Fantilli, the Knights make another gamble, this time on Max Namestnikov. The brother of former Knight and current NHLer, Vladislav, Max was a driving force for the dominant Honeybaked squad this year. Although he’s on the smaller side of the scale, Max makes up for it in speed and skill, accumulating a total of 53 goals and 75 assists in just 59 games this season. Despite a commitment to Michigan State, the Knights have the leverage to make this happen.


26th Overall: Ottawa 67s

Selection: Jonathan Melee (LW)

2019-20 Team: Rockland Nationals (HEO)

The 67’s are in an excellent position for both the present and future, giving them the luxury to draft without positional bias. After starting the year off strong with the GTHL’s Toronto Titans, Jonathan Melee moved back to Ottawa to suit up for the HEO’s Rockland Nationals, where he posted impressive offensive totals. Melee has excellent size and showcases impressive strength to protect the puck, but his best quality is actually his shot, which is quick off the stick and extremely accurate. Playing in his hometown could give Melee the comfort to find his true potential.

Niagara IceDogs logo27th Overall: Niagara IceDogs

Selection: Ryan McGuire (C)

2019-20 Team: Burlington Eagles (SCTA)

The IceDogs didn’t select a forward in last year’s draft until the seventh round, which motivates them to add Ryan McGuire on top of their previous selection of Fimis. McGuire quietly scored nearly a goal-per-game this year for the SCTA’s Burlington Eagles – 35 goals in 37 games – and proved to be a consistent force at both ends of the ice. However, he also shows an intriguing physical side to his game and led the SCTA in penalty minutes this year.

Sudbury Wolves Logo28th Overall: Sudbury Wolves

Selection: Tnias Mathurin (D)

2019-20 Team: Ajax Pickering Raiders (ETA)

Looking for a reliable defender to add to their lineup, the Wolves select Tnias Mathurin, a 6’2″, 185-pound prospect who has shown flashes of offensive upside. A hard-nosed and strong player, Mathurin excels as a shutdown defenceman, showing good aggression to break up plays, knock opponents off the puck, and put his body in shooting lanes. He is a promising transition player as well, showing excellent competency in breaking out the puck and joining the offence from the blue line.

6242_mississauga_steelheads-primary-201629th Overall: Mississauga Steelheads

Selection: Thomas Sirman (D)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

The Steelheads boast a fairly balanced lineup heading into next season, and after adding another gaol-scorer in the first round, the Trout opt to add to the blueline now in Thomas Sirman. A highly-skilled two-way defender, Sirman is an above-average skater who reads the ice very well and isn’t afraid to join the rush. On the back end, he uses his lower-body strength and a smart stick to easily break up the opposition’s cycle.


30th Overall: North Bay Battalion

Selection: Connor Toms (D)

2019-20 Team: Soo Greyhounds (GNML)

A team on the rebuild, the Battalion opt to go local by selecting another Northern prospect in Connor Toms, the NOHA’s Player of the Year. Toms is an intelligent puck-moving defender who is very mobile around the ice and displays a strong shot from the point which he can effectively get through traffic. A fluid skater, Toms uses his sense to regularly break up passes and deflect pucks away from danger areas.

Saginaw Spirit Logo31st Overall: Saginaw Spirit

Selection: Aaron Brown (D)

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The Spirit are loaded on talent up front, and after replacing Connor Punnett’s hole with Chase Pietila in the first round, they add another top-flight defender in Aaron Brown. A prospect who has no holes to his game, Brown can truly be relied upon in any situation. A fluid skater who’s game is honed around the breakout, Brown will have an immense influence on the Spirit’s transition game. Brown battles hard every shift and is rarely beat to pucks, and he can get pucks through screens as well as anyone.


32nd Overall: Guelph Storm

Selection: George Fegaras (D)

2019-20 Team: Richmond Hill Coyotes (ETA)

With their third pick of the 2020 OHL Draft, the Storm add George Fegaras to an already impressive haul that includes Haight and Edward. Another defender with good size standing at 6’1″, 190-pounds, Fegaras is a very strong skater who can knock opponents off the puck or use his stick to interrupt passes. Offensively, Fegaras shows a high ceiling as well, as he’s able to skate the puck through all three zones and control the play from the point with smart passes or a shot through traffic.

Niagara IceDogs logo33rd Overall: Niagara IceDogs

Selection: Cooper Matthews (RW)

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

The IceDogs continue to re-stock their cupboards up front, adding yet another natural goal scorer to their lineup in Cooper Matthews. A member of the OMHA champion, Quinte Red Devils, Matthews overcame a slow start to finish fourth in the ETA in both goals (27) and points (56). A winger who thinks the game at extremely high speeds, Matthews has speed to kill and can have serious impacts on the game as both a goal scorer and a playmaker. With a tremendous complete-level, Matthews will be a fan favourite.


34th Overall: Sarnia Sting

Selection: Brice Cooke (RW)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

Although he occasionally flew under the radar on a very strong Jr. Canadiens team, make no mistake, Brice Cooke projects to have a long, successful career at the OHL level. With great physicality and impressive agility with the puck, Cooke is an offensive threat each time he takes the ice, using his sense to find gaps behind defenders and utilizing a very strong and accurate shot to beat goaltenders clean or off one-time passes.

peterborough_petes_logo.svg35th Overall: Peterborough Petes

Selection: Justin Dezoete (LW)

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (Alliance)

With their third pick of the 2020 OHL Draft, the Petes continue to stock an already stacked prospect pool, this time with Justin Dezoete. A true work horse and leader for the Hamilton Huskies, Dezoete was relied upon in all situations and quickly established a reputation as a legitimate goal scorer in the second half of the season. Dezoete couples an unparalleled work ethic with impressive speed and skill to create offensive opportunities each time he takes the ice, and boasts some solid strength to boot.

Windsor Spitfires Logo36th Overall: Windsor Spitfires

Selection: Aidan Castle (RW)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

The Spitfires opt to load up on more speed with the selection of Aidan Castle, a tremendous skater with an admirable work ethic. Castle has shown flashes of incredible potential and is a pick with a high ceiling, displaying a solid skill set and good lower-body strength to create offensive opportunities both on the rush and along the cycle. Castle has a quick and accurate release, but can double as an intelligent playmaker as well.

Owen Sound Attack Logo37th Overall: Owen Sound Attack

Selection: Noah Van Vliet (D)

2019-20 Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens (GTHL)

Perhaps one of the safer selections in this year’s draft is that of Noah Van Vliet. A strong, defensive defenceman, Van Vliet displays impressive power and strength in all aspects of his game, from his skating to his physicality.  Standing at 6’1″, 190-pounds, Van Vliet will be able to jump straight into the OHL and hold his own against older competition. With tremendous instincts and a powerful stride, he is brutal to go up against and will use either his body or his stick to erase developing plays.

6242_mississauga_steelheads-primary-201638th Overall: Mississauga Steelheads

Selection: Brady Stonehouse (LW)

2019-20 Team: Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs (Alliance)

With their third pick of the draft, the Steelheads add Brady Stonehouse, a tireless skater with lightning-quick speed and high-end skill. Stonehouse consistently improved over the course of this season, becoming a reliable goal-scorer on top of his natural playmaking abilities. He goes hard into corners and battles for loose pucks with success, and even displayed his ability to face older competition during a three-game stint in the GOJHL (Jr. B).

Windsor Spitfires Logo39th Overall: Windsor Spitfires

Selection: Zion Green (RW)

2019-20 Team: Compuware U15 (HPHL)

The Spitfires go for a high-risk, high-reward pick with their third selection of the draft by picking Michigan-born, Zion Green. Green played for an unheard of three teams in his U16 season; starting with the Oakland Jr. Grizzlies, then Little Caesars, and finally Detroit Compuware. He’s shown flashes of incredible potential, but needs to find a more consistent effort-level in his game to tie it all together. Green displays tremendous puck skills, is an effortless skater, and has a very quick and powerful release.

6162_erie_otters-alternate-202040th Overall: Erie Otters

Selection: Liam Eveleigh (D)

2019-20 Team: Waterloo Wolves (Alliance)

With the final pick of the second round, the Otters add Liam Eveleigh, a defenceman who quite literally does everything well. His greatest asset is his intelligence and understanding of the game, as Eveleigh is able to out-think his opponents at both ends of the ice. A sound defender with great edges, Eveleigh consistently keeps his body positioned between the puck and his net. He can contribute offensively as well, either through sound breakouts or by joining the rush as a fourth forward.

2020 OHL Draft: The Top-20 Goaltenders – Final Edition

With the 2020 OHL Priority Selection scheduled for April 4th, 2020, we’ve released our top-20 goaltenders eligible for selection. Included within this list are goalies from more than five leagues — all of which are top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.

Although the 2019-20 hockey season came to an abrupt and unfortunate end, the 2020 OHL Priority Selection is right around the corner — an annual event which allows us to highlight tremendous young talent while ushering in the next stage in the hockey career’s of numerous prospects. And, while this year’s class of forwards and defencemen have received considerable attention — and for good reason — the time has come to recognize the goaltenders!

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In this article, we’ve listed and analyzed the 20 goalies who we feel stand at the top of the 2020 OHL Draft class. Represented in this list are goaltenders from the GTHL, ETA, SCTA, HEO, USA, and Alliance Hockey — a wide variety of leagues which are abundantly familiar with high-end talent. Coming to a consensus on the top-20 goaltenders eligible of the upcoming Priority Selection was an incredibly challenging task, as there were dozens of other netminders whose skill and ability shone brightly in their respective leagues this season. And, with this being said, in no way does exclusions from this list mean that a particular goaltender will not be selected in the 2020 OHL Draft, this is simply a list of which goaltenders we felt were the most consistent and impressive all season long.

The Top-20 Goaltenders Available

Well folks, here they are — the 20 goaltenders who we have come to view as the best netminders eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft! As far as the list below goes, the goaltenders are listed in alphabetical order rather than in terms of their perceived value as prospects. In addition, we’ve made sure to provide a brief description of each goaltender — work which we hope will provide to a glimpse into how talented these youngsters truly are!

With that being said, let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at the game of Cambridge Hawks netminder Nolan Chartrand!

Nolan Chartrand

2019-20 Team: Cambridge Hawks (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 2.80 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 2.57 G.A.A.)

The Cambridge Hawks didn’t enjoy a particularly successful campaign in Alliance Hockey this year, playing to a 10-21-2 record. However, despite allowing 3.63 goals against per game, that didn’t stop goaltender Nolan Chartrand from shining on a game-by-game basis. In his 18 regular season games played, Chartrand pieced together an impressive 2.80 G.A.A. despite being shelled by his opponents with high-percentage scoring chances. Of terrific size given his 6-foot-3 frame, Chartrand is a tireless competitor who loves to challenge opposing shooters — one of the main reasons why he stands as one of the 2020 OHL Draft‘s top goaltenders.

Domenic DiVincentiis

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

The Vaughan Kings were a stingy defensive team throughout the 2019-20 GTHL season, playing a tight style of hockey which limited high-percentage scoring opportunities. When dangerous plays were pieced together by their opposition, the Kings’ players were more than confident to have Domenic DiVincentiis between the pipes — a quiet yet direct goaltender who rarely overplays his position and is poised when displaying his abilities. Standing 6-feet tall, DiVincentiis covers the net well and affords opposing shooters with limited opportunities given his precise positioning. Further, with quick reflexes and powerful lateral movements, DiVincentiis was consistently impenetrable for Vaughan en route to their appearance in the GTHL Championship.

Kyle Downey

2019-20 Team: Toronto Nationals (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

Kyle Downey of the Toronto Nationals is the complete package in goal, as the native of Caledon, Ontario is an intimidating presence who towers over his opponents. With great size owing to his 6-foot-1 frame, Downey takes up the majority of the net and moves well in order to cut down any shooting angles which may present themselves. Moreover, Downey controls rebounds particularly well and features impressive puck-handling abilities as well — a reality which allowed him to stand as a staple within the Nationals’ crease this past season.

Brett Fullerton

2019-20 Team: Burlington Eagles (SCTA)

2019-20 Statistics: 15GP: 2.84 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 4GP: 2.47 G.A.A.)

Although the 2019-20 SCTA campaign didn’t end especially well for the Burlington Eagles, goaltender Brett Fullerton had his skill-set on full display regardless. Of great size and well-known for his highly athletic nature, Fullerton is an incredibly competitive netminder whose can be counted on to compete tirelessly on a nightly basis. Whether he be looking through players to track the puck of fighting for a loose rebound, Fullerton works remarkably hard to secure success for his team. One notable aspect of Fullerton’s game is his ability to track the puck and anticipate the play before it develops — this allows the youngster to make spectacular saves with relative ease.

Riley George

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 19GP: 2.03 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 9GP – 3.23 G.A.A.)

The Hamilton Huskies enjoyed a strong Alliance campaign this past season and were stabilized in goal by Riley George — a quiet and composed goaltender who has come to turn away shots with not only confidence but poise. In short, George plays a quiet and consistent game — two incredibly important attributes for any goaltender to possess. Further, with terrific rebound control lightning-quick reflexes, George can take control of a game with relative ease and secure points for his team whether deserved or not.

Dylan Grover

2019-20 Team: Kitchener Jr. Rangers (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 17GP: 3.45 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 7GP: 2.22 G.A.A.)

Although the Kitchener Jr. Rangers struggled through their 2019-20 regular season campaign, Dylan Grover stood tall in the crease. Despite being shelled by his opponents on a nightly basis, Grover consistently put his best efforts forward and shone brightly in the face of his team’s fierce but largely unsuccessful play. With quick, sharp movements and precise reflexes, Grover is the type of goaltender who features the innate ability to keep his team in any game regardless of their opponent. Further, Grover stands a towering 6-foot-3 tall — a reality which allows the young netminder to move throughout his crease with speed and purpose.

Mikael Kingo

2019-20 Team: Vaughan Kings (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

In addition to being an incredible presence within his local community, Mikael Kingo of the Vaughan Kings also stands as one of the top goaltenders eligible for the upcoming 2020 OHL Draft. Protecting the Kings’ pipes alongside DiVincentiis this season, Kingo was a major driving force behind Vaughan’s success in the GTHL playoffs and their run to a berth in the 2020 OHL Cup. Calm and composed in his crease, Kingo combines his size with purposeful movements in order to play a poised and purposeful game. Moreover, Kingo boasts consistent rebound control and improving puck handling abilities — a reality which allows his to stabilize his team.

Gavin Kreutzer

2019-20 Team: Buffalo Regals (SCTA)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 2.33 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 13GP – 2.08 G.A.A.)

Although his developmental path is currently unclear, Kreutzer continues to stand as a top goaltender eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Of solid size standing 6-feet tall, Kreutzer is a naturally athletic netminder who can makes the most challenging attempts appear easy to save owing to his quick reflexes and focused mindset within his crease. Well-known for his precise positioning and on-ice intelligence, Kreutzer cuts down shooting angles incredibly well and doesn’t hesitate to challenge opposing shooters when the situation demands.

Jacob Koutny

2019-20 Team: Hamilton Huskies (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 14GP: 1.71 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 6GP – 1.16 G.A.A.)

Much like the Vaughan Kings, the Hamilton Huskies were backstopped by two strong netminders this past season in George and Jacob Koutny. In Koutny, the Huskies boasted a goaltender of average size who competed tirelessly each and every time he was called upon to tend to the pipes. Athletic, flexible and focused, Koutny regularly made jaw-dropping saves yet was calm and composed when it mattered the most. In short, Koutny is a technically refined goaltender whose explosive lateral movements and vision allowed him to be one of Alliance’s top goaltenders in 2019-20.

Nolan Lalonde

2019-20 Team: Kingston Jr. Gaels (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 2.03 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 5GP – 3.04)

The Kingston Jr. Gaels skated to the seventh-best record in the ETA in 2019-20, but in no way were they faltered by their goaltending. Receiving the majority of the Jr. Gaels’ toughest assignments this past season was Nolan Lalonde — a towering presence in goal who stands as an intimidating sight in the eyes of his opposition. Owing to his size and strong positioning, Lalonde is able to play an incredibly quiet game — allowing pucks to hit him while reacting sharply to those placed with pin-point precision. As a goaltender who moves well for his size, Lalonde is bursting with high-end potential.

Austin McNicholas

2019-20 Team: Buffalo Jr. Sabres

2019-20 Statistics: 29GP: 1.81 G.A.A. – .920% SVP

Austin McNicholas’ game improved dramatically throughout the 2019-20 campaign, as the youngster came to play a quiet yet incredibly effective role for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres. In his 29 regular season contests, McNicholas posted sparkling personal numbers and helped lead his Jr. Sabres to considerable success in tournaments as well — McNicholas’s stellar play pushed the Jr. Sabres to an appearance in the semi-finals of the 2019 Whitby Silver Stick Tournament. Quite athletic and direct to the puck, McNicholas is a natural in the crease who plays the game with flow and feel.

Chazz Nixon

2019-20 Team: Oshawa Minor Generals (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 20 GP: 1.99 G.A.A.

The Oshawa Minor Generals enjoyed a wildly successful season in the ETA in 2019-20, and surely would not have been able to do so without the terrific goaltending they received all campaign long from Chazz Nixon and Carter Bickle. In Nixon, the Generals boasted an energetic and competitive goaltender who comes to the rink each night with one purpose — to secure points for his team. To do so, Nixon displays refined positioning and quick reflexes, while he is able to move laterally quite well in addition to his imposing size. Although a broken foot suffered this season limited Nixon’s playing time, he continues to stand as a top 2004-born goaltending prospect regardless owing to his raw skill and ability.

Jack Parsons

2019-20 Team: Cornwall Colts (HEO)

2019-20 Statistics: 23GP: 2.28 G.A.A. – .929% SVP

While the Cornwall Colts weren’t particularly dominant in the HEO this past season, Jack Parsons certainly was. In his 23 games played for the Colts, Parsons played lights out hockey — consistently frustrating opposing teams owing to his impenetrable nature in the crease. As an incredibly athletic goaltender with great size, Parsons is an imposing presence in goal who affords opposing shooters with very few opportunities to bulge the twine. Moreover, with quick and direct reflexes as well as a powerful lower-body, Parsons can cover his crease with ease and make highlight-reel saves which regularly keep his team in the game.

Adam Ricci

2019-20 Team: Mississauga Reps (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

Adam Ricci has come to be regarded as one of the top goaltenders in the GTHL this season, and for good reason. Owing to his size, Ricci can peer above net-front traffic and maintain his view of the puck through the thickest of traffic. This ability allows Ricci to think the game step-by-step alongside his opponents, a reality which allows him to predict the play and react as it develops. When the puck does reach Ricci, the youngster can control his rebounds quite well and direct them away from dangerous areas. Further, Ricci is a strong goaltender who can move well laterally when in his butterfly — a facet of his game which allows him to erase second-chance opportunities when available.

Scott Rodrigue

2019-20 Team: Central Ontario Wolves (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 3.63 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 2.00 G.A.A.)

The best goaltenders don’t always play on the best teams — Scott Rodrigue is the perfect example of this fact. Despite playing for a Central Ontario Wolves team which averaged 4.02 goals against per game this season, Rodrigue allowed a mere 3.63 against during the regular season and just 2.00 goals against per game in the postseason. Boasting impressive size, Rodrigue is a natural competitor who refuses to allow his play to waver despite the score on any given night. Capable of playing his angles well, Rodrigue utilizes quick reflexes and solid lateral movement in order to frustrate his opponents on a game-by-game basis.

Cole Sheffield

2019-20 Team: London Jr. Knights (Alliance)

2019-20 Statistics: 27GP: 1.96 G.A.A. – .929% SVP (Playoffs: 6GP – 2.50 G.A.A.)

While many in the world of hockey will focus on Cole Sheffield’s size in the crease, the youngster’s perceived lack of stature has had little impact on his ability to stop the puck to date. Competing for a stingy London Jr. Knights team in Alliance this past campaign, Sheffield was as reliable as they come — consistently putting forth tremendous efforts for his club between the pipes. So much so, in fact, that Sheffield was able to record tremendous personal numbers — his .929% SVP and 1.96 G.A.A. were amongst his league’s best. A tremendous athlete, Sheffield’s precise vision and staunch reflexes combine to make him one of the 2020 OHL Draft‘s top goaltending prospects.

Richard Szajek

2019-20 Team: Guelph Gryphons (SCTA)

2019-20 Statistics: 16GP: 2.12 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 2.22 G.A.A.)

Richard Szajek was a major driving force behind the Guelph Gryphons’ success throughout the 2019-20 SCTA season, as the youngster utilized his terrific size and athleticism to shut down opposing teams each and every time he took to the ice. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing in at 190-pounds, Szajek is an intimidating presence between the pipes who uses his strength to his advantage. Capable of moving laterally within his crease with ease and able to utilize his explosive reflexes when necessary, Szajek is a well-rounded netminder who features virtually no holes in his game. Moreover, Szajek is a tremendous competitor and notoriously hard-worker who never takes a game or a shift off.

Liam Sztuska

2019-20 Team: Toronto Titans (GTHL)

2019-20 Statistics: Not Available

After taking home Top Goaltender honours at the 2019 Bantam AAA OHF Championship as a member of the Toronto Marlboros, Liam Sztuska shifted his focus to the highly touted Toronto Titans and did not look back. With the Titans in 2019-20, Sztuska displayed the raw skill and ability which has long made him a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Quiet and efficient in his crease, Sztuska features terrific poise and focus — abilities which allow him to keep his team calm when they find themselves on the defensive side of the puck. When shots do make their way to Sztuska, he regularly displays precise reflexes and ample rebound control. And, in addition to his ability to play the puck remarkably well, Sztuska boasts a quick glove hand which can pull the puck out of the air in the blink of an eye.

Corbin Votary

2019-20 Team: Quinte Red Devils (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 18GP: 1.28 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 6GP – 2.83 G.A.A.)

Size and positional play are the names of the game for Corbin Votary of the Quinte Red Devils — a 6-foot-3 goaltender who oozes poise and ability. Owing to his massive frame, Votary consumes a great deal of the net and affords opposing shooters with limited opportunities once he has solidified his positioning. Moreover, when in his butterfly, Votary features the strength and power necessary to traverse his crease with ease — a capability which allows Votary to secure the bottom half of the net without issue while controlling or limiting his rebounds to boot. In short, Votary is a natural athlete who can be counted on to anchor his team’s defensive play.

Samuel White

2019-20 Team: York Simcoe Express (ETA)

2019-20 Statistics: 24 GP: 2.22 G.A.A. (Playoffs: 8GP – 2.52 G.A.A.)

It was yet another successful SCTA campaign for the York Simcoe Express in 2019-20, as the team relied upon a potent offence in combination with staunch defensive play in order to stand as one of the top Minor Midget teams in Ontario. Contributing significantly to the Express’ success this past campaign was goaltender Samuel White — an explosive goaltender whose innate athleticism led his team to victory on countless occasions. White was able to find success owing to his ability to move laterally, his lightning-quick reflexes, a fast glove hand and the focus necessary to achieve success at the AAA-level. When the 2020 OHL Draft rolls around expect to hear White’s name called with authority, as the youngster will undoubtedly be highly coveted by numerous OHL organizations.



2020 OHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-250 Canadians

With the 2020 OHL Draft just one week away, it’s time for our ultimate 2020 OHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-250 Canadians.

In what turned out to be an unfortunately unique ending to the 2019-20 season, players, family members, and fans alike were robbed of the conclusive finale to their minor hockey careers when the 2020 OHL Cup was forced to be cancelled due the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In any case, exciting times lay ahead for these prospects with extraordinarily bright futures in the hockey world. If there was any source of relief surrounding the situation in terms of the 2004-born class of OHL prospects, it is that the 2020 OHL Draft will go ahead as scheduled, on April 4th, 2020 at 9:00AM, thanks to the event being hosted online.

One important note to add is the recent news of the #1 ranked Adam Fantilli’s commitment to the USHL’s Chicago Steel for the 2020-21 season. TSN’s Bob McKenzie has reported that Fantilli has advised all OHL teams that he will not be playing in the OHL net season, regardless of his draft-day destination.

Although we missed out on a final chance to view these players in a high-pressure situation which is the OHL Cup, we nonetheless move forward with our final 2020 OHL Draft Ranking. This edition features the top-250 Canadian prospects eligible for this year’s OHL Priority Selection. However, he remains eligible for the draft and will thus be included in the final 2020 OHL Draft ranking.

Final Top-250 Canadians

With that said, here are the top-250 Ontario-born prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Overall, this year’s draft features a bundle of ambiguity within spots 4-20, before a noticeable drop off into the next tier. The crop of top prospects is extremely tight, with a great sense of parity within their rankings. Players ranked between the second and third rounds remain relatively interchangeable as well, with the second tier of prospects slotted between spots 21-50. From there, there is another drop off in terms of talent and potential to the third tier of prospects ranked from 51-100. The rest of the way certainly has some players with a shot of being dubbed a “diamond in the rough” down the line, but for now they project as longer-term prospects for OHL teams.

Please note: This is an OHL Draft Ranking and is in no way a prediction of when players will be selected. It is not a mock draft.

Rank Player Position Team
1 Adam Fantilli C Kimball Union Academy
2 Ty Nelson D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
3 Pano Fimis C Toronto Jr. Canadiens
4 Zak Lavoie C Toronto Nationals
5 David Goyette C South Kent Academy
6 Dalyn Wakely C Quinte Red Devils
7 Kocha Delic C Toronto Titans
8 Paul Ludwinski C Toronto Marlboros
9 Donovan McCoy D Quinte Red Devils
10 Isaiah George D Toronto Marlboros
11 Sam Alfano RW Southern Tier Admirals
12 Cedrick Guindon C Rockland Nationals
13 Bryce McConnell-Barker C London Jr. Knights
14 Carson Christy C Oshawa Jr. Generals
15 Hunter Haight C Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
16 Matthew Poitras LW Whitby Wildcats
17 Andrew LeBlanc C Southern Tier Admirals
18 Alec Leonard D Mississauga Reps
19 Nicholas Moldenhauer RW Toronto Titans
20 Ryan McGuire LW Burlington Eagles
21 Justin DeZoete LW Hamilton Huskies
22 Matthew Jovanovic D Toronto Marlboros
23 Aaron Brown D Quinte Red Devils
24 Aidan Castle RW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
25 Jackson Edward D York Simcoe Express
26 Cooper Matthews LW Quinte Red Devils
27 Jonathan Melee LW Rockland Nationals
28 Thomas Sirman D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
29 Aaron Andrade RW Toronto Titans
30 Shawn Ramsay D Toronto Nationals
31 Nolan Collins D Whitby Wildcats
32 George Fegaras D Richmond Hill Coyotes
33 Beau Jelsma C Brantford 99ers
34 Noah Van Vliet D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
35 Ben Bujold C Kanata Lasers
36 Hayden Simpson C Toronto Titans
37 Michael Buchinger D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
38 Joshua Hoover D Lambton Jr. Sting
39 Patrick Thomas C Hamilton Huskies
40 Devin Mauro C Soo Greyhounds
41 Brice Cooke RW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
42 Brody Crane* C Buffalo Jr. Sabres 16U
43 Jake Karabela C Guelph Gryphons
44 Lorenzo Bonaiuto LW Toronto Marlboros
45 Ethan Best D Toronto Jr. Canadiens
46 Trent Swick RW Southern Tier Admirals
47 Brady Stonehouse LW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
48 Connor Toms D Soo Greyhounds
49 Rodion Tatarenko C Toronto Red Wings
50 Jorian Donovan D Kanata Lasers
51 Luca D’Amato D Vaughan Kings
52 Nicholas De Angelis D Mississauga Sens
53 Owen Van Steensel LW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
54 Jack Piper RW York Simcoe Express
55 Liam Eveleigh D Waterloo Wolves
56 Will Gerrior LW Ottawa Jr. Senators
57 Wilson Farrow D Toronto Nationals
58 Michael Podolioukh LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
59 Jake Sederoff LW Toronto Titans
60 Owen Mehlenbacher C Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15U
61 Madden Steen D Guelph Gryphons
62 Nathan Poole C Oshawa Jr. Generals
63 Julian Fantino RW Richmond Hill Coyotes
64 Jacob LeBlanc D Southern Tier Admirals
65 Ryan Cartwright D Toronto Nationals
66 Wyatt Adkins D Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
67 Owen Beck RW Quinte Red Devils
68 Julian Facchinelli C Markham Majors
69 Kyan Haldenby LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
70 Austin Harper C Lambton Jr. Sting
71 Harrison Ballard C York Simcoe Express
72 Aidan Puley LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
73 Brock Jones C Buffalo Regals
74 Matthew Morden D Toronto Titans
75 Koen Taves D Sun County Panthers
76 Joshua Beiles LW Mississauga Reps
77 Ryder McIntyre C Ajax Pickering Raiders
78 Max Seguin LW Toronto Nationals
79 Jordan Karafile C Toronto Nationals
80 Emerson Miller D Toronto Titans
81 Luke Gualtieri D Southern Tier Admirals
82 Dylan Roobrocek C London Jr. Knights
83 Steve Leskovar D Cambridge Hawks
84 Colton Smith RW Kanata Lasers
85 Seth Kirou LW Don Mills Flyers
86 Jack Oldman RW Mississauga Reps
87 Nicholas Messina C Vaughan Kings
88 Kai Dunits C Kemptville 73’s
89 Evan Klein C Waterloo Wolves
90 Taos Jordan D Whitby Wildcats
91 Joshua Vogelsburg LW Mississauga Reps
92 Carter Coombs C Huron Perth Lakers
93 Sett Ursomarzo RW Toronto Nationals
94 Noah Richard LW Quinte Red Devils
95 Matthew Mayich D Hamilton Huskies
96 Tobias Iantorno LW Toronto Nationals
97 Tnias Mathurin D Ajax Pickering Raiders
98 Kalen Peterson RW Toronto Marlboros
99 Anthony Piccininno LW Toronto Titans
100 Cole Bowditch D Kanata Lasers
101 Tai York C Niagara North Stars
102 Zennon Edwards RW Whitby Wildcats
103 Zaccharya Wisdom LW Mississauga Sens
104 Joseph Ianniello D Vaughan Kings
105 Jacob Lesser C Smiths Falls Bears
106 Jackson Stewart LW Quinte Red Devils
107 Dawson Hettiarachchi C Whitby Wildcats
108 Zander Veccia RW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
109 Caeden Carlisle D Mississauga Sens
110 Ben Armstrong C Vaughan Kings
111 Lleyton McLean LW Toronto Jr. Canadiens
112 Nicola LaForge C North Bay Trappers
113 Brett Henderson LW Oakville Rangers
114 Ryland Landon D Pembroke Lumber Kings
115 Dawson Lukey LW Southern Tier Admirals
116 Igor Zborovskiy LW Toronto Red Wings
117 Joseph Muldowney C Buffalo Regals
118 Vincenzo Baiocchi RW Toronto Marlboros
119 Gavin Bryant LW Brantford 99ers
120 Brandon Balazs RW Brantford 99ers
121 Jackson Ebbott RW Don Mills Flyers
122 Jax Bellwood LW Barrie Jr. Colts
123 Andrew Chang LW Mississauga Sens
124 Cedricson Okitundu D Waterloo Wolves
125 Brayden Bowen C Cornwall Colts
126 Lucas Buzziol C Vaughan Kings
127 Alex Campbell RW Mississauga Rebels
128 Maddox Amaral LW Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs
129 Cory Jewitt LW Huron Perth Lakers
130 Nicholas Colangelo C Ajax Pickering Raiders
131 Brett Richardson C North Bay Trappers
132 Luke Devlin LW Toronto Marlboros
133 Luke Torrance LW Oshawa Jr. Generals
134 Kailin Chen RW Toronto Marlboros
135 Samuel Assinewai LW Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
136 Mitchell Davies LW Clarington Toros
137 Lee Parks RW Rockland Nationals
138 Alexander Dubajic LW Toronto Titans
139 Alexander Papaspyropoulos C North York Rangers
140 Gavin Grundner LW Windsor Jr. Spitfires
141 Nate Dowling C Windsor Jr. Spitfires
142 Ryan Russell LW Barrie Jr. Colts
143 Brodie McLeod D Thunder Bay Kings
144 Nathaniel Davis D Toronto Titans
145 Eli Sebastian RW Toronto Marlboros
146 Kieran Chung D CIHA White
147 Ethan Whitcomb RW Niagara North Stars
148 Mick Thompson C
North Jersey Avalanche 16U
149 Joshua Kudo LW Oakville Rangers
150 Cam Lowe C Southern Tier Admirals
151 Callum Arnott LW Toronto Marlboros
152 Patrick Wrzesinski D Toronto Titans
153 Chase Lefebvre D North Bay Trappers
154 Ty Petrou C Ajax Pickering Raiders
155 Cristobal Tola LW Hamilton Huskies
156 Christian Berini C Navan Grads
157 Julian Bianconi C Don Mills Flyers
158 Jesse Aitken C Vaughan Kings
159 Zachary Wigle LW Oakville Rangers
160 Derek Smyth D Niagara North Stars
161 Matthew Donnison D Southern Tier Admirals
162 Ben Bressette LW Don Mills Flyers
163 Mason Chen D Toronto Titans
164 Rhett Palmer RW Kemptville 73’s
165 Connor Koropatnicki RW Hamilton Huskies
166 Lucas Carson RW Waterloo Wolves
167 Grayson Ebrahim RW Kington Jr. Gaels
168 Jesse Coppola LW Vaughan Kings
169 Charlie Gollob LW Markham Majors
170 Luke Fritz RW Huron Perth Lakers
171 Coulson Pitre C Richmond Hill Coyotes
172 Jacob Julien LW Chatham-Kent Cyclones
173 Bryan Jones C Kemptville 73’s
174 Kevin Fitzgerald D Kington Jr. Gaels
175 Tanner Ryan RW York Simcoe Express
176 Matthew Jennings RW Markham Majors
177 Mason Chitaroni D Soo Greyhounds
178 Kyle Adamo RW Buffalo Regals
179 Danny Scott D Huron Perth Lakers
180 Ryan Struthers C Oakville Rangers
181 Cuan Doig LW Toronto Titans
182 Ethan Siebert D Kemptville 73’s
183 Andy Reist C Waterloo Wolves
184 Wyatt Gibson C Niagara North Stars
185 Liam Filip RW Vaughan Kings
186 Luke Bibby LW Brantford 99ers
187 Landon Hookey C Lambton Jr. Sting
188 Jace Letourneau LW Pembroke Lumber Kings
189 Ryan Vannetten D Brantford 99ers
190 Jack Ryan C Peterborough Petes
191 Peter Kioussis RW Mississauga Reps
192 Adam Barone D Soo Greyhounds
193 Corbin Roach RW Quinte Red Devils
194 Luke Johnston LW Guelph Gryphons
195 Owen Allard C Kanata Lasers
196 Lucas Littlejohn D Clarington Toros
197 Rennick Villaflor D Hamilton Huskies
198 William Haines LW York Simcoe Express
199 Adrian Misaljevic LW Mississauga Rebels
200 Michael DiSanto RW Markham Majors
201 Jack Matsukubo LW Nepean Raiders
202 William Moore D Oshawa Jr. Generals
203 Benjamin Campeau C Kington Jr. Gaels
204 Gregory Harley D Vaughan Kings
205 Cameron Shanks RW Sudbury Wolves
206 Jared Coccimiglio C Richmond Hill Coyotes
207 Raine Hodge LW Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
208 Nicholas Yearwood RW North York Rangers
209 William Tario D Nepean Raiders
210 Daniel Clark C Peterborough Petes
211 Owen Kerr RW Cambridge Hawks
212 Antonino Pugliese RW Hamilton Huskies
213 Charlie Fink LW Mississauga Sens
214 Angus Duchene C Pembroke Lumber Kings
215 Brendan Gouin LW Windsor Jr. Spitfires
216 Lachlan Wells C Markham Waxers
217 Dylan Dupuis LW Lambton Jr. Sting
218 Deandres De Jesus LW Markham Majors
219 Mathieu Fehr C Hawkesbury Hawks
220 Adrian Rebelo LW Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
221 Noah Morneau C Windsor Jr. Spitfires
222 David Brandes D Toronto Red Wings
223 Yianni Kaidonis LW Halton Hurricanes
224 Wylie Birkett LW York Simcoe Express
225 Wylie Dixon LW Smiths Falls Bears
226 Calem Mangone RW Soo Greyhounds
227 Jack Kedwell D Mississauga Rebels
228 Owen Sculthorp LW York Simcoe Express
229 Nicholas Fielding Roode RW Peterborough Petes
230 Jack Pineau C Thunder Bay Kings
231 Ethan Lewis LW Guelph Gryphons
232 Benjamin Oliver C Kitchener Jr. Rangers
233 Kyle Dagg C Smiths Falls Bears
234 Ryan Cooper LW Huron Perth Lakers
235 Cole Semeniuk D Mississauga Reps
236 Nolan Burnside RW London Jr. Knights
237 Reid Greer RW Kanata Lasers
238 Colby Cross LW Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
239 Dallas Landriault RW North Bay Trappers
240 Drew Durzi D Toronto Nationals
241 Will Fletcher LW Burlington Eagles
242 Roenick Jodoin C Cornwall Colts
243 Alessandro Petreccia D Don Mills Flyers
244 Kyle Caron C Cambridge Hawks
245 Connor Thomson-Dick D Niagara North Stars
246 Nate Tivey D Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
247 Josh Lehto LW Thunder Bay Kings
248 Jake Fullerton D North Bay Trappers
249 Mitchel Ferras RW Brantford 99ers
250 Luke Sherk RW Sun County Panthers

* Denotes the player is currently committed to an NCAA program.

2020 OHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-50 Americans

With the 2020 OHL Draft just one week away, it’s time to look south of the border for our 2020 OHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-50 Americans.

The 2004-born class of American prospects has long been regarded as a top-flight group of players who could potentially challenge the success of the 2001-born class. They put their skill on display all season long during 2019-20, consistently rolling over their Canadian opponents with relative ease.

Detroit Honeybaked led the way in terms of team success, capturing wins at a rate similar to last year’s Don Mills Flyers. With that said, Detroit Compuware, the Oakland Jr. Grizzlies, and South Kent Selects Academy were also dominant in their own rights.

With the uncertainty caused this Spring by the COVID-19 Pandemic, virtually everything has had to be postponed or cancelled, which included the U.S. U17 National Development Evaluation Camp. As such, the NTDP jumped straight ahead and announced their U17 roster for the 2020-21 season.

This is a team laced with talent all throughout the lineup, with some extremely skilled prospects left off the squad. As a result, the picture has become much more clear ahead of the April 4th’s OHL Draft, as we now know which players will suit up for the National Development Team and which ones remain more available to play in the OHL next season.

However, all American-born players eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft will remain in this ranking, as they are still qualified to be selected in the draft.

Final Top-50 Americans

With that said, here are the top-50 American-born prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft. Overall, this year’s class is loaded with talent and potential from top to bottom. Although many of the players in this ranking have now been named to the U.S. U17 team, several high-end prospects were left off of that roster, leaving plenty of options for OHL teams to make lower-risk, high-reward selections.

Please note: This is an OHL Draft Ranking and is in no way a prediction of when players will be selected. It is not a mock draft.

Rank Player Position Team
1 Rutger McGroarty* C Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
2 Seamus Casey* D Florida Alliance 16U
3 Frank Nazar* C Honeybaked 15U
4 Lane Hutson* D North Jersey Avalanche 16U
5 Hunter Brzustewicz* D Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
6 Tyler Duke* D Compuware 16U
7 Isaac Howard* C Shattuck St. Mary’s 16U
8 Devin Kaplan* C North Jersey Avalanche 16U
9 Cutter Gauthier LW Compuware 16U
10 Logan Cooley* C Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
11 Max Namestnikov* LW Honeybaked 15U
12 Gavin Brindley LW Florida Alliance 16U
13 Zach Filak* C Compuware 16U
14 Gavin Hayes RW Compuware 15U
15 Vinny Borgesi* D South Kent Academy
16 Owen Baker RW Honeybaked 15U
17 Tyler Catalano C St. Louis Blues
18 Justin Varner RW Honeybaked 15U
19 Chase Pietila D Honeybaked 15U
20 Spencer Sova D Honeybaked 15U
21 Dylan Gordon D Honeybaked 15U
22 Ryan Abraham C Compuware 15U
23 Jack Larrigan C Shattuck St. Mary’s U15
24 Tucker Shedd D Compuware 15U
25 Zion Green RW Compuware 15U
26 Matthew DiMarsico LW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
27 Christian Kocsis LW Honeybaked 15U
28 Jake Manfre LW Long Island Gulls 16U
29 Patrick Geary D Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15U
30 Evan Konyen RW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
31 Seamus Powell D Rochester Selects 15U
32 Tommy Budnick D Honeybaked 15U
33 Nathan Lewis RW Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
34 Dominic Elliot D Fox Motors U15
35 Jonah Aegeerter C Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
36 Carson Walters LW Chicago Mission 15U
37 Quinn Finley RW Green Bay Gamblers
38 Nathan McBrayer D Ohio Blue Jackets U15
39 Cole Bianchin LW Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
40 Michael Mesic LW Compuware 15U
41 Chris Able D Chicago Mission 15U
42 Colton Mauser D Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
43 Landon Fleming D Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
44 Patrick Czarnecki D Honeybaked 15U
45 Evan Moore C Nashville Jr. Predators U15
46 Cole Knuble RW Fox Motors U15
47 Micah Berger LW Florida Alliance 16U
48 Michael DeAngelo LW Chicago Mission 15U
49 Sammy Kamienski RW Chicago Mission 15U
50 Charlie Masek C Miluakee Jr. Admirals U15

* Denotes player is currently committed to an NCAA program.

OHL Prospect Profile: Matthew Poitras

Matthew Poitras of the Whitby Wildcats is a tireless skater and lethal offensive player. Defined as nothing other than a workhorse, Poitras has the skill-set necessary to be chosen in the first-round of the 2020 OHL Draft.

– Matthew Poitras –

Whitby Wildcats (ETA) | Centre | 2020 OHL Draft Eligible

Ontario, Canada | 5’10”, 165-pounds | March 9th, 2004

It was yet another successful season for the Whitby Wildcats in the ETA, as the squad skated to the second-best record in their league while establishing themselves as a threat for the 2020 OHL Cup in the process. Defined by their potent offensive attack and diligent defending, the Wildcats stand as an incredibly deep team and one which should not be taken for granted each time they take to the ice. Re-enforcing this mindset all season long was Matthew Poitras, a stellar young player whose tremendous work ethic and tireless internal engine set the pace for Whitby throughout each game they competed within. Further, as one of the ETA’s top-scoring players this past season, it is incredibly easy to understand why Poitras is regarded as a top prospect eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft.


  • Work Ethic and Determination
  • Skating Speed and Strength
  • Playmaking Abilities
  • Shot Power and Release
  • On-Ice Intelligence and Vision

Poitras is regularly one of the hardest working players on the ice, of this there is not doubt. Regardless of the situation or the score, Poitras approaches each and every one of his shifts with the same mentality — out-work your opponents. And outworking opponents is exactly what Poitras has done in order to stand as one of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 OHL Draft, as the youngster is endlessly determined each and every time he takes to the ice. This drive — alongside ample skating speed and strength — allows Poitras to terrorize his opponents, as he is nothing other than a puck-hound who will work incredibly hard in order to sustain his team’s puck possession game.

Once in control of the puck, however, is when Poitras is the most dangerous. Owing to his impressive vision, Poitras can devise and implement plays in the attacking zone in the blink of an eye as well as fire the puck on goal when opposing defenders afford him with far too much time and space. Although a pass-first player, Poitras’ shot continues to improve and he loves to lean into his shots and fire accurate attempts on-goal. This combined ability to create plays and score goals allows Poitras to stand as an unpredictable yet deadly force on the ice, as his versatility alongside his work ethic makes him a complete package downright impossible to stop on a nightly basis.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Shot Accuracy
  • Physicality

As mentioned above, Poitras’ shot continues to improve — and one particular aspect which Poitras would do well to refine is his accuracy. If able to pick and choose his spots with greater consistency, Poitras will be able to bulge the twine far more often while also creating rebounds for his fellow teammates in the chance that his attempt is turned aside. Further, owing to his solid frame, we’d like to see Poitras maximize his physical play — doing so will allow Poitras to knock opposing players off the the puck, shield possession with greater ease, and stand as an overwhelming force on the fore-check.

Future Potential:

Ultimately, Poitras boasts the skill set of a game-breaking player at the OHL-level. As one of the hardest working players on the ice on a nightly basis, Poitras’ raw determination to ensure success for his team will carry significant weight come the 2020 OHL Draft. Once he boasts a refined skill set and experience in the major-junior ranks, expect the Wildcats’ captain to become a premier offensive player for whichever OHL franchise is fortunate enough to land the promising youngster.